Father daughter incest then daughter's best friend's introduction to sex
“God, this is like wrangling cats,” I said aloud but to myself.

From my left side I heard, “Amen to that.”

With a laugh I turned to see who shared my sentiment. It was a tall slender lady, late twenties, early thirties, about my age and she was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Long black hair pulled back in a ponytail, high cheekbones actuating the planes of her face, ebony eyes with long sexy lashes, I was momentarily mesmerized then she dashed off, one of her cats was about to escape.

They weren’t really cats, I’d volunteered to chaperone a group of five eight year olds on a school outing to the park. Little girls were running willy-nilly over the green turf with squeals of laughter; our job was to keep them together, sort of. Mostly we were doing okay at it but some of the imps were intent on running us to death.

I was ready when it was time for lunch. Not so much that I was hungry but I needed a rest; I spread out our blanket, got the sack lunches and drinks and rounded up my charges.

Fortune smiled on me, the slender fox of earlier spread her blanket next to ours. I introduced myself.

“Well hello again,” I said, “I’m Eddie Dvorak.”

She surprised me; instead of an introduction she said, “Are you Honi’s father?”


“My gosh, I’m Angie Willis. My daughter Annie and Honi are best friends.”

I had Honi in my group, she had Annie in hers but they’d gotten together and were chatting their little heads off at the end of the blankets.

Angie and I talked, acquainting ourselves; finally I asked if she and Annie would like to join Honi and me for pizza after the field trip was over.

The place we went had games the kids could play, I bought them some tokens and off they went; it gave me some private time with Angie and we shared some of our histories.

She’d divorced Annie’s father three years previously, his wandering eye had been more than she could abide.

“How could he even think of straying Angie, you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met.”

She blushed slightly and murmured, “Thank you, you’re too kind.”

Then it was my turn. “I’d divorced my wife a little over seven years previously. When Honi was only six months old I came home from work to an empty house; there was a note on the kitchen table.

Kid is at your mother’s, car is at the airport, I’m gone. Goodbye.

I’ve never heard from her again; no birthday or Christmas cards to Honi, nothing. I waited six or seven months then filed for divorce citing abandonment. It was granted.”

“Wow, that’s some story,” Angie said. “You’ve raised Honi since she was six months old by yourself, what’s that been like?”

“Oh it has its moments but all in all I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love my little girl and I like to show it. In return, she loves me and tries to do the right thing, she delights in pleasing me so she makes raising her pretty easy.”

“No rough spots?”

“A few but Honi knows she’ll be over my lap if she strays too far.”

“You spank?”

“When it’s deserved, yes, I spank; don’t you?”

“I have a couple of times but I don’t think it’s the same as when a Daddy does. My Daddy spanked me when I was little and he lectured but what I remember most is how he rubbed my back and bottom until I could stop crying and settle down. From his touch I knew he loved me. God, I miss him.”

“He’s passed away?”

“Just two years ago; cancer; and I still long for his wise counsel and firm hand.”

I guess I looked at her a little strangely because she reddened in embarrassment; I knew then that what I’d heard was correct.

“Please Eddie, maybe I’ve said enough,” she said.

“You don’t want to talk about it?” I asked.

“You don’t need to hear about it, I mean an adult woman still being spanked by her father but, I was his little girl, he was my most avid supporter but if I strayed, well…”

“Angie, you don’t need to go on.”

“No, maybe I do. The last time he spanked me was only six or eight months before he died. When I was married to Frank we did a few lines of cocaine but after we split up I was depressed. I self-medicated. Cocaine and Chablis were a pretty steady diet. Daddy tried talking to me. He knew, he told me, I was wrecking my life and, even more importantly I was harming Annie. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t.”

One Friday evening I was going out for cocktails with girlfriends so Mom and Daddy were watching Annie. It was late when I got home, must have been nearly two in the morning and my friends had to help me to the door. I mean I was totally trashed, coked out and drunk on top of that. I stumbled around in the living room until I finally found the light switch; when the room was illuminated I saw Daddy sitting on the sofa.

“I was concerned about you Angie, I see that I was right to worry.”

“I’m okay Daddy,” I slurred.

“No, you’re not okay, you’re taking drugs and drinking heavily, you’re not being a fit mother to Annie.”

“Don’t call me an unfit mother, I’m not an unfit mother. I love my daughter; no one is going to take her away.”

“Angie, you’re wrong. If you don’t clean up your act someone is going to take Annie. That would be your mother and me.”

I spouted off with a tirade of profanities directed at him and my Mom. He let me rant until I was spent then he stood up, took my hand and led me to my bedroom. The only thing he said on the way was, “Potty mouth.”

I’d worn a slinky black cocktail dress to go out that evening. In my room he said, “Let’s take this off, you don’t want to mess it up,” as he unzipped it and let it fall off my shoulders to the floor. Daddy picked it up, straightened it and laid it over the easy chair I had there. He sat on the side of my bed. I still had on my brassiere, thigh-high black stockings and my panties.

He guided me over his lap saying, “This spanking is for the foul language. Tomorrow I’m taking you to a drug rehab facility. “Now lift your hips,” I did so; he took my panties down to my knees.

He slapped my bottom hard, ten or fifteen firm whacks. He spanked until I burst into tears then he pulled my panties back into place and rubbed my bottom until I ceased to constantly sob.

“We, your mother and I love you Angie, we don’t want anything bad to befall you but you have to take some responsibility for your actions.”

“I sniffled and sobbed, pleading for his forgiveness, his understanding and his love; and, in truth I’ve never felt more loved in my life than I did across his lap that night. When I awakened the next morning he was already preparing breakfast. I ate; he gave me a list of things I needed to pack. I showered and dressed; he carried my little bag to the car. He took me to the rehab facility. I was there for a month; Mom and Daddy took care of Annie while I was away. I’ve never touched cocaine since and, although I’ll have an occasional beer or glass of wine I haven’t gotten drunk either. I feel like he turned my life around that night; maybe he even saved my life.”

We had to cut the conversation short; the girls had returned and the pizza was served.

As the evening ended I asked if she’d like to go out to dinner the following Saturday, just the two of us. I told her that if she’d bring Annie over we could get one babysitter for both girls. She accepted.

Over the following months our relationship deepened. We made a good couple, compatible in most ways. We even had preliminary discussions about merging our families, marriage; but it never developed and although our relationship devolved, we’re still good friends and, yes, friends with benefits. Angie is a fantastic lover; we enjoy each other.

Before things had cooled Honi wanted to talk with me. She was so very serious when she asked, “You really like Mrs. Willis, don’t you.”

“Yes, I like Angie a lot.”

Then my eight-year-old daughter said to me, “Daddy you can date her but you can’t marry her.”

“And why is that?” I asked.

“Cause you’re going to marry me; that’s why.”

I chuckled, “Honi I love you dearly but I can’t marry you, you’re my daughter, my flesh and blood.”

All she said to that was, “We’ll see.”

The next three years passed in a blur. Girl Scouts, youth soccer, school field trips, and all the things a little girl does as she’s growing up. It was fun for her and for me.

Oh there were fevers, tummy aches and occasional bad behavior to deal with, usually over my lap. Panties off for enemas for the tummy aches, panties down to the knees for her spankings and just the seat turned down for the thermometer, then after every trip over my lap me holding her and reading to her ‘til she dozed off in my arms. I’d carry her to her bed, tuck her in and kiss her goodnight.

When she was ten I think it dawned on her that she was a girl; oh I don’t mean she didn’t know what sex she was but little boys and girls are a lot alike, romping, wrestling and such are okay but when she was ten some changes started.

I was holding her, she hadn’t been feeling well and she liked it in my arms when a little smile appeared on her face.

“Daddy, I’m getting boobies,” she said as she lifted her nightie exposing her chest, “See.”

I looked, there were little buds forming; I touched one.

In all seriousness she pulled her top back down, saying, “Men aren’t supposed to touch a girl’s boobies.”

Then she giggled at me and lifted her top nightie back up saying, “But you can touch me Daddy, I’m going to be your wife.”

“Yep, you’ll be my cute little wife with cute little boobies,” I said as I lowered her top. I’d given up arguing that she couldn’t be my wife, I couldn’t win the argument, she was adamant.

A few months later the difference hit home. I was in my room when I heard a shriek then, “Daddy, Daddy something’s the matter with me.”

Stark naked with her panties in her hand she came running into my room.

I put one of my shirts on her to cover her nakedness and asked what was the matter.

“I’m leaking icky stuff from my cunny and it’s in my panties,” she said as she handed them to me.

A yellowish white mucus like substance was staining the gusset of her panties.

When all else fails, Google, I went to my office and Honi followed.

Bingo! “Vaginal discharge, usually clear or yellowish white, is a precursor to the onset of menarche, usually lasting several months,” I read.

“What does that mean Daddy?”

“It means you’re going to start menstruating before too long Honi.”

“Why don’t you get dressed, we need to go to the drug store and get a few things for you.”

We got panty liners and sanitary pads. Honi hadn’t been allowed to wear any make-up; I bought lipstick in a light pink shade and, in a little presentation said, “You’re growing into a woman soon, I think it would be okay if you wanted to use lipstick.”

“She was so excited, bouncing around on the car seat, “Thank you Daddy, oh thank you Daddy.”

At home I showed her how to adhere the panty liner to the gusset of her panties and told her to put several of the pads in her purse and in her backpack so she’d be prepared if she wasn’t at home when her period started.

Hormonal changes were taking place in her young body, hair sprouted in afore denuded places, she grew and her body began to acquire womanly curves and, unfortunately her attitude grew surly.

I tried to give her a lot of latitude regarding her attitude; I realized it was a traumatic time for a young girl but when she cursed me and threw a glass against the wall she’d overstepped her bounds; and she knew it.

“Oh Daddy, I’m sorry. You’re going to spank me aren’t you?”

“Meet me in my room Honi,” I told her.

She was standing in front of my chair waiting when I got to my room. She was wearing a white T-top, yellow shorts and white strappy sandals; I pulled her over my lap and took her shorts and panties down to her knees.

“You know why you’re getting this don’t you Honi?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Honi I realize it’s a tough time for you, your body is changing and you have a lot to deal with, I’ll work with you but you have to understand there are limits.”

I whacked her then rubbed her.

“I’ll try to be a good girl for you Daddy.”

“You are a good girl Honi, but sometimes you do bad things.”

Therwhack, her second then I massaged her again.

After five she was squirming on my lap.

“Daddy, please just go ahead and spank me, oh God this is torture.”

I hadn’t realized until then, she was grinding her pelvis against me. The squirming wasn’t from the pain of the spanking, Honi was getting aroused; I pulled her panties back up and told her she’d been punished enough but it kinda shook me.

I went to the kitchen and started supper. I was tickled when Honi joined me saying, “I’ll fix the salad.” That was the girl that gave me so much pleasure. I loved the bitchy one, she was my daughter, but this was the Honi I adored.

We had our ups and downs over the next several months; I sometimes wondered if it wouldn’t be easier once she started to menstruate. One week of PMS verses 30 days on an emotional roller coaster. I was soon to find out.

She was only eleven, we were retiring for the night and I was in my bedroom when she came in. She looked pathetic her pain was evident.

I was immediately concerned, “Honi, what’s the matter?”

“Oh Daddy I hurt so much and I can’t go. I’ve tried and tried and I can’t go, help me, please help me; you know what to do.”

I didn’t immediately understand her problem then it dawned on me. She was constipated, she wanted an enema; I’d given her enemas for years when she suffered tummy aches and constipation; of course she knew what she needed.

“Why don’t you lie down here on the bed, I’ll get the things I need.”

I liked a monthly cleansing enema so I had my enema bag, I’d used it once with Honi and she hated it; she didn’t like Sims position or on her hands and knees. She wanted her enemas across my lap with the old red 10-ounce bulb. I went to get what I needed.

I filled her bucket with warm water; that was all I was going to use, got her bulb with the large nozzle and a tube of lubricant then went back to the bedroom.

I put things down where I could easily reach them then brought Honi over my lap and took her panties off.

“Baby girl, I think you’ll start your period in the next day or two,” I told her. I was lubricating her as I talked to her, the conversation was relaxing her, I added a little more lube and slid a finger into her; Honi sighed, she was ready.

In fact, even with the pain Honi was exactly where she wanted to be. She couldn’t explain it, after all she was an eleven-year-old girl, she’d had no experiences but she knew that it felt like a low wattage electrical charge in her tummy and between her legs when she was over her Daddy’s lap.

The first bulb felt so good, warming her but the second was even better, filling her. Her Daddy started massaging her bottom. She knew he’d make her wait about ten minutes; she knew he’d rub her bottom until she had to go. She held it as long as she could.

“I have to potty Daddy, can I come back?”

“Of course Honi.”

She rushed to the toilet, she’d almost held out too long.

She looked a little bedraggled when she came back but she had a smile on her face.

“Thank you Daddy, I feel better already,” she said as she slithered back onto his lap.

I reached over and picked up her panties; I told her to put then back on then rubbed her bottom and back until she slept. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom; then with a kiss I tucked her in and with a goodnight I was out of the room.

Eddie was certain her period would be upon her in the next day or two; he wanted to do something nice for her. The next morning he drove to Walgreen’s and bought Lindt Truffles, he’d read that women often had chocolate cravings during their period.

Her period came on that evening with a vengeance.

Honi was prepared, she knew what to do; how to use her pads but she didn’t know what to do about the terrible cramps that hit her.

She cried out from the excruciating pain bringing me at the run. I found Honi bent and moaning, “Oh I’m gonna be sick Daddy.”

I guided her to the toilet where she lost her dinner.

After she’d emptied her stomach I gave her a glass of water to rinse her mouth and mopped her face with a cool damp washcloth then helped her to undress and get into a nightie; I took her to my room.

“Oh Daddy, I hurt so bad,” she lamented.

I gave her two ibuprofen tablets and a glass of water then sat and took her onto my lap.
The chocolates were gift wrapped and sitting by my chair.

“I heard that ladies crave chocolates when they have their periods, would you like a chocolate?” I said as I handed her gift to her.

She tore the paper off and exclaimed, “Wow real Swiss chocolate, thank you Daddy,” as she laid a most un-daughter like kiss right on my lips.

“Want me to rub your tummy?” I asked after she’d eaten two of the truffles. She’d offered to me but I told her I wasn’t the one having a period, they were for her.

“Unhuh, please that would feel nice.”

She snuggled deep into my arms with a sigh of contentment as I began to massage her abdomen.

“Daddy, why am I getting cramps, I’ve never had them before.”

“In a nut shell the cramps are caused by contractions of your uterus. Not all women get them but unfortunately you don’t seem to be one of them. It is one stage in your menstrual cycle. We can read about it tomorrow so you’ll understand your body better.”

And this was Honi’s fate. Constipation before her period followed by cramping and heavy menstrual flow. The only bright side was that her period only lasted two days. She had my sympathy.

Strangely Honi didn’t feel the same. She actually looked forward to “that time of the month,” not the pain but her Daddy treated her like royalty. She had dreamy fantasies as she lay over his lap and received her enemas. His gentle hands on her abdomen, rubbing away the pain, the little electric charge she got when he was touching her and, of course her chocolates; what was a little pain compared to that?

With time and maturity dolls and toys had given way to boy bands, music and social media, Annie and Honi were in Honi’s room pecking away on their Ipads when suddenly Annie gave a little moan.

“What’s the matter Annie?”

“Oh damn, it’s almost that time of the month and I’m constipated; God I hate this.”

“I get that, too,” Honi said.

“It’s not every month, sometimes nothing, sometimes agony, how about you?”

“Every month like clock work, constipation before and cramps during.”

“Man, I couldn’t stand that, how do you deal with it?”

“An enema, ibuprofen and some real good chocolate, the perfect cure.”

“Ick, an enema; I hate them, it’s so embarrassing with my butt up in the air. Mom gives me one when she thinks I need it; like tonight with this constipation.”

“What do you mean ick? I love my enemas, Daddy gives them to me.”

“Aren’t you embarrassed, all up in the air with a tube stuck in your bootie?”

“I don’t get them that way. Daddy uses a bulb syringe and he holds me over his lap. He rubs my back and bottom while it works then he holds me some more afterwards. He’s so gentle with me.”

“I don’t think Mom likes giving them to me, she says they’re messy, she just wants to get it over with.”

“That’s one big difference, I think Daddy likes to give me mine, I know I love getting them.”

“You said a bulb syringe, what’s that?”

Honi went to her father’s room and got the syringe from under the sink.

“This is one.”

“Gosh Honi, that has a big nozzle, Mom’s has a little one; doesn’t it hurt?”

“Hununh, not even a little bit. I nearly faint when he slowly slides it into me, it feels so nice.”

Honi put the syringe back under the sink and led the way to her room. Annie began to feel worse and asked if she could lie down for a little while. Honi told her, “Of course.”

When Annie gave a little moan Honi asked if she’d like to have her tummy rubbed.

“Please, it might help.”

Annie was wearing a pair of shorts with an elastic waistband; Honi pulled them down to the top of her thighs, exposing her panty clad abdomen then began massaging her with a circular motion like her Daddy did for her.

After about thirty minutes Annie said, “Thank you Honi, I do feel a little better. I want to try to go again.”

Fifteen minutes later Annie came out of the bathroom with tears in her eyes.

“I can’t go and I hurt so much from straining, can you rub me some more Honi?”

“If that’s what you want, sure I can do that and it will probably give you some temporary relief just like before but it won’t solve the problem, will it?”


“Annie, let me give you your enema and get done with it for another month.”

“No way, you’re my best friend, I’d be so embarrassed for you to see me that way.”

“You’re right, I am your best friend, I hate to see you hurting particularly when I know I can help. You’re going to get an enema today one way or another; either the one you hate from your mother or I can do it now,” she said as she took Annie’s hand and led her to her father’s room. All the equipment she’d need was there and it had a private bathroom for Annie to use.

Annie sat on the bed trembling when Honi came back with a bucket of warm water, the syringe and a tube of lubricant.

“I’m scared Honi, you won’t hurt me will you?”

“Not ever Annie, not ever; you’re my best friend. Now let’s get your shorts and panties off.”

Like her mother Annie was long and lean; already 5’6” at twelve, she had long black hair pulled back in a ponytail and the sultry dark eyes. She was starting to develop a figure but it would be that of a fashion model as she matured; right now she was a gangly girl.

Honi was her exact opposite; not quite five feet tall with honey blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and an always-smiling continence, but now she lowered Annie’s shorts and panties then lowered her lanky frame down over her lap.

“Can you relax for me Annie?” Honi asked as she rubbed her friend’s back.

“I’m nervous Honi and a little scared.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of Baby, I wouldn’t hurt you, just relax for me, and everything will be okay.”

Honi massaged Annie’s nether cheeks, loosening tight muscles and assuaging tense nerves.

“Does this feel nice?” She asked.

Annie mumbled, “Unhuh, real nice.”

“I’m going to get you ready for your enema now. I need to touch you, don’t be startled.”

With lube on her fingers she parted Annie’s cheeks and spread it over her then said, “Don’t jump, I’m going to put my finger in you to get some of the lubricant deeper.”

She slid a finger into Annie’s anus. Annie tensed.

“You need to stay relaxed for me,” she said as she filled the syringe and greased the tip.

“Take a deep breath and relax for me, I’m going to give you your enema now.”

Honi slid the tube slowly into Annie then squeezed the ball discharging 10 ounces of water deep in her bowels then slowly retracted it; filled it again and repeated the process.

As Annie laid waiting for the water to work, Honi rubbed her back and bottom.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” She asked.

“Honi, I should be embarrassed laying here like this but I’m not. It really does feel pretty good doesn’t it?”

“Like I told you, I look forward to it.”

“If I need another can I have you do it?”

“Sure Annie, it would be my pleasure.”

“I gotta go, Honi,” Annie said as she climbed off Honi’s lap and hustled to the bathroom.

Coming back out Annie exclaimed, “Whew, I feel better already.”

“Good, now get your pants on and let’s get something to eat.”


“I’ve got a few truffles left, so, yes chocolate.”

It was shortly after Honi’s thirteenth birthday, her first period as a teenager. She’d had her enema the day before now she had the cramps. The ibuprofen helped but her Daddy’s gentle touch took most of the pain away.

Suddenly Honi gasped.

“What’s the matter sweetheart, a sharp cramp?” Eddie asked.

“No Daddy, I’m okay,” she answered, she couldn’t tell him the complete truth.

The absurdity of her idea nearly overwhelmed her but the electric shock and the remaining tingle she’d felt between her legs cried out for attention. She wanted her Daddy to “touch” her.

And so, “Can you rub a little lower please Daddy?”

He circled her lower abdomen.

“Just a little lower,” she implored as she placed her hand on his and tried to guide him lower. He was hitting her mound on the bottom of his circular rub.

Breathlessly Honi whispered, “Please lower Daddy, lower.”

I knew I should end this, still I continued to rub her, transfixed by her whimsical smile. She was pushing my hand lower, over her mound until I was cupping her, fingering her little clitoris through her panties.

“Yes Daddy, right there, oh that feels so nice.”

Honi looked almost angelic, her little smile, her closed eyes, her slightly parted lips; her pleasure was evident. She began to tremble and gyrate her hips, her breathing changed to panting then she clamped her legs around my hand and rapidly pumping her pelvis she experienced her first orgasm.

I needed to say something so I said, “Honi, we can’t do this again, it’s not right.”

With her impeccable logic she replied, “It’s okay Daddy, I’m going to be your wife,” then she snuggled into my arms.

Once Honi had dozed off I carried her to her bed then came back and poured myself a Scotch; I had some demons to wrestle with this night.

Damn rationalization is so easy; it’s what she wanted, I wasn’t touching her, just cloth, it helped to ease the pain she suffered from her cramps. Then I got angry with myself.

I was the adult; she was a thirteen-year-old girl deluding herself that she’d be my wife. Whether she wanted it or not didn’t make it right, maybe I was touching cloth but I was certainly stimulating her and the ibuprofen and rubbing of her abdomen were what gave her the pain relief although I’m certain that the chocolate did its part.

Finally I had to face some hard facts about myself. I’d been with Honi since her birth and her little girlfriends had been around nearly as long yet I’d never entertained a lascivious thought about any of them. My ideal woman was full figured and, most importantly, age appropriate. I made an exception with Angie about full figured; she was long and lean but oh so much fun; I can’t deny it I’m an assman and my favorite ride is mounting my lady from behind and probing her chocolate channel and I absolutely adored the sounds Angie made when I was in her. But I realized that I had become aroused by what I’d done to Honi; she no doubt felt me stiffen under her. And, perhaps even worse, I felt a perverse pride that I, her father, had elicited her first orgasmic experience. Worst of all, I realized that I would do it again.

That is exactly what happened. Now her monthly was attended by her enema, then with the onset of her cramps a dose of ibuprofen, chocolate truffles, a tummy massage and a quivering orgasm under my touch.

We’d taken a mutual pact of silence, Honi realized that I could be prosecuted for what I was doing; she was bursting to tell Angie how nice it felt but she managed to restrain herself; barely.

Me, too, I’d managed to restrain my prurient urges; it was only a clitoral massage through her panties that I offered.

Honi was well into her fifteenth year, she had physically developed; although still short of stature, she would eventually top out at five feet zero, her breasts were full and lush, her hips flaring and her bottom succulent as ripe melons; she’d begun imploring me to make her my wife.

We’d talked the previous night, Honi was an excellent student, nothing but A’s and B’s, I thought she would want to go to college; I was mistaken, in that conversation, of course she was on my lap, she’d explained to me that she thought the most important task a woman could have was to raise her children. She was of the opinion that children needed to be nurtured, loved and disciplined and that a mother should be in the home to do just that. She cited the rise in juvenile delinquency and teen pregnancy since the time, World War II, that women joined the work force en masse, how the well meaning but family destructive “Aid for Families with Dependent Children Act” had shattered the family structure, driving fathers from the home and, she told me that she had no intention of allowing that to happen in her family; period.

I was taken aback, she’d thought this out, she had a plan and she fully intended to execute it. All I could say was, “And?”

“And you will be my husband; and we will have at least four children, and I will not work outside the home but I will cook your meals, clean your home, raise our children and always be your willing mate. I will be your wife in all ways but legally but that doesn’t concern me, as your daughter I’ll be your heir. But I’ll still be your daughter and I’ll accept a father’s discipline if you feel it’s warranted.”

Honi had tears in her eyes as she concluded; so did I; she was absolutely and unwaveringly serious, since the age of eight she had told me that she would be my wife but now she’d made it more that perfectly clear; she wanted to surrender herself to me immediately but I deferred.

“Honi, you’re too young to bear a child, you’re only fifteen and you need to finish high school; if, when you are a senior in high school you still feel the same way we will sit down and make our future plans, is that fair enough?”

Another most un-daughterly wet kiss and an exclamation of “Fair enough, but I will get you.”

That conversation was more than just talk; it shifted my axis. In spite of everything Honi had said over the last seven years about becoming my wife I’d always viewed it as a loving daughter expressing her love to a loving father but that she’d eventually date, meet a young man and marry; I’d get to bounce grandchildren on my old decrepit knee.

Now I knew, she was as serious as a heart attack, I was the love of her life and she fully intended to spend her life with the love of her life; I began to consider how we could be father and daughter and also lovers. I decided that I couldn’t take her virginity; not yet anyway, it would wait until we’d unequivocally committed ourselves to one another. I would wait until she was in her final year of school.

Second day of her period, heavy flow, severe cramping but, at least it is the last of it for another month, my baby girl has tears in her eyes; “Please help me Daddy, please.”

Ibuprofen and chocolates can only go so far, she’s suffering severe uterine cramping and I’m massaging her abdomen, she wants me to touch her, when she gets excited the cramping seems to stop; I don’t mind, I want to help and I do want to touch.

Women seem to be able to read changes in the wind and something was different tonight; her Daddy’s touch was the same, he was making her feel good, it was so nice being on his lap. Yes, she was fifteen, almost a woman but she still melted when her Daddy held her. He was giving her those wonderful feelings; usually when he’d excited her he’d hold her until she went to sleep then he’d carry her to her bed; but not tonight.

She knew; nothing had happened but she knew; the electrical charge, she could hear it crackling, the odor in the room, she could smell herself, her estrogen, her progesterone; she knew her Daddy couldn’t smell her or maybe he could; she felt so ripe and ready and yet, still, he continued to rub her; only rub her. And she climaxed in the most explosive orgasm she’d ever experienced.

Instead of letting Honi go to sleep on my lap I picked her up and lay her on my bed. I wouldn’t take her virginity, I’d made a pledge to myself about that but I was beyond the ability to be only the giver of pleasure; I needed some sexual relief myself.

Honi realized this night was different, her Daddy was still massaging her abdomen but he was lying behind her on the bed, holding her in his arms while he rubbed her.

“Does this feel good?” He asked.

She was nearly in heaven, she was in her Daddy’s arms, he was touching her and she could feel his excitement against her bottom, she sighed and sagged back against him; she was euphoric.

I stroked Honi’s breasts, rubbed down over her exquisite body and then slipped my hand under the elastic waistband of her panties, my fingers found soft flesh, she quivered.

“Daddy, I’m having my period.”

“I know Honi, I know but that’s okay, I told you I wouldn’t take your virginity until it was time.”

She could feel him pressed against her bottom, he was hard, she expected that he was going to take her this night; after all she was fifteen and ripe. He took his hand from her front and massaged her buttocks.

Oh she loved the feel and his words, she was literally cooing as he massaged her. She felt as the back of her panties was lowered like when he took her temperature then she felt the cool slickness and finger like when she was getting her enema; she knew then what was happening.

I guided my cock to her tight little rosebud then whispered to her, “Honi, when I say push I want you to push like you were going potty, I’m going to go in you; it’ll make it easier, okay.”

Honi was breathless, scared and excited all at once, “Yes Daddy,” she replied.

“Push,” as I flexed my hips and impaled my sweet daughter.

Honi gasped and gave a little moan as my cock pierced her sphincters. I waited, giving her time to adjust to the intrusion then slowly pressed forward until I was completely in.

“Are you okay Honi?” I asked her.

Honi did hurt a little but no way was she going to tell the Daddy, he might quit and she’d waited too long to feel him in her so she told a partial truth.

“Daddy, I feel like I need to use the bathroom and I’m a little crampy up inside, I’m so full.”

“No Baby, you don’t need to use the bathroom, what you’re feeling is me filling your rectum, now I’m going to pump you a little.”

I lifted her top leg and straddled her bottom leg; I wanted to be able to see her face as she took me in.

She was beautiful, a little smile touched by a little pain, the loss of innocence as she accepted a man’s intrusion into her body for the first time; I slowly stroked her.

I don’t think she was even aware of her sounds, soft mewling interspaced with ungh’s each time I thrust forward.

My arousal was being heightened by her sound, I began to swell; Honi felt the change. She opened her eyes to see me watching, she asked,

“Daddy are you going to cum in me?”

“Yes sweetheart.”

She closed her eyes, smiled and uttered, “Heavenly.”

Afterwards I went to the bathroom, rinsed off and brought a warm washrag to clean Honi.

“No yet Daddy, I want to keep you in me for a while, lie down and hold me, please.”

She snuggled against me, burrowing her face into my chest then pouted, “Why did you make me wait so long?”

Unlike other nights I kept her in my bed throughout the night. It was nice to have soft female company, something I hadn’t enjoyed in years.

Her period ended sometime during the night. It had been the reason, the justification for what I’d done and when I could rationalize that it was for Honi’s benefit and relief, okay, but what occurred the previous night was beyond the pale, I couldn’t rationalize it away. It was for my extreme sexual gratification and there was no shading of that fact; now, what to do with this new reality.

Accept it I finally decided. I liked her warm presence in my bed; I’d reveled in her tight heat when I was in her and in her beautiful smile as she gave herself to me. We were lovers, sexual partners albeit a perverted form of sex; I took her back into my bed that night.

“You love me, don’t you,” she asked as I held her, “I don’t mean as a Daddy, you know what I’m trying to say?”

“I know and, yes, I do love you.”

“Daddy, we had sex and you came in me,” she said as she worked up to her declaration, “I’m your wife now, aren’t I?”

“Do you still want to be?”

“Oh yes, I’ve never ever wanted anyone else.”

I gave her a tight hug and a kiss.

“Make love to me again Daddy; give me a baby.”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down. No baby until you’re eighteen so you’re going to remain a virgin until you’re into your seventeenth year. We can make love but it will have to be like we did last night.”

Honi was dressed for bed, she had on her nightie and a pair of panties; she rolled over so that her back was to me, expecting that I’d lower her underwear and take her. I turned her so that she faced me.

“Well maybe not exactly like last night,” I said as I raised her nightie and lifted it off.

Honi was developing quite a figure; her breasts were like ripe peaches, firm and full. They were pale, blue veins evident, her areolas were a pale tan, her nipples rosy pink and swollen.

I kissed each then took one of her nipples into my mouth, suckling on her while I massaged her other, circling her nipple, teasing and tweaking. Honi’s breathing became raspy; she thrust her breasts out,

“Oh Daddy that feels divine.”

I massaged her vulva through her panties as I kissed over her taut tummy then asked her to raise her hips so I could slip them off.

She parted her legs, showing herself to me, “Am I pretty Daddy, do you like me down there?”

I can’t claim expertise in pretty pussies but I knew hers was the prettiest I’d ever seen. The hair on her mons veneris was sparse honey blonde, her labia were swollen with sexual desire, her vulva was a blush fuchsia in color and she exuded a light enticing scent.

“I think you’re spectacular,” I answered her.

I licked along her vulva; it took her by surprise, she gasped, “Oh, Daddy.”

I sucked and tugged on each of her labium with my lips then dipped the tip of my tongue into her vagina, the first intrusion, my tongue then I snaked downward across her perineum. Her rosebud was dusky pink, a little pinker today than usual, no doubt from last night’s exercise; I rimmed her until she started to wiggle then I moved back up her slit.

She was lubricating, I tasted her honey, sweet, fresh, delicious, intoxicating then up to her clitoris. Her little pearl protruded from between her swollen lips, I took it between my lips, sucked it into my mouth and suckled on her shaft while I teased and toyed with her gem with the tip of my tongue.

Honi exploded, the muscles of her belly rippled as a series of orgasms rolled through her, contractions of her uterus and vagina as she pounded her pelvis against my face and she wailed,

“Oh God, oh my God, oh, oh, Oooooooooo,” her blonde ponytail was swishing as she swung her head from side to side; she continued to wail.

I slipped back down to her vagina; I wanted to drink the fragrant flow of Honi’s Honey Pot; I did.

After Honi had settled down I asked, “You liked?”

“Liked, Daddy I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure, God that was fantastic, stupendous, splendorific.”

“Are you ready?” I asked.

She started to roll onto her tummy.

“No, here,” I said as I pulled her up to her feet.

“I want you to lie down like this.” She was standing beside the bed, I had her sit with her feet on the floor then laid her back, lifted her hips and put a pillow under her bottom.

“I want to be able to see your beautiful face,” I told her.

I lifted her legs and positioned her feet near her hips, she was wide open, everything wonderful thing exposed, I lubricated her and steered my cock to her tight little ring.

“Remember, when I say push.”

She nodded yes.


About three inches penetrated her; I waited as she accepted me then slid forward.

Honi was making that soft moaning sound as I filled her, when I was completely in I stopped.

“Full Daddy, you make me so full.”

“Does it hurt Honi?”

“Just a little ache up in my belly.”

I leaned forward and kissed her, “My priceless, perfect daughter.”

Even with seven inches of cock up her bowels she hadn’t lost sense of humor, “If I’m perfect why do you still spank me sometimes.”

“Like I said, “My priceless, almost perfect daughter. Would you like me to play with your breasts almost perfect?”

“That would be nice.”

“Okay, if you’ll do one thing for me.” I had her hand and was guiding it downward, “I want you to masturbate while we do everything else.”

Honi understood what I was doing, her fingers would stimulate her sex organs, my hands would stimulate her breasts and my penis would stimulate her anus, three erogenous zones at once.

My hands massaged and kneaded her bosom and her agile fingers danced over her clit as I began to pump her.

Her wonderful sound, the rhythm of flesh on flesh as I pounded her, probing deeper, my raspy breathing, a symphony of sex. Her fingers are doing their work. Honi quivers in climax, her anus clutching me as contractions wrack her; so sensual, the feeling as her sphincters try to eject me, I release her breasts and grasp her hips, faster, faster then I explode, pulse after pulse of my semen erupts from my jerking cock flooding my sweet daughter’s bowels, I continue pumping until I’m drained and fall out.

Honi has a dazed look on her face, I’m afraid I may have been to rough with her; but no…

“Wow,” she said, “ Wow,” were her first words.

I bent and kissed her then added, “You said it Honi; Wow: you’re spectacular.”

She became my full time bed partner that night, well exception was made if we had a house guest as occurred when Angie inquired if Annie could spend the night. She’d taken a live-in lover and they had an engagement that would keep them away overnight.

The girls were sixteen and seemed to be enjoying a gossipy friendship although Honi had managed to keep our relationship secret. Evening was closing in and I decided to order pizzas rather than cook. I looked around for the young ladies to learn their preference, I wanted anchovies and was rather sure that they wouldn’t; I couldn’t find them.

I looked it Honi’s room, my room, everywhere, no girls. Finally I went out on the patio, I didn’t exactly find them but I heard girlish giggles from behind the garage. I went to investigate.

Honi didn’t see me at first, seems her vision was obscured by the smoke flowing from between her lips. Annie saw me though and she froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Unh oh, Honi, ah your Dad,” Annie said.

The best she could do was “Hi Daddy,” as she fanned to try to make the smoke disappear, “I’m in trouble aren’t I?”

“Yeah, I think you are, let’s go back inside.”

They trooped ahead of me like two convicts going to the gallows.

“In the living room, we need to talk.”

“Want to tell me what that was about Honi.”

“We wanted to experiment, that’s all Daddy, I don’t have an excuse.”

“Okay kiddo, I want you to go up to my room and get ready, right now I need to talk with Annie.”

After Honi was gone I told Annie that I needed to call her mother and let her know what had happened, that I’d do in the following day since Angie and Frank were away for the night.

“Please Mr. Dvorak, don’t tell on me, Frank will find out.”

“No doubt he will if Angie says anything to him, why?”

“Oh Mr. Dvorak, he’ll strap me, please don’t tell.”

“Strap you?” I asked.

“Whip me with his belt, he’s done it before and he’s just waiting for an excuse to do it again; I know.”

“Well, if you’d done something to deserve a spanking.”

“It wasn’t a spanking, it was a lot more. And he just made up an excuse to do it. I got a C on the report card that came out last month, everything else was A’s and B’s, just one C. Mom wasn’t at home when I got there but Frank was and he had my report card. He lit into me as soon as I walked in. Maybe I gave him a little lip but it really wasn’t any of his business. He grabbed my arm and drug me to my room and told me to get my jeans off, I was getting a spanking; I told him no and he slapped me and told me if I didn’t take them off he was going to. I took the jeans off. Now the panties and bend over the bed he said, he took his belt off. I was scared; I took my panties off and bent over the bed. Oh, he beat me and he beat me, I screamed and I cried but no one came to my rescue, my legs were about to collapse when he quit. What he did next was worse than the whipping. He slid his hand between my legs, fondled me, told me I had a nice pussy and that next time he was going to fuck me. I was sobbing when I heard Mom scream, she couldn’t see where his hand was but she saw that I’d been beaten and she saw him holding his belt.”

“What did Angie do?”

“She told him to get away from me and to get out, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, he slapped her and told her to shut up and get out of the room, that I needed to be disciplined and she sure wasn’t doing it.

She hit him and that seemed to really set him off; he turned on her, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to their room, he slammed and locked the door.”

It was only a couple of minutes when I heard Mom shriek then cry then moan, he was beating her, too. When that stopped I could hear the sound of sex, he was grunting, pounding her hard then he kinda roared and a few minutes later he came out of the room and left to go to the bar. I went in.

Mom was still bent over the bed. He’d stripped her completely and had strapped her across the back, all over her buttocks were welts and clear down the back of her thighs to her knees. Her legs were spread; Frank’s cum was dribbling down the insides of her thighs. I helped her up onto the bed, got a warm cloth and cleaned her up then rubbed her bruises and welts with aloe gel. She was still moaning, he’d hurt her badly.”

“Did she call the police?”

“She’s afraid to, afraid he’ll beat her again.”

“Maybe I can help, we’ll see. But that doesn’t deal with our current problem, does it Annie?”

“I guess not. What are you going to do to Honi, are you going to spank her?”


“You could spank me, too, I know it would hurt but you wouldn’t beat me.”

“Why don’t you go up and sit with Honi and let me think about it.”

Truth, there wasn’t really much to think about; I wasn’t going to potentially subject her to another beating, she’d get her spanking but I wanted to give them both time to think about what they’d done.

When I walked into the room there were to very contrite young ladies seated on the side of the bed. Both were barefooted and dressed in their T-tops and panties. Their shorts lay on the floor. I sat in my chair.

Honi wanted to say something so I gave her the floor.

“Daddy, we’re sorry about smoking but don’t you agree that sixteen is a little too old to get spanked?”

“Absolutely, by sixteen I’d hoped that you’d be mature enough to make correct decisions, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, was it, so I need to reinforce the importance of making proper choices.”

She hung her head, she liked to think of herself as a mature young woman, what I’d said had deflated her ego.

“Let’s start with you Honi.”

She came over and I lowered her to my lap. I massaged her bottom as I talked to her about the evils of smoking. About how costly it was, how dangerous it was to health and how it smelled bad. As I let a finger glide along her crack I asked her, “You don’t want to waste money, do you. You don’t risk lung cancer and so many other ailments that are attributed to smoking do you and you’re a cute girl, you certainly don’t want to smell bad do you?”

Honi’s figure was filling out, at sixteen she had all the womanly curves in place with flared hips and a broadening bottom, she was simply luscious; I thought of how much pleasure I had derived from her and how I was about to redden the source of that pleasure.

“Lift your hips,” I instructed. When she had I lowered her panties to her knees and gave her ten firm whacks then I rubbed her for a few minutes and gave her ten more. She was in tears; I held her until she’d settled down then helped her to stand. She reached to pull her panties up but I told her to leave them down as a reminder.

She waddle-walked back to the bed.

“Annie, come here please.”

I could see that she was terrified.

“Annie, I’m going to spank you, it will hurt, spankings are supposed to but I won’t injure you.”

I took her hand and led her over my lap. Just as I had with Honi I rubbed her bottom as I talked.

“Annie, you’re Honi’s best friend and I know she’d be devastated if she lost you to cancer, why take that risk. You’re too important to too many people to try to commit suicide by cigarette, please take care of yourself, okay?”

I think she was enjoying the preamble; she was squirming on my lap, making little mewling sounds and grinding her pelvis against me, she obviously liked the attention her bottom was receiving as I kneaded her cheeks. So different than Honi, Annie’s butt was small, high and tight like two firm melons but, all good things must end; I asked her to raise her hips and slid her panties down to her knees.

Thwack, thwack, thwack ten firm strokes to her little bottom. Annie was already sobbing, I rubbed her for a few minutes then thwack, whack, crack ten more struck her. I held her until she’d regained some control and had stopped crying then helped her to stand, told her to leave her panties around her knees and that she was to join Honi on the bed.

“Ladies, give it ten minutes, talk about the risks of smoking, maybe even consider that one of those risk is a sore red bottom then come on downstairs and we’ll get some pizzas and Cokes.”

“Honi, your Daddy spanks hard.”

“Doesn’t he though, I’ve spent a lot of time over his lap with my panties down. Usually I really like it but sometimes, well, you know, sometimes I’m a bit sore when he’s finished.”

“What’s to like lying over his lap?” Annie asked.

“What’s not to like Annie, he’s so gentle, you know I get my enemas and he still takes my temperature in my bottom and I like those, sometimes even the spanking isn’t so bad if he rubs me. Tell me, how did it feel when he had his hands on you before you got spanked?”

“Oh damn Honi, I thought I was going to cum, I wanted him to do more it felt so good.”

“That’s what I mean, just what I mean.”

“Come on girlfriend, let’s go get some pizza, if we leave it up to him we’ll get anchovies.”


“You got that right, come on.”

I wanted to talk to Angie the following day when she came to pick up Annie but Frank was with her so I didn’t get the chance. I did ask her if we could meet the next day for coffee, I told her there was something I needed to discuss. We agreed to meet at Starbucks at eight thirty in the morning.

We got our coffees and I led Angie to the most secluded table available. The things I wanted to discuss didn’t need to be shared with prying ears.

“Angie first I want to tell you that I caught Annie and Honi smoking. Honi was going to get a spanking and I was going to call you and let you deal with Annie. She begged me not to call, she told me what had happened with Frank, about what happened to her and what happened to you.”

Angie cut her eyes down and reddened in embarrassment.

“Angie, I don’t mean to embarrass you; there’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about; I didn’t bring this up to humiliate you but I need to tell you a few things and then see if I can help.”

“Okay Eddie.”

“Over the smoking issue, Honi got her spanking, Annie wanted the same punishment so, I spanked your daughter, I think you should know that. But she also told me some things she hasn’t told you. Frank molested her after he beat her, he was feeling her and told her she had a pretty little pussy and that he was going to fuck her the next time. She was afraid he’d use the smoking as the excuse to go after her again.”

“Oh God, Eddie I’ve brought a monster into my house and I don’t know how to get him out. I believe every word Annie says about him, he’s one sadistic son of a bitch, he likes to beat and he uses his cock like a weapon to hurt. He was so charming when I met him but now… He’s beaten me again when Annie wasn’t there then, I guess there’s no other way to put it, he violently rapes me. He’s done it twice now; I don’t think he’ll stop.”

“Angie, you need to contact the police.”

“I can’t, he told me he’d kill me if I ever told.”

“Maybe I can help Angie, one of my best friends is a sergeant on the police force. I’ll have a word with him and ask for his help if it’s okay with you.”

“God anything you can do, just please don’t get me killed,” she said with a wan little smile.

I got the vitals on Frank DeMarco then we went our separate ways.

I gave my buddy, Vince Woodley a call, “Sergeant Woodley,” he answered.

“Hey Vince, want lunch, my treat.”

“Hey you tryin’ to bribe a cop.”

“Yep, how about big burgers and French fries swimming in grease.”

“Joe’s Burger Bonanza, see you there at noon.”

Over the best monster dose of cholesterol you’ll ever taste I laid out what had happened with Angie and Annie and gave him what I knew about DeMarco; Vince promised to see what he could do.

Angie called me before I ever heard back from Vince.

“Eddie, what did you do? The police just left with Frank in handcuffs. They told me he was a sex offender from Pennsylvania who’d skipped, there was a warrant for him and they just took him. Your buddy Sergeant Woodley stopped by after he was gone and told me he didn’t imagine I’d have any trouble with DeMarco, He was a parole violator and would have additional charges filed after he got his free ride back to Philadelphia where a room was waiting for him, probably about twenty years worth of free room and board compliments of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I just wanted to say thank you and ask if I can take you out to dinner on Friday.”

“Hey you’re my buddy, you don’t have to take me out.”

“Oh Eddie, I want to, please?”

“What time, I’ll pick you up.”

“If it’s ok with you I’d like to have dinner at the El Greco Inn.”

“I’ve never been there but I’ve heard great things about their dining room, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Unh uh, well I’ve heard their room service menu is the best and I’ve got a really special dessert for you.”

She had me hard by the time we got off the phone; I was looking forward to an evening with Angie.

I had to let Honi know that I had a date with Angie, I hadn’t been with anyone else since we’d started having sex; I was concerned that she would be jealous; but no, she knew Angie and I were each other’s release valves, she was my woman and Angie was her friend, too. She knew the story; all of it, even my peripheral involvement, Annie had been on the phone.

Angie and I had a wonderful time Friday night and I truly mean a wonderful time; it still wasn’t quite time for Honi to lose her virginity and though I really prefer my girls tummy down it’s sometimes exquisite to feel the fantastic folds of a hot vagina. Angie’s was first class. When we parted we swore that we’d get together more frequently…didn’t happen.

I asked Angie out a couple of times over the next year but she was always otherwise engaged. I even asked Annie, she thought that her Mom had been traumatized by her experience with Frank and was afraid to take a chance on a man, even me.

Annie and Honi had finished their junior year of high school, Annie had college plans, she had a scholarship at our state university but she’d need to cover her own room and board, Angie was prepared to do that for her; she was so damned proud of her daughter. Annie was the salutatorian of her graduating class; she had every reason to be proud.

I tried to encourage Honi to consider college but she hadn’t wavered since she was eight years old. She was going to be my wife and the mother of our children. Her job was to raise those children; she expected at least four, she’d cook, she’d clean and she’d home school my/our offspring. I’d bring home the bacon and breed her until she had her four; period, no discussion. By the way and just a proud poppa’s aside the valedictorian was my sweet Honi.

That summer was a time of planning, Honi was still a virgin, that wouldn’t change for a couple of months; we talked about it; she’d never go on birth control, she would be eighteen in the spring and graduate from high school in June when I wanted our first child to be born, we set a date, September 22nd, the autumnal equinox was the date we hoped that I could impregnate her, if we were lucky our child would be born in June.

And the days crawled, from eight to seventeen she’d insisted I would be her husband; you know I laughed about it as a little girl’s fantasies, but wasn’t that where we were now.

“Daddy, can I go shopping?”

“Would you like me to come with you, you’ll no doubt need someone to carry the packages.”

“You’re right but it’s kinda private, I think I’ll ask Annie to be my pack mule if you don’t mind.”

And off they went, my Visa, my American Express, my daughter and her best bud, it truly was intimidating.

When they came back, thank God, they could actually carry their booty without the assistance of stevedores; they went up to Honi’s room, the silence was deafening; I waited, they both came back downstairs.

Cute gals, a meal of Chinese take out, no hint of what they’d done, and Honi sequestered herself, went back to her own oft unused bed; I tried to talk to her, I wanted her in my bed; she explained that she soon would be. Bitch I thought, no, I didn’t, I could never think that way of my Honi but she was making me hurt, ache, I’d always thought I ran the show; now I knew I didn’t.

Annie gave me a beaming smile; “She’ll be beautiful Eddie, the most beautiful bride ever.”

Annie wasn’t suppose to know; I thought it was “our secret;” foolish man; of course Honi had talked to her best friend. After all, she was poised to experience a once in a lifetime event; in the truest sense; a girl has but one hymen and she was prepared to surrender hers.

Annie wasn’t wrong, the next night, our night; I’d taken a suite at the finest hotel in town. I had dinner catered, seafood salad, lobsters with asparagus as a veg and a touch of saffron rice but nothing, nothing at all could have surpassed my young, virginal bride. We had an executive suite, two floors, Honi came down the stairs, she’d dressed in the clothes she’d gotten on her shopping trip, she’d dressed for me, white, snow white panties, gown and robe, satin, all of them, satin slippers on her feet; she fell into my arms.

“God you’re beautiful Honi, so very beautiful.”

“And you’re the most handsome, desirable man I’ve ever known; Daddy, I’ve waited for this night for, it seems, forever.”

I seated her with a flourish; poured two fluted of champagne and toasted “The most beautiful bride since Cleopatra.”

I fed her a morsel from the seafood selection then joined her at the table. It was a contest, whose smile was wider; whose breath was coming more rapidly, whose arousal was more palatable and who could maintain their composure during what was our marital dinner. The food was exceptional, the beverages most tasty but I’m not sure either of us enjoyed a moment of the meal; dessert was all either of us could envision.

I led her to the stairway; arm in arm we walked up and entered the bedroom.

“Daddy, I’ve really waited since I was eight years old for tonight; not the sexual part, I had no inkling what sex was then but I knew then I wanted to be your wife; but now, make love to me now.”

I helped her to remove her robe and started to lift her gown over her head.

“No Daddy, I want to keep my gown on. This is the only night on which I’ll wear it; I want it to show the evidence of my virginity; I’ll keep it forever.”

She undressed me, slowly, sensuously, first my shoes and socks then my shirt. She nuzzled against my chest; “My big strong Daddy,” as she stroked me then she unfastened and unzipped my slacks and let then drop to the floor; I stepped out of them; she lowered my underwear; I stood naked before her. She took me in her arms, kissed me and lay on the bed; “Your turn, I’ve got a special gift for you tonight; please unwrap it.”

Slowly I lowered her white satin panties.

Honi spread her legs, “Please Daddy, now, no foreplay, I’ve had years of foreplay waiting for tonight, make love to me now.”

She was liquid, sweet honey liquid, I slid my penis along her golden vulva then probed her vagina; she sighed, “Yes Daddy, yes.”

I pressed into her until I met her hymen; I paused.

“Un huh Daddy, now.”

She winced as I flexed my hips forward, I felt her tear and then she was no longer my virgin daughter; she was the wife she’d craved to be; I gathered her into my arms and kissed her with a passion that I’d never felt before; she truly was my wife, perhaps not legally; in the eyes of the law but, without question, she was my wife and I was her husband where it most mattered; between the two of us. It momentarily ran through my mind how we could actually live as man and wife, what it might entail but, then that was for another time, a time when I wasn’t so enraptured with my beautiful lady.

Once Honi had missed her second period we purchased a pregnancy test, two in fact, both were positive. My baby was going to have my baby; we were both ecstatic. She had only one complaint; since she wasn’t enduring her monthly constipation she didn’t need her enema; she insisted that she get it any way. I agreed, but only until her seventh month and only small ones until after she’d delivered.

Her pregnancy was uneventful, no complications at all. In the later part of her seventh month her colostrums came in; I enjoyed nursing at her swollen breasts. I called then the “Land of Milk and Honi,” I’m not sure she totally appreciated my humor but she did enjoy the attention I lavished on her.

I fixed up the bedroom as a mini-nursery, a bassinette, changing table and bath, I was going to give up the bed to her for the first couple of weeks, I took her room and set up a baby monitor so I could get up and get the baby for her when he wanted to feed. Ultrasound had already let us know we were going to have a son; we’d decided to name him Joshua.

We were lucky, Joshua’s entry into the world was as uneventful as Honi’s pregnancy had been, no episiotomy was required and there was no tearing, Honi was built to be a mother which was good since she wanted four children; none the less, after the delivery she was sore as her body recovered, our sex life was on hold for several weeks.

I brought Honi home and ensconced her in the bedroom; her first visitor was Annie.

It was a couple of weeks later, the girls were alone in the bedroom when Josh awoke and whimpered. Annie asked if she could change him and bring him to Honi. Of course Honi let her. Honi’s gown and brassiere were designed for breast-feeding; a panel on the bra dropped and the gown was slit so Josh could feed without her having to disrobe. She took him from Annie, bared her breast and squirted Annie; “From the Land of Milk and Honi,” she laughed before giving Josh his nipple.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Annie said as she licked the milk from her face.

Annie wasn’t sure how to ask but she wanted to sample, finally she worked up the nerve, “Honi, could I taste it, ah you know, the milk?”

Honi smiled at her, “Let me feed Josh and you can have all that’s left, okay?”

“Oh yeah.”

Fed, burped and back to sleep, Josh was in his bassinette and Annie was at Honi’s breast.

“You like?” Honi asked.

“I like,” Annie answered.

Honi sighed, “Me, too.”

It was the end of June, both Honi and Annie had graduated two weeks earlier. Honi had already embarked on her life plan; homemaker and mother; Annie was starting college at the end of August.

Annie wanted Honi’s advice but was hesitant to ask until now. At Honi’s breast, Annie could sense the mutual arousal they both were experiencing, what she wanted to talk about was sexual, this made it a little easier.

Finally Annie blurted out, “Honi, I’m a virgin, an eighteen year old virgin. I’m going to college, I intend to pledge a sorority and I can already hear the laughter and mockery about me being a little girl still.”

“Annie, no way they’re going to call you a little girl,” Annie was now a sleek and slender 5’11”, “Maybe the virgin princess but never a little girl.”

“Oh you know what I mean Honi; it’s just that I don’t want to be laughed at.”

“Well do something about it Annie, I mean there must be someone…”

“Honi, you know me, the only dates I’ve ever been on were group dates with a bunch of us going to the beach or the movies, stuff like that.”

“Annie, I’d help if I could but my plumbing’s all wrong.”

“Yeah, I know but Honi, obviously you’ve done it. Does it hurt?”

“A little the first time, when you lose your virginity it hurts a little but after that it’s wonderful.”

“What does it feel like?”

“Annie, have you ever, well have you ever played with yourself and made yourself cum?”

An embarrassed nod of the head, yes.

“Well it feels like that but about a thousand times better, it’s fantastic; I like it best when I cum from oral sex, it puts me in orbit, now that is stupendous.”

“You’ve had oral sex?”

“Lots of times, both give and get; it’s absolutely beyond belief.”

Annie shot Honi a moue, “You’ve tried everything and I’m still an eighteen year old virgin; no fair.”

“Well, wanta have some fun Annie?”

“Yeah, I want some fun, whatta you going to do?”

“I think I can create a symphony just for you; I’ll call it the “Sounds of Romance,” I want to hold a little party Saturday evening; it will be Joshua’s introduction to the world, his coming out and I want you and your mom to be his guests. I can have a glass of wine again; it’s been ten months, we’ll have a little wine, some nice cheese and, if we get lucky some really enjoyable entertainment, you game?”

“Game on girlfriend, just tell me what you want me to do.”

“Simple, bring Angie and get her here by seven on Saturday night for the little wine and cheese party and her introduction to Josh.”


Later, after Annie had left Eddie brought Honi her supper on a tray.

“Daddy, enough, no more, I need to get some exercise, I want to come down for my meals at the very least; I need to do some things to re-tone my muscles. I’d think you would want that, too, I need to tighten everything back up, you know what I mean, I’m still a little sore but I’m missing our fun.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll work you like a slave, run you around the block three times, make you do the “Brazilian Butt Lifts,” whatever.”

“Are you a horny Daddy?”

“Horny as a two peckered Billy Goat; damned Honi, it’s been three months; my hand’s about to be worn smooth.”

“Oh poor Daddy, I think it’s my hand that’s getting worn smooth along with my tongue. I’m the one that really has gone without; no sex, no cigarettes, no wine, and until I insisted no enemas; then big leaky boobs, a belly bigger than a water melon and a butt as broad as an axe handle and “Poor Daddy” is whining for sympathy, right?”

Even Eddie couldn’t help grinning over her comments; “Yeah I guess I’m not being very fair am I?”

“Oh, I understand and I’m still a little sore but next week I’ll be ready; however, we still have now to deal with don’t we?”

“Honi, I can wait.”

“No need if you don’t want. Saturday I want to have a little wine and cheese party and hold Joshua’s introduction to the world. I’ve invited Annie and her mom over at seven on Saturday. I know you’ve had fun with Angie for years so, we’ll have our little coming out for our son then I’ll need to take him upstairs and feed him; I’ll take Annie with me. My bedroom will be empty and inviting, take Angie up there and get some relief.”

“Women, God I can’t believe their scheming, you already had this worked out, didn’t you?”

And Saturday was so delectable, both red and white wines and a variety of cheeses, flat breads and crackers and the holding of a beautiful baby boy. After an hour, though, Josh let it be known that it was his turn to enjoy the food; Honi excused herself, asked Annie if she’d like to join her and took Josh upstairs for a changing and feeding.

Honi changed Josh and gave him a breast then burped him. She and Annie played gitchy-gitchy goo and peek-a-boo with him until he was exhausted, she rocked him to sleep and put him down.

Annie was enviously eying Honi’s breasts as Josh had fed, Honi had noticed and now lifted one, offering it to Annie; she fell onto it; in moments she was ecstatic but, unbeknownst to her, more, much more was to come; she heard the sound.

It was a primal sound, a low throaty sound then the pitch rose, almost a pleading as the voice, obviously a female, increased in intensity, pleading, begging, then wailing; finally screaming out; in an exquisite agony; begging, no more, please oh God, no more.

“Honi, what are we listening to,” Annie asked.

“Is it sexy, does it arouse you Annie,” Honi replied.

“Yeah, it’s pretty hot, what is it, it kinda sounds like my mom’s voice; freaky, right, but what was it?”

“A gal getting oral from a guy who likes to give it.”

Questions came to Annie’s mind; she asked, “Where did you get this recording, it’s unbelievable?”

She wouldn’t lie to her friend, she told her, “It’s no recording.”

Annie raised her head from Honi’s breast, “It’s not a recording? What is it?”

Honi pointed to the “Fisher Price” baby monitor, it looked like a child’s toy but it had a rather powerful range.

“I set it so sound from my room is transmitting and we are receiving here; we’re hearing the sounds from my room.”

The sounds emanating from the toy like looking device were, “Unh, ungh, ungh,” both of them making similar sounds as he pumped her and she took him; then there was an explosion of passion as both of them climaxed.

“God, that was fantastic,” Angie said.

“Oh yes Baby, absolutely the very best, the very best.”

“Honi?” Annie questioned, “What just happened?”

“My Dad just fucked your Mom, I think.”

There was quiet for several minutes then the sounds of a man and a woman holding and cuddling with each other were dominant. He was attending to her breasts, telling her of her beauty and sexuality and caressing her.

There could be heard nothing more than mumbling over the monitor, Honi was close to Annie’s ear as she spoke.

“I know what’s happening now,” she told Annie, “It will be unbelievable, just listen.”

As closely as they were monitoring what was going on the first voice that was distinguishable was Angie.

“Please be gentle Eddie.”

“I will be, just remember, push when I tell you, okay?”


“Ungh, Oooooooooo, God Eddie, I’m so full; ungh, ungh, ungh.”

Annie simply looked at Honi with a questioning expression.

“We gals can make some funny noises, can’t we,” Honi asked.

“Funny noises, what do you mean girlfriend, you make those noises?”

“Oh yes, I’ve made those sounds and so will you. Those are real time noises we’re hearing, that’s my Dad and your Mom, if we snuck into my room your Mommy would be on her knees, her bottom in the air and Daddy’s cock up her tight little bootie.”

“Honi…I can’t listen to any more, God, I’m so wet just hearing them, please, turn it off, please.”

She did, then pulled Annie’s long body up against her and hugged her, “Did it excite you?” Honi asked, Annie’s lanky frame was draped over Honi’s lap; she began rubbing her bottom through her shorts, allowing her finger to trace along Annie’s crack.

“Honi, please don’t,” Annie pled as she raised her hips, inviting Honi’s touch; the poor girl was beyond bewildered with her mysterious feelings. Honi’s fingered her through the cotton covering her bottom, fingering her anus and was rewarded as Annie squirmed.

Annie simply collapsed over Honi’s lap; God it felt so fantastic, if fingers could create those feelings what could a cock do Annie wondered?

“Fun?” Honi asked.

Annie hadn’t regained her breath quite yet; finally, “More than fun; unbelievable is more like it,” Annie breathlessly answered, “ Unfucking believable was what it was Honi; damn, that’s what I want before I go off to school.”

“Really girlfriend? Let me tell you what you’ll experience; you’re a virgin, when you get your cherry popped it will hurt but mostly it will just sting and give you a burning sensation, nothing you can’t live with; it will be a bit painful; but it’s kinda a one time thing; then, Oh my God, the pleasure, the excitement that you’ll enjoy.”

“And you’ve had the pleasure but I’ve only heard it; help me here Honi, please help me.”

Honi unfastened Annie’s shorts and worked them down until she could take them over her feet.

“What are you doing?” Annie asked.

“Come here, be my baby for a little while,” Honi answered as she once more gave Annie her breast.

She massaged Annie’s small breasts through her T-shirt then let her hand wander down over her taut, slim tummy until she covered her mons then, through her panties she rubbed her, a finger splitting her labia, pressuring her clitoris.

Annie was already lubricating heavily, her panties were wet with her juices when she exploded; she released the breast, wildly whipped her hair around and moaned in her ecstasy as she pounded her pelvis against Honi’s hand.

Spent, Annie lay panting. Honi took her into her arms, “Better baby?” She asked.

“I want to get fucked, if you can do that with one finger I can’t imagine what a real cock can do.”

Where to find a willing and, more importantly, an acceptable cock; Honi was positive that she knew.

“Would you like Daddy to be your first?” Honi asked.

“Your father? You’re kidding aren’t you?”

“Annie, he’s a great lover, tender and gentle; you heard him with your Mom.”

“Sure, but she’s old and so is he, you know?”

“Hey, you don’t get to keep him anyhow, you only get to borrow him ‘cause he’s mine.”

Annie looked askance at Honi; “You’re doing it with your Dad? Is that what you just told me?”

“Un huh, that’s what I said.”

“Josh?” A question from Annie to Honi.

“Josh.” Honi’s retort.

“God no wonder you’d never tell who the father was.”

“Now you know. We plan to have three more, I want four children.”

“Annie, it’s gonna be Daddy. Your period isn’t due or anything, is it?”

“No, I had it two weeks ago.”

“Okay, plan on next Saturday evening, are you free?”

It was sinking in, Annie was feeling her first twinges of nervousness, it was really going to happen, she answered, “I’m free all day Saturday, I was planning on visiting you and playing with Josh.”

“Honi, what am I suppose to do?”

“Come over like you planned, we’ll let Josh entertain us then I’ll help you get ready. I want it to happen right here on my bed, I want to watch; do you mind?”

“You want to watch me?”

“I want us both to be able to watch you, I want to record it, too.”

Annie shook her head and gave a little chuckle, “First time and already a porn star; why not?”

“Okay, so Saturday I’m going to bathe you, trim you and perfume you; get you ready then you can go home and dress. I want you to wear something really sexy; tight short shorts, a hot mini-skirt, something like that. You won’t need a bra but put on some really smokin’ panties; I want you to look good enough to eat; pun intended. Be here at six.”

After Angie and Annie had gone home Honi approached Eddie.

He was sitting in his chair in the living room having a cocktail when she climbed onto his lap.

“Why do I have the feeling that someone wants something,” Eddie asked.

She ground her bottom against him, “I really miss our sex and it’s still going to be another week. Do you miss it too, Daddy?”

“Damned right I miss it, I’ll be raring to go when the doctor releases you.”

“Me too. Not to change the subject but, do you think Annie’s cute?”

“Yeah, she’s cute and I like her tight body, long and lean with little peaches for breasts and perfect round melons for a bottom, yes, she’s cute.”

“Would you believe she’s still a virgin?"

“That is hard to believe, you’d think one of the tall boys, maybe a basketball player would have wanted to date her.”

“Daddy, she’s going to college the end of August. She doesn’t want to be the eighteen year old virgin when she goes.”

Eddie nodded his understanding of Annie’s plight.

“Daddy, she wants to give her virginity to you,” in almost a whisper she delivered her blockbuster announcement, “Will you?”

“How do you feel about that Honi?”

“I want you to and I want to be on the bed with you two when it happens.”

“You want to watch? You little voyeur you.”

“Will you Daddy?”

“I sense a plot, have you and Annie already worked this our?”

“Well, maybe a little.”

“Want to define “a little.”

“Ah, this Saturday evening at around six, on our bed with a video camera recording the proceedings; maybe that much “a little.”

“And what does Annie think about being the star of your first porn movie?”

“She wants to watch it.”

“Well, I guess if it would make you happy, I can endure this onerous experience but, remember, it’s only because it’s you asking.”

“Right, my oh so generous Daddy.”

Saturday arrived, at around two in the afternoon Annie came over. They played with Josh until he was worn out then he got his lunch, dry diaper and his afternoon nap.

“Ready to get started?” Honi asked.

“I’m nervous but I’m ready,” Annie answered.

“Okay, get me your enema then and we’ll get started.”

Honi had insisted that Annie buy her own bulb, although she’d used hers the first time Annie needed her own; it was kept in Honi’s lingerie drawer.

“I don’t need an enema, I’m not constipated,” Annie told her.

“I know baby but you don’t want to have an accident later, understand?”

Annie reddened in embarrassment, “He’s going to do that, too?”

“If I know Daddy he will, that’s his favorite. One way or the other, you’ll be ready though.”

Annie lay over Honi’s lap being lubricated, Honi kneaded her cheeks, rubbed her bottom and commented, “God you’ve got such a high, tight bottom, mine’s soft and a little broad, yours is so tight; Daddy’s gonna love it.”

After the enema was completed Honi ran a hot bath and bathed Annie in fragrantly scented water, soaping her with a loofah sponge, rinsing her and drying her with a huge fluffy towel.

She had Annie sit at her vanity and brushed her lush raven locks then put on just the smallest amount of make-up, only enough to accentuate the planes of her high cheek bones and some lip gloss.

“I’m not going to put on your perfume, you’ll need to do it while you’re dressing. Don’t use much, just a little spritz between your breasts and daub a little inside your thighs, you’ll be so sexy.”

After Annie had left to get dressed Honi set up the video camera and got the room prepared for the evening.

Just minutes before six Honi heard the doorbell; Eddie answered it, of course it was Annie, he ushered her in, giving her a hug and directing her to the sofa.

“Mr. Dvorak, I’m a little frightened.”

“It’s Eddie, please and Annie, that’s understandable, you’re embarking on a big step. It’s something that you want to think through; is it really what you want?”

“Yes, I want it, it’s just that I’m so nervous.”

“How about we have a glass of white wine? It’ll take the edge off and help us both to relax, may I pour for you?”

“Please, yes.”

Eddie went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of a nice crisp Chardonnay. When he returned Annie was up and pacing, he set the glasses on the table beside his chair, took Annie’s hand and led her. He sat and took her onto his lap.

“Annie, Honi and I like to sit and talk like this when we have serious things to discuss, now let’s relax and get comfortable.”

Annie reached for her wine draining the glass in a single swallow; Eddie gave her his.

“I love your outfit, so bright and sunny.”

She’d selected a yellow shorts outfit; it was tight against her bottom letting her panty line show. Her top was also yellow with a spray of blue cornflowers embroidered on the left breast.

“Thank you Eddie, I’m glad you like it, I wanted you to.”

He leaned toward her, giving her a small kiss and saying, “I do like the outfit but the real beauty is you Annie. I can’t tell you how flattered I am that you’ve chosen me for such a momentous occasion in your life.”

Annie was starting to feel more at ease, she settled comfortably against Eddie as his hand caressed her side and rubbed her tummy just like he did for Honi.

“That feels nice Eddie; what’s it going to be like, what we’re going to do?”

“Annie, everything will be slow and gentle, I want your first experience to be memorable for the pleasure you’ll feel.”

“Eddie, will you hurt me?”

“Maybe a little. When you lose your virginity you’ll probably feel some pain.”

“What are we going to do?”

“I’d like to start with you receiving oral stimulation, I think you’ll really enjoy that then we’ll move to vaginal intercourse. You may feel some pain during this when your hymen is torn. By the way, are you taking any birth control?”

“No, nothing.”

“I’m not going to use a condom so I’ll give you a Plan B pill for you to take in the morning.”

“Plan B?”

“It’s a “morning after” contraceptive pill, but if you intend to become sexually active get a doctor’s appointment and get on birth control; pills or IUD, okay.”

“Anyway, afterwards we’ll clean up and rest for a little while then, if you’re not too sore we can try some other positions; if you’re like most gals you’ll love being a cowgirl, we’ll see.”

“I’d like to hold you over my lap and massage you for a while then, I’ll lubricate you in preparation for anal sex. It may hurt a little, we won’t know ‘til we try; I’ll use my fingers to relax you; have you ever had anal penetration?”

“Just my enemas; do we have to do that Eddie, I’m frightened.”

“Annie, I want to do everything I can to make your evening something you’ll enjoy with a smile for the rest of your life. Anal sex is my favorite, I want to try but if you’re in too much pain, we’ll stop, fair enough.”

“I guess that’s fair.”

“Let’s talk about it. I’ll want you on your hands and knees; I’ll lower your head to a pillow and ask you to arch your back and raise your hips then I’ll add even more lubrication. When you’re ready I’ll move up behind you and rest my penis against your anus, I’ll stroke your bottom, your hips and your sides, talking to you, helping you to relax. When I think you’re ready I’ll ask you to push. What I want you to do is push out like you were trying to go potty, that opens your sphincters and lets me slide in more easily. I’ll stop after a couple of inches are in you to let you adjust then I’ll slowly press forward until I’m completely in. I’ll stop then for a few minutes. You’ll feel like you need to go to the bathroom, you don’t, it will be me filling you. Then I’ll begin to pump you until we climax.”

The entire time Eddie had been talking he was caressing Annie’s bottom through her shorts, “Are you ready to go upstairs, Honi’s probably peeing herself from anxiety.”

With a smile and a shake of her bootie, Annie got up and led the way.

“God I thought y’all had run away and got a motel room,” was Honi’s greeting.

“Oh, you’re so pretty Annie, I mean it, you’re beautiful, come here, let me hug you.”

Eddie was willing to let the girls bond, he knew Honi wanted an active participation in tonight’s events; he was more than willing to let her have her fun with her best friend.

Honi whispered, “Are you ready Annie?”

“I think so, no, I know so, you’re here, nothing bad can happen with you here.”

Looking past Annie Honi asked, “Daddy, can I help Annie undress?”

“Please do, she’d so beautiful if you’ll do that I’ll feel like you’re unwrapping a phenomenal gift just for me.”

She knew my warped sense of humor. “Bad Daddy,” she chastised.

I slipped out of my clothing and was waiting to accept Annie; Honi had taken her top and brassiere off along with her shorts, she was clad in only her panties; high hip cut, lacy around the legs and waist, white, virginal, already damp in all the right places, my virgin was lubricating in anticipation, I took her into my arms.

Sweet words, tender embraces, soft kisses, the young woman relaxed in my arms, melting then more exuberant kisses, passionate, lip bruising, tongue dueling, her lusty young body grinding against mine, the damp gusset of her panties leaking on my thigh as she rode my leg; I scooted her up, her breasts were small but near perfect, “The song of Solomon” came to mind, I fed from her as they were ripe pomegranates, red and succulent. Then her beautiful olive flesh, her tummy, taut as a drum head, smooth as silk, I tongued over her, one hand was cupping her sex, massaging her, letting her slowly pump herself against my palm.”

Her youthful excitement was exhilarating; her breath came almost in gasps and still, she’d only ridden my thigh, her sex organs still silk enwrapped, Honi came to the rescue. She took the waistband of Annie’s panties and slowly lowered them, exposing her friend. She was simply fantastic, only a virgin could look so, her mons veneris was covered with an ebony pelt, soft, slick enticing, Eddie let his tongue moisten her, he tugged at her hairs, he split her lips with the tip of his tongue, not quite Honi’s Honey Pot, there was none that could compare there, but Honi would be her only rival, and Annie’s flow started, liquid gold, she was already oozing her nectar, Eddie laved her vulva, tasting her sweet / salty flavor, her fragrance filling his nostrils, her flavor flooding his tongue, he sucked in her little love button, the jewel like tip, between his lips, into his mouth; he sucked on her until her body couldn’t take any more, she erupted, screaming, shrieking, moaning, a series of orgasms poured over Annie and, out of Annie, Eddie licked and sucked as Annie flowed, then he simply held her letting her exhausted body rest for a moment before moving between her slim, luscious thighs.

Guiding his penis along her slick vulva Eddie found her vaginal opening, he pressed in until he met resistance; her hymen, he stopped for a moment.

“Annie, this may hurt a little, are you ready?”

“I’m ready, go ahead.”

Eddie flexed his hips, thrusting forward; Annie gave a little squeal of pain, he stopped.

“I’m in you now Annie, no more pain,” as he started to gently stroke her.

At first it still hurt, tissue had been torn, but as he stroked into her the pain subsided, replaced by a new and exciting feeling, she was a woman now, having sex with a man; she wrapped her long legs around his waist and began working her pelvis in rhythm with his pumping.

Annie smiled, Honi was holding her hand but she didn’t really need the support, at least not right now, she was reveling in the pleasure she was feeling; Eddie began to pump harder and faster, filling her vagina, excited by her tightness. Never, not even with Honi had he experienced such grasping pressure, Annie was almost impenetrably tight but, once in there was nothing he’d ever felt better.

Nice, the climax was nice, not the explosion she’d gotten from her initiation to oral but, nonetheless, wonderful. Her climax as he pumped into her, his jerking spasms as he filled her with his semen; then he took her up into his arms.

“You’re absolutely spectacular Annie, my God, a woman couldn’t be more desirable, no more sexy; you’re fantastic.”

They lay together, talking, the three of them, Honi kissed Annie; “I’ve never seen anything so sensuous, so alluring, God Baby you’re too sexy.”

“Honi, did you really like looking at me, you’re so cute and I’m just long and lank You have nice titties and mine are hardly there and your bottom is so very cute and round; mine’s little bitty and skinny.”

Eddie decided to intervene, “Wimmens, I can’t understand them, but then, I’m a man so I guess that almost goes without saying; but, I’d like to state that you’re both luscious examples of feminine pulchritude yet all you see is the other’s obvious assets but not your own. If I had the money, I’d own two cars, a Bentley and a Bugatti. Honi, you’d be my Bentley, built for a soft comfortable ride and Annie, you’d be my Bugatti, long, lean and built for speed; I’d enjoy them both; now, let me take my Bugatti for a spin.

Eddie pulled Annie atop him, “Squat over me, I’ll let you go for a ride like a cowgirl.”

Annie did as instructed.

“Now, lower yourself on me, taking me in,” as he reached and opened her nether lips and guided himself to her love canal.

“That’s right Baby, now slowly sit until I’m all the way into you.”

Annie eased down, she was still a little sore from earlier. She came to rest with Eddie embedded in her.

“It’s your ride Cutie, up and down, back and forth, however you like it.”

Slowly Annie began sliding back and forth, gently, easily, trying out her new command of the sexual action; nice, so very nice, the clit massage she was giving herself on Eddie’s erection, she sped up then began to ride him up and down; God, she wanted both, the penetration she received when she rode up and down and the clitoral stimulation the back and forth gave her; Honi saved her from having to decide when she applied her fingers.

Annie looked into Honi’s eyes, they gleamed with devilishness as she slid her hand under her straining pussy and began to rub her clitoris.

“Oh My God Annie erupted, up and down, pounding against Eddie as Honi helped her to an explosive orgasm, she continued to ride, huffing, puffing and wailing as she flowed, damn, Oh Yes, fantastic, exhilarating, she rode until she was exhausted; his cock was still in her but she was spent; she fell forward into his waiting arms.

“Fun?” He asked.

“Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable,” she breathlessly replied.

He held her for a few moments then sat with his back to the headboard and eased Annie across his lap, Honi handed him a small jar of Vaseline that he kept on the nightstand.

“One more to go Baby,” he commented as he began to lubricate her. Annie was surprised at how arousing it was as he circled her rosebud; she’d never considered her anus as an erogenous area but it was certainly stimulating; she was rotating her hips, inching back toward his fingers.

A little gasp, soft, nearly silent as he penetrated her, working the Vaseline into her then she began to coo as Eddie pumped his finger and added a second with more lube.

She was ready, he eased her off his lap; “I’d like you up on your hands and knees Annie.”

Once in position Eddie asked Honi to give Annie a pillow for her head. He lowered her head, spread her legs a little and told her,

“Arch your back for me Baby.”

“Oh Honi, isn’t she beautiful?” He asked.

Honi took in Annie’s display and, if one’s idea of beauty is a girl’s aroused sex organs, she was in truth beautiful. Her tight ring was dusky rose and glistening from the Vaseline; her labia were slightly parted so that her coral vulva could be seen. A small quantity of semen had oozed from her vagina; Eddie kissed each cheek then kneaded and massaged her small, taut bottom, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin.

Finally he moved up behind her, asking, “You remember what I told you don’t you?”

“Un hunh, push when you tell me to.”

“Okay, push baby.”

As she bore down Eddie flexed his hips forward.”

Annie groaned as his penis invaded her, pressing through her sphincters. He paused until she had accepted the head then he gently but firmly slid further until he was completely in.

As he entered Annie was emitting a low throaty moan. When he stopped his forward progress Annie started to pant, “Oh, oh, ungh, God, I feel so full, I’ve gotta go, let me go potty, please.”

“You’re okay Annie, you don’t have to go, that’s just Daddy’s cock filling you up,” Honi explained as she stroked Annie’s raven tresses, “Just relax, I’m here for you.”

Eddie began to stroke, slowly and gently at first then with an increasing urgency. He’d never felt anything quite like Annie; she was incredibly tight and unimaginably hot; her sensuous sounds so very, very arousing.

“Honi, would you help Annie?” He asked as he took her hand and guided it between Annie’s splayed thighs.

Honi fondled her friend then massaged her clitoris. When Annie began to respond to Honi’s ministrations Eddie mounted her a little higher and pounded into her, taking his pleasure from her fantastic bottom.

Annie trembled then wailed; Honi had brought her to climax. As contractions wracked her body Eddie’s cock was squeezed, he swelled and erupted, pumping pulse after pulse of his cum into her. He gripped her hips and thrust as he gushed, finally slowing as he was drained. He lowered her to the mattress, still in her until he’d softened then rolled off and took her in his arms.

“How do you feel Baby?” Honi asked her.

“Oh God, it was fantastic but I’m exhausted.”

“You can stay the night, sleep with me if you want.”

“Honi, I’d love to but Mom lent me the car and I have to have it home before eleven.”

“Too bad, it would be fun.”

“Yeah, it would but I guess I better head home,” Annie said as she rose from the bed and began to dress.

Eddie got up and went to the bathroom; he wanted to get a plan B pill for Annie.

As he walked her to the front door he handed it to her, “Take this in the morning, it’s emergency birth control but if you intend to remain sexually active you need to go on the pill or get an IUD pretty soon.”

Annie drove home, on wobbly legs she walked to the front door; Angie was waiting.

“Why don’t I help you into a nice hot bath and then to bed, you can tell me all about it tomorrow.”

“Thanks Mom.”

Back at Honi and Eddie’s, he went back upstairs.

“Well did you enjoy your show?” Eddie asked.

“Oh Daddy, it was spectacular; I’ve never been so aroused before. My panties are wet from just watching; God I want it so much but I guess I have to wait, don’t I?”

He climbed into bed with her, kissed her then gently rolled her onto her side facing away from him and massaged her abdomen, “Honi I understand, I want you, too. You’re my love and my life; the mother of my son and the most desirable woman in the world.

He took his hand from her front and massaged her buttocks.

Oh she loved the feel and his words, she was literally cooing as he massaged her. She felt as the back of her panties was lowered like when he took her temperature then she felt the cool slickness and finger like when she was getting her enema; she knew then what was happening; with a sigh and her little moan, he filled her.

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