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Sara’s Protective Dad part 10.

It took some moments before Sara calmed down; soon after I found her sitting in her new Jaguar with tears of joy streaming down her beautiful face. I approached kneeled down to kiss her. “Are you happy baby?” I inquired.

She buried her face into my chest holding me tightly. Jewels came around and set in the passenger side smiling brightly. Both Little Bobby and Morgan smiled radiantly to me. Then Sara finally raises her face to me says. “You knew I would love it.”

I smile back and saying. “Well when we get back from Colorado and you get your license I'll let you drive me anywhere and everywhere.”

Jewels interjected. “Me too, I am capable of standing having you as my chauffeur for a while."

Little Bobby and Morgan exclaimed. "If you're going to drive mom around can we accompany you.”

Sara says with a devilish grin. “Okay I'll drive everyone around, once I have my license. The only driving I want done tonight is Bobby driving his cock in his wives’ cunts.”

Jewels giggling says. “I will second that, and take second place as well."

“Bobby my cunt really needs to get full of your cum, I didn't get any last night.” I noticed its Morgan talking to me not Little Bobby who normally refers to me as daddy.

Little Bobby says. “That's right; I want my cunt full of your cock Bobby and a load of cum for my effort. I've been getting hornier all day waiting to have you.”

“It looks like I'm going to have to take you girls inside and do my best to satisfy the four of you.” I pick Sara up in my arms and carried her across the threshold. Setting her down, I repeat this with each of my wives. Once all four are inside I have a playful idea I'm going to put all four of them in bed with me, Little Bobby's ideal of an orgy is something I want to try. Now is a good time for it.

“Okay my darlings we’re off to bed for all of us." Leading Sara by the hand and Jewels with my other I pull them gently to the master bedroom, Little Bobby and Morgan come along. I begin to remove my wives’ clothes once inside the bedroom. Jewels and the twins’ dresses are easy compared to Sara's wedding dress. With help I managed to remove all their clothing, I have four beautiful nude women standing before me. Sara and Jewels insist on storing the wedding clothing, before we can get anything started. So my beautiful wives removed my clothing as well. They hung Sara's wedding dress, my tux and Jewels in the twins’ bridesmaids’ dresses in the closet. That accomplished, it’s playtime.

Pulling Sara to me, so you want to be first my dear, I run my hands gently over her shoulders urging her to step closer kissing her passionately, as my hands continued to run over her back gently. Reach out to Jewels to pull her into a kiss as well. “We’re going to make love to each other to night, not just me but every one of you will be making love to everyone. Follow my lead I'll show you how.”

"Bobby, I'm so horny right now I don't want a lot of foreplay I'm ready to go.” Sara says forcefully, and to make her point she kisses Jewels. Jewels and Sara are standing shoulder to shoulder with their bodies still facing me. I hands go to Sara's and Jewels breast; fondling one of their breast my mouth goes to Sara's breast not covered by my hand. Sara and Jewels both moan. Smell of their arousal is thick in the air; I hear moaning over my shoulder and turned to see Little Bobby and Morgan kissing each other passionately. I move my mouth to Jewels breast causing her to moan. Both of their nipples are hard as rocks, I slide my hand down the cup Sara's pussy, before I even make contact a drop of moisture falls into the palm my hand from Sara’s labia. She is incredibly wet, her lips are extended and her clitoris stands out of its protective hood.

I set on the edge of the bed, and pull Sara to me putting her in a reverse cowgirl, a position we haven't tried yet. Sara seems the reading my mind, straddling my thighs and moving backwards she's now over top of my hard cock. Jewels lines us up, running my cock up and down her slit to lubricate my head. When Jewels has me in position Sara lowers herself into me, impaling her in one quick movement taking all of my manhood into her. I don't even need to tell Jewels to lick her sister she begins as soon as Sara is fully impaled. I call to Little Bobby and Morgan. “Come and suck Sara’s tits.” In just a few seconds each has one of Sara's breasts in their mouth, playing with Sara’s nipples with their lips and tongue. I hold Sara’s hips still, beginning a slow rhythmic motion to my hips, driving in and out of Sara’s hot cunt.

In just minutes Sara is screaming her pleasure at the treatment the four of us are giving her. “OH YES, YES, YES, I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING.” Sara is spreading her legs even wider as she spurts all over Jewels’ face. Jewels licks and sucks at Sara's cum hungrily. The sensation of Jewels licking my cock as it moves in and out of her sister is driving me over the edge. Jewels seeing my balls tighten reaches down between us and squeezes gently and I'm well past the point of no return now. A large blast of semen is ejaculated into Sara followed by a second and third. Semen leaks around my cock as Jewels hungrily licks it up.

I lay back on the bed trying to catch my breath, a shaking Sara still in orgasm falls on my chest, howling no longer able to make words. Jewels rolls Sara off my chest and completely over onto her back. Little Bobby takes the opportunity to grab my cum covered cock, and begins to suck it clean. Morgan is resumes playing with Sara’s breasts, as Jewels begins to clean Sara’s pussy of our cum. By the time I caught my breath Little Bobby has my cock as hard as it ever was.

Standing up I walk behind Jewels still been over licking Sara’s cunt, I line myself up and grab Jewels hip and began to fill Jewels with my manhood. Jewels moans loudly sending Sara back into an orgasm, Sara is holding Jewels face to her pussy not wanting to give up the pleasure her sister is giving her. I begin a slow steady rhythm in Jewels as I fuck her doggy style. Little Bobby is close enough for me to pull her into a passionate kiss; I taste Sara’s and our combined cum, as I let my hands play with Little Bobby. Sara again is drenching Jewels face as she spurts, shaking violently and goes limp. Sara's hands no longer hold Jewels head to her. Realizing Sara is out cold Jewels raises from her, turns and says. “I want a ride like Sara.”

I back off, removing myself from Jewels, setting back on the bed. This allows Jewels to mount me in a reverse cowgirl. Little Bobby jumps between Jewels legs and begins to eat her mother’s pussy, after Jewels has completely impaled herself on my manhood. Morgan begins playing with her mother’s tits, Jewels moans loudly at the stimulation she's getting.

I begin a faster rhythm in Jewels holding her hips to keep her from moving which allows Little Bobby to continue her oral onslaught of her mother. In just a few minutes Jewels is screaming her pleasure. "OH YES BOBBY THAT'S IT I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING.” Jewels is in orgasm, Little Bobby is licking both of us, and again this is driving me over the edge I cum hard into Jewels. Cum again leaks around my cock and Little Bobby hungrily licks it up.

Again I fallback onto the bed and Jewels comes with me, Little Bobby rolls her mother off my chest and onto her back, and Sara sleeps on one side. Jewels is laying on my other, as Little Bobby licks my cum from her mother. Morgan now moves to my cock and licks her mother's and my combined cum from it. As my breathing normalizes I feel myself growing hard again. I set up, pulling Morgan up to kiss me, I taste cum this time my self’s and Jewels. I move behind Little Bobby to begin to fuck her doggy style like I did her mother. Grapping her hip in one hand line myself up the other I impale my manhood into my wife, Little Bobby moans loudly as I fill her with my manhood. Jewels is on her elbows watching as I begin the fuck our daughter. Little Bobby is doing her best to continue eating her mother, suddenly Jewels grabs Little Bobby’s head, screams again. “I'm Cumming.” And spurts covering little Bobby's face with her mother’s cum. I feel Little Bobby begins to spasm as she to reaches climax. Morgan is reclining on the bed masturbating watching the three of us. When Jewels comes down from her sexual high she to passes out.

Again I extract myself this time from Little Bobby and set on the edge of the bed. Little Bobby shakes her head. “Next time husband.” Little Bobby moves to the center of the bed, laying down on her back, she beckons me to come and lay atop her. Smiling I approach as she spreads her legs wide for me. In just moments I am fully embedded in her touching her cervix with the tip of my cock. Little Bobby smiles and says. “Now husband make love to me.”

Little Bobby's face is still covered and wet with her mother's cum; I kiss her and taste Jewels cum. I begin to clean her face with my tongue, and kiss her passionately. Establishing a slow steady rhythm with very long strokes Little Bobby begins to respond lifting her hips to meet me with each stroke, allowing her to grind her Clit into me. After a few minutes Little Bobby pleads. “Fuck me faster, fuck me harder.”

I speed my rhythm and push harder on each stroke and she is doing the same matching my speed pushing into me harder with each contact. Her breasts are pushed into my chest I feel how hard her nipples are, her breath is rapid and she is near her climax. I speed my rhythm even faster soon Little Bobby begins to scream her pleasure. “OH BOBBY YES, YES, HUSBAND YES FUCK ME HUSBAND. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING. Having come twice I'm not quite yet pushed to the point where I need to cum but it will be soon. I continue the hard fast rhythm till she tightens up so tight I can't move that forces me over the edge. I’ve pushed deep into her making hard contact to her cervix as I explode into my daughter. When I orgasm, this since her into a stronger orgasm. “YES FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM.” Little Bobby practically raises me off the bed as her legs wrapped around my waist and she spurts in return of each rope I shoot into her. When she comes down from her climax she to passes out with a very contented smile on her beautiful face.

I'm breathing heavily as I roll off of Little Bobby. I'm resting there as Morgan comes up and begins to clean cum off my cock. It takes a little longer but Morgan gets me hard again. Smiling down on me Morgan mounts my hard cock. Positioning it for herself as she slowly impales herself. Once fully down she says. “I wanted to do this ever since I said, I do."

I ask. “Right there in the church?”

“Yes I wanted to, right there, right then. I didn't care who would be watching if I knew you would have let me. I didn't want to get you in trouble, so I didn't." She smiles and begins to slowly move up and down on my hard cock.

“Thank you for not getting me into trouble, but right then I may have let you and then been in all kinds of trouble for it.” I chuckled at the thought of having done this in the church in front of all those people watching as me and my four wives consummated our marriages.

Morgan trembles thinking of it. “How much trouble could you be in if someone told the cops?"

"Probably more than I would ever want to be in. Let's not think about that right now." I don't want to lose my hard on and if she continues down this line I may.

She leans down and kisses me passionately. Still looking me in my eyes, I see how much love she has for me it seems to grow each day. I could tell she's getting close to having an orgasm but she never loses her gaze. Her hips move rapidly as her body begins to spasm I fill her cunt pulling me deeper, as she slams down hard on my pelvis. She finally closes her eyes and arches her back and screams. “I'm Cumming. I'm Cumming.” She is shaking hard in her throws of orgasm. She finally relaxes and rests limply on my chest. “Okay Morgan love I'm going to roll us over so I can do the work now.” She pulls arm and leg in to make it easier for us to roll over. Once I have her on her back she wraps her legs around me. I rise up on my elbows to take my weight from her.

I begin a medium rhythm nearly the same speed she was using, it doesn't take very long before she is having her second orgasm, I again don't really have the need to cum, but I want to make her have as many orgasms as I can give her. Unlike last time she doesn't close her eyes as her body spasms her eyes stayed locked on mine. Her blue eyes blaze with love. I say the only thing that comes from my heart. “Morgan I love you!” Then kiss her passionately which drives her into yet another orgasm. It's not terribly strong so I can continue my rhythm. Her nipples are hard as little diamonds. I bent down and again to play with one of her nipples. Teasing it with my tongue and lips licking and sucking her entire areola, again she climaxes spurting this time. She cries out. “YES HUSBAND THAT'S IT FUCK ME. OH YES FUCK ME. I LOVE YOU!"

Keeping the speed of my rhythm I try to lengthen my strokes, she comes out of the orgasm she's in, to immediately begin another. She has back to back orgasms until I feel the need to cum, I'm moving so fast at this point if she hadn't been spurting periodically I know I would be hurting her, but now she is so wet that there's a swishing sound each time I press her into the mattress. I feel my balls tighten knowing that this is going to be big or bigger than any orgasm I had tonight. I pushed deeply into Morgan feeling her cervix open as I do. I fire rope after rope into her. I'm so high I have no idea of how much or how often, but she spurts back with each of my spasms that push my semen into her womb. We both scream a primal sound unable to make a coherent word. As my body finishes it’s tremors I roll to the side unable to do anything more before sleep takes me.

Unknown to Morgan and me, three onlookers comment. “Damn that was so hot.”

Little Bobby says. “Damn she called last next time too.”

Sara and Jewels grumble in disappointment. “Damn”

Then the three begin to laugh hysterically, finally Jewels says. “I'm not sure if it would be safe for the baby to go through that.”

Sara commented. “Well if that's the case after I deliver, and can start having sex again I want to be last for a month.”

Jewels said. “If we’re both pregnant we should be delivering very close to each other, so we should be able to start having sex about the same time. We’ll take turns being last for two months.”

Little Bobby objects. “Hey I would like to be last once in a while during that time.”

Jewels points out. “You do know you won't be able to have sex for two months after the baby comes."

Sara complains. “Damn I didn't know it was that long.”

Little Bobby is feeling sympathetic. “Yeah I'm sorry to hear that.”

Jewels giggles. “Yes, for two months Morgan and you will have to satisfy our husband.”

Little Bobby giggles. "If that's what a wife has to do? I'll do it.”

Moring groans. "Can't a girl get a little sleep around here?”

Jewels giggles. “Morgan after being fucked like that I didn't expect anything would wake you up.”

Morgan complains. “It's not you guys, unless you emptied a pitcher under my ass.”

The three other women laugh and say. “You're the one who made that wet spot.”

Morgan begins to giggle. “Oh yes now I remember.” With a wide smile on her face she rolls over climbs on top of her husband's chest, and drops back to sleep without losing her contented smile.

Sara cuddles into the side of her husband, raises her rings and smiles contented as well, and holds out her hand for Jewels to cuddle next to her, Little Bobby cuddles next her mother, that way no one is in the wet spot.

The next morning I come awake with Morgan still on my chest. She is looking at her wedding ring how the red diamond sparkles in the dawn light.

“Good morning love.” I whispered in Morgan’s ear.

She turns gives me a long passionate kiss. Then whispers back to me. “Good morning husband I love you."

“I love you too Morgan.” My need to relieve myself is secondary to my need to hold her just a little longer. Her eyes blaze with love as she looks into my face, I feel the passion rising in me, but my body is unwilling to forgo its trip to the bathroom. I roll Morgan over and she shudders and says. “Damn that’s cold.” I realize I roll her back into the position we were in last night, I quickly roll one more time putting this on the edge of the bed. I rise and help Morgan to her feet I quickly head to the restroom to relieve myself so my passion can express itself.

Morgan pleads with me to let her go first. “Please let me pee first I'll not be able to hold it otherwise." Yes I let her go first, like a good husband. When she's done, I relieve myself as Morgan watched. Morgan says. “It felt like you were doing that inside me last night.”

Once finished I pull Morgan close to me to whisper. “That probably was the biggest orgasm I ever had, it knocked me out."

Jewels walking into the bathroom gives me and Morgan a look. She says. “Good morning husband, good morning Morgan.”

I reply. “Good morning love.”

Jewels giggles as she relieves herself. “My God you two last night, that was something to watch."

Sara and Little Bobby walk in, hearing that giggle at Morgan's redness. Sara asked. “Is it fun being last Morgan?"

Morgan is a little brighter red as she answers. “God is it ever!”

In that instant almost like a flash, an idea hits me; we need to move today to the cabin in the Rockies. Dr. Bastard will probably be leaving custody later today getting bail. If he realizes Jewels stands against him he may seek revenge. Best not to be anywhere near him, if he wants to cause problems. I hate to run but I must think of Jewels in our twins.

Morgan still must be bothered by the question because again she asked. “Bobby last night you change the subject, but how much trouble could you be in if someone found out about us?”

I answered her as best I could. “Well Morgan I don't know for sure what they would do to me, but I am sure that I would not be able to be with you, Little Bobby and Sara. That's what really would hurt me that I could not be with you anymore.”

Morgan says with great concern. “Then we need to leave because I'm sure that the doc is screaming his head off about us. Most likely no one will believe him but all it takes is for one to check it out.”

Jewels is very serious. “Bobby, Morgan is absolutely right as long as were within jurisdiction of anyone he has connected to, we may be in trouble.”

Sara suggests. "Maybe we should leave for Colorado today. If not get ready so we can leave very early tomorrow."

Little Bobby ask. “How long is it to drive to Colorado from here?”

The drive should take around eighteen hours, plus any time for stops along the way so two days on the road at least. So I tell Little Bobby and the others. “If we leave this afternoon we could be there may be before noon on Saturday."

Adjusting the shower Jewels jumps in grabs the body wash and begins to wash quickly. She was quickly joined by the twins and Sara the showers large but I be too tempted to carry last night forward to this morning.

If I'm going to tow Jewels SUV to Colorado I need to buy a flatbed or vehicle carrier to move it. I will be back for my shower shortly; I walk to my office and use the iPad to look up something to carry Jewels SUV. I find one not too far out of our way as we go to Colorado. I realized two things I don't want to leave a paper trail all the way to Colorado. I want to make it hard for anyone to locate me once I'm there. Cash is a necessity for this; I'll pay for all the hotels in cash, the flatbed as well. I have a safe with enough cash that I won't have to go to the bank to withdraw any. I go down in my basement and get 100,000 in cash far more than enough to go to Colorado and never touch a credit card or debit card.

Load one of my briefcases with the cash as well as the iPad. Returning to the bedroom Little Bobby has dressed in jeans and a nice top. She is stripping the bed of last night's evidence. I'm happy that these women are very intelligent and wouldn't leave something like that behind to incriminate us. I decide it is time for me to grab my shower and dress.

After I'm have showered and dressed, I smell breakfast cooking it smells like bacon and biscuits from the bedroom, walking into the kitchen I see Sara and Jewels are hard at work making breakfast. “Is there anything we need before we leave, that you can think of?” I asked the question in general.

Jewels states. “I still want my private items from the house like my pictures of the kids when they were small.”

I figure it's the only way, Jewels will see any of her items back. “It he has not made bail yet. This would be the time to do that. We should go as soon as we finish with breakfast how much stuff are we talking about? Is it what will fit in your SUV or should I take my truck?”

Jewels says. “I just want my pictures Bobby everything else I can buy a hundred times over.

“I'll find out if he's out yet, I'll call Mike and have him check maybe even see if he can slow down his release.” I'm really hoping Mike can help us out here.

While they were still cooking I call Mike. His secretary answers. I ask that Mike was available she asked who's calling, upon telling her she simply said please hold and Mike is on the line. “Mike I need to know if that Dr. Bastard has completed bail yet?”

Mike began laughing and then said. “Without Jewels he didn't have anyone to post bail for him. Fifteen minutes after he was arrested Jewels phone rang and he left a message for her to post his bail.”

“Can you double check and make sure he still incarcerated? Jewels wants to get her pictures from her old house. You can always serve him, his paperwork in jail.”

Mike informs me. “Bobby, we sent two lawyers to the courthouse this morning. One is informing the Dist. Atty. about him removing the 700,000 from Sara's trust that should be enough to prove he is a flight risk. The other is serving him most likely as we speak. His arraignment is set for 1 PM and with what happened at your wedding is very unlikely his bail would be less than $1 million. If even calling Jewels to post his bail or to be at his arraignment no one else will be posting bail for him. So it's pretty safe for Jewels to go get her pictures but keep your eyes open just in case.

“Okay Mike, we will go shortly. But I want you to inform me if and when he is released. Have you fixed Sara’s trust so he can't remove any more money from it? ”

“Yes Bobby that's been taken care of, and now that Sara is wedded, she can assume control of her trust."

“Can that wait for a few months while we have a honeymoon? By the way, Jewels will be coming with me and Sara, so if there's any vital paperwork that has to be signed we can swing by before we leave.”

Mike's thinking for a second or two then says. “There's nothing that can't wait till you're back."
I'm always grateful for Mike's help. “Okay Mike I'll see you when I return home, and my cell phone will work so you can call me if something big comes up. Thanks again. ”

Returning to the breakfast table, it's set and everyone has started to eat. A waiting plate is filled for me to set down and begin. “Good morning Loves.” I call to them entering the room; I kiss each in turn walking around the table to take my seat.

Jewels looks at me expectantly asks. “Well what did Mike say?”

“First he's still in jail; he's called your old cell phone and left a message for you to post his bail. His arraignment is at 1 PM, and Mike believes his bail will be around $1 million. Do you know anyone capable and willing to put up anything around $100,000 plus assets equal to the remainder for him?”

Jewels meditates for quite a while then a wide smile covers her face. “He's going to be setting in that jail for a long time.”

I say concerned. “That sounds good to me, but we should still depart for Colorado today.”

Jewels says firmly. “I'm still going to get my pictures.”

I ensure her by saying. “Why yes Jewels I'm guarantee we’re going to acquire your pictures. That way I can at least see what I missed as the twins grew up.”

Jewels giggles as Little Bobby and Morgan rolls their eyes. Morgan asks. “Bobby you really don't want to see those pictures do you?”

Thinking back to my dream of children I want to ascertain if their children look like they did. “It would be nice to know what you look like as a child."

“I could pull out some old photos of Sara, if it would make you two feel better.” Now it’s Sara’s turn to roll her eyes.

Jewels giggles. “Well I want to see them, but I think we better hurry to get mine. Just in case he has someone to post his bail."

“His arraignment isn't until 1 PM, when the district attorney will ask for a high bail do to him being a flight risk. Even if he has someone before then he won't get out until 1:30 at the earliest.” I'm hoping were on the road before then.

“I know I can pick up a flatbed in town as well if we take the truck. Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan could load up your SUV with everything we need to take to Colorado.”

To which they say in unison. “We can do that.”

The twins have a few requests of items they want picked up, nothing really big, their laptops, iPods, few special other items, and some other pictures as well from the room. Jewels and I should be able to handle everything within an hour at her place. As soon as breakfast is done Jewels and I leave to head to her old house. It actually took fifty minutes to drive there. We arrived just after 9 AM and pull into the garage load the truck. Ten minutes after we’re there is a knock on her front door. One of Jewels neighbors has come by to find out what the hell is going on. “Jill I saw you come in in that strange truck, with a strange man. And I saw the news yesterday were your husband was arrested.”

Jewels explains to her neighbor what all is going on. “First I have to confess my name isn't Jill it is Jewels McDevitt. I'm here to get my pictures and some items for the girls. Second the doc has taken money from my sister’s trust that wasn't his; he hired thugs to kidnap her. So he's not so good of a guy. This is my brother-in-law who's here to help me to get my pictures, I don't want anything else.” Her neighbor is a little wide-eyed at her confession.

“You mean you're really that Jewels from The one $1 million was offered for.”

I say. “Yes ma'am that's her, but you're a little late I'm gave the reward away already. Sorry. By the way I'm her brother-in-law Robert Winfield, movie producer and billionaire.”

Jewels giggles. “Yes that's him, he's the one who put up the site and he has been looking for me the last fifteen years.”

Her neighbor tells Jewels. “You know when I first moved in I asked Andrew if you could be that Jewels. He laughed it off saying there's no way that you could be. So I never pressed it.”

I tell her. “It's too bad you didn't contact me. I could check it out you would've been 1 million bucks richer.”

She seemed very sad at hearing this; she sets down and begins to cry. Jewels goes to her and asked what the problem is. “Mary what is the problem? I haven't seen you cry but once in all the time I've known you."

Jewels’ neighbor Mary says. “My husband lost his job two months ago and now the bank is after us for missing that mortgage payment.”

At this point I know of Jewels will do, but I've been around more people who done things like this just to see if they can get a handout. “Mary has your husband found a new job yet?”

Mary replies. “He just started a new job it doesn't pay quite as good as his old one did but if we were not behind we could keep making the payments.”

Jewels asks. “How much do you need to get caught up?”

Is just that payment was late fees about $1100, but with what my husband makes it might as well be 1 million, were won't be able to pay it until the next month or two by that time the late fees will push it to $1600 and we still won't be able to pay it.
I ask. “Would you happen to have the letter from the bank?”

Mary answers. “I have it on the table at home.”

I asked her. “Could you go run and grab it for us will need your account number to help you out.”

After she's out the door Jewels asks. “Are you really going to help her out?”

“Sure why not, don't you remember how much I make a year, her asking for $1200 is like someone asking you as a nurse for a few pennies.”

Jewels face lights up. “I forgot I'm rich. I have a little left as Jill in the bank. I really would like to let her have it than it going back to Dr. Bastard, for his legal defense.”

“Will Jewels it's your money, and if you don't want him to have it you can get it or give it away. We need to get out of here within the next few hours.”

Mary rings the doorbell then comes in. “Here's a letter from the bank.” She hands it to Jewels quickly looks at over, seeing the dollar amount Jewels then hands me the letter. I noticed right off the banks name, and smile to myself. Reading the letter carefully I see exactly what she's talking about. I also know Mary has nothing to worry about because I know the primary stockholder of that bank. Only due to her absence she is not the chairman of the board.

Jewels has left to go to the room used as a home office, in a desk she finds what she's looking for, there's a checkbook with her alias name as the account holder. Jewels checks the balance on that account it just so happens to be $1282.62 she makes a check out for that amount making it payable to Mary. Jewels comes in and hands Mary the check.

Mary looking at the check eyes begin to tear pulls Jewels into a hug her joy overflowing. Then finally she steps back and says. “Jill I can't let you this is all the money you probably have.”
Jewels answers her friend. “No, it is not even near all the money I have, thanks to Robert here. But that was all the money that Jill had, but I'm not Jill anymore.”

Mary is little confused. “But you're still the same person you always been.”

Jewels says. “Yes I am, and only my fortune has changed. I borrowed $20 from you two months ago. That $20 meant more to me than that $1200 does today so I'm just making it even okay.”

Mary says with gratitude. “If you insist Jewels I'll take it.”

Jewels smiles and says. “Yes I insist, but you could help me gather my pictures and wrapped them so we can take them from here. I don't want any that have Andrew in them. So those can stay.”

Mary quickly brings some boxes from her home and begins wrapping the pictures on the kitchen table. A happy smile is now on her face. The weight of the world has lifted from her, as little as $1200 meant the difference in her life. Mary is very fast at her task having a light heart speeds her hands.

As we finish our task Jewels speaks to Mary. “Mary cash that check, as soon as you can. If they give you any problem call me, this is my new number. Whatever you do don't give it to Andrew or let him know that you know it.”

I look at the check and quickly see it's a local bank the same as from the letter. This is going to be fun letting Jewels know who owns that bank. Not right now though. I don’t have any smelling salts nearby.

I tell her “Jewels you should take the checkbook with you.” Jewels nods and drops it into her purse.

We have a box loaded with the items Little Bobby and Morgan asked for. I moved all our loaded boxes into the backseat of the pickup. “Okay let’s look around and make sure we haven't left anything that you are the girls would want.”

Quick scan through the house I find a digital camera it's a good SLR digital camera, it was hidden fairly well in the top of his closet. I ask Jewels if it is hers. “Jewels is this your digital camera?”

Jewels says. “No I don’t even remember seeing that before.”

I say. “It's not that new of a camera been out for years now, and from the look of it it's about two years old."

Jewels was confused as to why a camera is in the house that she has never seen. “Why would he hide something like that?”

“The only thing that comes to my mind he is taking pictures that he doesn't want you to know about.” I turn the camera on the see what is in its memory. The first image is of Little Bobby nude on her bed, obviously sound asleep, there are several close-ups of her body parts her tits, ass, and pussy. The next set of photos is Morgan very similar. The third is of Jewels you can see the strawberry birthmark on her ass. There are also close-ups of her tits, ass hole and pussy. Another few shots are deftly staged they show Jewels with drug paraphernalia and a needle in her arm, realistic looking track marks on her arms as well.

Jewels is mad as hell as am I. Jewels practically screams. “I'm going to kill that bastard if the last thing I do.”

The only thing I can think of is he did this in case Jewels asked for a divorce. It would be very easy with evidence like the drugs to either stage her death or simply get custody of the twins. “I know He staged those, the date on them showed a little after Sara's accident. He was setting up to take over Sara's trust and possibly divorce or even murder you. We need to make sure he doesn't have any copies anywhere. Jewels does he have a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or PDA somewhere?”

Even that upset, Jewels sees what I'm trying to do. “He has a laptop that he never lets anyone else use. The desktop in the office, but I use it from time to time. Plus his phone is a blackberry.”

I'm not an expert at cracking computers but I do know one. “Okay Jewels here's what we'll do we'll find his laptop and take it with us the desktop as well, then we need to go through the house and look for any flash drives he may have hidden, or CDs that he uses as backups. Even a USB hard drive he could use that as well. So if we find anything like that it comes with us. It might keep him out of jail, but I don't want pictures of the girls or you to see the Internet ever.” Finding an empty box I put the camera inside. Jewels passes laptop still closed and off. The desk has a locked drawer; I ask Jewels if she has the key for it. “Jewels, is there a key to this drawer?”

Jewels anger flashes. “No, he keeps it on his key ring, and never lets anyone into it.”

I tell Jewels. “Well then that drawer is getting opened no matter what.”

I call Mike and tell him a little of what I found. “Mike I found some staged pictures at the doctor's house, that would make Jewels look like a drug user. I have no idea his true purpose for them because Jewels definitely isn't a drug user. I don't care about using them to send him to jail or not. I just don't want them to ever see the light of day again. What can we take away from here legally?”

Mike hears the anger in my voice in those how serious I am about this. “Well you’re not an officer of the court so anything you found is not admissible. It's Jewels primary residence, she can take about any damn thing she wants but may have to return it after the court settles the property. So as for computers or something like that take it. We'll settle up with his ass later I'll make sure he doesn't get anything.”

“Mike we have about two hours before his arraignment. Is there any possibility that we could get some people to search this house with Jewels permission? I don't want to chance of leaving a flash drive with pictures of Jewels or the twins like the ones I've seen.”

Mike tells me. “I can get those private investigators that we hired over there in about half an hour.”

I tell Mike. “Send the private investigators Mike; tell them, I want them here as soon as possible.”

I call back to talk to Little Bobby and Morgan, they may know of a place where the doc is hiding things like flash drives. “The house phone rings three times before Sara answers, Sara is everything going okay?”

Sounding tired Sara says. “Yes we’re just about finished loading everything in Jewels’ SUV.”

“Good. I need to talk to Little Bobby or Morgan if they know anywhere the Doctor may have been hiding backups of image files or movie files. Like on a CD or USB drive.”

Both girls suggest locked drawer, but also mentioned the downstairs powder room, they saw him go in with a flash drive, but not come out with one. He was just in his boxers at the time. Neither couldn't think of anywhere else he may have hidden anything. I think them and tell them we will be home shortly.

Leave the drawer to be opened by the private investigators one of them could be able to pick the lock. I'll begin with the powder room and see if I can find any hidden flash drives.

The powder room is a small water closet with a toilet, sink and vanity and medicine cabinet, a light switch controls a vent fan and light. There are no lights over the medicine cabinet. I checked the vanity has one drawer I search it thoroughly, removing the drawer check under nothing there nothing in the drawer of interest. I checked the rest of the vanity with as much care as I could, nothing of interest. I check the toilet behind it, or under, raised the lid of the tank flipped it over nothing there. That left the medicine cabinet opening it, nothing unusual until I noticed a nail in the bottom side of the medicine cabinet, and everything in the cabinet was against the back. I tug at the nail and it pulled out easily, once it was removed the bottom of the medicine cabinet with tilt outward, once I tilted it out to about a 45° angle I saw a small clear plastic bag of flash drives. I removed the bag in place that in the box to be taken and checked out.

The doorbell rang and a private investigator stood there with his ID for me to read. Having an uneasy feeling I asked if Jerry has sent him. He said. “No Sir Mike had.”

I let him in then, asking him where the other three are. “Sorry Sir I'm the only one coming.” He told me. Now I know Mike well enough if he said he sending four, he sure would call if only one was available. Did you clear that with Mike Smith, I tested him again. “Yes Sir we cleared it with Mike Smith.”

I tell him. “That's funny the only Mike Smith I know of isn't the Mike that would send you. Now leave.”

He foolishly went for his firearm, before his gun clears its holster I punched him so hard in his shoulder I heard bones snapping. His gun sliding away from him as his arm went limp and he screamed in pain. Just then for large men came to the door hearing his screams they entered with guns drawn. I recognized one of them he had done work with Mike before.

Immediately took him to the ground, asked if I was okay. “Mr. Winfield is everything under control now?”

“You got him; I broke his arm just below the shoulder and probably his collarbone as well. His firearm is somewhere on the floor.”

The idiot started mumbling something about suing me. I bent down near him to say in his ear. “First you broken in under false pretense, second you misrepresented yourself as being agent of my law firm, third I'm here with the owner and under her permission, forth you drew on an unarmed man. If you take me to court I'll make sure the press would eat you alive, you'll never have another client in any state or country you settle in I will make sure a one-page showing your court case will be across from any and every advertisement you ever make. Now here's the deal you tell me what the hell you were here for and where it is. I will let these nice gentlemen drop you off at the emergency room. Don't cooperate I will drop you off at a police station. You can join your boss on attempted murder charges and attempted kidnapping charges.

Two seconds was all it took for him to make his mind up to be cooperative. I have a key in my pocket for the desk, and the powder room behind the vanity has flash drives. My partner is out at your place rounding up the girls.

Jewels screams hearing the last sentence. “We got to go and stop him!”

I grab my cell phone and call home again, as I run to my pickup. I open the garage door; thankfully no car is blocking my path. Two private investigators are running to their car to follow us to the ranch. Jewels has jumped in with me. Sara answers and I tell her. “A kidnapper may be coming now; you get into the safe room with the twins.”

Sara tells me. “That’s where we are at. I saw an unfamiliar car driving too fast coming over the hill, and ran us all into the safe room. I'm watching he's in the living room looking around.”

“Sara stay in the safe room. Lock the door from the inside.” I hear the safe door lock engage, the door has a six-hour burn through safe rating. Unless he brought some very sophisticated safe cracking and torches he would not have a chance of ever opening the door to the safe room, the walls are even more protected than the door. In short he's not getting in before I get to him. And he's in the wrong place it's the wrong time, under the law his life is in my hands.

I call Mike and let him know that even in jail he's had his thugs break into my house, make sure that the District Attorney Is aware that an attempted kidnapping at his direction is in progress. “Yeah the bastard is at my house. Sara and the twins are in my safe room. If he doesn't leave by the time I get there. By the way you're private investigators are holding his partner. He drew on me and I broke his arm.”

Mike asked. “Are you okay?”

“Mike I'm fine just scared shitless, if Sara hadn’t gotten to the safe room who knows what the hell would have happened. Have your private investigator holding a guy back of Jewels open that locked drawer and completely clean it out. I'll be back there shortly to gather up Jewels pictures and everything else. Call me back when they know what's in that drawer. I'll call you from home after we had a guy.”

I'm pushing the truck well past 100 miles per hour when it's safe to do so; drive home takes far less time than going to Jewels’ old house.

I call home again, Sara answers on the first ring. But I hear an extensions pick up as well. “Sara, stay where you're at. He's also listening in so hang up now. You, we have your partner and he is cooperating with us, you on the other hand are in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll be there in less than five minutes that should give you a minute to the off my property. If you're still there.” I don't say anything more but I hear the phone being dropped back on the receiver. But I lied I was just turning on to my property I just wanted him out of my house.

My phone rings its Sara. “Bobby, He’s run like hell is about to catch up with him.”

I tell her. “That's right I'm coming up the hill right now.”

Sara cautions. “Be careful he's coming real fast.”

I break to a stop about 100 yards short of the crest of the hill, the private investigators stop behind me just then he comes across the top of the hill his car flying as it jumps, the hill forming a natural ramp. Hitting the ground and seeing his path is blocked he cuts hard to the right as soon as he is out of the road he loses control in the soft dirt rolling his car. He missed us by thirty feet. I guess he thought he could avoid me and still run for the gate. I jump out and talk to the private investigators directing them to pick him up and taking to the nearest police station. “Well guess we don't have to take him in. I hear sirens Mike must have called the police, either that or they're just catching up with us for speeding.”

The private investigators are chuckling. “No that was us we called in backup.”

I tell them. “You got this. I have three young women that are pretty scared I need to get to.”

They wave saying. “You go we got this.”

I jump back in the truck and head on to the house arriving I see the damage done. He kicked the door in, breaking the casing holding the lock. Once inside I hear the safe room door opening in just a minute the hidden door opens and outcomes first Morgan followed by Little Bobby and Sara. They run to us and pull me tight to them, Jewels is in tears holding on to the girls too.

Jewels with love and gratitude. “Sara you did good, you protected Little Bobby and Morgan when they needed it. Thank you.”

I say. “That's our Sara.”

Jewels punches me hard. “Why didn't you tell me the girls were in a safe room? I was scared to death.”

Rubbing my shoulder. “Jewels I'm sorry I forgot to tell you about this house, but I was a little busy these last few days. House this is Jewels your to open for her full access. Jewels say hello house.”

“That sounds weird talking to a house but here I go. Hello house”

The house’s computer system responded to Jewels grain her full access upon her voice print. “Hello Jewels. You have full access.”

Jewels is taken aback. “Bobby your house talks.”

The house says. “I have many program responses to the standard requests. I can set your alarm clock, your selection of music, environmental controls and access to controlled areas like the safe room.”

Giggling Jewels says. “Nice house.”

The house replies. “Why thank you Jewels.”

Sara giggles “I left it in silent mode. It has freaked people out so many times.”

“For instance, if I said I need to get up early.”

The house asks. “What time would you like your alarm clock set for Sara?”

Sara says. “7:15 AM.”

The house confirms. “Your alarm clock is now set for 7:15 AM tomorrow morning.”

I repeat the process for Little Bobby and Morgan, granting them full access as well.

Sara and commands the house. “House resume silent mode.”

“I need to let Mike know that you're fine and that guy it should be picked up by the police having wrecked his car on his way out.”

I went to house phone that he was using and pick up. “House call Mike.” I'm just a moment Mike’s secretary is on the line. “Mr. Winfield for Mike.” I tell her.

She responds. “He's been waiting for your call.”

Mike is very nervous. “Bobby is everybody okay.”

I begin with. “The one that broke in here wrecked his car on the way out; I have no idea what condition he's in. But for everyone else here we are fine.”

Mike says hold the line, in a minute Mike is back. “Okay first things first the drawer had cashier’s checks made out to Dr. Bastard. So there's most of Sara's money back, they recovered 625,000 in cashier's checks. Plus seven DVDs marked backup. I told them not to look what's on the files. They found four more flash drives in the drawer as well. For the one that wrecked he's fine and in custody. And during the doctors arraignment the DA was notified and got a can continuation so he's not getting out for three more days at least. And given the circumstance I doubt he'll see any free time until after he goes to trial and that will be only a week before he goes to prison. Judging from the evidence just on the kidnapping charges, send me the video of kidnapper who wrecked breaking into the house, and burn a DVD of it for the police.”

Okay house send all related video files to Mike showing his actions upon arriving here. Until he left plus audio that was recorded that have his voice. “Mike you have it in just a few minutes.”

A knock at the door alerts me, to the officer standing outside. He knocks again in the door opens, having no lock to stop it. The officer begins. “Mr. Winfield, is everyone okay? I'll need to take some pictures showing the damage he caused.”

I tell the officer. “Officer I can get you a DVD showing his actions in my house. It will also show him breaking in my door.”

I go into my office and put a blank DVD in the burner and five minutes later a DVD is ready from my security feed. I watch his actions as he goes through the house, in the guest room he places several bags of powder in Jewels night stand. I realized that it's most likely drugs and it's to do with those pictures of Jewels, to strengthen a case against her as being an unfit mother and drug addict.

I showed the Officer the security footage. We go into Jewels bedroom to find and retrieve the bags. The officer agrees with me, that the attempted kidnapper placed the drugs there. The field drug detection kit shows positive for cocaine in two bags and opiates on the third. He will be charged along with breaking and entering, drug charges are added. Plus he had enough drugs to kill Jewels and paraphernalia to inject them.

I called Mike to inform him of what we found and asked if they checked the man at Jewels place for the same. Actually they told me they turned him over to the cops five minutes after I left, the police did find like items on him. Remind him of the staged photographs with Jewels looking like a drug user. Mike do a background check on this guy I bet this isn’t the first time he's done something like this. Jewels met him six years ago, so start looking at six years and back.

Mike says. “Bobby I swear you must be psychic, I had a legal assistant doing that they just finished, he has highlighted notes and eight years ago his wife then died of an overdose of cocaine and opiates.”

I say. “I think you really need to get that information to the Dist. Atty. I think he can move it one of the kidnapping charges up to attempted murder, and maybe open a case for murder of his wife.”

Jewels was shaking and her girls and Sara helps her to a couch to recover. After a few minutes Jewels calls me over to her. “Bobby I think you saved my life today.”

I speculate for her. “Actually Jewels you not going home this last weekend probably saved your life, if you hadn’t stayed with me, he would've known something was up when the twins didn't come home. It would've given him the opportunity to do it without witnesses.” Jewels shakes her head yes, tears are falling down her beautiful face and they're not happy. I hold Jewels to my chest. Comforting her best that I can, and just let her cry it out.

Little Bobby and Morgan also hold and comfort their mother. Neither tried to say anything bad about what happened. Finally Morgan speaks. “Mommy he's fooled us all into thinking he was a lot better of a man that he was.”

I tell Jewels what I thought of him. “Jewels I talked to him for maybe fifteen minutes that first day and I thought he wasn't that bad, he was a good con man even if he wasn't a good doctor.”

Jewels relates. “You're right about him not being a good doctor he kept asking me tons of questions when he first started at the hospital, I used to think he was testing me, but I wonder if he ever was a Doctor.”

I pass on something I heard. “It would not be the first time a con man impersonated a Doctor. It gives them access to drugs, and patients who can be blackmailed.”

Let's go back and get your pictures and those other items, I think we're not going to have to worry anymore about Dr. Bastard. It's 1:30 in the afternoon. “Okay everybody let’s go pick up the stuff from Jill Carter’s life. It seemed that or you four wait in the safe room till I get back.”

Jewels said. “I think I really want to be with you.”

Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan in unison say. “Us too!”

I remember. “Okay let's go, Jewels didn't we put most of the pictures in the truck already.”

Jewels points out. “Yes, most of them are, we just got to go back for that other box.”

I point out. “We will have to remove your pictures to give the girls room to set down.” We move all the boxes of pictures into Jewels closet, it takes about ten minutes. Then we leave to get that last box of incriminating items I hope there's nothing in it that the district attorney would ever need to prosecute that con man.

The private investigators have searched the house and found nothing in addition to the items from the desk. We are informed that the district attorney is aware of the box and has gotten a search warrant for it. We leave it setting on the table until two detectives with proper ID show up to take custody of it. The detectives take our statements as to how we found the items and what let us to search for them. Because the items have not left the residence the district attorney believes he may be able to bring them into evidence. If not he guaranteed that they would be returned to Jewels.

It's now three o'clock, I need to do a couple things like call a carpenter to repair the door, get the flatbed and load Jewels’ SUV before we can leave. I have a good man to fix the door I trusted, and Mike can always send one of his paralegals to check that the doors completely safe.

I call my carpenter friend. “Hey Gary someone kicked my front door in, and I need it fixed or replaced, whichever you fill is best.” Gary agrees to fix it the next morning. I'm not sleeping there with it flapping in the wind. I know the girls would not either.

I get the information on finding a flatbed that is strong enough to carry Jewels SUV through OnStar; they give me directions in its twenty minutes away. The brief case with the cash is still in the truck, I purchase the trailer plus straps everything needed to haul Jewels’ SUV.

When we arrived back home we finished packing. We loaded Jewels’ Cadillac Escalade on the flatbed and made it ready for the trip. At 4:30 in the afternoon we finished loading Jewels SUV, letting us drive four or five hours of the eighteen hour trip today.

I had everybody double check to ensure we had everything that we needed for the trip. Little Bobby and Morgan found their iPods in Jewels closet.

A few minutes later, we eat sandwiches; we are ready to head out. I call Mike. “Mike given what's happened today we're going to take off, and get away from everything. If you need me, you know how to get a hold of me. The district attorney seized that box with those photographs we spoke of. See what you can do about ensuring that they are handling them with all due respect.”

We do something smart I sent everyone to the restroom before we go, now her off to have to drive to a large cabin in the Colorado Rockies.

Twenty minutes into the drive Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan had fallen asleep. Jewels reaches across the center console and takes my hand. “Bobby, loving you has saved my life.”

Given all the events that just happened I'm sure I can fully trust Jewels. I open my heart to her. “Jewels, you and Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan are my entire existence. Without you four I am hollow, your love is what makes me complete. I'll never be happy unless you are always with me.”

Jewels smiling brightly. “I owe you my life, so for me, I will always be with you.”

Three voices sound in unison from the back. “Us too.”

I kiss Jewels hand, and blow kisses to the women in the rearview mirror.

I'm happy to be with them. I guess I can no longer call myself a Dad. Since I'm husband to all of them, not legally of course, but husband in deed, my actions prove that. Looking over at Jewels her left hand rests atop her stomach as she gently rubs herself. Looking back in the rear view mirror Sara also cradles her stomach rubbing gently. The three have closed their eyes again all having contended smiles.

Author's notes: I considered ending Sara's protective Dad series here, but I want to continue on with these characters. Maybe you can give me a suggestion for a new title. I hope you've enjoyed it so far.

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This series has been enjoyable. Some rough reading but still great. Keep them cumming.

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Sara's Protective (Step)-Dad - Part 10" Robert A & Sara Elizabeth Winfield; Jewels McDevitt, and Roberta Ann & Morgan Eve Winfield - (Step-father & Step-daughter; Sisten-in-Law, and Twins of Robert & Sister-in-Law Jewels)

The Winfield family, Robert A, step-daughter Sara Elizabeth, his Sister-in-Law Jewels McDevitt, and twins of Robert and Jewels, Roberta Ann and Morgan Eve Winfield, are now finally riding into the early morning dawn of the rest of their lives!!! Their futures are set in much love as often and frequently as their bodies allow! Each of the four ladies have already scheduled many births by each of them; Robert and few future sons will consummate pregnancies with the next generation of daughters/granddaughters and siblings/nieces or nephews.

We avid readers of incestual LOVE and ensuing pregnacies are very elated the author has agreeed to write more of this family. My eagerness is chomping at the bit and baited breath!!!

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