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The Lustful wonderful woman i met in my senior trip/Preggers
My Senior Trip

When I was a Junior in High School I transferred to a new school, called
at the time "Freedom School" It simply meant that you could excel
academically at your own speed, fast or slow that depended on you.

Things were going along fine for a while, and time rolled over to my
Senior year. I sensed something was wrong, I wasn't my usual happy go
lucky self and I didn't want to go the extra distance to get my usually

My parents informed me that at Christmas time they would be going to see
my brother in California who was in the Air Force at the time with his
wife of 5 years. They asked me if I would like to go with them on my
Christmas break, I said I think that would be just the thing I need,
but I wanted to add to that trip.

I called my brother, and asked if I could spend some time with him and
Sis. If I could swing it with my school, he told me they would be
delighted if I came to spend time with them, and that I could stay as
long as I wanted.

The next week at school I went to talk to my principal about my idea,
and my trip. Principle Skinner told me that I actually could contract
with each of my instructors to do my work through the mail, and some
phone contact. I was all smiles and happy about the aspect of it all.
That is exactly what I did. Set it all up, packed my bags and was ready
to go.

We all had a great time on the trip and spent the Holidays with my
brother and his wife, My Mother, Dad, Me.

After the Holidays my parents went back to good ole Oklahoma and left me
there with some cash-n-clothes. I had turned eighteen in November of
that year and had a drivers license, my brother told me he had an old
55 Chevy Pickup, short bed, step side, that I could use if I could get
it running, also if I agreed to take my sis to the Dr. or grocery store
while I was there, I said sure thing.

My Brother lived in a row of homes on Feather River Blvd. in Marysville
Ca. in the Sacramento Valley, Quiet, fair weather the road was farther
than you could see at both ends, in other words, long drive. Every day
I would see this cute red head walk by but I was always just missing
her or I was all cruddy with grease and oil didn't want to say

Since my brother left real early in the morning and my sis always slept
in I didn't want to wake her so I would go running on the bank of a dry
river bed, it was real high not sure what you call it but you could
even drive on it. I would run about 2 or 3 miles a day past bee hives &
groves of fruit and nut trees. As I would run past this one house, I
started to see that little red head come to the door. She would watch
me and wave, sometimes grin. I even heard what I guess was her little
brother say here comes that guy running again. So she knew where I
lived and I knew where she lived.

Man do I love on old truck and working with my hands, in more ways than
one, "Grin". Well the truck was some piece of work, my brother had
stolen the battery out of it and the oil was as thick as, well I called
it crude oil, laughing hysterically, it also needed a tune up but the
paint, tires, interior look clean enough. Over the next 2 or three days
I gathered up the parts, and scrounged the tools I would need to
get-er-runnin, As we would say in Okie talk, I changed the oil, tuned
er up,(Okie again) added all the fluids, changed wiper blades, tweaked
the horn, I even put in a stereo and a C.B Radio that was popular at
the time.

The next day I was waiting at the road, truck door open, stereo cranked
up, Probably with Boston or John Denver, I was all cleaned up and
dressed nice in casual clothes. I saw her coming and said hi to her,
she said hello to me, her head dropped a little I saw her smile just as
her shoulder length red hair rushed to cover her face. I leaned in to
see her face, and said that my name is Alan, she told me her name was
Janet, she asked me, looking up at my 5'9" 130 pound frame, from her
4'9",98 pound 34 C's body, I haven't seen you here before the last
week or so. I told her no, Im from Oklahoma visiting my brother and sis
in law. She told me she lived with her mother and little brother and
little sister. I said yes I noticed you while I was running. She
grinned at me, wrapping her hair behind her ear, then folding her arms
under her very nice tits.

She told me she was going to the store and I offered her a ride in my
newly repaired truck, she thought about it and said sure why not, so
she jumped in from the drivers side and I slid in rite beside her, she
didn't even move over, just stayed rite there like she had always
belonged there. When I reached for the floor shifter I was rite between
her legs, if you don't know, the shifters were short then, or 3 feet
tall. She said sorry, and moved over enough sitting sideways that I
could shift. I patted her leg and told her thanks, she looked up at me
and smiled a just perfect smile. I said Janet you have a lovely smile.
She blushed again and said thanks. Your welcome darlin...little Okie

So I took her to the store where she purchased a few things and we
headed back to her house. Along the way I asked if she had seen much of
Mary's Ville she said not a whole lot that her family had moved here
only a short time ago and that they didn't have a car. Seems their
father left them high and dry, funny but the way she talked about him I
feel that they were better off without him. But who am I to decide
about that, so I just listened. Her mom wasn't bad for her age, I was
so young a 30 yr old looked old to me then, shit if only I knew what I
know now, id have....well lets leave that for later in my memoirs LOL~!
Man she was a doll, perfect little body, few freckles placed just so
about her face, hair...strawberry I would guess, being a guy and all.
Her waist fit me just perfect. Lovely little smile. Even good teeth.
Must be genetic. I was 18 what the hell did I care about genetics..LOL.
She was HOT!

Over the next few days we were inseparable she would invite me over to
her house for breakfast, or id ask her to some cheep fast food,
sometimes we would picnic in the back of my Pickup. We would drive to a
spot in an orchard or someplace quiet. They say that California was
crowded and so hectic but I found that part of cali. Peaceful and laid
back, I guess because it was farm country. You could see the Mountains
in the Distance, so beautiful. I would spread out my trusty sleepin
bag, we would eat n talk n push each other n laugh. I wasn't a shy guy,
but I was respectful of girls so I didn't rush things to much. I would
reach out and brush her hair out of her mouth or eyes as she was eating
and she would thank me and look in the distance. I just loved seeing
her in thought, with her red hair in the wind and the sunshine...just
lovely. I would look deep in her eyes and ask her, what cha thinkin,
she would come back to the here and now and say, oh just some stuff, I
figured it must be about her father, so I didn't push it.

Once when we were alone I brushed her hair from her face and I cupped
her cheek, She looked at me and rushed to place her hand over mine and
squeezed it. I leaned in and rubbed her nose with mine and hugged her
face to me so gentle like. Never pulling away I melted in to her mouth
with mine, reaching the back of her head, fingers in her hair pulling
her to me for a deep, romantic, tender, passionate kiss. Mmmm I moaned
into her mouth. Parting her lips with my tongue and rotating my face
sideways so my nose was on her cheek and back up so our noses touched.
Before I parted the kiss I sucked her top lip with both of mine and
nibbled gently. The strings of our spit bridged our lips as I pulled
away. Janet's eyes were glazed over, she was breathing hard, as was I,
we had stirrings within us that had been missing for a while. We kissed
like that many times from then on even holding her close to me feeling
all of her ass etts. I didn't hide the fact that I was hard as a rock,
I was tired of being embarrassed about having an erection. After all it
was working the way it was suppose to.

Janet came over one morning and asked if I could take her a few places I
said sure, so I washed up, we jumped into the pickup and we went
shopping. We went to the Mall, where else in Mary's Ville to shop..? I
was helping her pick some nice clothes out and wondered why we were in
the maternity section, she told me it was for a friend. I told her that
she was a good friend and what she picked out was very lovely. Her
friend should be happy to have her as one.

On the way home she asked if I could stop at the grocery store? I said
sure thing darlin. Nothing unusual about that...but I noticed when she
paid, she paid with something called W.I.C., I figured they must be on
some kind of assistance. After all she said her dad left them high and

I took her home then, she got out, and I went home as well. When I got
to my Brother's house my sis told me that they would be going to a
party that night, and asked if I could manage alone, I said sure no
problem. I asked if I could have Janet over, they said sure thing, My
sis had even cooked something earlier that day. So Janet and I would
have some dinner. I jogged down the strip and knocked on Janet's door
and asked if I could speak to her. Her mother looked me over pretty
good and said; sure just a minute. I wondered what the look was for.
Janet came out and I asked her to dinner at my bro. and Sis's house,
She said; that would be great and flashed me one of her smiles.

That evening when my brother was about to leave Janet knocked on the
door, I said what are you doing here? I said that I was going to come
and get you. She said she felt like walking, I said well come on in and
meet my bro and sis. Janet said hello, and I made the introductions. My
brother called me aside and said; she's cute, nice ass and pretty. I
said yea I thought so too.

They left and we were alone, it was the first time that we had been
alone in 4 walls and a roof. We went in to the kitchen and ate. I think
it was Bar-B-Q Chicken. We went in to the living room after dinner and
turned on the stereo and she sat in the chair with me and we started
making out. We kissed and I felt her nice firm C'cup Tits and pushed my
hard on against her ass cheeks...we kissed and kissed and fondled each
other till she said: "Oh Alan", I want you inside me. Shit had I been
waiting for that line, but I stopped and said, well there are a few
things we need to talk about first. She asked what that would be,
brushing her locks behind her ear. I always loved when she did
that...she looked so innocent.

Well I said for one, I don't want any disease and I don't want to get
you pregnant...Janet sat up and said to me...Im already Pregnant~! Well
I was a little shocked....she told me the clothes that we had purchased
at the mall were for her. She had met a man where they came from and he
was military, she said he told her, that he loved her, He fucked her
like a slave girl or something like that. He had promised to take care
of her and that she was young and stupid....he shipped out the next
week for a foreign country and never heard from him again. He left her
high-N-pregers. She also told me she had been checked out by the state
and she was medically fine. Janet was about 2 or 3 months pregnant.
She cried and cried, I felt so sorry for her I really did. I was
falling for this girl we were both alone and we made each other happy.

Well I was still horny as hell...she was already pregnant, and clean
bill of health, we were alone in my brothers house what was I to do.

We got up and I took Janet's hand, led her in to my brothers bedroom,
and started stripping my pregnant girlfriend. I licked her body from
one end to the other, spread her legs oh my what a beautiful red bush,
I crawled up beside her and she grabbed me erection, I kissed her, she
kissed me, I sucked her tits oh shit her nipples were bright pink like
her pussy. They got rock hard when I sucked them and nibbled on them.
Then I trailed down to her spread legs and I licked her pussy from the
top to the bottom of her ass hole...she literally screamed out, Im
cumming. I drank, and I drank of her sweet pregnant nectar. She said
Alan I want you inside me. She licked the pre cummm string off my cock
then I leaped down to her spread legs, pulled her legs up, and slammed
my cock so deep in her all at once she screamed again. I rammed my dick
home, she was so tight, her pregnant pussy was gushing. You could hear
it sucking my cock as I withdrew I landed on top of her and drove home
for all I was worth....we were both pretty needy at that point. I
kissed her and she screamed in to my mouth. She then took her nails and
started scratching them up and down my back. I slammed my cock so
fuckin deep in her pregnant pussy. I grunted time and time again till
it was time. I stopped fucking her and shot my cummmm rite in her
cervix, as she was cumming on my shooting cock. She kept
yelling,...fuck my pregnant pussy, fuck me fuckkkkk meeeeeee~! I pulled
out about 2 inches and slammed back home about 5 more times and I was
done. She reached between us and flicked her clit a few times so she
could finish making her pregnant pussy cummmm.

We got up, cleaned up, then got ready for my brother to come home. I
suppose he could smell we had been fucking. He told me "don't get her
pregnant"....I said that would be impossible since she already is. He
looked at me in a evil grin, pointing to me, I said not mine. He said
well ok then...laughing.

Over the next couple of weeks we were inseparable, I also got in that
sweet pregnant pussy every chance I could, I mean really! We did it in
the back of my Pickup, in my sleeping bag. We were on a lonely farm
road and she was teasing me, she unzipped me and threw her legs over me
and fucked me as we were driving....she had on her shoes, her little
cotton dress, and cotton socks on. She grabbed me, and hugged me to
her, and fucked me so good. I would shoot up in her pregnant pussy and
cummm so fuckin good. She would say; Oh Fuck Im gonna cummm, Im fuckin
cumming, Alan Im Cummmin all the while grinding her pregnant pussy and
her pelvis against my groin. I would hold her down on my shooting cock,
flooding her pussy so deep. One time I sat on the door jam of the
pickup with the door open, cock out she backed up to me and sat down on
my cock, she rode me like a champion. Leaned back, legs spread, sliding
up n down my pole, her head threw back in a deep kiss, as I was holding
her growing titties pinching her nipples. Did she ever know how to
extract the sperm from my cummm tanks....damn all I could do was grunt.

A few days later I received a call of bad news, my school called and
told me that I needed to come home for graduation. That I could not get
my degree from California, also one of my teachers didn't like some of
my work. I did my work but she wouldn't send me my other lessons. I had
called her, called her, and written to her. All with no reply.

So I made plans to return to Oklahoma City, and to the life I had there.
I was so damn torn I hope you know? I was in love with Janet and she
said she loved me.

I hade a home waiting for me in Oklahoma, but I had a home with a sweet
girl in California....but it was weird I could not find a fuckin job in
Mary's Ville I put in applications all over town and, nothing. I
couldn't live with my brother with a pregnant woman, he only had a one
bedroom home. We couldn't live with her mother, she had siblings. So
the only thing I could do was to return to Oklahoma, I said honey I
want you to stay here in California and let me go home and get a job. I
will get a home and send for you in 6 months, just give me 6 month's.
She was so angry that I was leaving and upset too.

Our last day together was a disaster, I took my brothers truck down to
the river bed to find some alone time and to fuck. But I got stuck plum
up to the fenders in a sand bar. Remember them bees...well they got
riled up and came after us. It was hot, we were stuck, and the damn
bees were trying to eat us.

Have you ever seen a fired up, pregnant RED HEAD? Oh Shit you don't want
to either, she slapped at me for being so stupid, she cussed me, ran
away screaming flailing her arms running for home, remember the bees?
Well they were buzzing all around her and I guess she was scared as
well as pissed.

Remember that long road on Feather River Blvd.? well they had a wrecker
at each end of that thing and I had on my best clothes that day. I
walked to one end of the town to the wrecker, he told me the engine was
out of his, but to try the other one at the other end of town. So I
walked about 2 or three miles to the other end of town to that one. He
said his tuck had been out of town all day. Didn't know when he would
get it back.

So.....I walked all the way back to my brothers house and told him what
happened...he got all damn mad at me and cussed me. He said what did
you do to MY TRUCK, Im the one that got the damn thing running in the
first place. We went down to the river bed and dug till I was a mud
ball to get the pickup unstuck.

To this day I can't remember where I went or what I did till that
evening, I couldn't have the truck anymore, I do remember cleaning up,
I was outside when Janet came looking for me. She was a beautiful site
for sore eyes! She grabbed me and hugged me and said that she was
sorry, she held me so tight, then we kissed. She said I want to do
something rite now. I said yea me too but where?

Then an idea hit me, I grabbed my sleeping bag, grabbed her hand and
headed for the orchard. We strolled down Feather River Blvd. holding
each other like prom dates, she was so short that she could hold my arm
and hug it at the same time, Still a good fit for me. I opened up the
sleeping bag and put it on a slope overlooking an orchard with the moon
shining, and the mountains in the distance.

I stripped Janet to the bone and made passionate love to her, and the
little baby inside her...I kissed her and plunged my hard fat dick in
her, pinching her nipples, I fucked her pregnant pussy slowly and
precisely never once stopping the kiss that I had started. I rode up
high so I would drag across her clit on every stroke. Janet wrapped her
legs around my ass trying to pull me inside her whole body. Never
letting go of the hold she had on my neck. Janet's other hand was on
the small of my back, I guess thinking that I was going somewhere. When
she came she just grunted in my mouth, and bucked her ass off the
sleeping bag, riding me for all she could. I shoved her ass back down
and slammed my cock as hard as I could and kept slow steady rhythm. I
told her I was gonna cummm, that I was gonna shoot my cummm up in to
her belly. She said Alan: Can I have it...I want to taste it so
bad...I love the taste of it. I raised up, pulled her head up by her
hair and put my pregnant pussy soaked cock, to her lips, and started
shooting in her mouth. She opened her mouth, and I shoved my still
shooting pussy coated, cummm soaked cock, rite in to her tonsils and
she closed her lips around it and started licking, sucking, and
swallowing~! She even jacked the rest of it from my spurting shaft. She
made me lay down so she could suck on me till there was nothing left to

We held each other and looked at the moon and stars in that orchard of
trees, fffffff sucking in my breath, I could have layed there forever
with her. She felt like part of me. She thanked me for all that I had
given her, and told me she was sorry. She also told me she would miss
me. I told her the same, and that if I had another way to stay I would,
but I just didn't have one.

We walked hand in hand back to her house and I kissed her goodnight.
When I got back to my brothers house there was food on the stove for
me. I didn't eat it. I finished packing and the next morning my brother
and sis drove me to the bus station. I was so upset that tears started
coming down my face. Why the fuck should I feel so damn bad? It wasn't
my baby, I fucked her but I didn't fuck her up. I guess it was for what
I was leaving behind, and I guess that I loved her. Yes I know I did. I
loved her, there i said it! I get misty eyed thinking about it even

When I returned to Oklahoma City, I settled in and finished my studies
at school, found a job, and purchased my first home. Can you guess when
I closed on my first home? Six months after I left Janet Forrester. I
had kept my promise~!

I received a few letters from Janet, I even talked to her once. She told
me that she had a little girl...I knew it was I felt it. She was living
with some guy...what he was to her I didn't ask and she didn't say.

She said ufffff sucking in her breath, I want to do something rite now.
I said is he there? Yes she said. I said then what's the point? She
told me nothing I guess, Im sorry Alan.

I never heard from her again, I couldn't remember her name until one day
I was really relaxed and I found myself opening my box that I kept old
letters in and, looking in my mind, at the letters she had written to
me White envelopes but...the letters where in blue ink, and said:

Janet Forrester, Feather River Blvd Mary's Ville California.

That Lock box had been gone for years, stolen when my home was burglarized,
but now I remembered. So if she reads this, she will know I never
forgot her, and her daughter should be about lets see, 29 or 30 years
old now.

For Janet,....I Remember~! Alan007~!

Please Don't Forget to Vote~!

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i love your stories they keep me horney

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Nice story! Keep it cumming.

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No lie, I know Feather River Blvd in Marysville, CA. Grew up near there from age 8-20. Funny I would find mention of it here.

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Good story, people are too critical of dumb stuff instead of being supportive of a very nice honest, not your run of the mill, mind numbing junk with no plot behind it. I would have to say I look for more from you soon.

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