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Eddie Spedman thought he was living the American Dream; owned his own business and married to his highschool sweetheart with two wonderful kids. Until a freak event made him realize that he was living the American Nightmare. However that freak event also gave him something he didn't believe in; Sex Slaves
This isn't my story, however I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.
It has 24 chapters and you can find it on storiesonline


by Pariahsolo

Chapter 1: The Seed

I blame everything that happened on my insurance company. Granted it was a cheap insurance plan with a cheap company but because of that crappy plan, only one urologist who worked remotely close to where I lived took my insurance and that urologist started the roller coaster ride that my life has been for the last two years.

I grew up in Suffolk County, Virginia. Because of my size, I was a star football and basketball player in high school and I married my high school sweetheart. My name is Eddie Spedman, not Edward, but Eddie, you could blame that on my hick parents but I don't. Eddie isn't that bad, not like Alfred or Harold, which were what my parents thought about naming me in honor of their father's.

I am a big guy; sadly my athletic days are well behind me and I am a tad out of shape. Still, I am a hair from being six foot five and I weigh about two hundred and seventy pounds, which is only fifteen or so pounds more then my playing days, but it is enough to allow my gut to attempt to catch up with my chest in size. But, because of my job I am very busy which helps keep my weight from ballooning.

I married my high school sweetheart and yeah, I would agree that was probably the biggest mistake I ever made. If only I still didn't love the bitch. My wife Ann, formerly Ann Patricia Pryell, also of Suffolk County, Virginia, wasn't a cheerleader or homecoming queen. She was an athlete like me, short, compact and a fireball. Volleyball was her sport of choice. I mouthed off to her once during our Senior Year about how girlie volleyball was, so she asked me to field a few of her serves. After she damn near took my head off four times and I had had enough to profusely apologize to her.

Physically, life hasn't been good to Ann; she bore me two children by caesarean and then cancer caused her to have a hysterectomy, so now her belly has two scars with the larger one going from one side of her hip, across her pelvis to the other side. The doctors told her that she would never again have a flat stomach because of the shredded muscles, which I miss but it is not the end of the world. She of course complains that her belly is way too big, but she doesn't do anything to reverse how her belly has grown over the years; not even when a lady she never knew asked her when the 'baby' was due. Instead she berated the lady for assuming her belly meant she was preggers.

Together, Ann and I have created and raised two wonderful children; Barbara and Chad. Barbara is the angel of my eyes and more. Yes, I spoil her, but no more then I spoiled her mother, which the more I think about it, was a major mistake. Chad was my buddy growing up and I was a bit disappointed when he gave up on sports, but he made that decision in his adolescent years and I did not force him to play in any sports after that, even though physically, he will have my stature. No, Chad is very much a geek and a momma's boy. It was rough when he first went through puberty, but we have come to an agreement and I could not want a better relationship with my son.

Okay, enough background noise, like I said, the turn of events that caused such a drastic change in my life was the crap-tastic insurance company I was using. I had gotten sick, which since college was something that I never did. Business was slow with my small moving company, an off shoot of 'Two Men and a Truck', so to make extra money on the side I agreed to sign up to be a medical guinea pig. It was a simple enough deal, I pop a pill three times a day and track my urinary system; you know, was it easy or hard to piss, that sort of stuff.

Only I got sick. I called the number the testing agency gave me, talked to a doctor who didn't think much of my issues, but said he annotated them down. The third day of losing my lunch (and breakfast and dinner), I decided to self medicate myself because I couldn't work, no work meant not paying bills and I couldn't have that. I had some left over meds in the medicine cabinet from when I blew my knee out in college and had to see a doctor, a few years ago I had an infection in the knee, so I had some left over antibiotics. I made myself a nice cocktail of four or five different pills, including some potent painkillers and went to bed.

I wasn't able to get out of bed the next morning. For five days and four nights I suffered from a high fever and convulsions. Thinking I was going to die was an every minute thought. And where was my loving wife through my turmoil? I don't really know. She scoffed at me for being a big baby the first day and I don't remember seeing her again until I was able to keep some food down. Barbara and Chad were there for me though. Barbara kept wanting to call an ambulance and I kept telling her no. Chad got online to find something to help me. Cold showers, hot showers, warm blankets, chicken noodle soup, hot and cold compresses but mostly water, lots of water.

When I went back to the testing agency, I explained to them what happened and they kicked me out of the program because I contaminated their test. Ann told me to go to a lawyer to sue them, but I can't stand lawyers and the Sue Happy Nation we have become. Instead I went back to my moving job and tried to drum up more business. It wasn't until a week or two later that Ann noticed how I had changed.

Sex with Ann is a wonderful thing. I am not a big man down there, but every time I am with her she feels like a virgin because she is that small. So small that sex can be quite painful to her. Then when you add in the cancer and the removal of her uterus, which caused her to stop producing estrogen, I hope you can understand how she is not really that enthused about spreading her legs for me these days and personal lubricants only help a little.

Now let me confuse you, because it confuses me; Ann has no problems reaching orgasm while she is in pain from my dick shredding her poor pussy, but she is adamant that she doesn't like pain in sex. So no S&M for her, or me, but having the inside of her lips rubbed raw makes her flash in no time. Again, I don't have a clue here. I have tried to make sense of it but she insists she doesn't like the pain and she does not like the fact that she walks bow legged for three days afterwards. Nor does she understand how or why she can reach her peak while I am causing her pain in that way.

When she was younger, she was a bit more resilient and sex between us was quite good. Then three things really threw a monkey wrench into our carnal activities; for her it was kids and cancer. She got pregnant in college her sophomore year with Barbara, which prompted her drop out, then a year to the day after Barbara was born, Chad entered the world quietly. The third thing was I blew out my right knee a week before I was to start my junior year as the first string right guard. I rehabbed it for a year, but my football career was over, I became depressed and dropped out of college.

Ann actually got me out of my funk a few months later when she insisted one of us had to go to work to start paying off bills. She went to work and left me with our two infant children. I thought she was mad in the head. It was the best thing she could have done though. I loved being there with my kids and I wanted to cry when Chad finally started school. Ann wasted no time insisting that I get a job to help pay for everything. Still, our sex life never recovered; if I had to guess I would say we did 'it' maybe once a month, with almost two years being our longest dry spell when Ann came down with the cancer.

Was I bitter? Yes. Was I happy? With my children most definitely; with Ann, the more time passed the angrier she became with me, the more she started yelling. Did I want to leave her? No, but I think that was because I was afraid I would lose my children. Did I want to cheat on my wife? I wanted sex, what red blooded male doesn't, but I wasn't willing to threaten my marriage by cheating on Ann. I cheated on Ann once before we were married in high school, and while I did not regret the phenomenal sex, I regretted not being faithful towards Ann afterwards.


Chapter 2: Infidelity Flashback #1

I remember when we were seniors in high school; Ann wanted to go check out William & Mary as a prospective college. She left over Spring Break with three or four other seniors leaving me looking forward to a long boring weekend, except I got a call from Leticia Gladfelter. Leticia had moved from West Virginia to Suffolk County the previous summer and for some reason her parents were moving back this weekend and Leticia called to ask if I could help her with a few things.

I knew Leticia because she had joined the football's training squad; students who help out taping and un-taping the players, stuff like that. Leticia was every bit the blonde bombshell. She wasn't the smartest girl I met, but with that full sized body she had, including the biggest set of who-who's at the school, not to mention her sweet voice, she didn't need smarts to be wanted by every guy at the school.

When I got to her place, she only had a few things for me to help her with, none of them something I would say required a need for my presence. When I asked her about it, she told me how she had been attracted to me the first day she saw me and really wished she could have been my girlfriend. I told her that I thought she was an unbelievable girl, which was not an exaggeration at all, but that I was committed to Ann and couldn't risk losing her.

Leticia gave me a hug and I just held her for what seemed like forever. Leticia was at least five foot eight, incredibly voluptuous, shapelier than an eighteen year old had the right to be and she felt so different than Ann, who is only four foot eleven and at the time was flat chested and wiry. Leticia's hair smelt of strawberries and being in her arms had me floating away to another world. Finally she looked up at me with her mind-boggling gorgeous eyes and asked me to make love to her so she would have a wonderful memory of Virginia. Her parents would be gone until late that night and they would be leaving tomorrow or the next day. She promised that she wouldn't tell a soul if I would just make love to her.

Love is not the answer to what we did. She made me feel sexually like I have never felt before, especially not with Ann. Once I agreed to do it, Leticia stripped us naked and did not let me go until four hours had passed. For such a voluptuous girl, she was very flexible, talented and she didn't stop craving my body. I peaked three times, twice in her mouth, where she swallowed every drop, which was a first for me; she said that is how she practiced safe sex.

I pounded her the first time and she had me pull out so she could suck my seed out and the second time she was riding me like a cowgirl; when I told her I was close she hopped off and went to town. Both times knocked my socks off. The last time I came, she told me not to stop and I ejaculated deep inside her. I didn't want to leave her side, but I heard someone downstairs and I didn't want to get caught up there with a naked Leticia laying all over me. Leticia took me downstairs, but she only put on a large t-shirt, that wasn't large enough. It only reached to her hips and I could see her dirty blond hair peaking out from the hem when she walked. Leticia's parents were waiting for us in the sitting room by the front door that was cluttered with packed boxes for their impending move.

I remember to this day what Mr. Gladfelter said to Leticia. "So baby, did you enjoy yourself?" Leticia kissed me on the cheek, told me thanks for everything, and then jumped on her daddy's lap, hugging him, telling him it was wonderful. With I am sure a stupid look on my face; I walked out of that house with Mr. & Mrs. Gladfelter smiling at me, thanking me for coming over while Leticia hugged her daddy.

When Ann came back that Sunday, I was beside myself with regret. Regret that I cheated on Ann and regret that it was such a phenomenal experience. Were most girls like that? Don't get me wrong, I love having sex with Ann, that vice grip of a vagina of hers feels like she is trying to rip my manhood off every time, but the rest of Ann's body just lays there while she concentrates on me ripping a layer or three of her internal skin off. The missionary position is Ann's way of choice, though once in a blue moon she will let me do her doggy style for a bit before flipping back over.

Oral sex is something that she does grudgingly, only after I beg and ask until she does it simply to shut me up. After all these years, I wondered why I continued to ask her to do something that she would do for all of two minutes before she would beg off complaining her mouth was sore. Yes, Ann was quite terrible at it, but she certainly enjoyed it when I did it to her.

She was weird about my going down on her though, she loved it but she wouldn't let me do it that often. I called it my 'desert' and constantly said I wouldn't mind having some. She would laugh and call me a silly boy.

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