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Ted is home and the fun continues
This is the sequel to “New Rules 1 to 4”. Read them first.

While I had been urging Susan to talk to her husband, Phil, about their mutual infidelity my husband, Fred, had served drinks for every one and the others just stood around, naked, and listened to Susan and me. Now my husband took charge:

“Here's what I would like. First up I'd like to watch Wendy eating Susan's pussy, with her bum stuck in the air so that George can fuck her from behind. Is that OK?”

The grins on Wendy's and George's faces suggested that that was OK with them.

“Well,” Susan commented, “I told Sally that I wanted to become a slut, so here goes.”

While we watched the three on the floor I stood with my back to Fred. He reached around me and grabbed my tits and pulled my naked body hard against his. Again my heart filled with love for my husband. Just one month ago this scene would have been unimaginable. Then Fred changed the rules of our marriage, and I had taken advantage of the new rules, and stretched them somewhat, to experiment with group sex, and here we were waiting our turn to perform something similar to what we were watching. Wow!

Brad was standing close to Fred and me. His stiff cock told me that he liked what he was watching. Fred's erect cock, pressed into my bum crack told me that he was enjoying watching too. For that matter, my wet pussy was evidence that I liked it too. I grabbed Brad by his cock and pulled him against my naked body.

In front of us Susan was lying on her back with her legs spread wide. Wendy was face down with her head over Susan's crotch. From the little noises that Susan was making we knew that Wendy was exploring Susan's pussy with her tongue and lips. Wendy's knees were pulled up under her body, lifting her bum up giving George easy access to her pussy. We were watching his cock plunging in and out of her cunt.

Soon it became obvious that George was pumping a load of cum into Wendy's cunt. Then Susan screamed as her orgasm hit her. Finally Wendy lifted her head from Susan's crotch announced her orgasm to her audience.

“Aaaaaahhhhh! Fuck! Soooo naaasty!”

Then Fred took control again. Soon he had me eating George's cum out of Wendy's pussy, while Fred fucked me from behind and Susan, Brad and George watched. I wasn't able to see what Susan, Brad and George were doing as they watched us, but Wendy told me later that Susan was standing between Brad and George, with her arms around both of them and their arms around her.

My whole attention was focussed on what I was experiencing. Fred's cock was filling my pussy. Even after all the other cocks that had been in there recently I still felt tight for my husband's cock. The other thing that I was aware of was Wendy's cunt that I was pleasuring and that tasted of George's cum, mixed with Wendy's juices. It was not an especially pleasant flavour, but to me it tasted of sex, and so was what I craved.

Those two things that I was concentrating on (Fred's cock filling my pussy and my lips and tongue pleasuring Wendy's cunt) so filled my being that I was on a new high, higher, I think, than I have ever been before. The high grew into a crashing orgasm which shook my body. I took my mouth away from Susan's cunt and screamed. I didn't feel Fred cum in me, although later there was plenty of cum dripping from my cunt. I was not aware of making Susan cum, although later she assured me that she did and that it was huge. I just knew that my body was somehow bathed with an ecstatic feeling.

I didn't want to move. I just lay on the floor in a post-coital state of bliss. The others stood around, sipping drinks and waiting for me to recover. I didn't want to recover. I liked the way I felt.

“Sally.” Fred said, “Brad is standing here with a hard cock, and he needs to put it somewhere. Why don't you roll over onto your back, so that Susan can eat your pussy while Brad fucks her?”

It was only fair, I supposed. Somehow I found the willpower to roll onto my back. Susan quickly took her place between my legs and dived into my cunt, and Brad plunged his cock into Susan's cunt from behind. I turned my head and saw my husband holding Wendy's naked body against his. It struck me that a month ago I would have been shocked to see them like that; now it just seemed right.

Then Susan's tongue in my fuck hole and her lips and tongue on my clit were all that I could think about. I could feel Susan's body pushed forward then pulled back as Brad pushed his hard dick into her then pulled out. Again I was overcome by a massive orgasm which filled my whole being with ecstasy. Eventually Brad and Susan must have cum too, because there they were, standing up and looking down at me.

Still later, I was still lying on the floor, enjoying the afterglow, George and Susan appeared above me, now fully dressed.

“Sally,” Susan said. “we've got to go. Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. I've never had sex with an audience or sex with a woman, or sex with a man and a woman before or watched people having sex. I've loved all of it and I hope that I'll be doing it all again very soon.”

I struggled back to my feet.

“Susan, I'm so glad that you both came back here with us and joined in our fun. Now do you see why I think that you should talk with Phil. If you both come clean, you could both be sharing fun like this, and you needn't go behind each other's back with your fuck buddies.”

“Well. I think that you're right. I hope that you're right. If he doesn't see it that way, I may be moving in here. Is that still OK?”

“Yes. Of course. You know the rules.”

“And it's OK with you, too, Fred?”

“Sure. Provided that I get to fuck you often.”

“OK. We've got to run. Thanks again. Good bye.”

I looked at the clock and realised that I should be starting dinner because Kevin and Alicia would be here in less than an hour. After all that sex, all that I wanted to do was soak in a warm bath for half an hour at least. I turned to Fred.

“Fred. Kevin and Alicia are going to expect dinner in about one hour, and I can't start cooking until I've recovered my energy. Do you think that you could organise some take away?”

“No problem.”

And he headed to the kitchen to find the menu for our favourite take-away restaurant.

Almost an hour later, while I was brushing my hair in the bathroom, the front-door bell rang. I went to answer it, assuming that it was Kevin and Alicia, who would not be the least put out by the fact that I was still naked. But it was a teenage boy delivering our take-away! And the teenage-boy was our neighbour from across the street!

“Oh dear! David! I thought that you were our dinner guests. What can I say?”

“That's OK Mrs Brown. They promised me when I took this job that I would get to see a few naked women. I just never thought that you would be one of them.”

“Come in David, while I get the money to pay you. Do you have a girlfriend? Perhaps if you came back tomorrow I could explain to you why I answered the door naked.”

“It's OK Mrs Brown. No, I don't have a girlfriend any more. I've never been this close to a naked beauty before. I like it. You don't need to explain.”

“Call me Sally please, David. I'd still like you to come back tomorrow morning. You can have another look at me, provided that you don't tell anybody about me being naked tonight.”

“Sure Sally. OK. Whatever. Thanks for the payment. I'll see you tomorrow. What time?”

“You certainly will see me tomorrow. Is 6:30 am too early for you?”

“OK. 6:30 then. Bye.”

I was planning to do more than show him my body, if he came back the next day.

Dinner went very well. Everyone was naked and the conversation was mostly about the sex that we had had since Ted landed and the sex that we planned for later, and various people's sex fantasies. I could tell that Kevin and Veronica were jealous of the way that we had spent the afternoon with Susan and George. I hoped that we would make it up to them tonight. At the same time, I was thinking about David and tomorrow morning and … .

To be continued in “New Rules 6”

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2013-01-23 12:47:32
This piece was cgonet, well-written, and pithy.

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2013-01-23 12:47:32
You have more useful info than the British had coliones pre-WWII.

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2012-10-03 17:16:25
I was very excited that my liltte miss Wendy was their, she knows me and loves me ( she never did come to Reno to live with me like she said) I cannot tell you what it means to have a sister that loves you with all their heart and would do anything for you as a liltte sister. Carole I know that Wendy and Helen Love is unconditionally(sorry the spelling)We have all been through some hard times. The one thing that I want to say is that Carole is a special sister to me as well as my twin sister and Wendy, the two of them have had a hard time since the time they met (Carole and Helen) However I have seen Helen Cry her eyes out about being mean and the one thing I will say is that she has an illness also, When I talk to her about being mean to the ones that love her. She can only simpley say is that she is sorry. I know both of these women and can only say that they are truley what I think about when I sleep and when I wake in the morning. Carole said to me that she knows how much I love th

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