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This story is a sequel to the story, "The Dick in The Wall". Reading it is not required, but you may want to check it out. Richard is looking for a tighter pussy, and he found his mark. But the coach showed him some new tricks.
After Richard's experience with the young girl he didn't go into his area for a while. It had been two weeks since his experience. He has seen her in the hallway during the day, and she would wink at him when he passed her.

He was starting to get the itch to fuck a girl again, but he didn't want it to be the same one again, he wanted a girl with a tighter pussy this time.

As the school day ended he went to the gym to watch the girls practice basketball. As he was watching his dick began to rise as he watched their young firm tits jiggle as they ran. When he saw the first girl he had fucked running, he cringed in disgust.

He paid particular attention to the coach though. He had never realized how attractive she was before, she was the English teacher at the school, but always wore conservative clothing that didn't show much.

Mrs. Hillary Hoins, is her name. He guessed she was about 28 or 29. Her husband was a businessman that traveled a lot, but everyone in town knew him. She stood about 5'4" or 5'5" he guessed, with a very slim build. She was wearing a tank top that hung loosely on her, so he couldn't see how big her chest was, but when she turned he could see her white sports bra hugging her small tits. She wore loose shorts that didn't give him a good idea of how big her ass was. He guessed she might weigh 105 lbs if that. Her long blonde hair hung down to her ass.

He knew he had found his mark, but he knew it was going to be a challenge and he wanted to watch her face as he fucked her. He felt he was ready for the challenge, but he needed a good plan to get her.

He continued to watch the practice, trying to develop his plan. He didn't want to force her or rape her, cause he knew she would get him fired and thrown in jail for sure.

As the practice ended he got up and walked to the coaches office area. It was located between the boys and girls locker rooms. He entered the office area with a broom and started sweeping up.

As Hillary entered the area she glanced at him, "hi Richard how are you?" He stood up and looked at her, "oh hi Hillary, I'm fine thank you. How about yourself?" He smiled as he saw her skin moist with perspiration. She returned the smile, "I'm good, I've never seen you in here at this time before."

He leaned against the handle, "yeah I'm just trying to get a head start on cleaning tonight." She nodded as she opened the door and walked into the women's office.

A short time later Richard entered the office, sweeping the floor as he walked. "So how's your husband doing?" He asked as he kept sweeping. "Oh as busy as ever, seems like he's gone more than he's home," she lightly chuckled half-heartedly, seeming a little uncomfortable. "Wow that must be tough on you," he said, trying to sound sincere.

She looked at him, "most of the time it's not, but there are times I get lonely." He tried to think of a quick answer, "yeah when I lost my wife a few years ago, I had those same feelings." Lying through his teeth, since he'd never been married.

"Wow I'm sorry how did you lose her?" She asked, looking at her with a sincere look. "She was killed in a car accident," he said, continuing the lie. 'This is working better than he thought it would,' he thought to himself. "I'm sorry to hear that," she said smiling at him.

He finished sweeping up the office and left the room leaving her alone. He stood just outside the closed door thinking about his next move. He tried to listen through the door to see if could hear what she was doing.

Hillary got out of her office chair and pulled off her tank top. She then pulled off her sports bra, her small b-cup tits staying firm. She looked at herself in the body length mirror on the door that led to the girls locker room. Her tiny nipples were erect from the cool office air. She smiled at herself in the mirror as she lightly rubbed her firm stomach. She then moved her hands up to cup each of breasts, "I wish these were just a little bigger," she said to herself. She took her nipples in her thumb and forefinger on both hands and lightly rolled them, causing her body to shiver in excitement.

Richard knew he had to make a move soon or he would miss out today. He couldn't hear anything from behind the door, so without knocking, he turned the handle and opened the door. When the door opened he heard Hillary almost scream in surprise. He looked in and saw her standing by the door, her shirt and bra was off, and her hands were covering her bare chest.

"What the yell Richard, don't you know how to knock?" She scowled at him. He started to back away, "oh I... I'm sorry, but I forgot to get your trash." He couldn't think of anything better to say for his intrusion.

"Well you could've knocked before just barging in here," she said, still clearly upset with him. "Wow I can see why Bradley married you," Richard said, still standing in the doorway. Hillary blushed a little, "yeah, but it would be nice if he was home more often to enjoy it."

Richard thought he had found her weakness now as he spoke, "how often is he home?" She stood there thinking about it, while looking at him, "it just depends on work, but he hasn't been home for almost three weeks now."

'Yes,' he said to himself, "you must feel neglected then?" Tears started to well up in her eyes, "yeah you could say that." Richard walked into the room and closed the door behind him, "do you need someone to confide in Hillary?"

She shook her head quickly as tears ran down her cheeks. She was lonely, but didn't want to admit it. Richard sat on the edge of the desk in the office and looked at her, "doesn't look that way to me." She still covered her chest as she lowered her head, "there are times when I get really lonely, being home all alone."

Richard tapped a spot next to him on the desk, "come sit down, I won't bite, I promise." She lightly laughed through her tears as she strolled towards him. She turned and sat her ass on the desk, lowering her hands to balance herself, exposing her tits to him.

He wanted to groan loudly as his dick jumped his pants. He has always been a smooth talker with women in the past, but this was working better any other time. He wanted to cup her tiny tit and squeeze it, but he restrained himself.

She lowered her head as she started crying more, " I'm sorry Richard, but sometimes I get upset thinking about it." He put his hand on her back, "upset about what Hillary?" She looked at him in the eyes, "sometimes it's hard to think about him being gone, and sometimes I don't trust him, thinking he may be cheating on me."

Richard started rubbing her back, "oh that's ok just let it out sweetheart." She started crying even more as she looked at him, "it's been so long since Brad has said anything like that to me."

Richard wanted to lean in and kiss her to see her reaction, but he thought he should wait. He laid his other hand on her thigh, looking to see if she would resist it, "does he call from where he is?" Through her tears she said, "yeah but not everyday."

He started to move his hand up her leg, closer to her crotch, "not every day?" She shook her head, "he says he didn't have service when he didn't call." He scoffed at her answer, "how could he not want to hear your pretty voice everyday." She lightly laughed as her legs opened slightly, "my voice isn't that pretty."

Richard's hand got closer to its target as he felt the heat coming through her shorts, "your voice is to pretty, you were probably in chorus in school I bet." She nodded as her tears slowly began to fade, "why are you being so nice to me Richard?"

He looked straight at her, "because you're very pretty and looked like you needed someone to talk to." She didn't seem to mind his hand rubbing against her covered pussy as her legs spread further. "I don't remember you ever being this nice before though," she said as her breathing started to deepen.

Richard shrugged his shoulders as he decided to take a chance, he slowly leaned in with pursed lips and lightly kissed her. She didn't pull back right away, but after he pulled away, she had a look of shock on her face. "I... I'm sorry Hillary," he stuttered, after seeing her look.

She couldn't speak at first, then she mumbled, "that was unexpected." Richard sat there thinking he should leave now, but was surprised when she leaned back towards him and started kissing him. She didn't just give him a peck though, she forced her tongue through his closed lips, and moved it around in his mouth.

Richard pushed hard against her covered pussy, pushing her panties into her wet slit. He could feel her budding clit against his knuckle as he pushed harder. Her legs trembled as he rubbed her clit up and down, she responded as well, moaning into his mouth. Richard's hard dick was pressing hard against his pants, begging for freedom, as her hand found it and started rubbing it hard.

Richard pulled away from the kiss and moved off of the desk, not saying a word as he laid her back onto the desk. Her legs hung over the edge as he grabbed her shorts and panties, he quickly pulled them off and tossed them aside. She laid there looking at him with lust in her eyes. Richard looked down at her tight slit. It was neatly trimmed, with just a 1/2" wide by 2" long strip of hair coming from the top of her slit.

He licked his lips as he moved to his knees between her open legs. He lightly ran his tongue across her pussy lips that hugged together tightly. Her body shivered as she moaned, "yes eat my pussy."

Richard was more than happy to oblige. He stuck the tip of his tongue into her labia, as she grabbed the back of his head trying to rush him. He held back as he ran his tongue up her slit to her now engorged clit. The musky smell of sweat and pussy juice wafting from her just excited him more.

He flicked her clit with the tip of tongue as she writhed on the desk in pleasure. He then moved to her opening and drove his tongue into her as far as he could, his nose pressing against her clit.

Hillary's whole body began to tremble as she pressed Richard's face into her pussy hard. It had been weeks since she had experienced an orgasm with someone else's help, and it wasn't going to take long for her to cum now. Her pussy muscles squeezed Richard's tongue as her pussy got even wetter.

Richard could feel her spongy g-spot pressing against his tongue as he moved it in and out of her. He paid special attention to her g-spot with the tip of his tongue, flicking it hard against it.

Her moans were getting louder as she felt an enormous orgasm building. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," she yelled out as her pussy squeezed his tongue tight. His mouth was quickly flooded with her juices as her orgasm came. Her pussy pulsed around his tongue as more juice flowed out and ran down his chin. Her back arching off the desk as she continued to yell out, "oh my god yes, oh my god yes."

Finally her orgasm began to subside as her body fell limp onto the desk, breathing in exhaustion. She released Richard's head and he slowly stood up, smiling at her with her juices still clinging to his face and chin.

She put her hands over her eyes as she still breathed heavily, "oh my god Richard that was amazing." He just laughed lightly as he started undoing his pants. She heard him wrestling with them and uncovered her eyes and looked at him, "what are doing?"

Without a word he slid his pants and boxers down and started stroking his erection. Her eyes widened as he moved closer to her. She quickly covered her pussy saying, "no you can't."

He looked up at her, "what the hell?" She looked back at him, "I'm married and faithful to my husband." He was starting to get agitated now, "you just got to cum, but I don't?"

"I'm sorry Richard, that never should've happened," she said, looking at him sincerely. "Oh come on Hillary, you said earlier you think your husband is cheating, why not try a fling to pay him back," he said, throwing out mister nice guy and letting his dick do the talking.

"I know Richard, but I just don't feel right doing it back," she said. "Is it cheating if I don't cum inside of you?" He asked, trying anything he could think of. She slowly nodded, but he could tell in a way she was thinking about it.

He squatted down to grab his pants in frustration. "Wait," she said. He quickly stood back up to see what she would say. She looked down at his erection and bit her bottom lip, "it has been a long time since I've had sex." He nodded, anxious to hear her say ok. "I guess you can have sex with me, since you did make me cum," she said.

He wanted to yell out yes, and jump for joy. She moved her hands away from her crotch as he slowly guided his dick into her. Her labia opened around the head, welcoming him into her. He watched as his dick easily slid into her wet hole until he was balls deep in her.

He let out a long groan of pleasure as her pussy pulsed around his dick. He grabbed her knees and lifted them up, he pushed them towards her chest. He got a good view of his dick buried deep in her with her legs against her body.

He slowly began to withdraw, his black dick glistening with her juices as pulled fully out of her. He guided his dick back into her and swiftly slid into her. She looked at him and moaned, "that feels so good, mmm."

He pulled back again until the head was just inside of her, he looked at her then drove himself hard into her. His hips slapping against her ass, and his heavy ball sack slapping against her crack. She moaned louder as his dick throbbed deep in her, "fuck me hard baby."

He took the cue and started moving in and out of her, hard and fast. He grunted loudly as he slammed into her, "god your pussy feels so good," he moaned as he laid over her legs, still pounding her pussy.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum again, that's it fuck me hard," she moaned into his ear as she tried to move herself into him. He pushed himself back up, finding her clit with his thumb. He rubbed it vigorously, as her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Her head moved side to side as her pussy squeezed his dick harder. "Oh... Oh yes, I'm gonna cum, yes make me cum," she yelled out as her pussy forced him out of her. He looked down at her pussy as juice came flying out, splashing against his shirt, and some splashing into his face. She was almost screaming as pussy pulsed again, shooting more juice onto him.

He watched on in amazement as her orgasm slowly began to subside. The front of his shirt was soaked, and he had more on his face. "Oh my god," she said, sounding exhausted. He took off his shirt and tossed it aside.

She recovered more and said, "I have never orgasmed like that before in my life. Wow." He lightly chuckled still trying figure out what had just happened. "Now I definitely need to return the favor," she said as she got off the desk, stepping in the juices that was on the floor. She looked at it and asked, "is that from me?"

Richard nodded vigorously. "It felt like I needed to pee, but didn't think I actually did," she said. Richard shrugged his shoulders, not sure what to say. Hillary looked at him, "why don't you lay on the desk and I'll show you what I can do."

He did as she instructed, laying lengthwise on the desk. She got on the desk by his thighs and straddled them. She moved up until her pussy hovered over his dick. She grabbed the base of it and guided it into her, she slowly sank fully on to it until her ass rested on his thighs.

She looked at him and smiled, "are you ready for this?" He nodded, a little unsure of what she meant. Without moving she tightened her pc muscles, squeezing his dick hard. It was the most incredible thing he had ever felt on his dick as he groaned in pleasure.

"Oh you like that huh?" She moaned at him. He nodded as he fought to hold back his cum. She released her muscles, then squeezed tightly again. Her kegel exercises had built up her muscles so she could milk his cock without moving.

She released his dick then slowly started to ride him up and down. Lifting her hips up until just the head was inside, then sinking back onto him. Every time her ass hit his thigh, she tightened muscles and squeezed his dick.

He put his hands on her back and pulled her towards him. As her chest lay against his, he moved his hands to her ass to hold her still. He lifted her hips slightly and started lifting his ass off the desk, driving himself into her hard. He started fucking her with wreckless abandon as his thighs slapped loudly against her ass.

She continued to squeeze and release her muscles around his dick as she moaned loudly, "yes fuck my pussy, yes." Richard could feel his balls tightening for their release and he groaned into her ear, "I'm gonna cum soon."

She moaned her response into his ear, as her pussy squeezed harder, "yes cum in me, I want to feel it shoot deep inside of me, make my pussy yours." That made him lift his hips off the desk harder and faster as he started grunting louder. She moaned louder as well, as his dick throbbed hard in her.

Unable to hold back any longer he drove his dick into her and froze, yelling out, "I'm cumming." She moaned loudly as she felt his dick grow inside of her and fire the first jet of cum into her. His ass fell back on the desk as his dick throbbed again, firing more cum into her sucking pussy.

She moaned loudly as her pussy milked his cock, "oh god baby, that feels so good." His dick fired another shot of cum into her as some of it began to leak out around his shaft, running down to his balls. He fired one last weak shot into her as his dick continued to lightly throb in her.

Hillary continued to milk his dick with her pussy, trying to get every bit of cum out of him, as she breathed heavily on top of him. She finally got enough strength to push herself up, still sitting on his deflating dick. "Wow, that was amazing," she said, still a little out of breath.

He looked at her and smiled, "you could say that again." She lightly laughed as she put her hands on his chest lifted herself off of him. His deflated member slipped out of her, followed by a few dribbles of his cum splashing onto his abdomen.

She moved forward a little, squatting over his belly, and put her hand on her pussy. She opened her inflamed lips with her middle and fore fingers. He watched her as she grunted and pushed with her pussy muscles. His cum was forced out her freshly fucked hole and began pooling on his stomach.

He had never seen a girl do this before, but he felt his dick twitch as he watched. She pushed a little more of his cum out of her, then used her fingers to get what was still clinging to her hole. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them off. She smiled at him as she got off of the desk and looked at his cum on his stomach, "wow that's a lot of cum."

He couldn't say anything as he looked at her in amazement and slowly nodded. She chuckled as she leaned over and started sucking and licking up the pool of cum. After she had it all, she moved to his limp dick and licked up the cum that was around it. Then she took his whole member into his mouth and sucked it clean.

She stood back up and said, "there you go all clean." He just smiled and started drifting off to sleep.

What do you think? Want even more of his tales? Let me know please. Constructive criticism please.

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