Chalie once again babysits for Mrs Henderson. This time there is only him and Zoe . . .

This story is the result of a request from my friend Kinkybitch, who is not only fun and great to know, but she’s as sexy as it comes/cums and a lovely person. The original story was based on something that was supposed to have happened, and the characters, Charlie and Zoe are based on real people, although their names have been changed, Charlie, although a nice lad, wasn’t the cleverest, and I’ve attempted to put that into his character as the narrator. Charlie was 16, Tim was 13, and Zoe and Carla were 12, although advanced for their age. This tale is set in England, in the late seventies, and I use words such as wank, which means masturbation. I hope you like it.

This is how me and Zoe lost our cherries. I didn’t know it at the time, but Tim and Carla lost their cherries some time before us. I’m gonna give you my story, and flick to what happened with them as well. Tim gave me and Zoe the details, so I’ll tell their tale.

Mrs Henderson, who I babysat for, had asked me around to the house one Friday afternoon to help with clearing some junk. Some of it was heavy, and she couldn’t do it herself, so needed someone stronger than her. I said I would, and we spent the afternoon lugging stuff around. It was knackering. While I finished off, Mrs Henderson had a shower and changed her clothes. She was taking Mike, her 13 year old son, to his mate’s house for the night, and then going on to meet her friend, who she was going out with that night, so I had extended time with Zoe.

“I’ve left some money for a take-away, for your tea,” Mrs Henderson told me. “I hope you don’t get too bored. Get Zoe to bed for half past eleven. I’ve also left a towel, so you can have a shower.”

“Thanks, Mrs Henderson,” I said.
Mike came racing down the stairs. “Can we go?”
Mrs Henderson smiled. “Okay. I’ll see you later, Charlie.”

Zoe stood before me in her school uniform, grinning. “Good. We’re alone now.”
I grinned back. “I’m gonna have a shower.”
“Good. I’ll join you.”

I could feel my dick twitch. She may have been twelve, but she looked a bit older and was real sexy. “Okay.”

We went upstairs and into the bathroom, which had been recently done out with a big walk-in shower. Mrs Henderson’s brother was a plumber, so she got the best. Zoe took her shirt off, revealing a lacy white bra. I took my shirt off. I smiled at her and took my jeans and socks off. Zoe unclipped the back of her skirt and let it fall. Then she took off her black tights. She pursed her lips as she put her hand into her skimpy little pale blue knickers.

“Kiss me,” she said.

I moved towards her and put my lips on hers, and my arms around her back. She draped her arms over my shoulders. We moved our lips and opened our mouths. I put my tongue into her mouth and touched hers. She wiggled her tongue around, fast at first but slowed down. It was good. She wasn’t a bad kisser. I unclipped her bra-strap. She put her hands on my arse. I was real herd now, and pressed my dick against her. I moved my hand up to her tit and pulled her bra out of the way. I softly tweaked her nipple, which was already hard. She pulled my underpants down and put her hand on my dick. I kissed her neck and moved down to her tits, kissing them and sucking those lovely pink nipples. I ran my tongue down to her knickers and pulled them down, licking her soft black pubes as she opened her legs a bit. I pulled her outer lips apart and put my tongue on her clit.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Zoe said. “Let’s get into the shower.”

We discarded the rest of our clothes and Zoe turned the shower on, waited for it to warm up and pulled me in. We stood snogging for a bit, and then soaped each other all over. I loved her naked flesh. We let the soap wash off us and started kissing again. I felt her pussy and she put her hand on my dick, wanking it. We felt each other’s bodies all over, and then she knelt down, putting my hard dick into her mouth. I was average for a sixteen year old: it was five and a half inches. She moved back and forth with her mouth, making me groan out loud. She fiddled with my balls with one hand and stroked my shaft with her other. She got faster and faster and after a few minutes I could feel myself getting near.

Looking down, I said, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” She carried on and I couldn’t hold back. My legs turned to jelly as my first load shot into her mouth. She carried on sucking. I came again and again, moaning all the time, till I ran out of juice. I felt her swallow my spunk. Fuck, it was good.

Zoe took my dick out of her mouth and grinned. ‘Mmmmmm. That was a good load. I’m getting a taste for spunk.”

I put my hand on her pussy. I loved those soft black hairs that sat upon her outer lips, petering out an inch and a half above the top of her crack. I slipped my finger into her groove and felt her hard clit. I moved my head down to her gorgeous cunt as Zoe opened her legs. I glided my finger down between her pink inner lips and up into her slippery hole. Hearing her moan, I put my tongue onto her clit and ran it around in circles. Her legs quivered. I carried on paying her clit attention, and pushed my finger in and out of her hole. Zoe put her hand on my head. I could tell that she was enjoying it. She opened her legs wider, almost crouching. I carried on tonguing her hard clit and she continued to tremble. “Ah, ah, ah, ah.” Her hole was getting even wetter, and it wasn’t the water from the shower. Her noises got louder and louder, and eventually she want, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck!” Her legs went funny and she leaned on me. “Oh, oh, fuck, that’s great. Stop, please stop. Oh, fuck!”

I stood up and kissed her, squeezing the firm cheeks of her peachy arse. “Was that good?”
She hugged me. “Fucking yeah.”
I smiled. “Good. There’s more of that to come.”


Tim and Carla went indoors. Tim was a good looking lad with a shock of dark curly hair, while Carla had short ginger hair and was pretty, with pale freckles. Carla’s parents weren’t due back until six, and it was only four. Walking home from school they’d been talking about the previous Friday evening with Zoe and me, and how much fun it had been. Tim was half hard and Carla was getting wet.

“Come upstairs,” Carla said, putting her hand on his dick.
“Fucking yeah.”
Arriving in Carla’s tidy purple bedroom, she smiled. “Come on, kiss me.”

Tim moved to her and kissed her soft lips. Tim wasn’t that experienced at kissing, but Carla liked it all the same. He grabbed her arse and she grabbed his. Their tongues were moving around each other’s mouths. Tim felt Carla’s pointed tits and she put her hand on his dick, which was rock hard. They fell onto the bed and started taking each other’s shirts off. Their hands were all over the place. Tim felt Carla’s thighs and touched her yellow cotton knickers, feeling that they were wet. His trousers came off and so did her skirt. It wasn’t long before she was just in her knickers, with Tim sucking her pale pink puffy nipples. She felt his hard dick and began removing his underpants. Putting her hand onto his circumcised five and three quarter inch cock, she began stroking it.

“Let’s do a sixty-nine,” Carla whispered. “I’ll suck your dick and you can lick my fanny.”
“Oh, fuck, yeah.”

Tim pulled her knickers down and felt her thick bright ginger pubes, moving down to her clit, which he touched. Carla gasped and sat up, moving her cunt over his head, and her mouth to his swollen dick. She put the mushroom-like bell end in her mouth and began moving her lips over it. Tim craned his neck up, tonguing her large floppy brown pussy lips and putting his finger onto the sopping wet entrance. Carla took more of his cock in her mouth and felt his hips move. Tim now had his finger all the way up into her pussy, and was licking her big clit as she moved her arse around. She was getting wetter all the time and the stimulation on her clit was becoming intense. Tim could feel Carla playing with his sack, also wanking his shaft real fast. He moved his head away from her cunt and groaned.

“I’m cumming, Carla, I’m cumming!” He tensed up and felt an explosion that went all through him as he jetted his cum into Carla’s mouth, hitting the back of her throat. He shot again and again, crying out. For Carla, there was too much spunk and some dribbled out of her mouth and onto his bush. Then Carla took her mouth away and let his dick flop onto his naval. She took two goes to swallow it before flopping onto her back. She opened her legs wide. Tim moved between them and resumed his work on her slippery hole. He tried putting a second finger in, but Carla went, “Ouch,” and he carried on with just the one, constantly rubbing his tongue up and down her clit, holding the hood up with the finger on his other hand.

Carla began moving her hips around. She could feel that she was going to cum. The sensation built up around her pussy and arse as she flailed her legs around, finally letting out a yelp and lurching her arse into the air, holding it there for a few seconds, and then pushing Tim’s head away and closing her legs, panting. “Oh, fuck. That went right through me. Jesus!”

Tim moved up and kissed her, placing his hand on her beautifully shaped tit. “Fuck, Carla, you’re wet.”

Carla looked at him. “I’ve been wet since we were walking home. Fuck, that was good!”


After our shower I put on the clean clothes that I’d brought with me. We went downstairs and put the telly on. We knew that we had a long evening ahead, so we didn’t do anything sexy, but we did talk about dicks and cunts we’d seen in the changing rooms. After a couple of hours we ordered a Chinese take-away. There was only one that delivered, and I knew that it wasn’t the best, but it would just have to do, we agreed.

A while after dinner we stripped off to our undies. Zoe was wearing a matching set that was white with pale blue flowers. She was so sexy looking and lay there, posing around. I went to her and we kissed, gently feeling each other up and down. I was hard in no time.

Zoe smiled at me. “Charlie, I want to try doing it later.”
I looked into her eyes. “Really?”
“Yes. I’ve got some jonnies.”

“Um, yeah, but only if you want to.”
“I want to.”
I couldn’t believe it. “Okay.”

“Good,” she said, kissing me. “We’ll do that later. For now, I just want us to tease each other and take ages before we cum. I love it when you touch me soft.”

I kissed her and put my hand on her tit. “Okay. Are we going to be naked?”

“Yes.” She took hold of my underpants and pulled them down, stroking my thigh. “You’ll have to try not to cum.”

Fuck, I felt horny. I wanted to jump on her there and then. I kissed her neck and tried undoing her bra, but had difficulty, so she did it for me. Once her tits were free I touched the nearest one, making her nipple hard. She had her hand on my thigh but didn’t touch my hard dick. I’d spent half an hour touching myself when I’d been looking at mags, and it had been great. I just hoped I didn’t cum too fast. I touched the inside of her thigh, kissing her on the lips. She lifted her bum and I pulled her knickers down, running my fingers through her soft dark hairs. We spent the next three quarters of an hour playing around.

Zoe’s pussy was soaking wet and my dick was constantly dribbling. I was desperate to cum. We licked each other’s juice off our fingers, and kept each other going. Zoe didn’t touch my dick very often, but she didn’t need to. The inside of my foreskin was sopping. I fingered her hole, but didn’t touch her clit much. Eventually she said that she couldn’t take any more, so I licked her clit and she came, groaning and thrusting her hips into the air. When she calmed down she kissed me and took hold of my dick, and slowly wanked. I shot my load all over me and some landed on my face. I came so much as well. Much more than normal, and some of it was real watery. Zoe smiled and licked me clean. Fuck, it was amazing! Then we kissed. Zoe was lovely.


Tim and Carla were lying on the bed. They’d enjoyed making each other cum and still had plenty of time before Carla’s parents were due home. They talked about me and Zoe, saying that we’d have to have a proper foursome sometime.

“I’ve really got into this.” Carla said, looking at Tim’s soft cock.
“Me too. Charlie’s a great guy. It was him who started all this.”
“I know. Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah. What?”
“Have you ever thought about actually doing it?”
“What, fucking?”

Carla went red. “Yeah.”
“Yeah, I have.”
“Do you want to do it now?”
“Yeah, but we need rubbers.”

“I’ve got some.” Carla got up and went across to her drawer, opened it and pulled out a jonnie. “I’m nervous, but I want to try it. You’re nice and I like you. I want you to be the first.”

Tim couldn’t believe his luck. He touched his dick. “I like you as well. You’re real pretty.”
Carla lay beside him. “Thanks.” She kissed him. “I want you in me.”

Tim kissed her back and they started snogging. Tim put his hand on her bushy fanny as she opened her legs. He slid his finger down onto her clit and softly rubbed it before moving down to her wet entrance, inserting his finger. Carla felt a surge of pleasure and grabbed his dick. Carla moved her lips away. “I want to do it, but I’m tight. I can’t get more than one finger in. I’ve heard that girls bleed the first time, so I’ll sit on top, so I don’t get blood on the sheets.”

Tim kissed her and softly said, “Okay.”

Carla opened the jonnie packet and handed it to Tim, who put it on the tip of his dick and rolled it down. Carla moved on top of him, positioning her hole on the end of his dick and wriggling. “Ooh.” She moved some more, wincing. He looked at his dick, with her lips wrapped around it. Looking down at her lover, she slowly began lowering herself onto him. “Oh, fuck!” She pushed down a little more and felt something break. “Ow!” Not wishing to give up, she grimaced and pushed some more, her pussy slowly taking his dick in. Tim lay there in heaven. Little by little, Carla engulfed his pole with her pussy, moving up and down just a fraction. She felt pain, but also pleasure. She pushed some more and her pussy had his helmet inside. She carried on moving and soon her pussy was halfway down his dick. With one more final effort she took him all in. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

“Oh, fuck,” Tim said, putting his hands on those beautiful pert tits.

Carla sat above him, moving her hips back and forth. Then she moved up and down a bit. Tim looked at her cock filled cunt. There was a little blood on her juicy lips. He couldn’t believe the sensation, and neither could Carla, who was now feeling less pain, and an increasing amount of pleasure.

Carla began moving up and down with larger strokes, pressing down and grinding herself against him. She leaned forwards, kissing him as she continued to move herself up and down his dick. After a few minutes she gasped, “Oh, fuck, Tim. I’m going to cum.”

“So am I,” Tim whispered. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming.” Tim couldn’t hold on, and he felt his cock and balls explode. The feeling went right through him, overpowering him. Every nerve in his body was on fire.

Carla began moving more quickly, pushing her cunt against him and wriggling from side to side, and a minute later she came as well. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” she cried, lurching upwards and arching herself backwards. “Oh, oh, oh.” She collapsed onto him, kissing him passionately, with her hands moving all over him. “Fucking hell, Tim. That was amazing!”

“Fuck, yeah,” Tim panted. “I never thought it would be that good.”
“Me neither. I want to do it again.”
Tim kissed her. “You’re bleeding.”
Carla kissed him back. “I don’t care.”

They did do it again, and although still a bit sore, Carla enjoyed it even more. So did Tim, who managed to go longer before cumming. They had taken each other’s cherries and they had loved every moment.


Me and Zoe were lying on the sofa. It was nine ‘o’ clock, and the soaps had all finished. We were naked, but we’d stopped messing around. My dick was soft. I was just happy to be lying there with her. She’d said that she wanted to try fucking, and I couldn’t wait, but we had plenty of time so I wasn’t worried.

Zoe kissed me. I kissed her back. She said, “I wanna do it, Charlie.”
“So do I,” I said.

She got up and went across the room to her bag, pulling out a little silver packet. She put it on the floor and beckoned me down. I joined her and we lay there, softly kissing. Our tongues were dancing around each other’s and our hands were moving up and down one another’s bodies. Fuck, she was beautiful. She was tender. She was soft. She was perfect. She put her hand on my dick, but it was different this time. It felt like she really wanted me and had feelings. I ran my hand up her thigh and stroked the soft hairs on her outer pussy lips, teasing her before feeling the wetness of her hole. I slipped a finger in and wiggled it around, adding a second. Zoe moaned. I removed my fingers and covered her clit with the juice, stimulating it.

“Let’s do it, Charlie,” she whispered, and handed me the jonnie.

I opened it and got it out. I’d practised putting one on several times when I’d been wanking alone, so was no stranger. I pulled my foreskin back and placed it on the top of my helmet, rolling it down. I was shaking with excitement. I moved on top of Zoe and kissed her. We opened her mouth and our tongues entwined again. I loved her wet mouth. With my hand I guided my dick towards her hole and put it on the edge.

“Be gentle,” Zoe murmured into my ear.
“I will.” I kissed her on the neck.

Slowly I moved my dick in. It felt warm. Zoe wriggled a bit. I pushed a bit more, feeling my helmet inside. I knew that some girls felt pain the first time they did it, but when Zoe wanked, she used to put two fingers in, and had tried three. I went in and out a bit, and then pushed a bit harder. She groaned. I carried on going in and out on the edge of her hole. It felt amazing. Kissing her with meaning, I went in further. Zoe moaned again. I was halfway in, and was moving in and out. Zoe began moving with me, and soon I was all the way up inside her. Zoe gasped. I nibbled her neck.

“Oh, Charlie,” she whispered.

I began moving more quickly and increased the length of my strokes. Mary moved with me. As I pushed into her she pushed back, rubbing her clit against me. It was fucking heaven. I couldn’t believe the sensation. It felt warm and wet, and her cunt was gripping my dick tightly. We carried on moving together, kissing and groaning. She was getting wetter all the time and I could feel her juice on my balls. Fuck, it felt great!

“Oh, fuck, Charlie,” Zoe gasped a couple of minutes later, pushing her pussy onto my dick. “I’m gonna cum soon.”

I kissed her tit and sucked her nipple. “So am I.”
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”
I went all the way out and thrust back into her. “Oh, Zoe.”

Suddenly she screamed and she wriggled around. Her arms and legs were all over the place. She soaked my balls as she moved around. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” she screamed again, pushing against me. I was so turned on by her moving and screaming, and my dick was close to bursting.

“I’m cumming.” I thrust into her and she held herself against me. Her eyes were screwed up. I pushed as I came again, and again. My whole body was on fire and my groin felt like it was going to explode. I kept cumming. It felt like it went on for ever Finally, I collapsed onto her and we kissed, holding each other tight.

Zoe was breathing heavy. “God, fucking God!”

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue into my mouth and we kissed like animals. Then she said, “That was incredible. I’ve never cum like that before.”

“Me neither.”
She smiled. “I’m glad we did it. I wanna do it again.”
I kissed her. “So do I, but give me a minute or two.”

We both started laughing. My dick was still inside her and I didn’t ever want to take it out. Eventually I did, and we lay on the sofa together. We were no longer virgins, and it felt real good. We did it again before her mum came home, and it was even better the second time. We tried it with her on top, and it was just wow. For us, that was just the beginning.

Please feel leave your comments. They are appreciated. I like to hear what you all think. If you want to email me direct I’m on: or you can message me here. I answer all messages. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Thanks for reading and all the best,


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