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The continuation of a naughty nympho's exploration of America
** This is the fourth story in this series. To really understand what she is doing I suggest you read the other three chapter's first, but it is not essential. This chapter is very heavy on the sex, the character development having occurred in previous chapters... along with lots of nasty sex. Comments are very much appreciated. I have tried to be careful with my use of the English language, however I am not a proefessional writer and it is my second language.

Please enjoy... and thank you for reading it!!! **

Character Refresher:

Yukio: The main Character. Has just started at a new high school in America. Sex is like a drug to her. Despite her best intentions to be a good girl she has been very naughty. She is Japanese, and a Senior in high school, 5' tall, and weigh 105 lbs. Her hair is long, to the small of her back, and it is a deep black colour. Her eyes are brown and large. She has a very cute ass. She thinks her best feature are her full B cup breasts that look very big on her. She has long nipples, they are one centimetre long and she is fit from swimming. People have also told her she has a lovely voice.

Other characters as described by Yukio in the first part of the series:

Hillary: Really pretty girl, cheerleader, slim figure with large C cup breasts she clearly liked to show off. She is 5'7” tall and had a really beautiful face and bright green eyes. She had expensive clothes and seemed nice. She had become my closest friend and occasional lover.

Marcus: Slender guy, 5'10”,swimmers body, light brown hair, blue eyes and the most perfect teeth I have ever seen. He was dressed normally by I noticed he had an Omega watch. You could tell by his tight shirt that he had a serious body. I liked his smile.

Tonya: Tall, blonde, built, with a sparkling smile and large firm breasts. She was wearing shorts a bikini top. Her legs were toned and tanned. Her blue eyes were welcoming and her makeup and hair were flawless. Also a cheerleader which made sense.

Greg: 6'1”, 220lbs, really fit based on the tight shirt and muscular. He played football and a “Running Back” and seemed friendly. His blonde hair and blue eyes gave him a look like he belonged at the beach.

Michael: 6'4” tall, he looked like a cross between a football player and a cowboy. He was the biggest of the group and had tanned skin and large muscles. His legs were like tree trunks and I thought he must be a football player. It turned out later I was wrong, his parents were ranchers and he worked for his muscles as he put it. He had short dark brown hair, soft green eyes, and a really gentle smile. His hands were huge and they were working hands. It turned out he had a very nice big thick 10” cock. Best I had ever seen in my life to that point.

Christine: A fiery redhead. She was 5'5”, had long curly red hair in a ponytail and could only be described as perky. She had a trim body and more energy than anyone should, like she chases coffee with Redbull.

Yukio's Adventures Part 4

At the end of Part 3 Michael and I had just finished having wild sex, his first time, in the Theatre Room located in the basement of Hillary's parents home. After filling me with his got cum I noticed he was still rock hard and straddling him, invited him to keep fucking me.

That was when we heard the door open. In walked Hillary and Tonya and when they saw us both Michael and I froze.

Hillary said “Holy shit you guys!” with a big smile while twirling a keyring around her finger. Tonya was standing there clearly admiring the view and smiling.

“Good thing I had this key.” Hillary said.

Michael said abruptly “Do you two fucking mind?” sounding more than slightly annoyed.

“Oh we don't mind fucking” said Tonya as she dropped her shorts, and began removing her other clothes.

Hillary just laughed as she locked the door again and turned to us and began disrobing.

Michael looked stunned and turned his eyes back to me.

“Have you ever wanted three women serving your body and fucking you?” I asked sweetly.

“Holy shit” he said, a huge smile spreading across his face. “I mean, are you sure... I... I don't want to do something that upsets you. I... oh I'm a fucking idiot but we should not do this because I don't want to screw things up between you and me.”

Tonya and Hillary, having stripped naked heard what Michael said and I swear they said “Ahhhhhhh” in unison and Hillary said “Michael... you are definitely a different kind of guy. You might be right though. Yukio what do you think?”

I looked over at my two girlfriends, standing there naked and so gloriously fresh and beautiful. Tonya had slid an arm around Hillary's waist and was lightly kissing her shoulder while they both kept their eyes locked on Michael and I.

Michael's cock was still hard and fully encased in the wet velvety vise of my little Japanese pussy. I turned and looked at Michael and saw the concern in his eyes. I leaned in and gently and softly kissed him. Sitting back slightly I brought my hand up to caress his face.

“Michael... I am not the Good Girl you seem to think I am. I am not a precious treasure, not a fine piece of precious glass that breaks easily. I am a young woman who is lustful by nature. I am a physical being and always have been. I have been with many men, and more women than that by half.” I saw his eyes go wide. I continued “You are the sweetest of men my Handsome. You are wonderful and giving lover and your cock is best I have ever seen or felt. You are all around a very amazing person and it has been the greatest of pleasure to be your first woman. I like you Michael... very much. Jealousy is not what I believe in? Do you understand what I mean? I am not jealous. I would love to share these beautiful friends with you and give you a special night of pleasure you will remember for all of your life.”

Michael's cock twitched, but still he tried to avoid looking to horny. “Yukio I understand but I need to know for sure you are okay with this.”

Smiling lustfully I said “You would like me to prove this to you?”

He seemed a bit surprised and said “Well, okay... yeah.”

I leaned down and kissed Michael and then raised up off of him. He was left sitting there in the large recliner, naked, with his amazing cock standing hard and proud, coated with our combined juices. I heard Tonya and Hillary gasp when they saw it and Tonya uttered “holy sweet fucking shit that is a nice cock.”

Michael blushed and I smiled down at him and looked at Tonya and said “It is the best and most beautiful. Please would you both like to see closer maybe?”

Hillary knew what I wanted and took Tonya's hand and lead her over. Before they did anything with Michael I slid myself close to them and we three women embraced. I heard Michael moan as he watched his Japanese lover start french kissing a hot Caucasian brunette and our blonde friend. The erotic vision playing out before Michael was clearly having a profound effect and I heard Hillary say sweetly “He is stroking his meat for us.”

I gently disengaged and said to my female lovers “Please help me to make this so special for him.”

Tonya laughed and said “I don't think that will be a problem” and she dropped to her knees and started sucking Michael's cock with a vengeance. Hillary kissed me and said “What about you?”

“You are sweetest person Hillary, but this is about Michael and you already pleased me greatly earlier.” I replied as I gently caressed her.

Hillary smiled and said “Let's get him then!” and started to giggle. I stood and watched as Hillary lowered herself down beside Tonya. Hillary began licking and sucking on Michael's balls while Tonya was sucking and stroking the massive cock. They traded positions and then began working both their tongues, flicking along his shaft. Kissing with their tongues as they laved away at his shaft.

Seeing an opportunity I slid onto the floor and slid under the two kneeling teens until I could reach up, bending backwards, so that I could take over licking Michael's balls.

I felt him start to shake and heard the girls moaning and the wet sounds of their kissing and sucking. It was mind blowing to me. Imagining how this sight looked to Michael made me smile as I was sucking his nuts and licking them.

He would be looking down at three of the hottest girls in the school all using their mouth and hands to worship his magnificent cock. Hillary and Tonya, both cheerleaders and the embodiment of brunette and blonde beauty. My body leaned back in, my forehead touching his ass cheeks. Three mouths forming a hot oral triangle of lust around his cock.

I nearly came just imagining his view.

Suddenly the girls pulled off and I slid down and turned back around to see what was happening.

Tonya moved up, turned around, and straddled Michael's cock with her back to him. She lined up his massive fuck stick and abruptly slammed down on it. She screamed loudly, I think because she severely underestimated his cock in her lust crazed mind. Tonya held for a second and then started forcing herself up and down. She started out just moaning loudly and then started saying “Oh yes yes yes, fucking big cock deep in me yes yes yes oh fuck yes” and repeating this like a sexual mantra.

Hillary crawled up on the arm of the recliner and began making out with Michael. I remembered that this was about Michael and knelt down on the floor so I could get close to Michael's giant dick that was spreading Tonya's hot cunt wide open. I brought my hands to Michael's thighs, and leaned in flicking my tongue out and licking their joining. I loved the taste of their hot fucking juices and could not believe what a slut I was being. This was probably going to fucking destroy Michael as he was so new to this.

Tonya screamed “Fuck me!” as she creamed all over that massive cock. I was in lust sucking up all the juices his big cock forced out of her as he kept fucking her through her orgasm and she suddenly went limp on his body.

Michael lifted her off of his fuck stick and set her down on the recliner. She sat the twitching with a look of pure slutty satisfaction on her face. He grabbed me and pulled me upright, lifting me clear of the ground and giving me a hot french kiss before setting me down.

He turned to Hillary and the poor little Princess looked like a deer in the headlights. He took hold of her and stood her up and kissed her as I slipped a hand to her ass caressing it and kissing his upper arm. Turning Hillary around he bent her over another recliner and lined his massive cock up with her soaking wet cunt. He forced his massive cock head into her and she wailed in pleasure, her eyes flying wide as he buried it all the way inside of her. Grabbing hold of her hips he started pounding into the tight bodied little cheerleader, making her cry out with his powerful thrusts.

Looking over at Tonya I knew what I wanted to do next. I went to her and knelt down between her legs. Lifting them up and spreading her legs further apart, I began licking her pussy, loving the taste of it. Getting down to hot fucking business, I put her legs over my shoulders. Her hands came to my head and she cried out “Suck that pussy you nympho slut.” I locked my mouth onto her clit, focusing all of my attention there as she started to cum, her body shaking violently. I could hear the sweet music of Hillary's scream still as Michael fucked that little slut like never before.

When Tonya was done thrashing around I turned and checked on Hillary. She was still crying out and her mouth was hanging open as she panted from Michael's furious fucking. They built to a fever pitch as he screamed “Oh shit!!!” and filled her cunt with his hot cum as she came again all over his massive white cock.

Michael pulled out and fell back into a seat and I dove right in, eating his cum from her tight little pussy, loving the combined taste and unable to get enough of her sweet nectar. Hillary was a wreck and just hung limply over the seat as I sucked on her. Having devoured all the cum I could get, I turned and looked at Michael.

His cock, that wonderful cock, was still so hard and he was watching me with lust as I turned to face him.

Walking over to him I straddled him and began kissing him. I loved the feel of his big hands as they began sliding over my tiny body, cupping my ass cheeks, but when he tried to line himself up I stopped him.

“You came in my pussy already, and you have filled Hillary's pussy with your seed. I want to see you pump that slut” I said pointing at Tonya “full of your hot cum.”

His eyes got wide and he said “Holy shit.”

“I know you want to fuck that blonde slut, get overt there and make that Texas pussy cream.”

I climbed off of Michael and when he stood up he kissed me and moved over to Tonya. She saw him coming and smiled and spread her legs. He knelt on the floor between them and began rubbing the end of his cock over her lips, and then spanking her clit with it. She cried out as he beat her clit with his fuck stick. aWhen he lined up and shoved that big cock in her tight pink pussy she screamed in surprise. He began pumping her hard and fast, hammering her. I loved watching her big tits bounce as he drilled her cunt deeply.

Glancing over I saw that Hillary had gotten up and was leaning on a recliner watching Tonya get the fucking of her life. I went over to Hillary. We kissed gently and she put her head on my shoulder as we watched Tonya slammed through orgasm after orgasm. Michael may have been new to fucking, but any lack of confidence he had was gone. He kept pounding into her and was using his big hands now to massage her tits. I loved watching her, her legs in the air shaking as she quivered and kept cumming on him. With a roar he grabbed hold of her tits tightly and jammed his cock deep into her, filling her with another load of cum.

Michael fell back after he came, leaning on the back of a recliner, sitting on the floor. Tonya laid there her body still shaking. I crawled over to her and sucked the cum from her pussy, licking her all over and loving the taste of it. I then got up and kissed her, letting her taste her cum and Michael's on my tongue.

I sat back and looked at my friends. We were all well fucked and smiling.

However, Michael still deserved to be shown proper thanks for fucking our hot slutty cunts so well.

“Ladies, don't just wait for an invitation! We must make sure he is clean before we return to the party.” I said in a sincere and respectful voice.

Michael's eye brows arched as we all got on our hands and knees and crawled over to him.

Tonya leaned down and began licking his cock clean, while Hillary used her tongue to lick all of the cum off of his huge nut sack. Not wanting to be left out I asked him if he would get on his knees for us. The girls waited as he got to his knees and spread his legs wide.

Tonya, began licking his cock clean and gently sucking on it. Hillary resumed licking at his balls again, and I could tell she was loving the juices on him.

I slowly crawled behind him and ran my hands down his back, kissing it as I worked my way lower. I laid myself on my chest on the floor, bringing my face to his ass. Licking and kissing his muscular ass I could hear him moaning in pleasure from all this oral loving. Working my way between his cheeks I began licking the cleft of his ass, slowly coming to his tight asshole. As I began rimming his ass and licking up all the combined juices there I could hear his gasps and moans.

I felt his ass begin moving. Realizing this amazing lover might cum again I began working him up further.

“Oh Michael... you are so fucking hot... please my sweet love... paint all our faces with your cum, don't you want to see that... see your cock juices all over us... all over your slutty little fuck dolls?”

That was all it took, and I quickly flipped onto my back and scooted forward.

Tonya was still sucking his cock and pulled her mouth off it suddenly. Rope after hot rope of Michael's glorious cum flew out of his cock. He spattered it all over our faces, covering us with thick white jism. When he fell off to the side I looked at the girls. We were all smiling and wearing expressions of surprise.

We brought our faces together in a hot three-way kiss. Licking and kissing each other's faces clean of his cum. Even when it was gone we could not help it and continued our passionate make out session, our hands roaming freely over each others tits.

“You guys are gonna kill me.” Michael panted out. We stopped kissing and looked over at him. His cock was half hard, but he was covered in sweat and clearly tired.

Breaking free of Hillary and Tonya I crawled over to him and kissed him lightly, gently caressing his face. “Michael, did you enjoy that? Are you happy?” I asked softly.

“Happy? I don't have words... I can't even think... you're too amazing for words.” he said.

“I think we should go back to the party and give us all a chance to relax. Besides, I am supposed to be the Honoured Guest.” I said smiling.

The girls started laughing and we all got up and dressed. There was a lot of gentle caresses and light kisses exchanged. We all promised not to tell anyone, and headed back out to party.

When we got up there things were definitely in full swing. People were dancing, swimming, and making use of the bubble filled hot tub. I could tell that one couple was having sex in the hot tub.

We went and got drinks and toasted our new found favourite activity. I felt very alive ad loved that I could be myself with these new friends. As time went on and the party kept going I met more people for the first time and enjoyed myself very much.

At around midnight Hillary got the DJ to turn off the music and everyone stopped to pay attention to her. She was hard to miss standing on top of a table, he amazing body on display in her bikini. I could not help but get wet thinking of how my face had been between her thighs and sucked out Michael's cum earlier. Michael was standing with his arm around me.

“All right, we all know why were here... Yukio get over here!” She said gesturing at me.

People were clapping and cheering as I went over to her and she made me get up on the table next to her. I heard some shouts of “Take it off!” being yelled. People started laughing and the chanting started. So I pulled off my top and slid my shorts off so I was in nothing but my bikini, just like Hillary.

The chanting continued and I shook my head and said “No.” into the microphone. There was laughter and some yelled “Disappointed!!” Hilary said “She isn't getting naked for you so shut up, geez. We are all here to welcome Yukio to America. Our favourite Little Import here has become a great friend and we wanted her to feel welcome... so if you have not met her yet then do it! She goes to our school, as I am sure every male here can attest, and is as nice a person as she looks... and damn you look good!” There was more cheering and I blushed. “So, without further ado, Yukio... it's time for your speech.”
She was laughing as she handed me the microphone and jumped off the table leaving me alone up there.

I looked out at everyone and saw Michael, Tonya, Marcus and Greg all smiling at me. It made me feel better as I did not know this was part of what was happening. I was not accustomed to speaking in front of groups.

“I am very happy you all came here to the party tonight. Thank you for being guests here so I could meet you all and share this evening with you. Please have fun and I hope you all have chance to say hello to me. Everyone has been very nice and Texas is a great place filled with great people.” Everyone cheered at that and I turned to climb off the table.

The DJ took the microphone and held out his hands to help me and gently set me on the ground. He smiled at me and said “Welcome to Texas babe” and gave me a hug. I laughed and when he stepped away it was clear he had enjoyed the view of my bikini clad ass.

Another guy I had not met suddenly handed me a tequila and said “You drink it like this.” and downed his shot, using the salt and lemon. I smiled and said “I will try” and downed my shot, and handed the glass back smiling at him. “Holy shit, your going to do well here!” I smiled at him and stepped around him. A lot of people were saying “Hi” and hugging me. Some I had already met but they seemed to like the whole idea of getting to hug me, even some of the girls.

The party got going again and I wandered over toward my friends and they all congratulated me on the speech. We danced and drank and had a blast with each other. Greg and Marcus decided enough was enough and picked me up like a log and set me on their shoulders carrying me to the pool. They got there and lifted me up. I noticed that Greg put his hand right on my ass as they held me high over their heads and yelled “Incoming!” and threw me into the middle of the deep end of the pool.

I swam back up to the surface just in time to see Michael push both of them in the water from behind yelling “That ain't no way to treat a lady shitheads!” and laughing. I saw them come to the surface laughing and Michael became involved in trying to prevent Hillary, Tonya, and Christine from pushing him in as well. The girls eventually gave up, he was simply to big, and backed away from him. They walked away and Michael made a drinking motion and pointed at me offering me one. I nodded and he turned around making his way through the crowd.

Greg and Marcus began swimming toward me and said “No help for you now!” and started splashing me. I was laughing and splashing them back as they got closer to me. They started playfully dunking me and I noticed they were pretty careless about where there hands went. They each took advantage of the opportunity to grab my ass, breasts, and legs as I tried to get away. When they had me backed into a corner they got in real close.

Greg said “I think she likes it.” smiling

Marcus added “Yeah, and that's a hot little body you have there Yukio.”

There hands began touching me under the water, sliding over me. I am a slut at heart, but this was in front of everyone and I did not wish to hurt Michael if he or someone else saw this.

I gently pushed their hands away and said “Please, don't do that.”

Greg looked sheepish and said “Sorry”

Marcus said “We didn't mean to upset you, really, we just thought we could have some fun together.”

“All three of us?” I said

They looked at each other and I knew in an instant that these two wanted to share me.

“I am sorry, I should have said something. Michael and I are...”

“Holy shit” the said in unison cutting me off. Greg added “We didn't know, we are really sorry, we would not have... we didn't know.”

“It's okay. Do not worry. I am not offended and you did not know.” I said smiling.

Greg nodded in relief and Marcus said with a smirk “You are some kinda hot Yukio, we both like to play... and we would love to play with you. If you ever feel like it, you know, just ask.”

I smiled and said “I will if things permit it, but please do not talk about this.”

“We never do.” Greg said. “That's a promise. Only assholes brag after and we don't do that. No one has to know anything and it isn't their fucking business.”

We saw Michael coming back with the girls and swam over to that side of the pool and got out. The party pretty much continued from there with a lot of dancing, a lot of friendly people, and kisses stolen with Michael.

When things began to wrap up the cleaning staff came out and began doing the tear down of all the tables and other party items.

Michael, much to my disappointment, had to leave. The guys went with him and gradually I was left alone with Tonya and Hillary. We were all a bit drunk at this point as we made our way up to her room.
I was happy to have a chance to shower. It was kind of disappointing that I did not have company.

When I emerged from the shower I dried myself and wrapped my body in a towel. Walking to Hillary's room I opened the door and was a bit shocked to see it was kind of dark.

“Hillary? Tonya?” I said as I slowly walked in. They jumped out from behind the door and ripped my towel off. I turned to face them and saw that they were both naked, except for the big strapon cocks they were wearing.

“Now what do we do with this hot little nympho slut Tonya?” Hillary said in a serious tone.

“I say we fuck the shit out of her!” Tonya replied.

As I back slowly away from them, a naughty smile spreading across my face, I knew that I was going to love Texas.

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