Here is part 2 I hope you enjoy.
Part 2 of my brother and me.
I woke up to the feel of sunlight on my face. I sat up and stretched. I looked around my room and remembered what happened a few hours ago. I looked at my naked body and saw that it was covered with crusty spots. My ass felt extremely sore and there was a large crusty spot on my sheets. Keene had fucked me last night. I looked at my clock 11:45 A.M. Friday. My parents would be at work right now and we didn’t have school this week because of PIR day or something like that…I didn’t care much. I peeked out into the hallway, the sound of the T.V. was on downstairs and I heard Olivia laughing. I crept out butt-naked and peered into Keene’s dark bedroom. He was out. Good.
I quickly ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I waited for a few minutes for the shower to warm up. While it did I looked at myself in the mirror. White crusty circles were all over me. ‘Damn Keene…’ I thought ‘you sure cam a lot last night.’ Steam started to fog up the mirror so I quickly cleaned myself up. I was extra sure to wash the dried cum out of my ass and to use lots of body wash plus plenty of deodorant. I climbed out and grabbed my towel of the rack. I dried myself off and as the towel rubbed over my limp dick I felt it jump a little. I hung the towel back up and peeked outside again. Olivia was still watching T.V. and Keene’s room was dark. I darted back into my room and pulled on a clean pair of loose boxers and a white T-shirt on. I wasn’t worried about pants because Olivia is used to seeing me and Keene in boxers in the morning.
I walked downstairs to the kitchen which was adjacent to the living room. Olivia looked up and smiled.
“Good morning.” She said. I waved back. I opened the cupboard and pulled a bowl out along with a box of Lucky Charms. I went to the fridge and pulled out the milk. All this time I was thinking about Keene and last night. I kept thinking of how huge Keene was and how good it had actually felt inside of me. Olivia was snickering now and I looked up to see her staring at me.
“What?” I asked. She smiled back at me.
“You’re penis is getting hard.” She said pointing at my crotch. I looked down to see me dick was sticking out of the piss hole while I had been thinking about Keene. I remembered that Olivia had never really seen my penis and I quickly put my hand over it. My face was beet red with embarrassment.
“Oh is my big brother scared I’m going to see his penis… What did you forget to jack off last night?” She said laughing. She had learned about jacking off from one of her friends who had seen her brother doing it in his bedroom. She teased me and Keene about it constantly when mom and dad weren’t home. She knew that Keene and I never jacked off before. And personally I really never wanted to try it. The wet dreams I had often felt so good that I didn’t was to lose them.
“Be quiet…or I’ll make you suck it.” I threatened, she acted scared and then laughed again. She quickly returned her attention to the T.V. I sat down and ate my breakfast; I was reading the comics when Keene came down. He grabbed a glass of juice and sat down next to Olivia. I finished breakfast and headed back up to my room. I sat down and began to think about last night as I played my video game. A couple hours later, around 5:00 P.M. Keene came and knocked on my bedroom door. I froze with terror thinking about what Keene may do to me. He opened the door and said he was ordering pizza for dinner and what I wanted for mine.
“Uhhh… cheese is just fine.” I said. Keene nodded and closed the door. About half an hour later the pizza came. Mom and Dad came home just as we were cleaning up. They said they were heading to bed, that it had been a long, long day. They headed to bed and at 9:00 Keene made us go to bed. I walked into my bedroom and crawled into bed. But for some reason I couldn’t fall asleep. I lay awake just listing to the noises outside of my window. I heard a few twigs snap and I looked outside. Nothing.
I lay awake for a few more minutes when I heard some footsteps out in the hall. My door slowly opened and I heard Keene’s voice.
“Derrick? Are you awake?” the voice called softly. I mumbled ‘yeah.’ The door opened all the way and I saw to dark figures slip into my bedroom.
“Keene…who is with you?” I asked getting quite scared.
“Tony. He is one of my friends in high school.” Keene answered.
“What the hell is he doing in my bedroom at 10:30 at night?” I asked getting a little mad.
“Be quite and you will find out… Now get out of bed.” He ordered me. I slowly did.
“Take off your clothes.” I didn’t move. Keene, or at least I think it was him, raised his hand and I flinched. I took off my clothes and stood there naked in front of the two high school boys. *Click* I heard and I almost fainted, they had just taken a picture of me butt-naked. I heard some laughter and some whispering
“Get on your knees.” A lower voice said, Tony. I slowly kneeled and a figure moved towards me. The figure, Tony, undid his belt and dropped his pants. In front of me was a big cock. Not near as big as Keene’s but still decent size, maybe 8 ½ inches.
“Suck it.” Tony told me. I knew what would happen to me if I refused. I slowly lowered my head and wrapped my lips around his hot, hard cock. I was sucking when I heard a few more clicks. It didn’t matter… scarily I was starting to like sucking cock. Tony’s dick had a faint musky scent. He probably jacked off quite often. Tony’s cock was so great that I just wanted more and more. Now part of me was thinking ‘Oh God look at yourself Derrick… you are sucking a high school student’s cock in the middle of the night, in your room. Not only that Keene is taking pictures but you like it.’ But that was it and I continued to deep-throat is until Tony’s pubes were rubbing against my nose. This continued for a couple minutes until Tony, without warning shot his seed down my throat.
I pulled up and started to clean off the glistening dick.
“Damn… you were right Keene. He knows how to suck a cock.” Tony said. They two switched position and Keene had me down on my bed with Tony taking pictures. Keene had me lying on my back and he was rubbing his horny cock along my semi-hard pecker. Keene spit a little on his dick and started to rub it against my hole. I wrapped my arms and legs around his toned body and I whispered in his ear to just fuck me already. Keene shoved right in and I moaned a bit in pain but that soon passed. Keene was plowing me while Tony took all sorts of pictures.
After about fifteen-twenty minutes Keene unloaded all of his cum into my ass. He pulled out and wiped some of his spare cum on my face. I felt large globs all over it. Tony took some more pictures of me and then handed the camera back to Keene.
“Print those when you are done.” Tony said and he disappeared out the window. Keene came over to me. Wiped some cum off of my face and kissed me goodnight. I closed my eyes and feel asleep.

End of Part 2
Part 3 will come very soon

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Just curious...did Keene tell you that spelled his name wrong thru the entire first chapter? (Somehow it went from Keane to Keene.) True story, you say?

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nice one . i loved it.

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Loved it. awesome story please write more also what happened to those pictures

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