Heather's drunken prank leads to a full gangbang
Heather walked, or rather staggered down the road. She was, even she would admit it, drunk. There was good reason for her to be drunk. She had caught her boyfriend snogging another girl, with his hand up the girls top. The boyfriend who had said he would always love her and be faithful to her. The boyfriend who she had given her virginity too. There he was, in the club snogging some other bird. When he had told her he was just having a quiet night with his mates. She gave him a quiet night all right, with both barrels and a face full of drinks. Then she had gone walked out, heading to the nearest bar and drowning her sorrows. That had not worked and now she was heading home, very unsteadily. The four inch heels on her shoes did not help. Neither did the tight little black dress she was wearing.

As she staggered along the road she passed by a small pub. Outside it were a number of large motorbikes, the kind driven by hells angels. Heather knew the pub, it had a reputation for trouble. Mainly due to the bike gang that used it as their meeting place. Heather stopped as she reached the bikes, swaying as she looked at them. A sudden, crazy impulse possessed her. The bikes were all in a line next to each other, just close enough for their riders to get on. She reached down and pushed the nearest bike. It took some effort as the bike was heavier than she expected. Slowly she lifted it and pushed it over. It tipped sideways, striking the next bike hard. Which tipped that bike over into the next bike and so on. Heather smiled as the bikes began to fall like dominoes. Then she quickly walked away, as the noise of the falling bikes grew louder.

She had just reached the next corner and was turning onto it when the bikers appeared from the pub. Heather dashed out of sight as fast as she could. When she did not hear any shouts she thought she must have got away with it. She slowed, running in heels while drunk was a sure fire recipe for a broken ankle. She was halfway towards the next junction when she heard the roar of bikes. Three of them shot round the corner behind her. Heather looked round at them and panicked, running down the road. She barely made it twenty feet before she stumbled into the wall. As she regained her stability the bikes caught up to her. One blocked her path, the other pulled in behind her. The last one stopped right by her. The man glared at her as he reached towards her. Heather found herself being dragged onto the bike. With a roar the three started off, Heather trapped on the one bike with no way to escape.

They drove her round the block and back to the pub. There she was man handled into the pub, dragged into the back room. Inside were three very pissed off looking bikers. They all glared at her as she entered the room, dragged by her three captors. Heather considered running, but she had no illusions about her chances of escape. Instead she straightened up and waited to see what they would do. One of the bikers moved towards her, his face angry, his lips pressed together in a tight line. He stopped directly in front of her and looked at her.

“Why the fuck would you knock over our bikes?” He said after a moment. “Don’t you fucking know who we are.” Heather nodded, “so tell me, why?” Heather glanced around her at the six men in the room. She struggled to keep a level head. She needed a way out, something to avoid being beaten for what she had done. Then another wild, crazy idea came into her head. She smiled, softly, seductively at the biker.

“It got your attention didn’t it.” She said, shifting to a more relaxed pose. Letting the clingy material of the dress show off her figure. It was quiet a nice figure, or so she had been told before. Her breasts were not large, but they were a reasonable size and shape. Round and pert, pushing out the dress as she shifted her shoulders back. Her legs were just as nice, long, shapely. With defined thigh and calf muscles. The heels on her platforms adding to their appearance. The hem of the dress showing off a nice amount of leg as well. Then there was her ass, which had always driven her now ex-boyfriend wild. As soon as he could he had persuaded her to let him fuck it. That quickly turned out to be something about sex Heather really did like. Her dress clung to her ass, showing it off perfectly. The small thong she wore meant there was nothing to mar the appearance through the dress.

“Why would you want to get our attention.” The biker said to her. Heather looked straight at him. Then gave her head a small flick, to move her short blonde hair back from her face. Letting him see straight into her blue eyes.

“Because I wanted to meet some real men.” She told him with a bravado she really did not feel.

“And what would a girl like you want with real men.” Heather bristled at that, she was not a girl. She was sixteen, and had been having sex for over a year now. Ok it might have been only with the one guy. But that guy had a strong appetite for sex, and Heather had matched it happily.

“I’m not a girl, I’m a woman. And I’m fed up of being with boys.” She told him in a challenging tone. Now she could see the look in his eyes, calculating if she was serious or not. She could also feel the sudden tension growing in the room. Glancing round again she saw that the others were all looking at her differently. Heather swallowed hard, this might be going to go further than she initially intended. Not that it was a surprise to her, many of her crazy impulses resulted in unforeseen consequences. Some good, some bad, she was not sure how this one would turn out.

“So you thought you’d go up a league did you.”

“Yes, after all you guys are supposed to be real men. Aren’t bikers all tough, hard men who know what they want and get it.” She said, plunging ahead into very unsafe waters.

“Yes we are, so you had better not be playing with us.” The biker said with a serious look. Heather matched it with her straight face.

“Who’s playing, I’m serious.” Suddenly she was, very serious. The mix of alcohol and finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her combined to make her want to go to the edge. After all he had persuaded her to go on the pill, so they did not have to use condoms. All the time he was off fucking other girls. Well, she was going to fuck other guys. The six in the room now looked very good to start with. Heather had spent a year being faithful for nothing. A year where she had discovered sex, and how much she enjoyed it. Now she was free she was going to try it out a lot more if she had her way.

“Just so you know, we won’t back down.” The biker told her, Heather shrugged.

“Back down from what, I’ve not seen you do anything yet.” She challenged him.

“Yet, oh you’ll see girl.”

“Oh, and what are you going to do about it then.” She shot back at him. His eyes flashed and suddenly he reached towards her. Pulling her into him hard and tight. His lips pressed into hers hard and wild. She felt his tongue pushing at her lips. She opened them and he snaked his tongue into her mouth. His arms were wrapped tight around her, in a vice like grip. Even if she had wanted to push away she could not have. As he kissed her he began to move his hands along her back. Sliding them over her body, reaching down to firmly squeeze one buttock. The other hand sliding round to cup her breast, firmly squeezing it. Heather gasped through his kiss at the firm way he was touching her. She felt his hand run back up her spine until it reached the top of her dress. He hooked the zipper in his fingers and pulled down. Sliding it right the way down.

Breaking the kiss he reached up and pulled the dress off her. Taking a moment to look at her in her bra and thong. Not that the thin, silk bra hid much. As he looked at her Heather reached round to undo the bra. Loosening it, letting it fall to the floor. He made an animal growl deep in his throat before dragging her back into his arms. His hands now roaming over her body as he kissed her hard. His mouth processing hers, his tongue probing into her. Heather breathed hard as she reacted to him, her ex had never been this rough before. Had never made her feel like he wanted her so badly he was loosing control.

The man pawed at her body, his hands rough against her skin. His fingers digging deep into her breasts, rubbing hard over her nipples. Heather gasped softly as he did. Then she felt his hand run down to between her legs. To rub rough and hard against her pussy, through the material of her thong. Heather moaned deeply at the feel of his hand on her. Then he pushed the thong aside and slid two fingers deep into her. She gasped firmly, arching back as he probed inside her. He kissed her neck, then began to suck on her breasts. All the time ramming his fingers deep and hard into her. Heather gasped, moaned as his mouth sucked greedily at her breasts. Sliding his lips round each one, licking them all over. Then he pulled back from her. Heather looked at him in surprise until he began to undo his jeans. Pushing them down to reveal how hard he was. God, he really did want her.

“Suck on me.” He said to her, it was not a request. Heather quickly dropped to her knees in front of him. Slipping her one hand around him to hold him still. Before sliding her lips down him, sucking him into her. She heard his groan of pleasure as she did. She slowly began to move her mouth along him. Wondering why none of the others were joining in. She pulled back and glanced around. They were all watching her avidly, but showed no sign of moving towards her. The biker in front of her reached down to push her head back onto him.

“They’ll wait until I’m done.” He told her, guessing the reason for her confusion. Heather nodded then returned to sucking on him. Drawing him deep into her mouth. Sliding her lips along him. Moving slowly at first, then growing faster. She still took time to lick her tongue around him. She sensed that he meant for her to go all the way with this. Which was not a problem for her. Her ex had preferred her to swallow, and truth be told she kind of enjoyed making him cum. To do it to this man who seemed so powerfully sexual was even more enjoyable to her.

“Yes girl, suck on me hard.” He said to her as she drew him into her mouth. Sliding her lips along him. Sucking firmly as she took him in her. She felt his fingers tightening around her neck. Pushing her forwards onto him. Heather let him push her down on him. Allowed him to make her swallow all of him. She breathed hard through her nose, taking in deep breaths to fight any urge to gag. Not that it was too much of a problem. She had given enough blow jobs to be able to deep throat if needed. He released her head and she pulled back. Swallowing softly before sliding her mouth right down him again, then again. Each time taking him to the back of her mouth.

“Oh fuck girl, god that feels good.” He said in a sharp breath. Heather pulled back to look up at him.

“My name’s Heather.” She told him firmly, he nodded. She went back to sucking on him, drawing him right into her mouth.

“Yes Heather, keep that up.” He moaned to her. She sped up her movements. Sucking hard on him as she took him fully in her mouth. He began to gasp loudly, she tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. Could feel the tension in his thighs. The knowledge that she was about to make him cum added to her actions. She sucked hard on him, sliding her mouth along him quickly. No longer taking all of him, instead using her lips and tongue to bring him to the edge of cumming. About thirty seconds later she heard him grunting softly. His cock throbbed in her mouth. Then his cum pumped into her, filling her mouth quickly. She gave a small murmur at the feel of him cumming. His hot cum pumping into her mouth. She held herself still, just the head of his cock in her mouth. Letting him empty himself fully before swallowing slowly. The one thing she did not like was the way it felt going down her throat. Like warm week old jelly. But the look of pure lust on his face was worth it.

“God you’re such a hot thing aren’t you.” He told her, pulling her to her feet. Heather laughed and nodded. He moved her backwards until she reached a table. He pushed her up onto it, reaching down to pull her thong off her. “I want to lick your pussy for you.” He said, she nodded quickly. He dropped down between her legs, his tongue lapping along her pussy. She felt his fingers opening her up. Then he was licking inside her, curling his tongue deeply in her. Heather gasped softly, leaning back as he licked at her. His tongue lapping at her pussy, pushing into her. She could hear his murmurs of pleasure as he tasted her. She knew exactly how wet she was, the whole experience was turning her on totally. He licked at her for a few moments longer then stood up. He quickly maneuvered himself between her legs. Heather glanced down and saw how hard he was again. She watched as he guided himself to her pussy.

With a long deep thrust he entered her, making her gasp sharply. His hard cock piercing her deeply. He pulled out and thrust into her again. Driving into her body, Heather gasped even louder. He pushed her back onto the table and began to fuck her hard. Ramming into her with long deep thrusts. Driving his cock totally inside her body. Heather gasped deeply, moans of pleasure slipping between her lips with each thrust. Her body reacting to the feel of him in her. Each thrust sending flashes of pleasure up her body.

“Fuck you’re so tight and wet.” He said in a soft hiss as he rammed in and out. Slamming her body hard with each thrust.

“Oh yes, fuck yes.” Heather moaned softly as she reacted to his thrusts. Her body riding the feelings of pleasure he was giving her. She felt him pawing at her breasts. His fingers curling around them, rubbing over her so sensitive nipples. She gasped as her pleasure seemed to ratchet up in power. “unn, oh, oh god.” She gasped deeply, mewing as his thrusts brought her closer and closer to her release. “Shit, fuck I’m going to cum.” She murmured as she reached the edge of her orgasm.

“Do it Heather, cum around my cock.” He grunted increasing the power of his thrusts. Heather gave a soft cry as he drove harder into her.

“Fuck, oh fuck me, cumming.” She gasped in short breaths as her body exploded into orgasm. Pleasure flashed along her body. She bucked on the table, gasping hard with each burst of feeling. He grunted hard, ramming into her with rapid thrusts. Heather dimly realised he was about to cum too. Then his cum burst into her, hot jets filling her. Heather moaned softly, arching backwards as his orgasm seemed to strengthen hers. She drew in a long shuddering breath as she reached her peak. Then let it out in an explosive gasp as her orgasm died within her. He stayed inside her, pumping his cum in her until he had emptied every drop. Then he pulled back, gasping hard for breath. Heather remained on the table, breathing hard as she came down from her orgasm.

“Ok guys, she’s all yours.” She heard him say. Moments later she was grabbed, twisted over onto her front. She felt a hard cock press against her pussy. Then it was rammed in deeply. Heather gasped hard, as the man began to fuck her. Ramming in and out with rapid movements. Driving deep and hard into her. Something brushed against her face. She opened her eyes to see one of the men stood in front of her. His cock pushing against her cheek. She willingly caught it with her mouth, sucking hard on it. He curled his fingers in her hair, pushing himself into her mouth. Heather found herself caught between them. Each fucking her from a different end. A hard cock ramming rapidly in and out of her pussy. While an equally hard cock pushed into her mouth. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth. Her gasps from being rammed into muffled around it. She felt like such a slut as the two men took her, and she loved it.

Each thrust drove a cock into her. Her pussy pierced deeply, fully by the man behind her. Her mouth filled equally fully by the man in front of her. Each pushing their cocks into her. She could feel her body rocking between them. The cock in her mouth pressing right to the back of her throat. The thrusts behind her never stopping, if anything growing harder and faster. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth as the man urged her to do so.

“Suck me, take my cock right down your throat.” He said to her as he pushed into her mouth. Heather did as he asked, sucking harder and faster. Then she felt the man behind her cumming, heard his groans of pleasure as he emptied himself into her. Heather murmured in pleasure around the cock in her mouth. Before focusing totally on it. Sucking at it as he pushed in and out of her mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.” He gasped a short while later. Heather sucked hard on him to draw out his cum. Then it was pumping into her mouth. Hot jets that flashed to the back of her throat. She half choked on them and swallowed rapidly as more cum pumped into her. The man gasping as he came, holding her head still until he had totally emptied every drop in her mouth. For a few seconds after he pulled out she lay gasping for breath. Then she was pulled to her feet. The man holding her led her towards one of the nearby benches. He sat on it, pulling her into his lap. Heather climbed onto him, guiding herself down on his hard cock. He moaned softly as she began to rid him. Dropping down onto him, then sliding up to hold him just inside her. Each time moving down until he was totally buried in her pussy.

After a minute the man waved behind her. Heather looked round in time to see another man moving towards her. Her eyes widened as he positioning himself behind her.

“God what are you going to…” Heather began, then gasped as she felt him pressing his cock against her ass. “Oh god, fuck you can’t be serious.” She said in shock as she realised what he meant to do.

“Oh yes I can.” He told her, before thrusting up into her ass.

“Oh my god, fuck.” Heather grunted as his cock pushed into her hard. The man under her matching by thrusting into her pussy. “Oh god, unn, fuck me.” Heather gasped as the pair began to do just that. Each thrusting their hard cocks into her. One buried into her pussy, the other into her ass. She closed her eyes, grunting and gasping with each thrust. There was no respite from the constant sensations. As one pulled out the other was thrusting in. Each thrust was hard, deep, fast. Heather caught between them, riding their cocks with her ass and pussy.

“Shit, oh shit, baby.” The one behind her moaned. “God your ass is so tight.” He added as he rammed into her hard.

“Unn, fuck, oh, oh god, ohmyfuck.” Heather grunted, then gave a soft squeal as she felt herself rush towards another orgasm. “Shit, oh, oh god, cumming, fuck.” She gasped as the repeated thrusts into her triggered her orgasm. The men groaned as she came around them. Continuing to thrust into her, first her pussy, then her ass, then back to her pussy. Heather could not get her breath as her orgasm burst in her and she was pounded hard. She gasped for breath, mewing with each thrust. Waves of pleasure flashing through her. Only the two men holding her up kept her from falling. She had her face buried into the shoulder of the man fucking her pussy. Gasping as the pair continued to pound into her. Driving deeper and faster, ramming into her. Pussy, ass, pussy, ass, sensations that threatened to overwhelm her.

“Unn, fuck girl, gonna cum.” One of them hissed, she had no idea which. Until she felt cum pump into her ass, hot jets pumping out inside her. She moaned loudly, then cried out as the man under her rammed up hard and came. Cum again spurting into her pussy, filling it even more. Heather gasped deeply as the two men held themselves in her, cumming inside her. Slowly the man behind her pulled back, Heather gasping as his cock slipped out of her ass. Then the man under her lifted her up. Helping her to move off him onto the bench. She sat taking in deep breaths, her body shaking from the orgasm and the sex. Then one of them sat next to her. He reached up to her head, pulling it down towards his lap.

“Suck me off.” He said to her, Heather opened her mouth to take his cock into it. The man groaned softly as she began to slide her lips along him. Sucking on him, drawing him into her. Curling her tongue around him as she sucked on him. Then she felt someone pulling her up, lifting her hips until her legs were fully straightened. With her bent over forwards to suck on the cock in her mouth. She felt a cock probing at her pussy. Then it was slammed into her hard and deep. The man behind her began to ram in to her with fast hard thrusts. His fingers were hooked under her hips, pulling her back into his thrusts. Heather gasped around the cock in her mouth. Her body rocking in time with the thrusts.

“Oh god, fuck.” She gasped, releasing the cock for a moment. Before sliding her mouth back over it, sucking on it hard. The thrusts continuing into her pussy, relentless, hard, fast. Her cries were muffled by the hard cock in her mouth as she mewed with each thrust. Now Heather was starting to think she had bitten off more than she could handle. She had never been fucked so much, or so hard before. Ok her ex had been able to do it more than one time, but never like this. She was being pushed right to the limit of her endurance. She was not sure how much more she could handle. Only she could feel the other men standing close by. Hear them urging their friends on as they fucked her. She could sense that they were not yet finished with her.

Her thoughts ended as she felt the cock in her mouth throbbing. A second later hot cum filled her mouth. Shooting in thick jets to the back of her throat. She gave a soft cry at the sudden and unexpected explosion. Quickly her mouth was filled with his cum. She swallowed hard, but still felt some cum slid down her chin. As the man finished emptying his cum into her mouth she pulled her head up. Wiping the cum off her chin, licking her fingers clean. The man fucking her from behind kept up his repeated thrusts. Slamming into her as hard as he could. Heather gasped and cried out softly at the power of his thrusts. Resting her hands on the bench in front of her to stop from tipping forwards at the thrusts. The man reached under her to grab her breasts. Digging his fingers into their flesh, kneading them hard. Pulling her back against him hard. Heather’s gasps grew shriller and harder as the repeated thrusts rammed into her. She reached back, trying to slow him down. He knocked her hand away and kept on pounding into her.

“Please, oh god, please.” Heather gasped as his pounding continued.

“I ain’t stopping until I cum.” The man said in a sharp voice. He reached up to grab her shoulder, pulling her back into his thrusts. She could feel him hitting her hard, the slap, slap of his thighs against hers sounding in the room. The other men urging him to do her hard. Heather gasped, crying out in soft shrill squeals as the pounding continued. She could hear the man gasping behind her, his breathing coming in almost desperate gulps.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” He grunted sharply, ramming in hard. Then he was cumming in her pussy. Heather gave a deep moan as she felt his cock push deep into her. His cum pumping into her. She had no idea how much she could take in her. She was sure that they had filled her totally with their cum. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see the other men standing round, waiting to do her again. The man inside her pulled back hard. Heather nearly collapsed at the sudden release. Before she could fully recover her balance she was grabbed. She was pulled round to sit in one man’s lap. She felt him positioning his cock against her. Only it was not in her pussy. She glanced round as she felt him trying to push into her ass.

“Ride me with that hot ass Heather.” The man said to her, probing at her with his cock. Heather took a deep breath before allowing him to pull her down on him. His cock pushing up into her ass deeply. She grunted softly as she began to slid up and down on him. Taking him into her ass as deep as she could. She closed her eyes, groaning softly each time she sank down on him. Only to open them again as she felt someone move in front of her. The man lifted her legs up, positioning himself between them.

“Oh god, not again.” She gasped in shock, recognising him as being the man from the first time she had been taken by two cocks. He had been the man she had been riding.

“Yes again.” He told her firmly as he pushed into her. Heather groaned, arching her head back as his cock pushed into her pussy. The man below her thrusting up into her ass at the same time. Heather gasped, squealing softly as they began to fuck her. Then she heard someone climbing onto the bench beside her. Her head was twisted round until her face was pushed into the man’s groin. His hard cock pushing between her lips. Sliding deep into her throat. The three of them began to fuck her. The cocks in her ass and pussy pounding into her in unison. While the man doing her mouth pushed his cock to the back of her throat. Heather gasped around him, sucking on him instinctively. Her body now on almost automatic, reacting to each thrust. Groaning and grunting with each hard thrust into her pussy and ass. Sucking hard on the cock in her mouth. Almost gagging on it as the man pushed it deep into her throat.

The assault continued, cocks pushed into her from every angle. Heather had never known sex could be like this. So animal and uncontrolled, but she was finding that she was really enjoying it. Even as her body was pushed beyond it’s limits she still revelled in the situation. She felt so debauched, so wild and sluttish for doing this. The feeling was totally new, and totally amazing. Here were these three men, obviously all sexual beings, and they were enjoying her. Using her for their pleasure, and getting that pleasure out of her. She could tell from their moans and gasps as they thrust into her. Her body taking each cock into it deeply. Into her ass hard, then into her pussy just as hard, then pushed down her mouth. She squealed in passion around the cock in her mouth. Sucking hard on it, waiting for their release into her.

The thrusts continued, ramming in hard. Her ass and pussy pounded hard. Her mouth used relentlessly. Her body now stretched so far beyond any experience that she had ever had. So far past her endurance that she felt light headed with the exertions. Then suddenly they all came almost with in seconds of each other. First her mouth was filled with cum, pumping down her throat. She gagged and pulled back, only to get a jet right in the face. Hot cum splashing on her cheek and neck. Then cum pumped into her pussy, hot jets exploding into her. Almost instantly she felt her ass being filled by cum as well. The man pushing into hard and deep. She groaned, then gave a soft giggle as she felt cum dripping down her neck. She rubbed at her face to clean it off, again licking her fingers clean. The men all pulled out of her, sliding away to leave her alone. For a few seconds she thought they were all finished with her. Then she saw that the first man, the leader she guessed, was moving towards her.

As he approached she realised that apart from that first time he had not taken her since. Now he was moving towards her purposely. She could see his hard cock sway as he approached her. She pushed herself to her feet in front of him. His eyes were flashing with lust as he took hold of her hands. He guided her away from the bench towards the wall. Turning her round he made her face the wall. Then he parted her legs slightly. Heather thought he had not done it enough to get in her. Then she felt him opening her buttocks and realised what he intended. She drew in a deep breath anticipating his cock in her ass. She felt him pushing against her. Even then she was not ready for the power of his thrusts.

He rammed up into her ass hard, pounding into her with deep thrusts. Heather gasped, mewed then squealed deeply at the power of his thrusts. Each one driving his cock totally into her. Pushing him up inside her, filling her ass totally. Stretching her wide with each thrust, pounding up into her hard. One of his hands reached up to paw at her breast. Kneading the flesh and rubbing at the hard nipple. The other reached down between her legs. Rubbing at her clit as he pounded her ass hard. Heather cried out at the wild assault on her senses. She pressed her head into the wall, groaning hard as the thrusts continued into her. His fingers on her breast and clit sending heat flashing through her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh, oh, god going, going.” Heather gasped each word out as he brought her to the edge of another orgasm. Three in one night was a record for her. Then all words ended in a wild cry of passion as she exploded into her orgasm. Her body bucking against him as she came. She gasped hard, squealing with each explosive burst of pleasure inside her. He pinned her against the wall and began to ram in even harder. She cried out, clawing at the wall. Wild passion taking her totally, then she came again. The second orgasm stole her breath away. She gasped hard, desperate rapid breaths as she tried to draw air into her lungs. Only for his hard thrusts to drive the air out of her again..

His hands dug into her shoulders, holding her pinned between his hard body and the hard wall. His cock ramming into her ass. Thrusting up so hard she rocked onto her toes each time. She had no breath to cry out, could only gasp repeatedly. Gulping for air between each rapid thrust. Her head arched back onto his shoulder as he rammed in and out. She could feel the sweat pooling between her breasts, dripping down her thighs. Along with the cum that now was running down the inside of her thighs. Her ass felt like it was being pounded by a piston, a constant rapid pounding. Each time ramming into her hard. Slamming her hips into the wall. His thighs slapping hard, repeatedly against her buttocks. His breath hot against her neck. Her whole being span around the feel of him inside her. The only sensation she could feel was him in her. Ramming up hard, fast, deep.

“Oh fuck!” He groaned sharply, ramming up into her with all his strength. The thrust pushing her almost onto tiptoes. Then his cum splashed into her ass. Heather mewed shrilly at the feel of him buried so hard and deep into her. She hung on him as he came inside her. Her ass pierced deeply, fully by him. The wall was cold against her skin, contrasting to the heat from his body on her back. He held himself buried inside her until he had pumped every last drop into her. Only then did he pull back, releasing her slowly. As he moved away Heather turned round on legs that felt like jelly. The six men stood watching her, each of them breathing hard.

She stood in front of them feeling like some sort of wild animal sex goddess. She had no idea how long they had been taking her. Did not really care, the experience had been so overwhelming. She could feel the sweat on her body, it ran down her back and stomach. Her ass and pussy were sore from the repeated pounding. Cum escaping from both her pussy and ass. She could feel it dribbling down the inside of her thighs. Her hair was matted with sweat. Her mouth still had the taste of their cocks and cum in it. Her jaw ached slightly from the repeated blow jobs she had given.

“I think we’ll forget the bikes for now Heather.” The leader said to her. “Next time you want to be taken like that again try not to knock them over.”

“I won’t forget that.” Heather said in a breathless gasp. The leader nodded, then seemed to have a thought. He grabbed a place mat and snatched a pen up from a table. Quickly he scribbled a number and gave it too her.

“Take this, call us. We can take you to a party you’ll never forget.”

“I doubt I’ll ever forget tonight, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk in the morning.” Heather said with a soft laugh.

“You come to this party and you won’t walk away trust me. But only if you think you’re up for full on, repeated sex.” The leader said as he put the mat in her hand. Heather looked down at the number and knew she would call it, soon.

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