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My Asian Wife's First Movie
At The Movies...

My wife had just joined me from Vietnam, we married a few days after her
arrival. In fact we married on Pearl Harbor Day. December 7, 2004.
Simple wedding, My Mom and Brother attended.

She had a video business back in Ho Chi Mihn City, formally Saigon, but
she had never experienced a real movie theater. What was I to do...I
did what all of you would have done. I picked the best movie house in
Oklahoma City, and took her there.

My wife doesn't understand that much English, and in movie situation she
prefers action movies, to the plot movies, as they don't have
subtitles, she lets the action carry the picture instead of the words.
As she puts it...all they do is talk, and talk,..... I have to laugh.
She is so funny, sexy, and pretty.

Most people go the movies on a Friday or Saturday night, but me, I
always pick a time, or day that its least crowded, I have seen many
movies that when I came out all the people were wrapped around the
building, Me? No I was in there, virtually alone. In fact I have seen
many movies where I was alone or darn near it any way.

Lets see now...what could we see...hummm, Oh yes~! Star wars is playing,
episode II, if I remember correctly. She wore her long boots, Black
Thigh high stockings, nothing of a thong, off white, mid length skirt,
and a short sleeve black top with lots of cleavage, push up bra.... Mmm
she looked good enough to eat.

The theater has stadium seating, and we went about just above half way
up, middle of the row, center. There were quite a few people there, it
surprised me, but was by no means crowded.

We settled in, had a few sips of pop, looked about, scooted down a bit,
did I bit of whispering, some,... touchy feely about the face, hands,
hair, few quick kisses here n there. We held each other, tried out what
worked, what didn't, she put her leg on mine, I put mine on hers, we
wrapped our legs about each other, you know, mine, hers, mine, hers, I
kissed her a few times, she would look around to see who looked or who
cared. Remember this is her first time inside a theater. It was all
bran, spanking, new, to her~!

Inside I was proud of this young woman, we waited 2 ½ years for her
visa, so she could come here...we were both so damn lonely. In Vietnam
she was not allowed to wear what she liked, touch who she wanted, or
where. I taught her, "here", she can do as she pleases, I told her when
you touch me,....look around, see if any one is offended,.. Or if they
care. She slowly came out of her shell. Now she touches me in public...
pinches my butt, runs her fingers up-n-down my crack, over my jeans.
Reaches inside my shirt to pinch my nipples. She lets me play with her
cleavage if no one is looking, and even lets me grab her hips and push
my erection in to the crack of her ass in the store or standing in
line. She asked me many times about what clothes to wear, I told her
wear what makes you sexy and comfortable, I gave her this advice, if
you want to wear it ...wear it now, while your young, when you get
older and want to , then its too late. She a good woman. Did I mention
her long, black hair was in pig!

Guys don't we have to test our girls, dates, wives, women. At the
theater? Tell me it is not so~! I have dated women that are at all ends
of the slide scale of social etiquette. Sure your not suppose to do
certain things but some just don't care, and are open to the
experience. They don't have to be prudes either to be offended that you
want to kiss or caress or more in the theater. One woman I knew she
didn't like to be touched in a sexual way in a theater. She said I
cheapened her, like ...HUH~? She was fine with holding hands in public
but that was about it. In private she was a sex kitten....rouwww. LOL.
But one woman I dated, she would get so mad at me if I didn't finger
her sopping pussy all during the movie, whether it was crowded or not.
Look, all I m saying is that we have to feel out or dates to see what
kind of woman they are. Am I rite ?

The movie started, and we watched it without incident for a while. Some
time later, I reached over and put my arm around her, then caressed her
arms, kissed her hair. She hung her arm across my chest to my neck,
that was nice. I nudged her then she looked up at me, I kissed her so
deep, pulling her to me. I put my arm around her and started playing
with her cleavage, then I reached inside, and squeezed her nice firm,
young tits, her nipples became erect Immediately with excitement. I
pinched them, then broke the kiss moaning in her mouth.

The movie continued, the theater was very light because of the scene was
in clear blue sky, I looked at her and she at me, and smiled. I rubbed
her leg outside of her skirt, but later when the plot became sinister
on the robot, volcano, planet it became dark in the theater. I then
reached along her knee inside her thigh, and felt her thigh all the way
to her, warm, moist, mound. She pushed me away slightly I said look
around, no one can see. She did relax, as I pulled her thong to one
side, wrapped my arm around her neck, squeezing her firm B+ cup tits,
pinching her nipples. I played with her soft mound, and followed the
moist trail to her blood engorged outer lips of her pussy. She started
to spread her legs open for me, ever so slightly. It was uncomfortable
reaching across her so I pulled me left arm back, and went straight for
the lips to her pussy.

She was so damp and so fuckin warm, I used just my index finger to run
it up n down her slit, but when my finger got wet it sunk in to her
folds. When I touched her clit her legs went wider and she scooted
farther down in her seat. That was my cue, I spread her lips open with
my fingers, inserting my finger inside her soaking wet pussy. She then
scooted down so that her ass was at the edge of the seat, I took my wet
finger, and went round-n-round her ass hole getting it wet, so wet,
then I shoved my finger in her ass, as she rotated her hips to give me
complete access to her tight brown hole. Pulling my finger out of her
ass I then put it in her pussy and finger fucked her for a minute or
two. She didn't pull her legs up, just to the side as far as the seat
rail would let her. I then attacked her clit....I knew it before she
did...she was cumming.....she flooded my hand with her warm sticky
gift. She squeezed my arm, looked up at me, her left leg was bent at
the knee, her right leg was straight out, but to the side and her boots
were on the ground, I looked at her face, it was distorted with a look
iv never seen before. Oh she was cumming alright. She looked at me and
I got it. It was the look of a scream, but a silent one as if to say..
Im Cummmin. She was totally relaxed, and yet...not. She pumped a hand
full of her sweet nectar in to my hand, and my fingers were soaking
wet...I leaned in and kissed her, withdrew my hand, and licked-n-sucked
her cummm from my fingers. She sat like that until the theater started
to become light again. Then moved to fix her attire. She said
honey,.... I cummm, I said I know baby, I know!

She told me about it later, she just loved it and at the same time could
not believe that she had allowed that to happen, and that I had done
that too her. She wanted to know if anyone saw us...I said well if
they did, they must have enjoyed the show~!


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