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First Blowjob
My First Blow Job

Her name is Kathy; I met Kathy while I was working at 7-11 Food Store,
as an assistant Manager. She came in to my store one day, I noticed her
rite off. Just cute as a button. Kathy is about 4'8" tall, shoulder
length Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, nice smile, I swear this girl has C+
tits all hers, all real, not too much butt, but her tits made up for
the lack of that.

She is older than me by a few years but not many, I think about 3 if my
memory serves me correctly. We had a terrible winter and what I didn't
know at the time is why I didn't see her anymore that winter. She was
having people in her building bring her things from my store. I was
taken by her, she was kind of plain in that she didn't wear heavy make
up if any at all...she just didn't need it.

When winter finally broke, spring came along and I saw her first once,
then twice a day, then more. I asked her I could buy her the coke that
she brought up to the register....she grinned at me and said sure. She
thanked me, and we started talking, just small talk and all. She told
me why I had not seen her all winter, Kathy explained that she didn't
have very sure footing and could not risk falling.

Well I finally got the nerve to ask her out, she said we could get
together, and get a burger or coke, nothing heavy really. So that is
what we did, I took her driving around different places, but we had a
lake not far from my store, "Lake Hefner". I ended up taking her for
drives around the lake; in fact it became our favorite place, for
picnic's, watching the sun set, or just for a nice drive.

There was this one spot, that was near a cove, it had a tree for shade,
and we could watch the sun set, She was the first woman that I knew of,
that could kiss for hours, and never get tired. Wow she and I made a
kissing couple. When I got quiet she would ask me what cha
thinkin,...she's an Okie too remember? She really brought me out of my
shell; she taught me how to share my thoughts, my feelings. One
evening we watched the sun go down Listening to soft music, it got dark
on us.

There we were in ma 1972 Pontiac Gran Prix, Man she was fast, 400
Engine, Silver paint, Black half vinyl roof. Any way we started kissing
and kissing n kissing-n-kissing, well I started rubbing her tits, first
through her blouse, then reaching my hand inside, I had a whole
handful, never breaking our kiss. She pushed her chest to me, filling
my hand, feeling her nipples grow in between my fingers. She felt my
chest then stomach; before I knew it she had my solid member in her
hands. Kathy asked me if I ever had my dick sucked. I said: well, gulp,
yes but not to completion, no one had ever been able to bring me off
that way. Shit that must have been a challenge for her or something,

Kathy unbuttoned, unzipped, then pulled down my pants, then down with
the underwear, she kissed my mouth again, then like, dove on top of my
cock, she licked the head, moaned then came up to kiss me, saying: your
pre-cumm tastes so sweet honey. Who was I to argue? She grabbed my
cock, pumped it a couple of times, then attacked it again. I felt her
go down on me, her mouth was wet and hot, Kathy reached bottom, then I
felt something else, I thought it was her hand, but no, she had put her
hands behind her back. She was only using her mouth; I realized it was
her tongue. Kathy had her mouth as far as she could go to my groin, but
she was licking my balls with her tongue. Even as my cock was in her
throat. She then rose up, filling her lungs with air, swirled her
tongue around the head a few times, and humming on my shaft, as long as
her wind was not blocked by my hard shaft in her throat, she would
continue to hum. I reached behind her and slid my hand down her pants
past her ass, played with her crack then inserted my finger in her
soaked pussy. That did it, she attacked my cock, sucking it hard, going
all the way down, back up, then down, licking the head sucking my cock.
She was fucking my cock with her mouth. She was totally in control.
Faster n faster, wetter, humming all the while, I said: "Oh Kathy im
gonna Cummmm" I figured she would stop after I told her that, but she
said "Ummmmm Hummmmm" swallowing hard in between the words, then It
happened, I threw my head back, groaned, im cummmmingggg, I could hear
her gulping, and swallowing, licking and sucking. I put my hand in her
hair and pulled it. I said "oh oh fuck", bucking my ass off the seat
for one final thrust. Kathy swallowed hard, moaned one last time then
came off me with a pop. She swallowed again and smiled at me real big,
sat up in her seat, turned sideways and asked me how I liked it. I said
it was my first time. It was great~! She said it was the first time she

So I was her first too, but not the last time I would get some of that
talented mouth. She told me she had never really wanted to do that to
anyone before. Did I ever show her how grateful that I was? You bet~! I
have many tales of Kathy I just might share.

Hope you liked my story it was the truth as I remember it.


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2017-10-11 21:08:16
Believable story, kind of pushing me to write some of my true stories.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-10-12 21:11:01
Hope you're still alive and follow up with more about Kathy!


2013-10-12 23:44:47
Not bad. Better punctuation would make for an easier read.

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-07 14:13:56
Yes, I would like to hear more about kathy please. especially if there is fucking included.

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