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The story of a Vampire girl who is within arms length of revenge, but is instead forced to be with the one she wants revenge from.
This story was inspired by many things, including some of my favorite songs and books. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know if there is anything I should fix or work on. Thanks :)

My name is Rebecca James I am 435 years old and I am a second class Vampire. I was turned three days after my seventeenth birthday when four men raped me and my sister then killed us. For 300 years I hunted those four men down and killed three of them leaving a vampire named Ivan Mikhail. When I found him seventy years ago he had gone into comatose hibernation, there for making it illegal for me to kill him until he awoke. I remembered his face, how could I forget. He himself hadn't touched me that day he had only watched in disgusting fascination. However yesterday he awoke and I was summoned by the court for my case to be weighed again. I knew he couldn't be forgiven for what he had done. He had gone rogue and broken all the rules of the Inanimate Order. So I was not at all nervous when I showed up that day.
At first I didn't even recognize him which bothered me. I was sure I had his image engraved in my memory. He was still hideously beautiful, one of the things that attracted me to him before, with his long messy black hair and serious dark eyes where in between arched his perfect nose pointing down to his cupids bow mouth. He smiled at me when I took my seat opposite him in the room. The judges looked at us in turn then down at his notes.
"Rebecca James and Ivan Mikhail. Because you have both proven yourselves to be...insurgent, you will both be given the same sentence." Said the eldest judge. My eyes widened in disbelief. I had already served my punishment for being rebellious to the Order. Not only that but I had only killed one person where Ivan had killed hundreds and raped most of them.
"What?" I asked standing up.
"You and Ivan have both served your time for your previous crimes so there for neither of you will be sentenced to death." Said the judge frowning. I didn't think 300 years of sleep was enough punishment for Ivan, not when I had been given 300 years of service to the Order.
"It would be illegal for either of you to kill the other, but I have a feeling that isn't going to stop either of you from attempting it." He said sitting back in his chair. "So. To prevent anymore blood being spilled over this matter we are going to do a linking ritual."
I felt my heart stop and I looked at Ivan who didn't seem to like the idea any more than I did. By linking us they would be binding out lives together so that any pain inflicted on him would also be inflicted on me. If I killed him, I would also be killing myself visa versa. I bit my tongue and sat defiantly back in my seat. You don't argue with the court, that is the worst thing you could do. We were lead into a pillared room and I placed on one side of the room and Ivan on the other. A silver bracelet was placed on our right wrists and so the ritual began. It didn't take long and when it was over we were both left with permanent bracelets on in place of the silver ones. A Union Link can be created between two vampires, it is usually a link between married couples. However it also allows them to stay connected and have a sense of where the other is and if they are in danger or in need of help. As soon as we were left alone I looked at Ivan with extreme and total hatred. I brushed past him as I stormed from the room. I would find a way around the Union Link, and I would kill him.
I didn't see him again until three days later, to soon for my liking. I had stripped off my shirt and was just getting ready to go to bed with my book when I turned and saw him leaning against my dresser. I wondered why I hadn't sensed his presence.
"Get out." I said with as much venom as I could fit into two words.
“You can’t run from me now Rebecca” he said looking over at me with hate.
“I have never run from you.” I stated with controlled rage. There was nothing in the room for me to defend myself with and he was between me and the door. Ivan was easily ten times stronger than I was but I wasn’t going to let myself give into fear just yet. He picked up my knife from the dresser and eyed me suspiciously “You can’t kill me.” I reminded him setting my jaw.
“Yes and you can’t kill me either.” He said setting it down and moving closer with a smile that showed he knew something I didn’t.
“Correction. I can kill you. I simply have to rip my own heart out.” I said setting my jaw with a smile of my own. He didn’t waver and this didn’t seem to phase him the slightest. He moved even close but I stood still refusing to show fear.
“Yes,” He said in a low voice. “That would be a shame.” I almost filched when his hand reached out to caress the ends of my hair. He noticed my wavering moment and his smile widened. “Bound to my side and trapped in silence…” he started the poem in barely a whisper. It was then that I realized his plan and my breath stopped and I suddenly felt very vulnerable. He could take more pain than I could, that was true, but not only was our pain shared but our pleasure as well. I knew he could sense my fear the moment it set in and I could sense his satisfaction.
“You know that song?” He asked with impressed amusement. I didn’t answer I just looked at him with pure hate. “Do you want to finish it for me?” He asked and I felt my stomach drop. It wasn’t a question it was a demand but I decided to test it anyway. I didn’t respond. “Rebecca.” He warned with an evil dawn in his eyes.
“I can’t sing.” I said lamely. It was a lie I was an exceptional singer but he didn’t have to know that.
“I have lived for 1,637 years. I can tell when someone is lying to me.” He said lifting my chin. “And Rebecca, you are a terrible liar.” Too quickly his hand moved and slapped me across the face. I fell to the ground in a sharp white pain and raised my hand to my stinging cheek. It was unexpected and hurt worse than it would have. I felt my eyes moisten and I was thankful my long hair was there to cover my face. I felt his hands lift me back on to me feet and he looked at me confused. I knew he had felt the slap too but he had a higher tolerance of pain and if it hurt he didn‘t who it.
“You want me to give you a moment to find your voice?” He asked as if everything were right in the world. I looked at him then looked down. A moment of silence passed and I knew that if I let another second pass he would hit me again, or worse. I started in a low voice avoiding his gaze.
“Bound to your side and trapped in silence,
Just a possession
Is this sex your only violence
That feeds your obsession

You send me to a broken state
where I can take the pain
Just long enough
That I am numb
That I just disappear…”
I paused hoping that I had sung enough to please his sick satisfaction. It wasn’t. He looked at me expectantly and I felt my eyes water and continued trying not to let my voice waver.
“So go one and fight me,
Go on and scare me to death,

Tell me I asked for it,
Tell me I’ll never forget,

You could give me anything but Love
Anything but love.” I paused to catch me breath and steady my voice half hoping he would tell me I could stop. He didn’t.
“Does it feel good tonight,
Hurt me with noting,

So torn of sick satisfaction,
You get from mind fucking.

Strip down to my naked core,
The darkest corners of my mind are yours.

That’s where you live,
That’s where you breath…

“So go on and fight me,
Go on and scare me to death,

Dare me to live you,
Tell me I’ll never forget.

Without any faith,
Without any love,
Condemn me to live ,
Condemn me to life.

Inside I am dead…

So go one and fight me,
Go on and scare me to death,
Ill be the victim,
You’ll be the voice in my head.

You can give me anything but love,
Anything but love.

Anything but love….”

There, I had finished and it was over with and just to add to his satisfaction I let myself feel humiliated and degraded. He moved closer and whispered into my ear. “You have a beautiful voice.” he said tracing my collar bone with his fingers. They were cold and sent shivers down my side. His terribly beautiful and sensual mouth lowered to my neck and I felt his teeth brush my neck. His lust and need for my blood was overwhelming. Being in Comatose Hibernation for 300 years will do that to you. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the pain that was going to come. His hands held onto my shoulders and gripped them then I felt his teeth pierce and his jaw latch onto my neck. I felt the warm wetness of the blood trailing down my neck and then my chest and arms. But the pain was immense and he wasn’t gentle. He paused occasionally to breath heavily through his nose then continued. It seemed hours before my knees began to give way and I began sinking to the floor. He fell with me but continued to drink my life away. He must have felt my weakness because he raised his imprinted wrist to my mouth. This was a gesture not to be taken lightly. When a First Class vampire offered blood to a lesser vampire it was both rare and an honor. However I didn’t feel very honored just very hungry and weak. I took me a moment to summon the strength to open my mouth but I eventually managed to sink my sharp incisors into his wrist. His blood was indescribable. I felt amazing and terrible at the same time. I was immediately revived and I dug further into his wrist and rose to my knees. Suddenly his blood was to much and I let go and began gagging and coughing. Van let go too and looked at me with mild annoyance. He looked at his blood on my lips and my blood on my torso then smiled. My blood had stained his lips as well making him strangely even more beautiful, but all I could feel was hate.
“You were wrong. I can kill you, by condemning you to life. I can make you inert inside. Sometimes living is far worse than death.” He said with such bitterness and distain. I saw sick amusement in his face. “Aren’t you going to stop me Rebecca.” He asked curiously.
“Stop you from what?” I asked already realizing the answer.
“From taking you. Making you mine.” He challenged. I backed away and he reached out to grab me. A moment of weakness and clouded judgment caused me to take his stained wrist and force it back breaking it. I immediately regretted doing it and let out a sharp cry of pain clutching my own wrist. He used telekinesis to fling me against the wall and I felt the air in my body escape and my back felt broken. He showed slight pain on his own face but not the amount I had felt. He lifted me up by neck and I gagged and fought for air.
He pressed his lips to mine and I could taste my own blood on his tongue. His hand cup my vagina as his middle finger pushed into me. I gasped then pushed him away and dug my nails into his shoulders ignoring the pain in my own. When I was free I bolted for the door but he caused me to stumble three feet from it and began dragging me back to where he stood with the will of his mind. He had a bored and annoyed expression while he did it. I tried to use my own mind to stop him but only managed to slow him down a little. His wrist had already healed but mine was taking longer with my loss of blood. He grabbed me by my wrist and I cried out in pain and protest. I followed him so he wouldn’t have to pull so hard. He pushed me down onto the mattress and I struggled to crawl away. He gave a aggravated sigh and pulled me back my ankles.
“I didn’t get my turn with you 400 years ago.” He said turning me over. I began panicking arms flailing and legs kicking like a little girl. I couldn’t believe it was happening again. “I am not going to let the opportunity pass this time.” He tugged at my shorts until they slid over my feet. I tried kicking him but he didn’t move and it only caused me pain. He moved to take off his own pants and kept force on me to stop me from escaping. I knew I was going to cry. It was unfair, after searching for him for 300 years so I could kill him I found myself in the same position I had been in before. He was very big, about 9 inches long and an inch and a half wide. I had only tried sex once since I had been raped 400 years ago. I hadn’t liked it and wasn’t at all turned on much to my partners frustration. He straddled me and began undoing my bra which unfortunately unfastened in the front. It was stained with blood. My size 36C chest was now exposed and they reacted to the coldness of the room. I knew begging him to stop would only turn him on more, I had learned that the first time. His member was resting on my stomach and it was very hard. He leaned over and took one of my boobs into his mouth. He had two sets of sharp teeth and when he bit down I arched my back in pain. I knew my pain was brining him pleasure and I tried to contain it. His hand found its way between my thighs and he looked up at me through his black hair with a wicked smile.
“Rebecca, you are so wet.” he said using two fingers to rub my clit. I squirmed uncomfortably. I had no idea what he meant by the but when he brought his fingers up to inspect I saw they were moist with a glistening white liquid. I felt a warm tear slide down my cheek and past me ear and hated myself for my weakness and stupidity. He sat up his weight cutting the circulation from my legs. I knew what was coming next and watched in misery as he lined himself up to enter me. In one quick fluid moment he pushed into me and I cried out in agony clutching to the sheets around me. I didn’t stop myself from sobbing now and I knew I was hyperventilating. He let out a groan of satisfaction and I watched while he savored the moment of domination. It hurt and I felt I was going to split in half. It shocked me that my small body had even accepted him. He looked down at me with pure lust and desire and I felt him begin to move out of me. I wined in pain and gasped when he was all the way out. He pushed his hips and thrust back into me and I bit my lip to keep from screaming and instead let out a painful groan and twisted my arms and torso.
“Hell!” He said in frustration. “You need to relax. You are way to tight and I can’t fit in.” He said pausing. That made me angry.
“You want me to relax while you___” I paused to scream while he pulled out again. “rape me?!” I finished angrily.
He looked at me “Rebecca you have been fighting for four hundred thirty-seven years. If you just give up and give yourself to me. I can make it worth the effort.” He said in a low voice.
“Why are you doing this to me again?” I sobbed pitifully. Just yesterday I had killed an entire clan of fourth generation Vamps who were breaking the law and today I was at the mercy of one Vampire and I was a defenseless sobbing mess. Van paused to looked at me thoughtfully, then he sighed disappointedly when he noticed I wasn’t going to calm down. I saw his eyes dilate and turn solid black then he leaned over very close to my face. He was going to use his influence ability on me.
“You REALLY need to relax.” He said in a soothing voice. I instantly felt very relaxed and calm. In my mind I knew what he was doing but I no longer cared. What was the point. I took a deep breath and let it out letting the rest of the tension flow out of me. I was warm, I was content, I was being manipulated against my greater will. He searched my face then smile when he recognized the submission and surrender.
I felt his tip enter me slowly then he pushed in. I arched my back and tried to make it less painful. He slowly moved his hips out and in and I felt a warm exciting pleasure through the pain. I spread my legs wider for him and he fit in between them. He pushed in further and I let out a moan of pleasure. I turned my head to the side trying to cope with my confused sensations.
“Look at me.” He demanded taking my jaw and forcing me to look up. He began moving faster and I let everything go. “So, you’re a thief, a whore, and a liar.” He said his voice uneven from his movements.
“N-n-no,” I began looking right into his brown eyes. “I am a…oh god!” His cock was pushing against something inside of me and it caused a sharp pleasure. I calmed myself to finish. “I am a murderer, and a….unn!” I pushed my hips up to his. “…A fucking criminal too.” I said. There was a wet squishing sound of our liquids mixing together as his balls slapped against my ass.. I felt something building up inside of me and it was about to let go when Van pulled out gasping. I sighed Incredulously and looked up at him in protest. He kissed my naval and I felt his tongue glide down my stomach. Something in the back of my mind was screaming and telling me I needed to stop him. But before I could consult that part of my mind his tongue reached my vagina and I let out a lout cry of ecstasy. He bit the side of my thigh gently then licked the blood from the wound. I watched the muscles on his back move as he situated himself. My fingers clawed into his hair as his tongue flicked inside of me. I whimpered and whined as he continued and wondered if he could feel the pleasure he was giving me like I could feel his. I watched my chest rise and fall and the excitement rose again.
“Nigerrimus angulos animo sunt vestrum” And then I felt myself let go and I came with a relaxing and wild feeling that made me want to pass out. Van pulled up licking his fingers and lips in a seductive way that sent shudders through my body.
“Sit up.” He said crawling back on the bed and sat up on his knees. I obeyed and he motioned me to come closer. Taking my chin he pulled me into a violent kiss and I could taste the sweet saltiness of my juices in his mouth. He took my hand and placed it on his still erect cock. Still kissing my he guided me with his hands showing me what to do. He moaned into my mouth then pulled away and licked the bridge of my nose. He pushed me onto my back the moved up to straddle my face. I obediently loosened my jaw and he pushed his dick into my mouth. He let out more groans and I allowed him to go in deeper until I was nearly gagging.
“Fuck!” He exclaimed several times as me continued to fuck my mouth. He pushed in a little deeper and the pressure caused me to bite down and I could taste his blood again in my mouth. He didn’t stop however it only caused him to cry out and I felt his pleasure surge through me. I was horney again and began using my hand to masturbate. Suddenly his cock jerked and a warm sticky liquid poured down my throat. I swallowed and breathed through my nose. After three more loads he pulled out panting but still hard. I noticed me playing with myself and smiled.
“You look so damn sexy doing that.” he said. I did feel sexy. I switched hands and licked my wet hand in much the same way he had only moments before. His eyes darkened and glazed over with lust and he took my hand and put it into his own mouth. His warm tongue rubbed against my flesh. He saved my middle finger for last and lingered on it longer. He looked so beautiful it hurt and I nearly orgasm again from just watching him. He lowered his mouth to my ear and also lowered his voice as his lips gently brushed my ear as he said “Fuck me.” Immediately I sat up and pushed him down and straddled him. His cock stood strait up and I had to lift myself to sit on it. I let out a cry as I pushed onto it. I humped up and down as my breasts bounced and strange sounds left my chest. I let my head roll back then moved the hair out of my face. He was watching me in pure pleasure and I played with my boobs for him. He wrapped his hands around my waist and moved me in a grinding motion. I paused a moment from fatigue and Van instantly took the opportunity to roll us over swapping our places. He moved in and out of me and his arms pinned mine to my sides. His torso touched mine and his skin was warm and moist from sweat. I felt his mouth skim my neck again and he kissed the place where he had penetrated before. I moaned and turned my head so he could access my neck better. His teeth were half an inch and sharp, he bit into me again and gave into his inhuman side. His nails dug into my arms and his lower body continued to push in and out of me. His influence began to wear off and my conscious became louder. This was the man who had killed my sister and watched as four of his friends raped me. Then he drank from me too and left me for dead, only five minutes after I died I returned and became a Vampire.
My own mind began to take over my body again but the pleasure I had been feeling stayed. He unlatched from my neck then sat up and thrust into me faster with masculine moans. When he released into me and I felt his warm liquid shoot inside of me I also came my insides latching onto him as my throat gave out an unintelligible cry. He pulled out and rolled over panting and lay beside me. I couldn’t believe what I had done. I curled up into a ball and began sobbing. We lay there and I cried for about five minutes going over in my mind what had just happened.
Van eventually sat up and looked at me. “Rebecca.” He said in an authoritative voice. I turned to look at him my long brown hair sticking to my tears. “Because our lives are intertwined now, I am going to be around more often. And should you get the urge to end you life for the satisfaction of ending mine, I will be their to stop you.” I flinched when he placed his hand on my wrist and brought it to his lips. “And when the time comes, I will not die by any other hand than yours. I have wronged you in more ways than you realize even now.” He said not seeming very remorseful about any of it. He smiled and kissed my wrist his brown eyes smiling with mischievousness. Before I could answer or think of anything to say he stood up and pulled his jeans back on. I was very tired and drowsy, so when he left the room, I fell asleep.

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2012-10-08 07:00:59
I enjoyed it. I'd say it was okay. 82%!-Momma Sue

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2012-09-03 05:41:20
should have had him bite his cock off hurt like hell but would have stopped him dead and he would never have raped anyone ever again but wouldn't have made any difference to her's she's not built that way then it would have been a good story.

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2012-03-07 22:08:27
Amazing! I really enjoyed it. It was totally hot!

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2012-03-05 01:48:20
I so loved it...have you ever thought about writing adult vap books???

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2012-03-04 23:45:22
Yeah the grammar was not to bad but you could work on it a little more. I LOVED the story though! very sexy. I hope to see a part 2 maybe.

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