How I made my Mom my sex slave
The beginning

Hi, my name is Paul, the story I am about to relate began 20 years ago, when I was 15. I was an only child, and living at home with my mother, just the two of us since the divorce. Dad was a wealthy business man and had left Mom with a good settlement, she had the home, and a reasonable alimony, so......we were quite comfortable. Mom looked after herself, kept herself fit, she had a good figure...blonde hair. My friends often remarked about how “hot” she was. Not that I had not noticed that for myself. Indeed I had been noticing this for a good few years. I had often tried to catch glimpses of her naked, and had at times succeeded. The first time this happened was by accident. I walked into her bedroom, didn’t think to knock, she had just stepped out of the shower…..and there she was, my beautiful Mom…naked before my eyes. She quickly wrapped a towel around her…but not before I had taken the glorious sight in. She scolded me for not knocking. But I didn’t mind. What I had seen made up for that. After that I contrived other ways to spy on her, adjusting mirrors etc….
The sight of my Mom naked always made me hard……always made me want to masturbate….with her pictured in my mind…getting myself off to thoughts of my mom. She was indeed a “hot” mom. Then, one day, she caught me out. I was standing outside her room as she was changing,the door was slightly ajar, had watched as she took her clothes off, watched as she walked to her wardrobe. She turned suddenly, saw me standing there. “Paul, what are doing, are you spying on me?”, she asked. I was abashed, frozen to the spot. She quickly wrapped a towel around herself, walked over toward me. “You shouldn’t be doing that Paul, its not nice for you to watch me like this”, she admonished. Then I noticed her eyes glance down, I was wearing just shorts and a T-shirt, my erection must have been obvious… was pushing hard against my shorts. To my amazement, I saw a slight smiles cross her face, she looked up to me……”My, you have grown up….become a man”, she said. My face reddened at the thought of my mom seeing my hard on. “So, you want to see me naked do you?.....naughty boy”, she asked. She dropped the towel…..stood there….stark naked in front of me. My eyes took in the picture before them, firm round breasts, nipples standing up, eyes moved downwards, flat tummy, and…..further down to her smooth hairless pussy. Yes, she certainly had looked after herself, she looked as good as the girls in my porno mags. I turned…..headed to my bedroom…..”Sorry mom”, I said. A moment later, I heard a knock on the door, “Can I come in?”, she asked. I replied yes in a shaky voice. She had the towel wrapped around her again….covering her up. “It’s ok dear, it’s all part of growing up…..hormones”, she smiled at me, “I do understand”. I was just standing there, my cock even harder, poking against my shorts, standing straight out. Then, unbelievably, she took a step closer, her hand reached out, pushed into my shorts, took my rigid cock into her hand…..”Mmmmm, you are a big boy now”….her hand squeezing me. “Now, fairs fair”, she said as her other hand pulled my t-shirt up over my head, and ran along my body, down to join her other hand, inside my shorts. She now had both hands on my cock. Still smiling, she let the towel drop again, dropped to her knees, slowly tugged my shorts down. I was now standing naked, in front of my naked mom, my hard cock in her hands, it was harder than it had ever been before, big, rigid, red, throbbing. I felt her hand against my stomach, gently pushing me, pushing me back to my bed. I fell backwards, was now lying on my bed, my cock standing straight up, Moms’s hand still wrapped around the shaft. She sat on the bed next to me, left hand on my chest, right one on my cock, slowly moving up and down the shaft. Her head lowered, I felt her lips against the top, then, her mouth opened, enveloped my dick. Oh my god……my Mom is giving me a blowjob.
Of course I had had sex before, and had girls giving me oral, but this was something different, something on another level. The other girls where not as good at is as Mom, maybe Mom was more experienced. I laid back, enjoying the feeling as her mouth worked my cock, lips covering it's head, hand working it,s shaft. Then Mom lowered her head more, I felt my cock slide deep into her warm throat, she swallowed me, her lips were now against my groin, so deep was I. A few movements of her head, up......down...and I knew I was gonna cum, cum into my mom's mouth.My hips jerked upwards to meet her face.....I felt myself spurt...over and over, felt her as she swallowed my load. She lifted her mouth from my cock, I saw cum trickling from her lips.....she licked it up with her tongue, squeezed my cock.....drew the last from me.As I fell back on the bed,she looked at me smiled...."Was that good baby?", she asked. "Oooooh.....ooh Mom", was all I could reply, She drew herself up on the bed, laid beside me, hand still stroking my cock. Her other hand lifted one of her breasts towards my face...."Suck my tits", she said. I obeyed, lowered my head took her nipple into my mouth. It was hard, I flicked my tongue over it, softly closed my teeth on her nipple. Heard a slight moan from her. "Mmmmmmm" was all she said. She was still stroking my cock, which was now stiffening again...soon I was well hard. She rose from the bed...straddled me.....legs apart...rubbed my cock against her pussy slowly sat down on me. I felt her pussy open to accept was an exquisite's hot damp pussy engulfing my newly hard again cock.....she slowly rose and fell on it. I couldnt really beleive what was happening, first mom had taken me in her she was fucking me. " Mmm.....come on baby...I know you have been spying on me watching me......seeing me its my turn.......fuck me baby". My hips began to rise to meet her fall.....pushing deeper into her pussy.....I felt myself hit the top of her vagina.....her cervix....I was now buried deep is side her. She began to move faster along my shaft. "Mmmmm...oooooo yes....fuck me fuck me fuck me", she whispered, "Its been so long for me...without a man". I thrusted harder...faster, my hands on her hips forcing her pussy down on me..then up again.....down harder. I looked to her face, she was smiling, eyes half closed, breathing hard. I was closing in on cumming again when I felt her pussy grip my shaft harder ....squeezing my cock. She suddenly stiffened, her cunt gripped even harder, she gasped....."Ohhh goooddddd..Im cumming", she almost screamed, and with a shudder, she did, at the same instant as me. My semen flowed again, this time filling my mom,s pussy. We bucked together for a moment.....then she fell on top of me....."Ohh baby...that was really are a man now", she whispered.
We carried on like this for the next few months. I fucked her many, many times.Learned to use her body, how to make her reach orgasm, time after time. Learned how to use my mouth on her pussy, how to lick her clit, to bring her to the edge, beforefucking her. It was a bliss time.
Then, one weekend I went away with some pals, camping. Left on the Friday, due back Sunday night. However, all the plans for the camping trip went wrong...(another tale). Came home unexpectedly on Saturday night. I was somewhat surprised to see a strange car in the was not moms. I let myself into the the living room was a man's jacket. I remember thinking this too was strange. I heard voices coming from upstairs, crept silently up them....Moms bedroom door was slightly ajar. The sounds where coming from there..I crept closer to the door.....glanced in. I could not believe what I saw, I was so shocked. There was my Mom......fucking a man. They had their backs to me, she on her knees, him fucking her hard from behind. I was outraged, furious....furious that my Mom was screwing someone else when she thought I was away. I silently made my way downstairs...out the door. Went to my best pals home.....told him I had lost my keys, and that Mom was not at home. stayed there for a few hours, stewing in my fury. I would have my revenge, teach her a lesson, teach her that she cannot fool around behind my be continued in the next chapter

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I don't know what you are moaning about, she is your mother you don't own her.
You might fuck her and think you have her to yourself but really think about it.
She is your mum not your lover.
Grow up. And stop fucking your mother.
From Misterjedi.

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