I finally managed to get enough spare time to write the new chapter after age correcting things for the site's new age restrictions. I think the chapter's still hot, but let me know what you think.
Chapter 3

“And, we’re done,” Jason announced with one last click of the mouse before he rolled his chair away from the desk and stretched. He glanced over at Nancy, naked in her own office chair and saw her frown at the monitor screen.

“Are you sure, daddy?” Nancy asked, leaning forward in her chair so that the slight swell of her pregnant belly pouched out even more that usual.

“I think so, but just to be sure we’ll take the time to look over the whole film now that we’ve finished editing it,” Jason said, grinning at his seventeen year old daughter. “Why don’t you come over here and sit on my lap while we watch the show. If I’m right the film will make both of us so horny that we’ll want to fuck anyway so we may as well be ready.”

“I’m always ready to fuck your cock, daddy,” Nancy pointed out as she made her way across the room. She straddled her father’s lap and sat down on his cock, making sure that the shaft slid into her pussy as she lowered her hips down to meet her father’s thighs.

“Ok, daddy, I’m ready. Go ahead and start the movie,” Nancy announced once her father’s cock was firmly seated in her belly.

“You’re in a better position to start the movie than I am,” Jason pointed out. “You don’t have a horny pregnant teen in your lap, you can reach forward and roll the mouse over the file titled, ‘Study Incentive,’ and then double click on the folder.”

“Like this?” Nancy asked, rolling the curser over to the file and double clicking the icon. Jason wasn’t fooled by his daughter’s act because he knew her computer skills were even better than his own but he decided to humor her anyway.

A few seconds later the screen was filled up with the image of Mike bent diligently over his math book. There was a knock at the door and Mike turned his head away from the books fo just a second while he turned to his bedroom door and called out, “who is it?”

“It’s me, Jasmin,” came the muffled reply. “I’m here to apologize about what happened earlier and to offer my help while you’re studying for your make-up test.”

“The doors open so you may as well come in, but I don’t have time to do anything right now except study for my test. And even if I wasn’t busy on my studies I promised daddy I wouldn’t fuck any of you girls until I pass my make-up test.”

“And that’s why I’m here,” Jasmin said, slipping through the door and closing it behind her naked butt. “After what happened dad decided to give me the same punishment as you. I’m not allowed to fuck anyone until you pass your make-up test. But since I’m better at math than you are I thought it would be a good idea to help you, especially with the incentive program I’ve come up with for your studies.”

“Well we’re now allowed to fuck, but what kind of incentive do you have that could possibly work better than sex?”

“That’s it,” Jasmin told her brother, “the incentive is sex, but it’s not fucking so we’re not breaking any promises with this plan.”

“I think that will work,” Mike said with a grin, “exactly what do you have in mind?”

“We start with something simple,” Jasmin said thoughtfully, “let’s say every time you get an answer right I’ll give your cock a quick stroke. If you get five questions in a row I’ll give you a quick suck. After ten questions you get to suck my tits and get a taste of my milk. And when you get a passing grade on the practice test you get to eat my pussy.”

“What happens if I get a perfect score on the practice test,” Mike asked, licking his lips while he looked at his sister’s pussy.

“If you get a perfect score on the practice test than we’ll do a 69 and I’ll give you a blowjob while you eat my pussy,” Jasmin offered. “But I know that’s not going to happen.”

“Don’t be so sure, sis,” Mike said with a chuckle. “With that kind of incentive I’ll find a way to get that perfect score.”

“In that case let’s get started on those problems,” Jasmin said, taking her brother’s match book and looking over the practice questions. After a few seconds she chose a question and read it off to him. Mike used his paper and pencil to work out the answer and read it off.

“Good job, Mike,” Jasmin said, looking over her brother’s work and nodding her encouragement. When she came to the end of Mike’s work she reached down to give her brother’s twitching cock a quick stroke with her fingers. “Keep that up and I’ll be sucking your prick in no time.”

“Never underestimate the offer f sex to a horny teenager,” Mike said with a grin as he turned to the next problem. A few seconds later Jasmin nodded at her brother’s final answer and gave his cock another stroke. Mike managed to get three more answers correct and when he got the fifth one in a row his pregnant sister sucked the tip his cock into her mouth and gave it a quick lick before she released it.

“Now that’s what I call encouragement,” Mike said with a soft sigh of pleasure.

“And just think,” Jasmin said after she licked her lips, “five more correct answers and you get to suck my breast, ten more and you get to lick my pussy.”

“Then I better get to work,” Mike said, turning back to his computer.

“This is so sexy it could be one of our best selling videos ever, daddy,” Nancy said, wiggling her ass around on her father’s lap so his cock twisted around in her pussy. “You did a great job editing it, no one would ever guess Mike missed two questions along the way.”

“Well it would make things pretty boring if we showed nothing happening every time he missed a question. This way we get to see the action with none of the boring bits.”

“I may be wrong,” Nancy said, snuggling her back against her father’s chest, “but I think this video will be one of our best sellers when we upload it to the website, especially if you include the fuck scene after Mike passes his make-up test.”

“Do you really think they’ll have a fuck scene for us?” Jason teased, bouncing Nancy on his lap so his cock slid in and out of her pregnant twat.

“Of course they will,” Nancy said with a groan of pleasure. “It wouldn’t be a great video without the fuck scene. But even without the fuck scene this is one horny video.”

“It sure is,” Jason agreed with his daughter before the two of them turned back to the video.

“This is a great incentive, sis,” Mike said, licking the milk from his lips after he sucked Jasmin’s tits after his tenth correct question. He stroked her swollen belly with one hand and then leaned down for one last suck on her nipple before he turned back to his computer. Ten more correct answers and I get to suck you pussy, right?”

“That’s right,” Jasmin told her brother before she squeezed her own tit and pushed her breast up far enough to lick the milk that dripped from her nipple. “And after lunch you’ll take the make-up test. If you pass that then we’ll be able to fuck this afternoon, how’s that for an incentive?”

“What happens if I get a perfect score?” Mike asked with a broad grin.

“Like that’s going to happen,” Jasmin smirked. “Tell you what, if you pass with a C we’ll fuck. If you get a B we’ll fuck now and after this baby is born I’ll give you first chance with the next one. And if you get an A the next baby is yours for sure.”

“Promise me two babies for a perfect score and I’ll show you how well I can do,” Mike said.

“Done,” Jasmin said with a grin. “But it will never happen.”

“With two babies as an incentive it is going to happen,” Mike promised. “Now let’s get back to studying.”

“Jasmin should have known better,” Nancy snickered, sliding her pregnant cunt up and down her father’s hard cock. “She knows how much Mike enjoys knocking girls up, if anything is going to push him to get a perfect score it’s the promise of two babies.”

“He does take after me,” Jason chuckled, giving his daughter an extra hard thrust of his cock, her pussy was so tight around his shaft it felt like she was trying to strangle his prick. “Let’s see how he actually does.”

“Yeah, daddy, skip ahead past the test,” Nancy gasped, pumping her pussy up and down her father’s cock. “The real fun starts after the test.”

Jason clenched his teeth together and fought down his desire to shoot off his load while he leaned forward to fast forward through the short version of Mike taking his make-up test on the computer and started the replay while his son checked on the results. While the show restarted Jason leaned back in his chair and bounced Nancy on his lap while they watched.

“Good news and bad news,” Mike told his sister with a good humored grin.

“How good and how bad?” Jasmin asked, mimicking her brother’s grin.

“You owe me one baby,” Mike said, turning the screen so his sister could see it, “but you don’t owe me two. I managed to get an A, but I missed a perfect score by two points.”

“I knew you could do it, Mike,” Jasmin said, taking her brother’s hand and leading him to the bed, “and now that you’ve passed your math test we can fuck.”

“But we can’t make a baby,” Mike said, running his hand over his sister’s swollen belly.

“Not yet,” Jasmin said, pushing Mike’s hand down the swell of her belly until it came in touch with her wet cunt. “But we can practice for now.”

“Now that sounds like a good idea,” Mike said, pushing his naked sister further up on his bed and spreading her legs so he could reach her drooling pussy. “The more we practice,” Mike said between licks of Jasmin’s juicy slit, “the sooner I’ll knock you up.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jasmin groaned, scooting around on the bed until her ass was on the edge of the mattress so Mike could fuck her without putting pressure on her pregnant stomach. “Since we’ve already had the appetizers, why don’t we skip right to the main course. Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me like you were going to knock me up right now.”

“Incentive,” Mike chuckled, lining the head of his cock up with Jasmin’s pregnant pussy. He ran the tip up and down his sister’s drooling slit a few times until the shaft was slick with her juices and then shoved his prick into her belly with one quick thrust so his balls bounced off the older girl’s tight ass.

Jasmin let out a sigh of pleasure as her brother’s cock slid slowly into her tight little pussy and giggled when Mike ran his hands across her swollen belly. “Just think, sis,” Mike said, “a year from now it could be my baby in there instead of dads. Does that make you as hot as it does me?”

“It sure does,” Jasmin moaned while her brother slid his prick in and out of her pussy, faster and faster with each stroke until his cum filled balls were bouncing off her bouncing ass. “Something that would make me even hotter is if you started sucking on my tits and drinking my milk.”

“I didn’t even realize you were lactating already,” Mike said, leaning forward to grab Jasmin’s milk filled breasts and squeezing them until the nipples popped erect with a drop of milk on each tip. “Now that’s what I like,” Mike said, bending over his sister’s swollen belly to lick the milk drops off her tits before he sucked each nipple between his lips and sucked until he swallowed a mouth-full of milk from each breast.

“Delicious,” Mike said, smacking his lips and then leaning back down for another helping.

“And sexy as hell,” Jasmin groaned as her brother sucked on her tits again. “I could cum just from having my breasts sucked, that’s how sensitive they are when I’m pregnant. One thing I really love about being pregnant is having my tits so sensitive I cum when someone touches them.”

“In that case dad and I should be able to keep you happy for years,” Mike said with a grin, shifting his hands back to his sister’s swollen belly as it bulged with her baby’s kick. “We’ll keep you knocked up from now on.”

“That’s a promise I’ll hold you to,” Jasmin gasped, her whole body quivering with her approaching orgasm. “You and daddy, both. Oh, God, I’m cumming.”

“So am I,” Mike groaned, slamming his cock all the way into his sister’s pregnant pussy and holding it there while he gave her baby a cum bath.

“Thank’s, Jasmin,” Mike said, leaning forward to give his sister a tongue filled kiss while he held his slowly wilting cock in her milking cunt. “Just remember, you promised me the next baby once this one is born.”

“Maybe I’ll give you the next two after all,” Jasmin said, licking her lips. “If you keep fucking me like that I’ll think about it for sure.”

“More incentive,” Mike said with a grin while he slowly pulled his slimy prick out of his sister’s slit while it tried to milk every last drop of cum from his shaft. “I’ll make sure every fuck is this good or better if it means I get to keep knocking you up.”

“Here, let me clean up your cock for you,” Jasmin said, licking her lips while she rolled onto her hands and knees and turned around to face Mike.

The video froze as Jasmin sucked her brother’s shaft into her mouth and the credits started rolling across the screen. “That’s one horny video, daddy,” Nancy said, giving her pussy an extra hard bounce on her father’s cock while it slowly wilted in her belly. They’d both managed to cum at the same time as Jasmin and Mike on the video.

“It’s sure to be one of our best sellers,” Jason said with a broad grin. “At least for a while, once your collection is ready you could outsell them.”

“But the collection won’t be ready until after I give birth,” Nancy said with a sigh while she slid off her father’s lap and turned to lick him clean while his cum slid out of her cunt and down her inner thigh. “And by that time Jasmin and Mike will be working on her next baby. You better make sure that I keep up with her if my videos are going to sell as well as hers.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jason promised, “but Jasmin already has a couple years and a couple babies on you, she already had her own fans before you were old enough to be on the website, but your fans are growing by leaps and bounds, and that’s not count the fans that you and Jasmin share. Speaking of sharing, how would you feel about doing a video with your sister? That should reel in both your fans.”

“You know me, daddy,” Nancy said with a broad grin, swallowing their shared juices after she licked Jason’s cock clean. “I’m always ready to do a scene with Jasmin, especially if you and Mike are part of the action.”

“I think we can manage that,” Jason said with a matching grin. “Now as I remember the plans for tonight, you’re suppose to take care of the younger kids so mom and I can have our private dinner. So why don’t you go ahead and take care of the kids while I finish things up here and then head over for dinner.”

“Ok, daddy, I’ll see you later,” Nancy said, giving her father a quick kiss and before heading out the door.

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