Lisa was a beautiful, young girl with auburn hair just past her shoulders; the prettiest brown eyes; smooth, clear and slightly olive complexion. Her body is just beginning the transition to womanhood: her breasts rising gently from her chest and her slightly widening hips that serve to round her perfect bubble butt that’s been made firm from her love of sports.

In addition to her striking, even classical attractiveness, she possesses the sweetest personality you’d ever want in a woman. She was the perfect combination of curiosity, innocents, maturity, immaturity, skeptic and gullibility. She was a delight to be around, always quick with a smile, easy, child like laughter and an even temper that bellied her age.

Tom was very proud of her. He has raised her pretty much alone since her mother passed from breast cancer when Lisa was only three. He didn’t delude himself into thinking he was both a mother and father because no one person can be both, but he did the best he could. Above all, he always strived to be honest with her In every way. When she asked where baby’s come from, he didn’t use the Storks or cabbage patch excuses. Rather he pointed out a neighbor woman who was pregnant to explain that she had a baby inside her. Of course he explained it age appropriately, but everything he said was accurate. This approach has resulted in an extremely close and open relationship between them. Not to mention, she was the light of his life and was consistently showered with love and affection.

Tom is not an unattractive man. He stands right at six feet tall, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and is fit from his constant working out. Since his days in the military, he has maintained a structured workout program and just recently completed the P90X program and continues to run through the CD’s. He’s been pretty successful as a software developer/consultant which has allowed him to work mostly from home where he can care for Lisa. Many women find him very attractive, but he doesn’t date much at all since he sees his primary responsibility to Lisa.

She has reached the level in school where a two week, state mandated sexual education course was scheduled. As typical of a government program, the course generated more questions than it answered. With only enough information to be dangerous, most of the students would gather in their clicks to try and fill in the blanks, often with the wrong answer derived at by snippets overheard from big brothers or big sisters. Lisa was no exception when it comes to curiosity, but she is confident that anything she has questions about will be answered by her dad. This prevents her from following the crowd as they whisper and giggle in the corners of the cafeteria or study hall.

After the two week sex education period concluded, Lisa considered all the things she learned and the things she still didn’t quite get. She wasn’t, at this point, concerned so much about intercourse as she didn’t see any time soon when it would impact her. Her initial curiosity was about this masturbation thing as it was something she could do on her own. She has noticed since her first period last month that she gets funny feelings down there, so she starts to experiment a little with touching herself. The main problem is the course didn’t go into much detail about the how, but a lot of detail about it being and panacea of sex. This was a misguided attempt to push kids into masturbating rather than having sex. But since it lacked detail to the how, when Lisa tried it, she really had no idea what she was doing. This left her disappointed after the big build up the teachers created.

Lisa plodded about the house a few days deep in thought and trying to sort everything out in her mind first. This was also part of the upbringing Tom gave her. He always tried to teach her to think on her own, but she knew he was always there to help her over the tough spots and this, for her, was becoming a tough spot. He saw she was in deep thought, but allowed her the freedom to come to him when and if she was ready.
Finally, after about a week of trying to masturbate, thinking about it, but realizing she did not have enough information to reason it out, resolved to go to her dad. Even though they had this really open relationship and she had confidence he would answer, it was still not easy to talk to anyone about this seemingly personal activity, so now she had to reason out how to even bring it up.

It was a Friday night that she settled on bringing up the subject. She had come home from school, completed her homework for Monday, helped fix dinner, eaten and just taken her shower and put on her night cloths consisting of a long t-shirt and panties; her tits still not large enough to consider wearing a bra to bed. She came down to where Tom was watching a little TV before going to bed and cuddled up next to him on the couch. He loved these times and welcomed her gladly as she put her arms around him, legs pulled up and folded under her as she tries to get as close to him as she can.

“I love you, dad” she begins with a typical evening encounter.

“I love you too, sweetie”, he says back and gives her a kiss on the head as he puts an arm around her, pulling her to him and making her feel safe and loved.

“Dad, I have some questions, but it’s kind of, well, really personal.” She begins tentatively.

Tom pauses just a moment to get his mind ready for anything. “OK, sweetie! You know I’m here for you and I’ll try to give you the best answer I possibly can.”, he counters.

“Well, it’s kind of about sex stuff”, she adds still sticking her toe in the water to test its temperature before diving in.

Tom nods, stealing himself for pretty much anything. At this point Lisa’s head is buried in his chest and he is looking at the wall next to the TV, but currently no eye contact as they negotiate this sensitive subject. “Well, I’m not surprised. I saw on-line that you just completed the sex education course. Don’t be afraid to ask me whatever is on your mind, sweetie”, Tom says with an added kiss to the top of her head and smelling the strawberry shampoo with which she washes her hair. Tom was vigilant on keeping an eye on her school work and schedule which had a lot to do with her almost straight A record.

Lisa looks up at him with a relaxed smile. “I love you, dad” she repeats, gives Tom a kiss on the cheek then puts her head back on his chest. She is silent for a while, obviously gathering her thoughts.
“Well, they told us about something called masturbation and how wonderful it feels. I mean they really made it sound really great.” she begins and then falls silent for a moment. “well, uhm, I kind of tried it, but I don’t see the big deal, but then I’m not sure what I was doing. I mean they talked about how great it was, but they never really talked about how to do it.” She finally completes her opening statement and bites her lower lip waiting for her dad’s reaction.

Tom stayed silent for a few moments gathering his own thoughts adding slightly to Lisa’s anxiety, but then finally starts to answer her concerns. “So, what I hear your saying is that you’d like to know how to make yourself feel this wonderful feeling they talked about so much?”, he ask to check his understanding.

“Well, they just said it was so wonderful.” she confirms softly with an undertone of frustration.

“Well, Lisa it can pretty good.” Tom begins. “Masturbation is a way to, well, stimulate yourself in order to produce an orgasm. An orgasm serves several purposes, but its primary result is a really good feeling that you can feel throughout your body.”

“Yea! That’s what they said.” She say with a tone of remembrance. “But I haven’t been able to make that happen to me. Am I doing it wrong?” she asks the question that Tom doesn’t have enough information to answer outright.

“Well, of course it’s possible you aren’t doing in correctly, but I don’t know.” He begins and pauses a moment.

“Let me ask you this, do you know what your clitoris is?”

“They talked about it, but I’m not sure what it is. Can you show me?” she asks pulling her head off his chest and looking at him hopefully.

“I can, but uhm, well let’s see, you mean they didn’t even have any anatomy diagrams?” he asks concerned. “I guess we can try to find some diagrams on the computer.” He offers.

“Can you just show me where mine is?” she asks almost pleading.

“Honey, that would mean I would need to see you naked. Would you be comfortable with that?” he asks with sincerity.

Lisa considers this a moment, then answers in measured words, “well, then I would know for sure and it might make it easier to get that feeling if I know for sure” she says in a reasoned tone. “I mean, you are my dad and it’s not like you haven’t seen me before. I think it would be ok.” She finally concludes, having just talked herself into it.

“OK if you’re sure you’re comfortable, I guess I can show you where to find your clit.” Tom finally replies and feels a surprised twitch in his groin area.

Lisa continues to lay there cuddled up to him. She then asks softly, “Uhm, should I take my panties off now?”

“Well only if you want me to show you now”, Tom answers back with just a touch of levity.

Lisa lies there a bit longer then finally sits up. She looks at her dad with a little nervousness, then slowly stands up. She reaches under her t-shirt and quickly strips down her panties, Tom not seeing anything yet due to the long t-shirt. She then considers the logistics and decides to sit back down next to dad, lifting up her T-shirt as she does. She opens her legs a bit exposing her almost bare pussy to her father’s eyes. “So where is my clit?”, she now asks in a surprising casual tone.

Tom starts out by trying to explain it with words. “well honey if your go to the top of your, uhm, slit you’ll find….”

“No dad, show meeeeee”, she pleads.

Tom swallows hard and then slowly reaches out his hand, going between her legs. His thumb and forefinger touch her mound at the top of her slit and gently spread it apart so the clitoral hood comes into view. With his other hand, he reaches down and touches the hood. “This, sweetie, is your clitoral hood and the clit” he explains as he pulls back the hood, “is right here under it.”

Lisa bends her head forward and examines herself visually. “So you have to pull back the hood to rub the clit?” she asks.

“Well, no, not exactly. Most women rub the hood over the clit.” He tries to explain, but then seeing a look of confusion on her face, he releases the hood then puts his finger on the hood and starts to rub her clit in small circles through the hood.

Lisa lets out a little gasp and closes her eyes. “Oh!” she says in surprise. “That does feel good”.
Encouraged, Tom continues to rub her clit with a little more confidence and firmness. Lisa’s eyes stay closed as her breathing gets more rapid. “mmm, yes, keep doing that” she says almost in a whisper.

Tom continues for a few moments then stops, reaches for Lisa’s hands and brings it to her pussy. He takes one finger and replaces his with hers and guides it. “here honey, you try it”

She does. Lisa continues to masturbate, now feeling the really nice feeling as Tom encourages her. “Start slowly and then as the feeling builds, go a little faster and faster. You may feel like you have to pee at some point, but that’s not what it is. It’s important for you to keep going when you feel that”

Lisa is caught up in the new feelings she is experiencing. With eyes closed she listens and gradually gets faster. It’s not long before her hips start to undulate gently. Her breathing rapid and shallow. Tom watches her openly masturbating now, a sight that has always been particularly exciting for him. He is fully hard in his pants, but enthralled with the site before him. “I feel like the pee, now” she pants

“Keep going, baby. Go a bit faster”, he encourages.

Suddenly, Lisa thrust her hips upward and Tom can see her thighs shudder, body go stiff and breathing stop for a long moment. She keeps rubbing a bit longer then quickly pulls her hand away as the clit become sensitive. Her body sort of goes limp for a moment as she tries to get her breath back. Finally, she looks up at her dad, eyes wide and then a huge, bright smile. “Wow! Dad, that was amazing!” she beams.

Tom gives her a big hug. “now you see what it’s all about?” he asks.

“Oh yea! I think I’m going to do this a lot”, she says excitedly.

Tom chuckles. “I may have created a monster”.

Lisa turns to cuddle back into her dad, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she is still exposed from the waist down.

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