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This is somewhat of a true story about a friend and I but most of it will be made up. Names are changed.( both of us are girls =3= ))
This is kind of a story but at the start is most chat logs.

Facebook Log:

Me~ Hey! :D
Emil~ Hey Akemi <3
Me~ What's up?
Emil~ Nothing much.. um Akemi can I tell you something?
Me~ Yea sure anything.
Emil~ I love you Akemi.. I have ever since I met you..Please accept my love?
Me~ O///O.. Emil.. I dont know what to say... Why didnt you tell me this sooner DX<
Emil~ I didnt want to ruin our friendship..Everynight I dream about us..That night you spent the night, I wanted to kiss you so bad. I wanted to take your shorts off and panties and start licking ur pussy juices.
Me~ *No answer*
Emil~ Akemi please, I need you.. I want you.. Will you be mine?
At this point in the chat. I was already rubbing my clit thinking of the thoughts she described. As much as she wanted me I wanted her.
Me~ Emil.. call me...
Emil~ Uh alright..?
My phone rang a moment later. When I answered it, it sounded as if she was moaning. This only turned me on more.

Phone Call:
Emil~ Akemi please I want you to lick my pussy, im so wet thinking about you right now. I wana taste you and I want you to taste me.
Me~ Emil.. when is the next time I can spend the night..?
Emil~ Saturday! Please spend the night saturday!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday Night:
I would arrive at her house Saturday afternoon. We acted normal until everyone was in bed. Once we knew that everyone was in bed we began making out. I made the first move. I slowly kissed her my soft lips meeting hers. Soon her tounge was in my mouth and mine in hers. Slowly my hands worked down to her skirt as I slid my hand down her skirt and panties that were already soaked. I smirked and started rubbing her clit roughly. Her moans were muttered into my mouth as we were still locked into a kiss. At this time she had took control she broke the kiss and demanded me lay on the bed. I could feel my face heat up as I laid down on her bed spreading my legs so my dripping wet pussy was visible to her. Next thing I knew I felt her tounge going to work on my pussy. She licked my wet pussy rough and hard. Her tounge licked deep into my pussy as the moans escaped my lips. "More Emil! More!," I would moan to her. The harder she licked the more of a fit I went into . I cam hard on her face. She kept licking up my pussy juice until she demanded me to start licking her. I egerly got up and swapped places with her. Soon enough it was my tounge at work on her pussy. Her pussy was so wet I got lost in the taste. She came twice before she made me stop. Emil directed me to retrive a big iteam from the room that would work as if it were a cock. I searched the room and found a large water bottle that would fit in both of us at the same time. I inserted half of the water bottle into my soaking wet dripping pussy and walked up to Emil. I pushed the rest of the bottle into her as her pussy walls wrapped tightly around it. We moved back and forth together fucking each other. Our moans filled the room.Emil and I were so lost in each other and ourselves we never heard her older sister, Anna , come
She never said a word but simply walked up behind me, got on her knees and began licking from my pussy to my ass. I moaned at the feel of another tounge not caring who it was. Slowly Anna's fingers made their way into my ass fucking my ass one by one. I couldnt take it anymore and came hard kissing Emil deeply sucking on her tounge. No sooner after I came , Emil came . We both turned and looked at her sister who was now fingering herself to the site of us. We walked over to her as i got onto my knees and began to lick her pussy and Emil held her arms and kissed her. I licked her until she came 3 times. After the third time I grabbed a spare hairbrush laying around and had her suck on it to get it dripping with drool. Emil made her sister get on all fours , ass in the air and at that moment i shoved the hairbrush into her ass fucking her nice and hard. Her moans would mix with mine as Emil went back to licking my pussy. After I came 3 times and Anna 4, we traded off, except Anna was fucking my ass with the hair brush and Emil was still licking away at my pussy. I came 2 times before we switched onto Emil. She was fucked the hardest in the ass as I pounded away with the hairbrush. Emil came 3 times hard before she passed out. Anna and I kept licking away at her pussy juice until we were kissing each other exchange the taste of one another's pussy juices. We contuined to lick and kiss each other til we could no longer and all passed out together on the floor covered in each other's pussy juices.

The next morning the parents were gone so we decided to take a shower together. During the shower Emil came 5 times, Anna came 7 times and I came 8 times. When it was time for me to leave i snuck a kissed to each of them slipping my tounge into their mouths. I bid them a farewell and we planned for the next weekend.

(( The End ~ <3 Hope you enjoyed it please leave comments <3 ))

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2012-03-06 12:44:42
Thanks I wil keep that all in mind :D


2012-03-06 10:21:29
More detail on the characters and their bodies would help a lot. Also, break the paragraphs up a bit. That will make it easier to read. Sexy, though. All the best.

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2012-03-06 07:48:51
Develope the characters a bit better and work things up a bit instead of jumping right into the fun.
And deion, details about everything not just the sex and keeping count of thorgasms
Is cool and all but it leaves out how and why. I did like how you broke up the chat log to distictly tell
Who was saying what. Can't wait to hread more though.


2012-03-06 06:57:01
Please comment what you think.

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