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Part III - The proposition

Outside I kept walking for a long time. My hands and legs were shaking. My most humiliating experience ever, I was so ashamed. Even so, it took me perhaps 20 mintues of walking before I relaxed enough. The pain from being kicked in my balls had mostly gone and now I got a hardon again. Before meeting this girl I jerked off maybe once a day, but now I got horny all the time. I texted her as she had told me. Within seconds several texts ticked back. She must have had them ready to go.

As I read her instructions I got even hornier. What did she have in mind for me? The instructions told me to meet up again at her apartment three days later, in the evening. By then I was to shave off all my hair and when she meant all my hair she really meant all my hair. No surprise then that I spent many hours shaving that evening. It was the first time I had ever shaved down there. I went to a barber for my hair, but did my legs and under my armpits myself. Luckily I had never been one of the hairy guys. The last place I discovered just before I was about to leave. Fucking hell, my eyebrows. Surely she didn't mean that? But it had speifically said ALL hair. For some reason I almost came in my pants as I shaved it off. Damn, did I look silly.

It had been three days without jerking off and I had a hardon and a small head rush as I rang the outside door bell. No voice answered , but I was let in. I then knocked on her door. To my surprise it was the red head that opened the door.

"Hi," she said. This time she smiled too, even blushed a bit.

"Hi," I said, wondering what she thought of my new hair style. Her eyes were on my head.

"I'm Monica," she said and extended her hand.

"I'm Roger," I said and grabbed her delicate, soft hand. At least I knew one name now.

"Come in," Monica said, "she will be here shortly."

I stuttered something, went inside and put my shoes and jacket where she pointed to. Then she led me into the living room and offered a simple chair to sit on. She sat down and looked at me. She looked a bit nervous, but had some of the strength of the other girl as well. She gave me the odd smile though and I blushed and smiled back.

"So," I said, "what is her name?"

"I think it is best if you just call her Madam," Monica answered.

"Ok," I said. Why all this secrecy?

Then she entered. Wow. She looked stunning. I was so perplexed I didn't even know if I was allowed to look at her. She was wearing an evening dress that showed breasts and legs, more than I had seen before. Her hair had obviously been styled the same day, it was set up like I've imagines a Duchess would. My mouth opened slightly.

"Take your clothes off," Madam said, "and stand up."

"Ok," I stuttered. I looked at Monica who looked at me with curiosity before I started ripping my clothes off as quickly as possible. Might as well get it over with. In less than half a minute I was standing naked in front of them, with not a single hair on my body and with my little dick pointing up. Monica smiled a little as Madam went over to me and slid her finger over my eyebrows, or lack thereof. She then went around my back. I kept staring at Monica, not daring to look any other place.

"Have you jerked off since last time?" Madam asked.

"No," I said, "of course not."

I wasn't quite sure why not, as I could not imagine that she would have any way of knowing, but I had not dared to do it. I had not dared to stroke it even a little bit and now I was a little proud of the fact.

"This is the kind of loser you should marry," Madam said to Monica.


"This guy would let you keep fucking other guys," she said, "and clean you up afterwards. He would work hard to support you and never treat you bad because he knows that he does not deserve someone like you. With a small pencil dick like this he could never really satisfy a woman and he knows it. You could slap him and hurt him any way you wanted, as long as you jerk him off once or twice a month. He would never leave you, never hurt you and always be your little servant."

Servant? My head was spinning at all this. Yes, I had a small dick, and all the words hit me. It was all true. I would do anything to be with a woman like Monica.

"I don't know," said Monica, "I've only just met him."

What? Surely she isn't considering it? It had to be a joke.

"She doesn't believe me," Madam said to me, "but we both know it is true, don't we?"

"Uh, yes."

"You would marry Monica if she asked you, wouldn't you?"

I blushed and looked down at the floor. My little dick was so ready to explode. "Yes," I said.

"You would let her fuck other guys, wouldn't you?"

Just the thought of watching her being fucked was amazing. "Yes."

"You would serve them drinks as they took breaks from fucking?"

"Uh, yes."

"You would lick their sperm out of her pussy?"

"Yes." The thought of licking Monica's pussy immediately burned itself onto my mind.

"She could punsh you?"

I lost all strength and looked down on the floor. What was happening? "Yes."

"Hit you in the balls?"


She stepped very close to me, only an inch away. Her breasts almost touched my breast. I did not know where to look. I was surprised when I felt a couple of her fingers on the top of my head. Slowly they went down on the side of my head, towards my chest, then further down towards my stomach and then closer and closer to ...

"Nnnhhh," I moaned as I my sperm went all over the place. My legs shook and I almost lost my balance.

Madam laughed a little, then slapped me in the face, hard.

"Ouch," I said, but did not lift my hand.

"Clean it up," she said, "with your tounge."

I did. I was so ashamed. Not only did I have a small cock, I came before whe even touched it.

"I'll teach you how to control him, his orgasms, his hardon," Madam said, "and his will to serve you."

I did not dare look over at Monica, I was too busy licking up my sperm from the dusty floor, but I felt that she nodded.

"Besides," Madam said, "who else will raise your bastard child?"

"I don't know," I suddenly said. The whole situation was starting to scare me.

"Shut the fuck up," Madam shouted.

I did.

"Get up," Madam said.

I did, looking at the floor.

"Look at you," Madam said, " you have a useless cock. It is smaller than a finger and you cum too quickly. Who would ever want you?"

I felt a tear slide down my nose. "Nobody," she answered.

"That's right, nobody as beautiful as Monica, that is for sure. Maybe some old, fat hag or some man who likes boys?"

"Maybe," I said.

"But now here is my proposal," Madam said. "I will say it only once and you must answer now. Monica is four months pregnant. She is too embarrassed to tell her parents. They want a wedding, a steady guy. Instead she has been fucking around, but that time is over. She needs someone to pay her bills, to raise her child. This is where you come in. You marry her, raise her child and let her carry on fucking around just as she wants to. You will even help her, if she wants to. And what do you get for that?"

"I don't know," I said as tears ran down my cheeks.

"You get to listen to and perhaps look at when she has sex. Sometimes you'll get to lick her lovely pussy, tasting other guys sperm. You'll get to see her beautiful naked body. You'll get to have her slap you around, kick your balls. If you behave well she will let you jerk off in front of her or even jerk you off. Now, what do you say?" Madam asked.

My head was spinning. Yes. No. Yes. No. Get out of here. Yes.

"Yes, please," I finally said.

Madam laughed.

From my position on all fours I looked up at Monica and could not believe how beautiful she was. She would be my wife. Amazingly, my cock got hard again.

"I've even checked his finances," Madam said. "He is a good catch for someone in your position."

"Ok," Monica said, "I trust you, Madam."

I tried to hide a little smile.

"Go stand in the corner, loser," Madam said, "and don't you dare turn around. Stroke your cock, but every time you get close squeeze your balls so hard that you won't come."

I did as I was told. Of course.

"In the mean time," Madam said, "I will have your wife give me an orgasm."


"Go down on me, Monica."

"Yes, Madam."

I squeezed my balls so hard to try to avoid cumming. And I could not even watch.

End of part III

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