people complained about my last story saying about the spelling, well i wrote another one and theres no spelling and im sorry about the punction..if you dont like them dont read but i hope you enjoy it.
I'm your normal average teenage girl, 16, brown haired blue eyes, tall, slim, huge boobs that are way to big
for my frame. My sister, Dee, was the same as me except a bit taller, she was 17. We live together after
mum left us with dad and then dad couldn't handle us and left us with his sister, but when Dee was old
enough she brought an apartment for us to live in, so its just us two.

It was a really hot day out so me and Dee just walked round in bikines, I've never noticed this before but
she was gorgeous with huge breasts. Lately I've often thought about what it would be like to grab them and
suck on them, just thinking this was making me wet.
"Bree, dinners ready!" Dee shouted from the living room, i would go but im so wet and you can tell just by
looking at my bikini bottoms, i put some shorts on and walked into the living room.
"Mmmm, smells yummy, what we having?" i asked Dee
"Your fave." she smiled. We sat down and started eating. The more i was looking at Dee in that small blue
bikini, i was getting wetter, hell! if i got any wetter you would be able to tell through my shorts!
"Whats up you look worried or something?" she said taking a mouth full of food, if one person could take a
mouth full of food in a sexy way it was Dee.
"Oh, erm, nothing." i smiled trying to hide my worried look, like ive been caught looking.

After dinner was done and everything was tidied away, i went in to my room and left Dee in the living room,
i switched my telly and lay down on my bed and couldn't stop thinking about her and how i would love to
kiss her soft lips, and feel those soft firm breasts in my hands and how they would taste as i sucked them
and i would hear her moan in pleasure. "I'm such a terrible sister!" i said out loud. I was so horny that i
couldn't leave it, i slipped of my shorts and started to feel my breasts, my hands slowly went down and
started to play with my pussy, whimpers escaped my lips, my fingers found there way into my pussy. in
doing this i couldn't stop thinking about Dee and what i would love to do to her, moans escaped me and i
only just realised my door was open, but i couldn't stop, my fingers moved on there own and my hips
moved with them.
"Bree, want to come and watch a movie?!" she shouted from the living room, my heart raced because i
knew if i didn't answer she would come to my room.
"coming!" i shouted back out of breath, my orgasm was close, my fingers moved faster and then i felt my
pussy tighten around my fingers, my body shivered with excitement, i collapsed on my bed and just
imagined i was now cuddling with Dee.
"Bree, get your arse down here and pick a film!" she laughed, i put on my bottoms and shorts again and
walked down to the living room.
"what took you so long? you look tired!" she said with a worried look.
"I'm fine."i smiled, we picked a film and watched and as i usually did i cuddled in to her side as she played
with my hair.
"sis, if you like someone, sexually, like you want to just kiss them stuff. what would you do?" i asked, as it
has always been me and Dee i could talk about anything to her.
"well, if it was me who wanted to kiss someone, i would have to find out how they felt about it, and try and
pick up hints to see if they like you the same away. If that fails, just kiss them, they can only push you
away or kiss you back. Why who is..." i cut her off with a kiss...
I pulled away and started crying, "im so sorry Dee, I. I. I didn't mean it. It just. Sorry!" i said as i stood up
and ran to my room and jumped on to my bed.

It was the next morning and i opened my eyes to see Dee sitting on the edge of my bed.
"morning, sunshine."
"morning Dee. Listen, what i did last night was wrong and i didn't mean it but Ive wanted to do that for ages
Ive been wanting to kiss you for..."
"Bree shut up and kiss me!" she said as she lent forward i got up and went in front of her, i took her face in
my hands and kissed her soft lips, the kiss was just what i imagined it to be, even better.
"I've been waiting for you too kiss me like this but i always thought you would want to." Dee said kissing
me between words.
"Dee, i love you as a sister but i love you as a crush. Ive fantasised about you, kissing you, also other
things if you get what i mean." i said shyly, hoping she would feel the same.
"I've also thought same as what you have been thinking, I've masturbated to fantasies about you." she
said admittedly, i told her that i did as well and we went in for another kiss, this kiss felt different like a
loving couple kiss...

it seemed like ages before the kiss ended, we both laid down and cuddled and kissed, her hand went
across my stomach and rubbed it.
"mmmmm, that feels nice sis." i said while staring into her eyes, i kissed her again, my hand reached, her breasts i squeezed and moans escaped her lips, i sat up and took of her top, then mine, i kissed her then slowly started moving down, her neck, shoulders, along her coller bone then her breasts... i licked round her nipple as she started moving, under my tongue, i sucked on her nipple and moans escaped her lips.

i started to move down, kissing down her stomach, i got to the edge of her pants and pulled them down, she arched back so i could take them of easier, i traced my finger around her pussy which was so pink and inviting, i licked it and she shivered, moans esaceing her lips.
"Sis, spin round so your pussy above my face." i smiled and stood up, i took my pants of and did as she said, i licked her pussy as she did mine, the feeling was amazing, shivers going through me, moans escaeping are lips, i sucked on her clit and she screamed as i did, at least i know what sets her off, i started to slide my fingers in and out of her tight pussy and she did the same to me, this was better than my own fingers.
"ah, sis, im gonna cum!" Dee screamed.
"so am i!" i scremed back, her pussy tightend around my fingers and mine around hers, are orgasms let loose, i licked up all her jucies before turning round and cuddling in to my sisters chest.
"so, when you know about how the person you want to kiss feels about you, and youve done things. Where does it lead to next?"
"well, we will have to wait and see." she smiled as she kissed my head....

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