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Episode IV
Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 38: Dream Theatre

Holly and I were just getting back into the ‘swing’ of things, when I got an e-mail from our old friend in the porn industry Jerry Spencer. I don’t know if you have heard about this, but there was an AIDS scare in the porn industry. It seems someone tested positive and so the whole industry is shut down so that everyone can get tested. This is a terrible situation that has many worried people awaiting important life threatening test results. But it also means that there is no new porn coming out for some time. Porn is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. This means that everyone and there uncle is scrambling to find new material, so what was simply amateur porn, is now the only game in town. This is a huge economic opportunity if there ever was one. “Hey Holly” I shouted, sitting at the computer, realizing all the implications. We don’t need to go anywhere to do this…We couldn’t leave its fall of our junior year. But I have editing software that I am somewhat proficient at. We have two pretty good cameras that I bought way back when we first made porn. We have many many friends that could help…and not to mention a leading lady that anyone would like to see in a porn. “Yeah?” Holly asked, walking into the room. “Look at this” I instructed, pointing at the screen.

Holly took a minute to read the e-mail. Then she turned and looked at me, eyes wide. She had already made the leap that I had. “We should have been filming everything for years now” Holly said. “We would be billionaires” I said, jokingly. “We could be now” She said seriously. “So we make more videos, send ‘em to Jerry and we’re in the money” Holly asked me. “Yeah” I said. “What are we waiting for?” Holly asked. “umm…Well we need stories don’t we?” I asked her. “Like plots and stuff…no I don’t think we really need to.” Holly said. “Okay, but what about porn star names” I asked. “We could just present it as what it is, but I don’t know about names” Holly said. “It’s…I think it’s the name of your first pet, and the first street you lived on makes your porn name” I said. “Is that true” Holly asked. “I don’t know, I’ve heard that somewhere though” I said. “Then I would be Brittany Jefferson” Holly said. “I would be… Ted Oak” I said. Holly laughed. “You would be wood” Holly said, laughing still. “So should we get Stephanie and Sandy in on this?” I asked Holly. “Yeah”

Steph and Sandy were out shopping, but when they came back we told them all about it. “I would be …Brandy…Brandy Garfield” Stephanie said. Holly laughed again. We all looked at her, not getting it. Holly explained it to us “Garfield the cat…pussy”. The three of us let out a resounding “oh!”. Sandy didn’t want to be in porno, at least not distributed porno, but she agreed to do camerawork for us. We were now living in a film studio. Holly and I ran to a local electronics store to buy a bunch of tapes for the cameras. We were very excited about these prospects.

We set up one camera on a tripod at the foot of our bed. Stephanie was behind this one. Sandy held the other camera and was free to move around. We started filming. Holly and I were sitting on the edge of the bed in bathrobes. “Hi, I am Brittany Jefferson” holly said. “And, I am Ted Oak” I said, and I started laughing. “I’m sorry its just weird to say my name is Ted Oak” I explained to the rest. “Hi I am Brittany Jefferson” Holly started over. “And I am Ted Oak. Welcome to the Adventures of Brittany and Ted.” I said. “We have been together for a while, and now we welcome you to take a peek into our sexual adventures.” Holly said. “We will be taping all the stuff we do around the house. This is not a set, we are not actors, this is all real.” I said. “When the cameras aren’t here, we behave the same way.” Holly said. “We also have a roommate that likes to drop in, she is behind the camera right now, but rest assured you will see her sometime soon.” I said. “Well Brittany, you want to get started?” I asked Holly. “Oh whatever should we do Ted?’ Holly asked the camera innocently.

We stood up, disrobing, and tossing the bathrobes aside. Holly quickly started stroking my soft cock. I reached out and squeezed her round tits. Holly dropped to her knees, taking my cock into her wet mouth. She sucked me slowly for a short time, before standing back up. I kneeled down, and Holly put one knee on the bed, and stood on one leg, exposing her slit. The tripod camera was just in front of the bed, and Sandy was over my shoulder shooting. I ate Holly, getting her excited. “ohhh” Holly moaned. “Oh and by the way folks, all real means all real, no fake orgasms here” Holly said. I continued to eat her, as she was getting more and more excited. “Enough of this, fuck me” Holly said, pulling me up. She hopped on the bed, getting on all fours. I got up on the bed behind her, on my knees. I pushed in, fucking her from behind as Sandy moved to get a better view. We switched to Holly riding me, while I played with her tits, and she came while we were fucking in that position. Just after she came, I was about to come. I got up standing next to the bed. Holly got quickly off the bed, and down on her knees in front of me. Sandy was standing just to my side. Holly stroked my ready to burst cock as I came, shooting large streaks of jizz all over her face, in her hair, and some landing on her waiting tongue, which she swallowed.

With our first scene finished, we stood in front of the camera, Holly’s face covered in Jizz. “How was that Brittany?” I asked her. “My knees are still a bit weak, how was it for you Ted?” Holly asked me. “I think the answer is written all over your face.” I said. Sandy followed us with the camera into the bathroom. Stephanie picked up the camera on the tripod as we all moved into the bathroom. “I think Brittany here needs to ‘freshen up’” I said into Sandy’s camera, as Stephanie set up hers. “I’ll be taking over a camera while miss Garfield makes her debut in Brittany and Ted’s bedroom.”

Steph stood with Holly in front of the shower. “I am Brandy Garfield” Steph said. Holly undressed her in front of the cameras. With the water hot, they stepped into the shower. The tripod was set up just across the bathroom, with a good wide angle of the whole shower. Sandy stood right beside the shower, looking in. Stephanie lapped at some of the cum still on Holly as the water started to cover them. They both played with each other’s tits, and soaped up. They took turns washing each other. The washing turned into Holly fingering Stephanie. With them excited they had to do more. This wasn’t ed or anything, they were just making it up as they went. They ended up in a sixty nine on the shower floor, Stephanie on top. We continued to film as they came, and then got out of the shower, toweling off. We planned to stop it there, but my cock was ready to go again, so I made a slight change. Steph and Holly stood in front of the cameras. I stepped out from behind the camera. “Well I am Ted, This is Brittany, and this is Brandy. We had planned to stop here, but my cock has something to say about that. What do you say girls, you want to have some more fun.” I said. Without hesitation Holly, a white towel wrapped around her, dropped to her knees, sucking me off again. Stephanie stood in front of me, beside Holly. I reached out and played with Steph’s small perky tits as Holly blew me.

Stephanie reached down, playing with my balls as Holly sucked me off. “Oh I’m close” I said. We forgot the porn rule; always show the cumshot. Holly kept blowing me as I came in her mouth. To anyone watching it would be obvious that I had cum, or at least I faked it, but there was no ‘proof’. “Mmm, Thanks babe” Holly said, coming back to her feet. “Well now we are signing off.” I said. “This was an Adventure of Brittany and Ted” Holly said. “Oh that was hot” I said, the shooting done.

I couldn’t go again for a while, and Holly and Steph weren’t exactly ready to go again. We loaded the two tapes into the computer, and I ran the editing software. The three girls stood over my shoulder as we picked the shots. Its pretty simple, we have two angles on everything, and the way to do it is to not show the same instant from more than one angle, but to make it all happen in real time. So we had to choose which angle to show the parts from, and we made an intro and credits etc. We had a finished product. It weighed in at just under thirty minutes.

“The Adventures of Brittany and Ted” Stephanie said. “How come it isn’t Brittany, Brandy and Ted” Steph asked, feigning jealousy. “Because we are the main characters” Holly said. “But I am pretty important too” Stephanie said, smiling. “Maybe we don’t want your name on it” I said, playing with her. “How many of these can we really make?” Holly asked. “Well. We can do girl on girl with you two. We can do anal, just blowjobs, cumswallowing, strapons with you two, all the various sexual postions, tons of possibilities with the three of us, sex in the shower, in the kitchen, in the living room. We could get other people, like the sex club, or from the internet to join in in various ways.” I rambled on. “Okay we get it” Steph said. “Oh and masturbation” I persisted. “We get it” They all three said.

Holly and I set up the two cameras in our bedroom. They have remote controls, so if we wake up in the night and want to have sex, we don’t even have to get up to turn on the cameras. We have a light switch beside our bed, so no Paris Hilton night vision porn here. All we have to do is flip on the lights, and hit two record buttons and we are rolling. We went to bed with intentions of filming sometime in the night. It made us kind of nervous. But soon enough we fell asleep.

I awoke to Holly nudging me. “John” She whispered. Once I was awake I hit the two record buttons. Then I hit the light switch. Holly rolled over on top of me, under the covers. We fucked slowly for a while, the covers covering the action. I took of her bra, and played with her tits in view of the cameras. When Holly came, loudly I might add, she descended beneath the covers to finish me off. With that done we laid back down to sleep. I turned off the lights and let the cameras run for a short while before turning them off.

In the morning I retrieved the tapes and cut together a 8 minute video of our night. It wasn’t too exciting, not being very revealing, but we could add it to a video to make it longer. I see it as a video that will help convince the audience that this is authentic and not fake sex or a fake couple. I sent these two videos off to Jerry as we thought of our next video.

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