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Amy the Exhibitionist

Part 17 – My second term at University - second part

Sarah’s Medical Examination
Unfortunately, it took 3 weeks for ‘Doctor’ Pete Lawrence to be available; but it finally happened. Sarah was waiting outside the door when I got there.

Okay, Sarah knew that it was all a set-up, but she had said that she was more than happy to go through with it. The other thing was that ‘Doctor’ Pete Lawrence didn’t know that Sarah knew.

We went into the waiting room and saw 4 young men waiting for their check-ups. I didn’t recognise any of them from when Ella had her medical. I asked Sarah if she was okay and she nodded.

When the doctor came out of the examination room with another young man, everything went the same as it had done with Ella. The only difference was the breast examination. It’s hard to examine something that isn’t there. The doctor asked Sarah what her home GP had said about her ‘late development’; then confirmed that flat-chested women aren’t as uncommon as people think. Most hide their flat chests with padded bras.

The doctor asked Sarah if her flat chest caused her any problems or embarrassment and told her that he could organise some help for her if she wanted.

As you will have realised, Sarah’s flat chest is not a problem for her, in fact she uses it to her advantage at times.

Anyway, the examination went on, even to the doctor having left his bag in the waiting room. Needless to say, I left the door open when I went for the bag; and ‘forgot’ to close it when I went back in. I don’t think that the 5 young men even noticed me going back in; they had their eyes glued to the naked Sarah

On the examination couch, Sarah looked at me, then the young men, then back to me and smiled as the doctor continued checking all her limbs. When it came to the breast examination, the doctor spent plenty of time rubbing and squeezing Sarah’s nipples.

What Sarah lacks in breast size, she makes up for in nipple sensitivity. The doctor looked quite surprised when Sarah shook and twitched and moaned as her nipps were squeezed.

I could see the pleasure, almost lust, in Sara’s eyes when the doctor told her to lift her feet to the stirrups. She seemed to be having a staring contest with the young men outside.

When the doctor started examining Sarah’s pussy Sarah was definitely getting hot. She let out a little moan when the doctor examined her clit and stretched it every way that he could. The internal examinations went just like any other gyno check-up.

Then came the unusual part; up to that point the physical examination had been almost routine for a gyno check-up. The doctor explained the NEWPS requirement to stimulate her clitoris to establish if her response was normal for a woman her age.
I think that Sarah had already shown that it was, but the doctor wasn’t to be interrupted, he rubbed and squeezed and massaged Sarah’s clit until she lost it.

With a loud “Yes”, Sarah went over the edge and started shaking.

The doctor kept going as Sarah calmed down to a point where the doctor obviously thought that she could understand what he was about to tell her.

I looked into the waiting room to see 5 pairs of eyes glued to Sarah’s pussy.

The doctor told Sarah that it was a NEWPS requirement to know if all their Pledges were capable of multiple orgasms. He kept frigging her and it wasn’t long before she orgasmed again, and again, and again, and again. Poor Sarah was sweating and jerking and swearing and gripping the sides of the examination couch.

It was a good job that she was gripping the sides of the examination couch because I’m sure that she would have fallen off if she wasn’t. And how her feet stayed in the stirrups I will never know.

The 5 young men looked gobsmacked.

The doctor let Sarah regain her composure while he typed up his notes; then came back over and did the rectal examination.

When that was over he told Sarah that she could get off the couch and sit in the chair next to me.

After more typing, he gave Sarah a small jar for a urine sample and explained what they were checking for.

As with Ella, he sent Sarah to the toilet in the corridor and wouldn’t let her put any clothes on; using the same excuse that there would be no one there at that hour.

As Sarah went through the waiting room I heard her say, “Enjoy the show did you?”

I smiled.

Sarah later told me that she had to pass 2 male cleaners to get to the toilet. Both had stared at her, but neither had said anything.

When Sarah got back, the doctor thanked her and told her that the examination was complete; and that she could get dressed. She stood up and faced the 5 young men as she slowly put her top and skirt on.

I don’t know if Ben had put this Doctor Peter Lawrence up to it, or he’d done it off his own back; but he did the same thing with me that he’d done when Ella was there. He told me that the ‘multiple orgasms’ addition to the NEWPS requirement was added after I’d had my examination and suggested that I should have it there and then.

There was no way that I was going to turn down an offer like that and I agreed to do it there and then.

I was told to undress and get on the couch. I moved to where I could see the 5 young men (and they could see me) and took my top off. I put it on the chair then cupped my breasts, tweaked my nipples and licked my lips. A couple of the young men looked as if there were about to stain their trousers.

The doctor was still typing away as I got on the couch and put my feet in the stirrups. As I did so, I opened my pussy lips and flicked my clit.

The doctor left me like that for about a minute; then stopped typing and came over to me. He asked me if I was alright and was it okay for him to start.

I couldn’t say what I was thinking; which was, ‘if you don’t start soon I’m going to get of this fucking couch and rape you.’ Instead I just said, “Yes.”

It didn’t take long for my first orgasm to hit me. The doctor kept going until I’d had 4 orgasms.

I don’t know if the 5 young men had paid anything to watch our performance, but I bet that thousands of men would have paid a small fortune to have been in their shoes.

As Sarah and I walked back to her room, she asked me if the doctor was a real doctor. I didn’t lie when I told her that he is a doctor. I didn’t say what of.

Back at Sarah’s room we stripped and went for a shower. We had a lot of sweat to wash off.

I left Sarah sleeping, naked, on top on her bed and went any told Katie and Ben all about it.

Ben suggested that since we all knew Sarah well, and that she’d fitted in well at the ‘events’ that she’d been on; we should tell her that she’s passed her hazing and was now a fully-fledged NEWPS member. Katie and I were both happy with that so next morning I phoned Sarah and gave her the good news.

Katie, Ben, Ella, Sarah and I met up in a bar to talk about new recruits to NEWPS. I told Ben that we’d decided to recruit from St. Damian’s and showed him the new advert.

NEWP Sorority

A Sorority similar to those that have proved very successful in the USA has been formed in St. Damian’s University. It is being run along the same lines as the American ones and now has vacancies for a small number of young ladies.

Applications will be processed in the same way as the American Sororities i.e. Applications will be received and young ladies will be invited to attend a number of hazing sessions and a medical examination.

American Sororities have an element of secrecy about them, and NEWPS is fostering this same secrecy. Applicants must not talk about their application to anyone unless they are 100% sure that the person is a NEWP Sorority Sister or Pledge. Any applicant found to have been breaking this rule will be dropped from the programme immediately.

As in America, the hazings will be of a humiliating nature and are designed to ensure that successful candidates are capable of living up to the high standards of the existing Sorority Sisters.

Guaranteed: -
Improved Self esteem
New Friends – for life
Community Work

Application can be accepted only by email.

Please send an email to newpsorority at yahoo co uk requesting an application form.

The poster included the same pictures of groups of young women partying and generally having fun.

Everyone was happy with the advert and I promised to print copies and start pinning them on notice boards the next day.

We talked about hazings and we all liked the idea of them frigging themselves whilst blindfolded and with an audience of men so we decided that we would put on a session for them to do it all together. Ben suggested that it would be better if none of them knew that the others were there. They’d think that everyone’s eyes were glued to their pussies and tits. We all agreed that it was the best way, but none of us believed that we’d be able to keep them thinking that for the whole session; something was bound to give it away. We decided that we’d keep them thinking that they were the only one there for as long as possible.

Ella said that she’d really enjoyed her medical examination and Ben agreed to talk to Doctor Peter Lawrence to see if he could find the time to examine more girls. I said that it wasn’t fair on Katie and Ella if I went with all the new pledges and it was agreed that we would split them between us.

Katie liked the idea of the nude wrestling but we couldn’t think of a fair way to judge winners. Then Ella said, “How about the loser of each match is the one that cums first.” We thought about it and agreed that it could work. We’d need a strict set of rules so that no one actually got hurt, and a referee to keep things in order. Ben fancied that job.

We would also need a place to hold it and an audience to embarrass and humiliate the girls. I remembered about the gym being for hire and agreed to book it once we had a date. Ben said that he would spread the word to make sure that we had enough people there. We agreed to charge £10 per person to cover the cost of hiring the gym.

Just as we thought that we’d got it all organised, Ella asked if us 4 girls were going to wrestle as well?

It was looking as if we’d need to hire the gym for a whole day.

Within 5 days we’d received 25 applications. As soon as they arrived in the Inbox I replied requesting that they complete the questionnaire and return immediately. We got 24 back within 24 hours of them being sent. The breakdown of the answers was: -


Do you prefer to work in a team, or on your own? Team 22 Own 2

Do you consider yourself to be outgoing? Yes 24

Do you like helping other people? Yes 24

Do you smoke? Yes 7 No 17

Select your preference in each of the following groups: -

Dress 6
Skirt and Top 14
Trousers / Jeans 4

Full length Skirts 3
Mini Skirts 16
Micro Skirts 5

Tights 5
Hold-ups 2
Stockings and Suspender Belt 2
Bare Legs 15

Pyjamas 2
Nightie 3
Baby Doll 1
Bra and Knickers 1
Knickers only 7
Nude 10

Bra 13
No Bra 11

Full knickers 1
Bikini Knickers 3
Thongs 13
Commando 7
One piece Swimsuit 3
Bikini 7
Bikini Bottoms only 9
Nude Swimming 6

Pubic Hair
Full Pubic Hair 2
Trimmed Unshaped 2
Trimmed Shaped 6
Landing Strip 7
Fully Shaved 7

Sexual Orientation
Straight 15
Lesbian 2
Bi 7
Nun 0

Sexual Activity
Virgin 0
Frequently Activity 21
Occasionally Activity 3

Masturbation Frequency
Daily 16
Weekly 8
Less than Weekly 0


What is the highest number of orgasms that you have had in one session?
4-5 3-8 2-6 1-5
Was this on your own or with someone else? Own 8 Someone else 16

Have you ever gone out in a short skirt with no underwear? y 18 n 6

Have you ever been Naked in Public? Y 8 n 16
If so, enter the details here.

Have you ever been gangbanged? Y 2 n 22

Would you like to be gangbanged? Y 8 n 6 maybe 10


No application will be accepted unless it includes an attached photograph of the applicant wearing no more than her preference of swimwear.

All applicants will have to submit to medical examination by a NEWPS appointed doctor. This is to ensure that the applicant is physically fit enough to perform the Sorority programme of events, and to ensure that they do not use drugs.

As NEWPS is a relatively new organisation it can only cope with a small number of applications each term. All applications will be dealt with on the basis of first come, first served.

Applications (with photo(s)) to be emailed to newpsorority at yahoo co uk

Automatically rejected were: -

6 Because they were obviously overweight
7 Because they smoked
3 One piece swimsuit
4 Trousers / Jeans preference

We had another meeting and discussed each one that wasn’t automatically rejected. There was something funny about 2 of the applications, their photographs looked funny; so they got rejected as well. That left us with 4.

They were: -

Brooklyn 32B – 28 – 30 Blonde
Kailene 34B – 30 – 33 Brunette – stated that she is a born exhibitionist
Leah 32A – 26 – 30 Blonde
Zoe 36C – 32 – 33 Brunette – stated that she is a lesbian

We waited for Ben to organise the room and people.

My New Job
I decided to try and use my previous experience of working in a clothes shop; and went round most of the clothes shops in town.
I was getting a bit despondent and wasn’t expecting to get anything when I went into the last possible shop in the shopping centre.

The manager is a woman in her thirties (Isabelle) and she didn’t sound very helpful at first. When I explained that I was only looking for part-time work, and that I’d worked in a clothes shop in my home town, she seemed a bit more interested. She even asked me for the name of the shop that I’d worked in so that she could get a reference.

I came out feeling a little less despondent than when I went in; but still not expecting to hear from them.

Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from Isabelle that evening. She told me that she’d spoken to Ann at the shop in my home town and got a favourable reference. Ann had also told Isabelle about my day as a mannequin.

Isabelle asked me if I could start the next Friday.

Friday arrived and I went to work. There were 2 other girls there as well as Isabelle.

The day went well and I soon got used to the way things worked there.

During my lunch break Isabelle came and asked me how things were going. She also told me that she runs a sort of fashion road show where she takes the shops products to all sorts of places like village halls, big parties, works canteens and any other place where she thinks that she may be able to get some sales.

Isabella told me that she has a big van that she transports the clothes and a couple of mannequins around in. She said that one of the other girls (Hayley) sometimes plays the role of a mannequin; and she would like me to consider doing the same so that she will have more space for clothes.

I told Isabelle that I would be happy to help her.

Later that afternoon I spoke to Hayley and asked her about the fashion road shows.
Hayley told me that they were okay; they sometimes went to places where people would want see what an item of clothing looked like on someone, and Isabelle would tell the customer that I would put it on for them to see. As there usually wasn’t anywhere to get changed I would have to get changed in between the racks of clothes.

Hayley also told me that if things weren’t too busy Isabelle would have her standing like a dummy wearing one of the shops outfits. Sometimes Isabelle would keep her standing there while she changed the clothes on her.

I asked Hayley if Isabelle had ever left her standing there naked. Haley said not, but she had been left in just a bra and thong a couple of time. I told Hayley that if Isabelle did that to me the public would see more than a bra and knickers.

Hayley said, “I can see that you’re not wearing a bra, but haven’t you got any knickers on?”

“I never wear bras or knickers.” I told her.

Next I asked Hayley if Isabelle ever asked her, or any of the other girls, to model outfits for customers in the store.

Hayley told me that she had been asked a couple of times and that she had done it. The man had waited out in the main store and Hayley had gone out to him each time that she’d changed.

I asked Hayley if she’d ever seen any men in the changing area.

At this point, let me describe the changing area. It’s a room about 12 feet square. The entrance is an arch-way (no door or curtain) in one corner. As you go through the arch the room is ahead, and to your left. On the left wall there are 2 cubicles about 6 feet by 4 feet. They have curtains for doors. All the walls have big mirrors so that you can see yourself from all angles. It’s just perfect for any voyeurs standing at the arch-way; if the curtains aren’t closed properly.

Hayley told me that sometimes men did go in there and waited for their partners whilst they changed. She said that she’d never seen anyone doing anything that they shouldn’t do in there.

I laughed to myself, and thought, “Not yet!” I then told Hayley that I’d modelled store outfits for men a few times at my last place, and went on to tell her about the man that I’d let into the changing area and changed dresses a few times with the curtains open.

Hayley said, “But you don’t wear underwear. He’d have seen everything.”

I smiled and nodded.

Poor Hayley sounded so naive and innocent.

The day ended with Isabelle having a talk with me to make sure that everything was okay.

Blackmail - Professor Thomas Gibbons
Both Sarah and I are still flashing Prof Gibbons. The only thing that he’s said to us the last time that we were there was the word, “Soon.” We hadn’t a clue what he was on about until I got a phone call from Prof Jones that evening.

Blackmail - Professor Lesley Jones
I was a bit gobsmacked when Prof Jones phoned me and told me what our ‘little project’ was. She told me that my friends and I were going to become St. Damian’s unofficial Cheerleading Squad; and that she and Prof Gibbons were going to provide us with everything that we needed; and our performance details.

She told me to go to reception in the admin block where there would be a box waiting for me. She also told me that she knew that there were 4 of us in our ‘little group’ and that she expected us to recruit a few more so that the cheerleading squad was more like a real one.

The note inside the box: -

There are enough uniforms here for 10 girls. As you will see, they are fully adjustable so they will fit all of you. When performing you will wear only what is in this box, nothing else.

The annexe in the gym is booked every Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00 for you to develop and practice a 15 minute routine. It had better be erotic.

I didn’t take a good look into the box whilst I was at the admin block; instead I took it back to my room; then called the other 3 girls. When they had all arrived I tipped the contents out of the box.

There were indeed enough clothes for 10 girls.

Skirts - Wrap variety, made of a lightweight silky material with Velcro fasteners. They are only 10 inches long and are purple and yellow trim.

Tops – Made of the same material and the same colour scheme. They are like a sleeveless blouse that ties at the front just below the breasts. They go down to about half way between our breasts and belly button.

Pom Poms – Yes, Pom Poms. In the same colour scheme.

We had a good chat and tried the outfits on. In a way, they looked good. In the end we decided to go give it a go – not that we had much choice in the matter. Katie and Sarah volunteered to watch lots of YouTube videos and come up with a sexy routine.

We missed the Tuesday booking at the gym because Katie and Sarah hadn’t managed to put any of their ideas together. On the next Thursday we went and started practicing. We’d taken the uniforms and put them on at the start, but we soon realised that with us falling down so many times it would be better to leave them off until we were more competent at what we were trying to do. So we practiced in the nude.

Katie and Sarah have come up with the start of a routine that is a combination of dancing and gymnastics. No one is stationary for more than 3 seconds (except for when stood upright with both feet on the floor). The reason for this is to increase the ‘tease’ factor.

We thought about what Prof Jones had said about recruiting more girls into the Cheerleading Squad. The only girls that we could think may be able to help us were the girls that we had selected to be hazed for NEWPS. That meant that we had to get on with the hazings as quick as we could.

Psychology Thesis
Ben saw another notice pinned up the other day. It was from a Psychology student who is writing a Thesis on Exhibitionism. He is looking for subject material; and Ben though of me.

Not wanting to miss out on getting some money for doing what I enjoy, I phoned him straight away. After him (Logan) asking me for details of a couple of instanced where I had exhibited myself; Logan asked me to meet him so that we could discuss things further. He’d booked one of the Psychology department’s meeting rooms, saying that he wanted all our meetings to be on a professional basis.

The following afternoon I went to the meeting room. I was a bit early and he wasn’t there. While I sat and waited I thought about what he might expect of me. One of the things that crossed my mind was; 'would he expect me to be exhibiting myself to him; or put another way, would he expect me to be naked at that meeting?

This played on my mind a bit and I decided to take the plunge and stripped off. I sat there wearing only my shoes for another 5 minutes or so before he arrived.

I guess that he wasn’t expecting me to be naked because he looked a bit shocked when I stood up to shake his hand.

Logan explained that he wanted to observe me in a number of different situations and then soon afterwards we would meet up and he would get me to explain what had happened and what I had felt about it. Logan told me that my deciding to be there naked, and the way that I had been comfortable talking to him whilst being naked demonstrated that I was the sort of person that would make good subject material for his research.

I asked Logan what sort of situations he was talking about. He told me that some would be formal events like an organisations dinner; some would be public places such as going shopping; some would be informal gatherings like a party or a meeting at a pub. He told me that he wasn’t expecting me to be naked at these ‘events’, but to be wearing whatever I wanted, just so long as it didn’t get me arrested. He also told me that he would pay for hiring any formal clothes that I thought would be appropriate.

I asked Logan if there was any sort of confidentiality agreement between us; if my name would ever be written down anywhere. I explained that there were things that I could tell him that would get me into serious trouble if people could put my name to them. Nothing like murder or anything stupid like that; just me being naked in the wrong places. Logan laughed a bit then told me that I had nothing to worry about; I was someone called ‘X’ in all his notes and he would never tell anyone who ‘X’ was.

All this sounded very easy, and when he told me that he would pay me £40 for every time that we met up and discussed my ‘adventures’. I was sold on the idea.

Logan was happy and I was happy. Logan asked me what days and times I wouldn’t be available and he told me that he would put together an itinerary get in touch.

We shook hands again and I got up and started to leave. Just as I got to the door Logan called me and asked if I’d forgotten anything. I said, “No,” then realised that I was still naked. Ooops!

Wow! I’d landed 2 jobs within a week.

To be continued…….

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