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How i Got to Fuck a Pregnant Teen
Pregnant…..Hot……Broke Down
After my divorce in 1999 I purchased a used two bed, two bath mobile home, moved out of the city on 2 acres, It was cheap….quiet…comfortable.

Newalla was a 45 to 50 minute drive from my union paid job but, gas was 95 cents a gallon and I drove a sub-compact, besides driving not only relaxed me but it also allowed me to make any phone calls that I needed to get to that day…so ..I really didn’t mind.
As it was in July it was very Hot that day. As I approached my exit to peebly road…being a high exit and a long ramp…you can see all the way to the bottom. I noticed that there was a car off on the shoulder with the hood up…I slowed to a crawl and noticed a young blonde woman come around the side of the car... I pulled up beside her… then asked rolling down my window…miss are you alright?

That is when she turned and answered with a distressed look on her face. Well I’ve been better, Patting her stomach and her car at the same time…noticing the smoke coming from her bright Orange Ford Maverick and, her pregnant stomach. I said wait as I help up one finger in a gesture.

Pulling around her and parking. I got out of the car and walked back to where she was standing. She looked very hot. She was sweating and her top was soaked, I showed her my Id, told her where I lived, a little about me and, told her she was safe with me. I led her to my car and gave her a tire iron, telling her I wanted her to feel safe. She got in my car and sat down. The air on my small car is not very good when it is not in motion. But cooler than the outside, so I sat down on the door runner backwards so that I could look at her as we spoke.

In a very short time I found out that she lived almost to Shawnee and, was out that day for a Dr’s appointment and a job interview, she didn’t have a cell phone and no one was home where she was staying.
Stay here, Let me see about your car, Running back to her car I gave it a quick look see, got behind the wheel to try to start her up. The gauge read hot…duh~! And the battery was barely cranking her…not from low battery but from strain of the over hearted engine and the age of the car.

When I got back to my car she was reclined and drowsy. I told her there are a few options but only one that I knew of that didn’t involve her. I said let’s call a tow truck. she looked at me and said “NO” I can’t afford the towing fee all the way to my place. I told her not to worry that I have AAA and they can tow it to a garage two miles over. I looked at her and told her , its ok, don’t worry~! Everything will be fine.
Now what do we do with you? she said do you live near here…I said yes about one mile… she asked me if it would be ok to stay at my place till her people got home….I said sure.

Only one thing is bothering me, what is your age? I was worried about her being underage with a man of early 40’s. She assured me that she was just past 18. I smiled at her and said ok that’s fine.
Just as I was pulling out my cell phone to call the tow truck, a man pulled up beside us asking if he could help? Shit looking at the guy, I was glad that I came along when I did, thinking to myself, as I was answering him no thanks. 5 minutes later and she would have been at the mercy of this low life,…greasy…fat,….bad complexion rotten teeth and, a little too eager to help in my opinion. He must have seen her from the interstate because he went across the intersection and got back on the interstate going east. She seemed relieved with the current situation as well…and gave me a soft smile.
Pulling off the shoulder looking behind me for cars, dialing the tow hot line and, giving the info to the dispatcher, I headed for home.

As we drove I told her my name and asked her for hers…she told me her name is Heather, Hello Heather my name is Alan and, I shook her hand. It was warm and very wet. I then cranked up the air and, handed her a clean microfiber towel and a box of Kleenex.
When we reached my place I pulled up with her side facing the door… I helped her out and opened the door. it was a little warm in there as I didn’t leave the air on very low when I was away. She was headed for the couch when I said no, this way. I led her to my bedroom dropping the thermostat to 60 on my way down the hall. I turned the ceiling fan on full, opened the window a crack to let the heat out and led her to the bed, stacking pillows so Heather could lie down in an elevated position~!

I took her shoes off one at a time allowing them to thud against the floor, raised her feet up off the bed with a pillow, clicked on the CD player smiled at her and, said, wait.

Returning to the kitchen I fixed her a Glass of ice tea in my late Grandmas antique Green Glasses and, a cold rag for her head. My air conditioner was a good unit and, cooling down in a hurry.

Returning to my bedroom I gave Heather her iced tea and, she drank and drank, almost half gone now. She told me boy did I ever need that! I said I guess you did at that! Taking the glass from her and setting it down, I laid the cool rag across her head. She gave a moan and, a soft sigh of relief.

She asked me who that was on the cd player? I said well it’s a cd that I made of soft, easy, love songs from various artists however I admitted most were of John Denver, She said it’s nice, n soothing, I said thank you and, I agree, with a warm smile, explaining that I love all kinds of music and I have my rock n roll side but not for the bedroom or for sleeping. She said you mean making love? “Blushing”, Well since you said it yes~!

Are you Feeling better? Heather said I sure am thank you so much. She asked me if I was married. I told her no, my 16 year marriage was over and that she took most of what I had, but she didn’t take me…that is why we divorced and, the yelling. So I told her if I was going to be alone, then I would rather be alone.

So…uhhh what’s your story if I might ask?? Heather told me that she was dating a guy, he talked her into sex, not all his fault, but he was supposed to be wearing a condom. When he found out I was preggers, he did a disappearing act. Worse when my parents found out, they threw me out saying they didn’t want no Whore living in their home! I had to move in with one of my friends and their parents…! I asked how that was. She told me they were great to her and, supportive. Heather also told me that she was finished with High School and looking to get out on her own. I told her that she was on the right track and had a great attitude, for young woman in her situation, also that I loved her name. I have always liked the name Heather. She smiled at me and, me at her.

“CD playing,….Don’t close your eyes tonight….let it be me…not just a fantasy….let it be me tonight,…look me in the eye …tell me what you see…I’m the one who wants you I’m the one that needs you …make this one for me….don’t close your eyes tonight….la la la la….” J.Denver.

Heather sighed and said, Wow such passion! I said yeah, most people don’t know that side of John Denver.

She drank some more tea and told me she was cooling off and feeling much better. That’s great I told her!

Heather told me that she was lonely but who would want someone so fat and ugly and 7 months pregnant with swelling ankles, not to mention my huge ass. I whispered under my breath, “me for one”! Heather asked, did you say something? Oh. It was nothing~! “

CD.Playing but you fall in love with a lady …when you’ve slept upon her breast, when you walk the wild and rugged path through her open wilderness, you never can betray her steal her riches and be gone…when you fall in love with a lady…you’ve got to sing a mountain song….J. Denver”

No what did you say…she implored, did you say something about my huge stomach or my ass? I said no Heather, you have no idea how attractive you are I take it~?

Heather asked me what I meant. I said well, you have a sexy glow about you for one thing… and what nature is doing to you is very sexy, in its own rite…When my wife was pregnant I walked with her and spooned with her holding her huge belly, smelling her hair and other things. she looked at me questioningly? Some day you will understand and believe me~!

“CD...Somewhere in the shade, near the sound of a deep running river…..somewhere in the sun …where the mountains make love to the sky…somewhere to build me a home and a family La La La J.Denver.”

She said Alan why not show me? Right now! Oh Heather I couldn’t do that, you are so young and I’m so,…she pulled me to her and Kissed me, a peck, then she inhaled and I kissed her back opening her mouth up by brushing my lips to her chin. Then returning, Inserting my tongue so gently, undulating then, kissing her harder, deeper.

“CD Playing,…Fate’s been waiting for the right time …to put us in each other’s arms so why, should we sit and waste time…to start right now…could do no harm… show me a sign… and I will show you, the magic within life’s dreams…take a rainbow with colors bright to hang over your bed…anything I could do la la la John Denver”!

She moaned in to my mouth and I, in turn did the same~! She looked up at me and said, “Oh Alan” it’s been so long I need to feel loved~!

Heather, I want to make sure that I’m not leading you into something that you would regret later or maybe fall in false love, with me for we, Can’t be, even though we both might want it.

Alan listen,.. my boyfriend fucked me and left me, “preggers” to boot, can you show me what it’s going to be like and make me feel good again, About myself and about life? Well I said…I’m not superman, but I can try~!

To tell the truth I was hot for this young woman, I kissed her again and while I was kissing her I gently caressed her young body making sure that I caressed her stomach first and foremost~! Down her legs, outside then inside to her stomach, again back down her other leg to her feet, pulling her leg up, I massaged her feet and, her toes ….she giggled in my mouth.

As I removed her clothes, Blouse, slacks,…I kissed her neck,…nibbled her ears,…found a ticklish spot, moved on, unhooked her bra and, Wow her beautiful breasts came out with a diehard bong…like boulders falling down a hill. I went for them right away…lifting them caressing them, feeling the weight and the firmness of them. Her Breasts must have been at least a C+ or maybe D’s, her areola’s were huge round pink circles and her nipples so pink stood out proud and hard~! Oh Wow I gave a smile and an mmmmmm looking and feeling them.

I have to admit that I went in to the kitchen to take a 100 mg. of Viagra, in those days I had suffered a lot of rejection from my x wife, my Wife at the time and would lose my erections as soon as I got them, I would wake up in the middle of the night to someone screaming and id jump up in bed to fend off the would be attacker only to find that I was the attacker, and my wife was the one screaming, Because I had put my erection against her, I had a huge erection and was looking for a place to put it, but she would have none of that. she said she was dreaming someone was raping her. I said can’t you dream someone was fucking you and enjoy it?? This happened so many times that I can’t count. So I’d lay there for I don’t know, an hour or so till my hard on went down and my heart and breath slowed then id drift off to sleep.

Anyway, back to beautiful Heather. I removed my clothing, and I had her nude accept her panties, she was a bit apprehensive about her body, and I understood that. “

Cd, there will be snow on the passes tomorrow…you can feel it in the chill in the wind….let the rain wash away all my sorrow…todays the day that my life starts all over again….la la la J. Denver”

She rolled over on her side, and I spooned her for a little while, caressing her and moving my erection between her butt cheeks, put my arm under her neck and kissed her, as I fondled her tits. She moaned, and said “oh”! Alan! that feels so good and your hard on against me..mmmm… Her Hair smelled Lovely~!

I rolled her over on her back and kissed her lovely mouth again, I knew that if her lips were pouty, so to would be her pussy lips, and I was right.

Gathering her tits up together I licked them on top, and raised them up licking under them and worked my way to her nipples…sucking using my tongue in a hot dog fashion suck lick…suck …lick…then nibble…suck whole mouth. I pushed them both together and licked both her nipples at the same time. She loved that! Raising one nipple to her mouth, she opened her eyes and I winked at her and urged her to lick her tit with me, she did, I licked her tongue and her nipple and then the other one…she was turning red, but moaning and breathing harder…I kissed her again and again~!

She leaned back against her pillows, and I grabbed her feet and pulled her around so her ass was near the edge of the bed, grabbed a pillow, and pulled her legs up, putting the pillow under her ass! I got up and moved closer to her pussy with my hard cock, and rubbed it against her thigh,…closer and closer to her panty covered pussy,…put her legs together, and pushed my cock through her thighs up against her thin, soaked, panties. She moaned, I then moved her panties to one side, and ran the shaft of my cock up n down her slick labia…pulled her legs together, reached down and pulled her panties off from her hips and down her legs.

Dropping down to the floor I pulled her legs open, she had thin, soft, blonde hair, and her lips were full and pouty, her inner lips peaked out from their folds… But her clit…it was large and well hidden in its sheath…MMMMMM, I knew it. I then moved my nose as close to her pussy as I could,…inhaled deeply smelling her pussy, and sniffing, she asked what I was doing?

I told her that I was enjoying the site and smell of her sex…she asked, do you like it. I said. Oh Yes~! You Smell Wonderful~!

Opening her legs up, I pulled them to her sides exposing her whole sex to my mouth, I stuck out my tongue and licked, I licked her from her ass to the top of her clit, sucked her outer labia…pulling back, sucked her inner labia, pulling back with a slurp.
My tongue danced in circles around her pink, puckered ass… I then stiffened my tongue, inserted it in her ass as far as it would go, kissing her crack with my lips. She said, “oh my”… “Oh My”, No one’s, “ever” licked my ass before! It feels so damn good, then back to her pussy, tongue fucking it for a while, then I put my whole mouth on her clit, and sucked only slightly circling, and circling her little bud, teasing with my tongue, …she was saying ooooohh! Ooohhh! Ohhhh!

Yes! … what!…pant, …are, you pant doing ... pant to me…? Yess! I put my whole mouth on her pussy and sucked, and licked very fast from top to bottom, Bottom to top, then only her clit…Her Pussy was gushing, and Tasted so Pure…I attacked her clit and she began a low moan, then higher and higher….she said Oh! Alan…I’m Cummmmminnnnnnng~! Almost screaming… I scooped her juices out with my tongue as fast as it came out…savoring every drop.

Then bringing her down ever so slowly licking slow…easy…slower…then kisses. She told me no one ever did that to, or for her… I said you’re welcome, smiling at her and winking~!

Heather told me she wanted to taste my cock…so I went around the other side of the bed and pulled her to the edge, and she opened her mouth and reached out for my cock reaching under to feel my balls, she slowly enveloped my cock down to the base of my 7 inches of solid rock hard meat (Viagra)… I massaged her tits as I shoved my cock in and out of her mouth…god she felt so good,…she started sucking, I was seeing her cheeks hollow as I pulled out….I was fucking her mouth faster, and faster,…she pulled it out of her mouth and jacked me as she told me my precummm tasted so good…. We uummmmmmmed together~!

Heather wrapped her lips around my cock shaft, like my cock was the hot dog and her lips were the bun, and licked and slurped her way from one end to the other… swallowing hard from time to time…jacking in the void areas that her mouth didn’t cover… then as I was watching her,.. I could feel it… my cummmmm tanks were beginning to boil. I opened my legs to get closer and pulled back, aimed my cock at her mouth and said Heather im gonna cummm honey….she swallowed my cock, and as it hit the back of her throat…she swallowed again. She wrapped her arms around my ass, and pulled me tight to her mouth as I shot squirt after squirt in to her throat. She swallowed, pushed me out of her mouth, took a deep breath and sucked hard pulling me back in, I leaned forward to her huge belly, lay my head there gently resting while shooting in her mouth.

My arms were at her side on the bed keeping my weight off of her…I kissed her stomach, … got up and pulled my dick from her mouth. She stopped to lick the drippings from the head and licked her lips and swallowed, she took a drink of tea and we kissed for a good 5 minutes….damn she’s a good kisser or at least we kiss well together.

“CD…I remember romance…bubble baths at night…breakfast in the afternoon and love by candle light…love by candle light…I remember romance …..Lying in her arms….dancing after rainbows…la la la…J. Denver”

My Dick softened only slightly, I lay down with her gently kissing and caressing her body, stroking her soft hair. She smiled at me, and I smiled back she slowly stroked my cock, which by now was rock hard again (Viagra).

Heather rolled over on her side I whispered in her ear… you’re so beautiful.

“CD…You’re so beautiful…I can’t believe my eyes each time I see you again …..You’re so beautiful that I’m in paradise each time I see you again…and if paradise is everything you see….then the place it must be coming from is ecstasy, la la la J.Denver”

We Held each other tight, caressing each other…I turned around where my stomach was on her back, my cock was between her neck and shoulder. She reached up and stroked it~! I opened her ass cheeks and licked her crack …licked her ass …licked her pussy… spread her cheeks kneading them like dough and started licking her pusssy again…she came in my mouth so fast it squirted a little, she said …oh shit did I pee…? I said no you squirted Heather. She said I did?….yeppers and it tastes sticky warm wet and good…I saved some on my tongue and shared it with her in a kiss, as I kneaded her breasts….man I felt like a dirty ole man in heaven ravaging a pregnant woman accept, she loved me doing it….she moaned in my mouth as I kissed her…~!

As Heather was still on her side I spooned her…spread her ass open and ran my cock up n down her crack till I was just at the right place and I pushed….she gasped, as I sunk my 7” into her hot slick tunnel, inside her pregnant belly….i drove my cock as far as I could get it inside her body pulling her hips back to me…she gasped ...”oh Alan”….reaching around behind her pulling my ass to her.

Yes…that feels so damn good…oh …oh! You’re in my pussy, it feels so good…oh~! I stayed inside her just feeling how good it is to be inside her…. I slowly slid out, and shoved back in hard, pinching her nipples~! Oh Shit…oh yes…fuck….i could feel the opening to her cervix on my cock head…bumping it….she commented to me, my boyfriend didn’t touch me there…I told her just enjoy it…

I told her to roll over and get up on her knees….she did. Her tits and her pregnant belly were hanging down, and her sexy ass was up in the air… So sexy…I wished that I had a pic.

Then I put a pillow under her tits and under her stomach at her hips. I ran my cock all up her crack from her ass to her clit…then I fucked her ass cheeks a little, pulling them together around my cock….it was rubbing her ass hole and her pussy… then I pulled back… aimed my cock at her pussy, and pushed the head in spreading her lips open then pulling back out, in out, in out…oh oh she said…I put just the head back in and reached up to her hips, pulled her hips back to my groin as I pushed inside her… I hit her cervix and she screamed, and cummmm squirted out of her sex and hit my balls, all at the same time. I backed off and started fucking her….again, again and again…reaching around I felt her tits…pinching her nipples. I reached around and diddled her clit….I wet my thumb and stuck it rite in her ass…she screamed again and squirted again….gawd she is hot, and felt so good…every time I shoved in to her I would lightly bump her cervix. Not hard just a light bump….I pulled all the way out to the tip of my cock and let her push back against me, jacking my cock with her pussy….i said; fuck me Heather…and she did…I pushed her ass crack together making it tighter and I started to cummmm….uh grunting like an animal …..uhhhh uhhhh I pulled out as I was cummming and rubbed her clit with my shooting cock 1 squirt…2 squirts then back inside…she came again with an unnnnnnn~!!!...I massaged her back, and humped her a few more times then pulled out to a finally deflating cock.

She asked me to let her clean me off so I moved up on the bed and let her suck my cock as clean as a whistle…mmmmm. Heather; I said, that was great…. Yea she said…MMmmmm

She rolled over on her back and asked if she could take a shower…I said sure…anything…she told me that she had to pee, but she was afraid she would pee if she got up…so I had an idea….I said wait…I grabbed a plastic bag from the bathroom and shoved it up under her ass…went in to the bathroom and grabbed the waste basket,... put it near her pussy and I said go ahead and pee…I reached down and started rubbing her clit a little bit hard and very fast…she said oh …”oh shit” I’ve got to cummm but I need to pee so bad…I bent over and whispered in her ear….PEE~! She started cumming I opened her lips wide and rubbed her clit and she started to scream...I then saw the slightly yellow stream start to shoot rite in the trash can…pee honey I said ….cummm honey I told her…oh oh oh oh oh im cummminnnnnnnnnnn~!!!

I bent over and sucked one of her nipples in my mouth, and she filled my mouth with her pre milk, I sucked harder and she came harder I reached over and pinched the other nipple as I kept sucking the other one. Then I shoved it up to her mouth….she licked out after it then sucked it in to her mouth as Heathers ass bucked up n down n around…mmmm mmmm sucking her nipples…me one …her the other….. Slowing down on her clit to a slow halt…I bent down and kissed her clit.

She let the nipple fall from her mouth, licking the milk from her mouth…I kissed her slow but hard…trading juices and sharing moans with each other..~!

She got up with a little help from me and I dumped the trash can, and threw away the plastic. She got in the shower and I got in there with her…I washed her from head to toe and washed her hair massaged her back and ass…soaped her stomach, and her tits..soaped her ass, washed her legs and feet for her. I had her lean against me and my cock was hard again I soaped my cock and her ass and put my cock to the opening to her ass and pushed….she leaned back against me and my cock started to open her ass up…I reached down with a soaped finger and put it in side her ass, then I put two…she pushed back against me and moaned…oh Alan that feels so damn good…ummmmm hummmm….i responded…I put my cock back to her ass. She pushed… I can’t believe it, but my cock head pushed right in to her ass….she gasped…”oh….”oh Alan”…I reached down to her hips and slowly pulled her to me…she bent a little and wiggled….oh shit that feels so good Heather…she stood back up …put her arms around my neck and said fuck my ass Alan…I soaped her ass and her crack some more and pulled out a little and soaped my cock some more then I shoved back in….i spread my legs to the side of the garden tub …leaned back against the wall she followed and I bottomed out in her ass I reached around pinching her nipples hard, as I bumped against the wall and bounced in to her ass…I pushed forward and back, forward and back…I’m not gonna last long I told her….I pulled her to me grunting again like an animal…I reached around and rubbed her clit as I fucked her ass….I pushed her forward, grabbed her hips pushing her away, then pulling her ass back to me…my cock started filling her ass with my cummm~! If there was anything left, but it sure felt like it… oh fuck im cumming fucking your ass unnnnn unnn I drove inside her ass….. All the way out to the tip ….unnnnn shoving back inside her body….holding her to me shooting, diddling her clit, pinching her nipples….“oh Yea”. She was cummming with me….~!

We washed each other again, and got out to dry off. We were so tired we went back to the bed, pulled the covers down, and fell fast asleep, holding her stomach smelling her hair..~!!

Heather stirred and that woke me …I kissed her for an hour…pulling her hair and exploring her soft pregnant body… I asked her…see how it can be? She said yes that was wonderful…thank you Alan…I said no Heather ….thank you darlin~!

“CD~…South wind blowin my love to you ...south wind blowin my
Love...Games in the park…honey wait until dark...when the south wind
Will blow all my love to you ...south wind love south wind
blowin...J.Denver )

She called her friend’s house on my cell phone and told them shed be home soon…I called the repair shop and the car was done….antifreeze ,.. Battery charge, a hose it was in good shape. We drove to the repair shop and I paid the man under her protest! I told her it was my pleasure.

Heather drove away and she never called me again….I few months went by and I was wondering about her, so I looked up the # that she had called back then and dialed it….a woman answered, and I asked if Heather was there …she told me, “no” that she didn’t live there any longer…I thought very quickly …she asked who I was…I said well, I helped her out one hot day on the interstate, and wondered how she is doing…she said...she had a baby boy, she named him Alan~!!!! My mouth fell open~!!, and she has a good job in the city and was doing fine….can I tell her you called…I said no…no…I’m just so glad that she is doing so well and getting on with her life. I knew that she was a strong young woman…as I hung up I added to myself. A wonderful woman~!!! Single Tear falling~!

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I Passed Sex Ed,...Flunked English, enjoy the story and shut up about the structure or whatever the fuck...


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Good man

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