this is my first story, any ideas?
i lied on my bed thinking about what happened these past couple of weeks...I loved it, i loved him.
As i thought of it, i started to sweat; my hand slowly started working its way down my

body; over my breasts, my hand stayed there for a while and squeezed each breast, my hand carried on

down my stomach and reached my clit, i rubbed it as moans of pleasure escaped me

"mmmmmm...yes....again Bro...Again!" i said (more like screamed) out loud with out realising it, before i could stop my self, he stood in the door way with that sexy, cheeky smile that sent me crazy...

I guess i should explain why i felt this way and why i was doing what i was doing, it happend a week ago...

im a 17 year old girl, 1 year younger than my brother Dave. i had long black hair, ur average height and weight for my age i had huge boobs for someone my age though, they were my best feature, bright blue eyes, blah blah blah....
i came home from school at about 4:00 and no-one was home mum was due about 9:00 she wouldnt be
home till like 1 in the morning the same with dad. As i thought no-one was home i went in my room and
went in to my on suite bath room, i took all my cloths off, tied my hair back and got in to a nice hot shower.
as the water hit my back, my mind raced through random things and one image went passed more then
any other.... My brother...

He was tall with long dark hair, bright blue eyes, muscles you would die for, he was so... heavenly, like a
angel. i was thinking about how i would love to run my hand down his chest, tracing the out line of his
muscles, and how his cock would feel in side my tight young pussy.
After thinking these thoughts i realised my hand found its way in side my pussy, i couldnt leave it, i
stepped out the shower, dried my self off and sat on my bed. "no, these...images and thoughts arent
right..." i said trying to stop my self from thinking them.
I went in my draw for some underwear and it was there, my dildo was just there, i couldnt help my self, i
had too... I got comfy and put the dildo in me as whimpers escaped my lips, it felt so good, but i couldnt
help but think it was my brother, my brothers cock in me and pounding my pussy...

"Mmmm, yea, Daavvee!!" i screamed, my hips moved in time with me moving the dildo in and out of my
pussy, moans would escape me every now and again, some louder then others. i was reaching an
orgasm, i could feel it... then the front door closed and i heard one thing that scared me the most...

"jess, im home, only ya bro with something for you, come down and get it!" Dave shouted up.

"NO!, no, no, no, no, no, not know, i cant leave it.. i cant!" i thought to my self, i ignored him and carried on

my orgasm grew closer as i heard him shout me to come down again, i ignored him again, like i couldnt

hear him. louder moans escaped my closed lips, i tried to stop them but one escaped and he would have

heard it, luckily, my door was only open a little bit so if he came up he would only see me a little bit

masturbating on my bed.
I heard him come up the stairs, my heart raced, half of me wanted him to catch me and for him to fuck me

while another part was screaming no, that it was wrong for this to happen, i carried on, he would have

been by my door know, questions went through my mind, is he there? is he looking?...

"Ahhhh!, oh, god, Dave! mmm! yes, let all your seed out in to my tight pussy!" i screamed, no matter were

he was in the house he would have heard it, i pulled out the dildo as all my juices came out, i felt so good,

ive never felt this good before and i masturbate like twice a day everyday, i got up and put on some sexy

underwear (just incase) put on a robe and went down stairs, Dave must be down stairs, hes not up here.
"Bro, were are you!?"
"Down stairs, in the living room with your surprise!"
my heart raced as i slowly walked down stairs, my panties soaking wet again. i walked into the living roo,

to see set out on the floor, was my favourite pizzia, my favourite beer and my favourite movie, and then

the best of it, dave, sitting against the couch ready to play the best film ever, Batman, he even got my

favourite one, with poison ivy.

"its the summer holidays, mum and dad are away for a couple of weeks, so i got all your fav stuff." he

smiled, but i was shocked to hear that mum and dad were away but i was also happy.
Dave patted the side of him indicating for me to sit down, i sat crossed legged mext him forgetting about

what i was wearing.
"this night couldnt be better." i smiled back.

we sat there the night watching films and wating pizza, drinking beer, and then some ice cream, i was

getting really warm but i only had underwear on under this, Bro wouldnt mind, would he?

"hmm?" he said as he took a bite of pizzia and looked at me, he looked so cute.
"you wouldnt mind if i sat here in underwear, right? its just that im really hot and only have underwear on?"

i asked shyly, looking down. He nearly chocked on his pizzia but hide it well with a cough.
"no, i wont mid its fine." he smiled to re assure me. i stood up faced the other way and slowly took my rob

off, (the sexy under wear came in handy then) i was actulay nervous, i turnt round and kneeled down next

to him, i had black underwear on with frills and red bows (Bros favourite colours), i saw him look me up and

down, this made me so wet, i could have jumped on him.

"what films next then?" i said as i pushed him over.
"you decide?" as he pushed me back, i got up and put in a dance movie we both loved. i sat down, and he

was so into the movie i decided to get some beer and poor it over him, i only poored over a little but he got

such a shock. i laughed as he jumped high in the air.
"Gottacha!" i giggled
"you are so dead little sis!" he moved everything and pinned me down and started to tickle me (one thing i

hate a lot!) i kicked and laughed but couldnt stop him.
"how you gonna get out of this then?!" he laughed
"like this!" i gave him a nipple twist as he let go i pinned him down, his arm over his head and i put my

kness on the inside of his arm, my wet pussy was so close to his face he could have touched it but i didnt

realise and i didnt care.
"how you gonna get out of this then?!" i mocked him with a giggle.

we stareted into each other eyes for what seemed for ever, i moved down down so my face was above

his, my wet pussy over his cock; he lent towards my face and his face was close, i felt his warm breath on

my lips, he kissed me, i was so shocked, by him doing this but i kissed him back, he kept leaning forward

so we both up right and i was sitting on his lap, my hands climed up his back and found the back of his

neck, his hand found the bottom of my back, he rubbed my back, it felt so good.

the kiss went from soft to just pure sexual heaven, my hands were no in fists and his were around my bum.

I stood up and grabbed his hand.
"come on!" i said seductuvley, he looked so ready for it like hes been planning all this, has he?
i lead him up stairs and in to my room, i pushed him on the bed and sat on him, kissed him once again this

time with more give. we both kent back so i was on top of him, i felt something stick up on my thigh, i

stopped kissing him and looked down.
"well, someones happy" i smiled at him
"well what can i say, with you looking so gorgeus, ur hair, smile, eyes, cloths dont really help either, he

loves it."
"do you love it?" i said while kissing hime after each word.
"more then you know!" he kissed me again as i felt another stab on my leg i took his short of and then

moved down so i was kneeling in front of him, i un-did his jeand and slid them off, then his boxers.

his cock was thick and at leat like 6 inches, iwas so wet just looking at it.

"sis, what are you going to..." i cut him of as i licked the tip of his huge cock, he moaned in pleasure, i licked up and down the shaft as he just moaned.

"do you like that bro!" i said as i kept licking the tip and shaft.
"GOD! yea, you dont know how long ive waited for you!" ive i just heard that right, the guy my big brother who ive fantised bout fucking has waitied for me to so suck him off. i was so happy, this burst made me put as much of his long cock i can in my mouth, which was like most of it,
"Whoa! there sism dont take more than you can!" he said as he tryed to pull me back, i just rolled my eyes as i bobbed my head up and down, flicking my tounge at his tip and moving my tounge round his shaft. he moaned alot his hands moved my hair into a a pony and i feel his eyes on me.

"ah, sis im gonna cum..." as he said he did he went off at that back of my throat i was a little tokk back so i jumped back and some escaped my lips and went on my chest, i licked my lips and wiped my breasts with a finger and then sucked my finger, what can i say, you cant wate it.

"God, that was so good! ur amazing, know its ur turn." before i could say anything he picked me up took my underwear of and lied me down on the bed, spread eagle.

he kissed me, the my neck and went down to my breasts he sucked my nipples and played with them i moaned, he just looked at me and smiled, he kissed down my stomach and got to in between my legs.

"ur pussy is already so wet little sis." he smiled, he put a finger in my pussy and took it out and licked it,
"yum, u taste nice" he put his mouth around my pussy and licked.

"Ahhhh! go... thats god.!" he moved up to my clit and sucked it and also nibbled, it felt good, he started to finger fuck me with two fingers then three. i was going crazy. my hands grabbed his hair and pushed his face in to my pussy and i started moving in time with his movements.
" gonna cum bro, im gonna...mmmm" a orgasm shot through me and i cummed in my brother mouth i let go of his hair and just collapsed in to heaven.

"u taste yum,!" he said as he climed over me, i craweld in to his side and cuddled into his chest,
"yea, angel?" him saying that sent a shiver down my spine, doesnt help he was rubbing my back.
"will you fuck me? take my virginity, be my first?" i said shyly, he took my chin and looked in to my eyes.
"Are you sure sis, you cant have it back if i take it?"
"ive waitind for this time for a while, ive been masturabating to thoughts of you and convinving my self that my dildo was your hard cock that was pounding my pussy." he looked shocked but he smiled and said "if your sure then i will cause i also want to, but, the choice is yours babe?" i just nodded as i kissed him and lied down, he was on top of me know, its what ive been waiting for.

"u ready? this will hurt for a little minute." i just nodded to excited to talk, i felt the tip of his cock go in and i arched my back, he put it in some more, then more until it hit it, the hymen, he went through and he know had my virginity, i moaned in pain.
"you ok sis, the pain will pass in a min"
"im so happy!" i cried, he laughed and wiped away the tears and said "your first time is ment to be the happiest moment of your life and memorable. im gonna move know it will hurt then it will pass and the pleasure will begin." i smiled and nodded, he was right it hurt but the the pleasure hit.
"Mmmmm!...Ah, god bro, its fab, go faster!" i wrapped my legs around his waist and dug my nails in his back, as he drove his cock faster in and out off my pussy.
"ur loving this arent u? and u digging ur nails in my back is fab" he said with a look of pain and pleasure mixed together.

some time passed and i was coming to an orgasm, he was as well as we both said it we both came to one...
"Ahhh, god!" i screamed. he collapsed beside me and held me to him, under the sheets.

"best moment of my life, bro. im know urs, and i want u forever, i love you!" i said crying on to his chest.
"best moment of my life to sis, i ull have me forever and i love you more then ull ever know" he said as he wiped my tears away, we fell asleep and we done this throught out the holidays mum and dads stayed aways for extra couple of weeks, we didnt mind more time to fuck and cuddle and love each other like we have always wanted to.

See, now you know what happened so as i played with my self and screaming his name, my lover/brother stood there with that amazing smile.
"having fun there sis?"
"ha ha, only because of you.!" i stood up and dragged him to my bed, he smiled and gave in, we fucked again that night and then held each other and loved each other.

i didnt want it to end....


2012-03-05 14:45:32
Nice story but like the others very hard to read. When writing please use full words. It was like reading a long text. Nice premise for the story though

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-05 14:27:19
Agree with other posters, this was bitch to read with all the errors. If the story is worth reading, it's worth minimizing mistakes, at least.


2012-03-04 11:41:05
The story is decent (not great, but far from the worst), but the spelling and grammar is just atrocious. Use a spell checker.


2012-03-04 09:01:14
Well, I liked the story spelling and grammer aside. Two questions or observations. One, if she was using the dildo to fuck herself how was the hymen still intact? Two, there was no mention of birth control so did she get pregnant? Alot of us perverts like a good pregnancy story.


2012-03-04 06:40:56
A good story let down by the spelling and grammar. Have a read of some of mine and take note of the use of capital letters and full stops etc. Please feel free to message me if you want advice. Don't feel bad by the comments left by those before me. Writing takes practise, that's all. All the best to you.

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