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Sex with my Older Nurse
Nurse Cindy!

I was in the Hospital for a few days when I was Eighteen or so for an
appendectomy, I was 5'9" tall, about 130 pounds, medium brown hair,
fuzzy mustache, and Hazel eyes, I have a little grin sort of like Elvis
did yea I was cute LOL !

I was to have surgery that next morning first thing, I was given
sleeping pills to help me relax and get a good night sleep, But
somewhere around, must have been dawn, I woke up and had the shock of
my life. There was this nurse in my room. She had my groin all soaped
up and was shaving my private region, stomache, balls, Dick, all of it.
Not only did it feel good I had a huge erection. It was early in the
morning, I was on sleeping pills, and someone had hold of my cock with
warm soapy lather! Tell me would that not lead to a hard on ? Damn I
was so embarrassed, she looked up at me with a huge smile, and said
good morning sunshine. Early riser I see, rolling her eyes towards my
erection and shaking it slightly, Just getting you ready for surgery in
a little while, I'll be done in a minute. I said, all dry

I had complications during surgery, and was given blood so it left me
week and kind of wiped out. So after my surgery, I was told that I
needed to walk the corridor at least, 5 times a day Everyday. I was
still pretty weak, but managed to get it done by the help of hospital

By staff I mean nurses, and there were some nurses, short, tall, thin,
portly, blonde, brunette, red head, some wore skirts, some pants, some
with the little white cap, some not. Most of them on the day shift
where pretty and a little sexy but they were way to busy to fuss much
over me. The night nurses seemed they let themselves go. Most were
overweight, hair not fixed well, bad attitude was what I noticed most.

But this one nurse on the evening shift she was...well...HOT... A little
red head, long hair middle of her back, Green eyes, pouty lips, sexy
smile, wore white stockings, short white skirt about 5'3" 100 pounds,
her name was Cindy. Cindy was not only HOT as I said...she was so nice,
gentle, caring. The thing you would most like to see in a Nurse, Not to
mention HOT!

Do you Remember the Nurse that came to my room and shaved me it was
none other than,... Yep Nurse Cindy~! She didn't pay to much attention
to me when she came in to check my vitals, more like all business. but
most of the time I was given shots or pills for pain and was out of it
when she came in.

I would ask her how her day was and she would be all professional, but
when she took my blood pressure, pulse, she would lean in to remove the
blood pressure cuff and her nice 34C's would brush my arm i would get
hard instantly. It was kind of hard to hide 7 inches when you are naked
and wrapped with only a thin blanket.

One day i had felt pretty good & walked the corridor 5 times all at once
it was pretty close to shift change so i went back to my room & lay
down i knew the instant i returned that i had over done it. I was a bit
weak & in pain. About that time, a day nurse came in and told me it was
time to walk again, i told her that i did them all at once. She told me
not to argue with her or give her that crap just cause I didn't want to
do my walking! I told her that I wasn't lying, she didn't believe me.
So I had to walk the hallway again. I was in so much pain when I
returned I asked for a pain shot and drifted off to sleep!

When I woke Cindy was leaning over me she asked how I was feeling I told
her much better, thank you. She Wiped my forehead and told me she heard
what had happened with the day nurse and that she was sorry that she
was such a bitch!

Cindy looked at me and our eyes met for what seemed like hours, she
surprised me...leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, and asked if that
was better, i said yes with a smile on my face and a little red. Seemed
she was good at making me blush.

Sometime later Cindy came back in and I asked why she looked so sad
Cindy informed me that her boyfriend was moving away and she was
feeling sad, and that they were fighting about it. I told her that i
was sorry about that and that I also knew how it felt to be alone and I

Divorced parents, brother in the Air force, Mom working 2 jobs and never
at home. Cindy looked at me and said...maybe you do know and understand
at that. We smiled again at each other, she reached down and patted my
right leg very near my growing cock and told me she also understood
about my little or not so little problem as she squeezed my leg. She
asked me if I would like her to come back later and give me a sponge
bath, I said that I would enjoy that very much. My Heart was pounding
through my chest!

She came back later with some vanilla pudding and fed it to me, I
noticed her blouse was the zip up kind, and it was down enough for me
to see her cleavage I said mmm she asked me, you like that pudding huh?
I blushed and licked my lips as I saw her do the same She winked at me.
Cindy fed me pudding, then she ate some, and would lick her lips and
feed me some more. I watched her watching me watch her.

Damn she was Hot, she then did something that totally shocked me to this
day...she dropped her hand below the bed & i saw her skirt move a
little. She showed me her fingers were slick and wet. When she opened
her fingers up there were strings of her wet pussy juice webbed between
her fingers and when she squeezed them back together they made a
squishing noise. She looked around to see if anyone was near and put
her fingers to my lips rubbing her cunt juice on my lip near my nose,
rolling her fingers across my lips as if to wipe it all off her
fingers. She asked me if I liked the smell of her pussy? I Moaned my
approval. She then shoved her fingers in my mouth! I licked and sucked
her fingers as she moved them in and out of my mouth rolling them
around so as I would get all her fingers clean, even spreading them
apart in my mouth so I could lick between her fingers! She pulled her
hand away as I was still sucking her fingers and licked my lips when
they were gone from my mouth, swallowing hard. she patted my cheek and
said good boy, informing me she would return for my bath a little

Shit I didn't know what to do i was not a virgin but never had a hot
older woman like this!

Cindy left and I got up to take a piss. My cock was just sticky and
dripping pre cummm out of it, I had to piss in the shower to keep from
getting it all over the place. That did relieve some of the pressure
and I went to lay down & fell asleep.

I awoke to Cindy in the room with me, the door was shut, the curtain
drawn, my blanket was gone, my gown was open and the side railing was
down on one side. She was washing my cock with warm soapy water, I was
hard as a rock. She pulled my legs up and sideways and started soaping
my balls and my cock. It felt so damn good, she rinsed and dried me She
started putting lotion on my cock & rubbing up-n-down my hard shaft
till it was well coated, she looked up and saw me looking at her and
smiled then winked, just a little extra something for understanding how
lonely i felt, she told me.

she unzipped her top and she was pulled her tits out, They were firm and
her nipples were long and hard. She reached down and under her skirt
again and I saw that her fingers were wet, she rubbed her sweet nectar
on both her nipples and moved strait for my head. She came to my head
and put one of her nipples to my mouth, as she was stroking my
cock...she said relax honey you still have stitches, she stuffed my
mouth full of her tit, and pulled my head to her tight as she stroked
my cock up-N-down in slow strokes. She said cummm for me honey, I don't
have much time, she stroked me harder and faster. she knew i was about
to cummm, and she moved rite to my cock and threw her tits over it just
as i was starting to shoot my load, she let go and closed her tits
around my vibrating shaft i said oh Cindy Im Cumming... I started
shooting cumm all over her lovely pink tits splashing all over her
nipples, she bounced up n down a few more times till I was spent. She
rubbed my cock clean on the head, put her lips on it and sucked as she
stroked from the bottom of my shaft to the ring below my cock head. I
could feel her tongue licking and swirling around the head, swallowing
all that was left. Looking up at me she slowly pulled her tits off my
melting and happy cock. She then used both hands and rubbed all my cumm
in to her tits and nipples, before washing her hands and zipping up her
top. She gave me a huge, very passionate kiss on the lips using all her
tongue, moaning in to my mouth...!

Cindy washed me up pretty fast And tucked me in walking sexy, shaking
her ass looking back at me and down at her own ass. She said till next
time Alan!

If you like the story Don't miss what happened two days later in the
second next story!


Anonymous readerReport

2016-07-15 18:37:11
I was in for hernia surgery some years ago, and had the erection as the nurse shaved me....hand up and down m cock to match the razor oral, no pussy, no tits....but sure was treated to an orgasm the kid of which I would be denied for a few weeks.....*S*

Anonymous readerReport

2016-06-19 21:01:04
your full of shit mate...grow a brain..!!!..we have all been in hospital...doesn't happen !!

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-07 01:39:11
Wow now that was one of the great memories I ever had, when I was in the hospital for some surgory too, and the nurse that stood next to my bed, too she was my personal angel, who seduce me and tought me every thing that I know Now, can't wait to read the next story fallow by this one.

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