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By: StormHerald

Chapter 4

The train ride to the country side was long, longer than I would have
expected, I ignored what country we were in and instead slept, being
told by my aunt that I would have little opportunity to do so once I had
arrived. Eventually, we did arrive and a long black limo waited for us at
the train station. My aunt had made sure I looked fresh and
appropriately vampire like, dressed in a very form fitting antique, black
lace dress. It covered every inch of skin from the tops of my hands to
the tops of my feet, and all the way to my jaw line.

I pulled at it for a moment before my aunt gave me a dark look and I
put my hands in my lap and waited nervously. She leaned to the side
and whispered in my ear, "We are the last to arrive, I wanted you to be
noticed, and you shall be. I want you walking in like you are a princess,
because you are, got it?"

I nodded nervous and my aunt nudged me again, "You can’t appear
weak, you will already be considered the weakest one just by being a
human Lilly. I want you to walk in there and act like there isn't a damn
person there worth your time."

I swallowed nervously and my aunt smiled, "You already had something
to eat before you arrived, and the courting ceremony commences at
sun set."

"So how many hours exactly?"

"Oh enough time for you to greet who I introduce you to, and you are
to refuse to even look at anyone I do not introduce you too, especially
the three little vampy girls that will probably be more than excited to
get in an initial intimidation. Also, no eating or drinking anything I do
not give you myself, understand?"

I nodded, "I don't imagine they are going to have anything Lilly friendly

My aunt nodded as the limo stopped. She pulled a few of my curls out
of the loose up do I had. She checked the diamond encrusted combs
and barrettes and then straightening me out, she stepped out flipping
open her umbrella and then reached down and held her hand out for
me. I grabbed it and got out of the car buttoning up the long jacket as
the cold wind hit. My aunt smiled and guided me to the castle.

We entered loudly announced and my aunt took her time closing her
umbrella and handing the umbrella and her very stylish hat to the
butler. I took my time unbuttoning my jacket and allowed him to help
me out of it, his obvious surprise at the jacket evident on his face. My
aunt laughed, "Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to sport such

I turned away from the man batting at a soft curl that kept tickling my
cheek and followed my Aunt into the ball room. The music and the
dancing and laughing all stopped as hundreds of vampire eyes turned
to stare at me. My Aunt straightened her back reminding me to do the
same and I looked straight ahead only looking at my aunt. The vampires
parted around us as my aunt walked straight to a familiar looking

They smiled when they saw me and I was introduced to my mother’s
small group of relatives. I greeted the group of four seeing them
assessing everything about me and then looking behind my shoulder
with worry. My aunt started speaking heatedly to my cousin in what
sounded like French and I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I straightened and turned slightly to look into a pair of large black eyes,
sitting among a cloud of cold white hair, behind her stood the other
two betrothed. Desmond smirked cruelly at me, "So the little human

I felt everyone freeze that was within hearing distance and I looked at
the three before rolling my eyes and turning back around stepping to
my silently staring aunt and pretending to whisper into her hear. A
huge smile broke across her face and she stepped around me to handle
the three girls. I greeted the cousin she was speaking to, thanking her
for being there. The vampire seemed genuinely flabbergasted at my
thanks and said that she would never leave a member of the family to
fend for themselves, especially one as precious as me.

I felt my Aunt grab my hand and I dipped my head and thanked them
before turning away and looking straight ahead ignoring the glaring
vampire girls as my aunt slowly rotated me around the room.
Eventually we reached a very old vampire woman who spoke very
loudly to my aunt and then turned to me and gasped in shock.
"My dear whatever is happening on top of your head?"

My aunt began to explain who I was and that my hair was natural
causing the old vampire to lean forward and capture a loose curl, "How
odd, but rather lovely isn't she Isadora?"

My aunt nodded and smiled, "She is rare."

The old vampire laughed, "Oh Isadora, the game is afoot, is that the
angle you are going for? My little Desmond is still in the lead I think."

My aunt laughed, "How in the lead Margarette?"

"She already has quite the relationship with the Prince, it almost seems
like this whole courting ceremony is nothing but a farce."

My aunts eyes got sharp but her smile never wavered, "Oh well, we
shall see, I have faith in my little blue diamond."

And with that my aunt turned and strode away, with me quickly on her
heels. She whispered to a butler and we were escorted through the
ballroom and out the doors. My aunt was walking quickly with sharp
steps and I was close behind her until I tripped and knocked over a
vase. I stopped and looked around for help and knelt down and picked
up the bigger pieces and put them back on the pedestal. When I
finished I looked around and realized my aunt was gone and I was
completely alone. It took a moment before I took off down the hall I
think my aunt went down and walked slowly and quietly, trying not to
attract any attention.

I felt the presence behind me before I heard it the velvet voice, "What
are you doing?"

I turned to look into an odd silver pair of eyes, "I am lost."

He took a step towards me, he was tall a head taller than me, and he
was muscular, not the very lean body of most vampires, but instead his
body was powerful. My pulse quickened as his midnight black hair fell
straight into his eyes, the rest of his hair pulled back into a ponytail.
"Who are you?"

I straightened my spine and stared at him, "I could ask you that, but I'm
sure I wouldn't get a proper answer. Vampires never give me an honest

"You didn't answer my question, instead you insulted me." I saw the
silver in his eyes harden and I fought the urge to take a step back. My
father had always pounded into my head that vampires were predators
and reacted as predators would, they smelled fear, and if you showed
your weakness they would attack.

Instead I tried to stare at him with haughtiness, but instead I only
managed a weak annoyance and it didn't even bother him. I took a
deep breath, "I am Lilith Vlaine, betrothed to Prince Damien Greyance."
His eyebrows shot up in surprise, "So you are the little human
betrothed hmm?"

I finally slouched a bit in annoyance, "Cripes, would everyone quit
calling me the little human! Geese I look like big bertha against those
other three stick figure vampire girls."

The vampire took a step forward and I stared into his eyes unflinching,
which seemed to make him curious and amused. As I studied him I
realized he couldn't be much older than I was and he was
breathtakingly hansom. I felt my pulse quicken for a moment before I
took a deep breath to calm it. What the hell was I doing, I was
supposed to be getting married in a few months and here I was getting
twiterpaited by some random vamp.

"You aren't nervous by my eyes?"

I returned my attention to his eyes and shook my head, "Why would I
be, it’s refreshing to not be the only person here without black eyes."

"You are peculiar."

I looked at him and scoffed, "Yes, I know. Thanks for being polite in
saying that the fully human offspring of a royal family is just peculiar, I
imagine I'm going to be hearing a lot worse before this is all over with."
The vampire stepped towards me only centimeters from me, "That is
not what I meant."

I finally stumbled back a step my heart pounding in my ears as I looked
at the young grey vampire, "W… What do you mean?"

He snickered and turned on his heel and walked away leaving me
grabbing the side of the hall and holding my chest, trying to calm my
rapid beating heart. My aunt found me moments later and the look of
absolute worry crossed her face as she took in my state, "Did
something happen."

"A guy, he was so, abrupt...and unusual."

"ohm, no, no, no, you are here for one vampire guy only miss Lilly, so
you straighten up, and fix that palpitating heart of yours and move
along, and do not ever lose me again."

I nodded turning to follow her and took a few steps before I turned my
head and saw the sneer of pure hatred on the face of the beautiful
Desmond. I turned back around and worked on calming myself down,
focusing instead of the most interesting pair of gray eyes I had ever

When we reached the rooms my aunt threw herself across the bed with
her arm over her face in what looked to be a very dramatic posture,
"Lilly you will be the absolute destruction of me. I nearly fainted when I
saw you weren't behind me."

"I'm alright, just stumbled, you were moving too fast for me to keep up
in this ridiculous dress. Now explain to me why the other three get to
wear beautiful, breath taking, revealing, modern dresses, and I'm stuck
in a Victorian, full length, nightmare?"

"Well I am quite close friends with Margarette, whom you met. She's
Desmond's great aunt. It was her, that had informed me of how stiff
the competition with her niece was going to be, but I had no idea that
Desmond worked so fast. It seems that the little, blonde, nightmare has
already made it into the Princes bed, which puts the rest of the
betrothed, and ESPECIALLY you, at a great disadvantage. But having
anticipated something like this, was the reason why you are in that

"Why again?"

"Well, darling, the Prince was moving about the ball watching all four of
you girls. Making a point not to be noticed, and all he saw of you was
an amazing set of curls, and a great figure covered in lace. At the
courting commencement ceremony you will be bearing your entire
body to be observed, he will be more interested in yours than the
others simply because he has seen far, far less of yours than the

I winced as she began to pull out the commencement ceremony outfit
that I was going to wear, "Alright Lilly we have one hour to make you
look like a princess."

And with that she began to bath and demand I shave my legs, my
underarms and to my horror, my sex. When I had fully bathed and
shaved she began to help me get into my lingerie. It was a tight see
through corset of white lace that had no frills on it and laced up with a
sheer ribbon up the back. I straightened as my 34 DD breasts were
squeezed to their full glory, my smallish pink nipples hardening
underneath the constant rubbing of the material. Sheer white stockings
were snaked up my legs and the lacy tops rested on my thighs and were
attached to the garter ribbons hanging from the corset. I had already
put on the completely see through thong and watched as my aunt
undid my hair putting the combs carefully away before ruffling my curls
and then pinning them back up in a very messy, yet oddly sexy, up do.
She put a small bit of lip gloss on my lips to highlight their natural pink
shine then without much warning she slapped me on each cheek. I
stared at her stunned and she smiled, "I can’t put makeup on you, and
you needed a bit of blush. You’re not ivory; you're tan so it takes a bit
more than a pinch to get your cheeks red."

I wasn't going to wear shoes, which would be the opposite of the other
three, who would be wearing tall, spiky, hooker heels. And the last
touch to it all was a black silk robe to wrap all of me in. My aunt was all
too aware of how human I was, and after asking around, found that the
council rooms would be cold, along with the entire castle, which meant
I could get sick being as naked as I was. So to compensate for the times
I would be forced to be naked my aunt had fashioned a silk robe for me
to wear to the council chambers. It was fur lined so I felt very warm and
safe in it.

We walked quickly to the chambers, my feet feeling the cold trek with
every step we took, "You know hooker heels sound kind of nice about

My aunt looked down at my feet, "Are they really cold?"

I shrugged, "It’s uncomfortable, but not unbearable yet."

"Okay, chin up, in we go."

We stepped into the council room, which looked more like a large
private office with a long desk sitting in front of me. The four council
members sat at the long desk and I was relieved to see that someone
had taken the time to put a very plush, rug down for all four of the
betrothed to stand on. I stood waiting, the first one to arrive, and
slowly the other three arrived wearing black see through lace, their
slender, angular frames on proud display underneath different styles of
lingerie. They looked at me startled by my robe but remained quiet as
we all waited. Finally the vampire I had met in the hall strode in, grey
eyes flashing as he looked at the four of us.

He bowed to the council members and stepped off to the side waiting
silently for the council members to begin the meeting. A very old
vampire stood up and stared past my shoulder to who I could only
assume was my aunt, "You were told she needed to wear something
that we can see her in? You were made aware of the laws?"

"Yes your grace, it is just that she is human, and therefore significantly
more susceptible to the temperature of the rooms, there for in order to
keep her out of harms way, she needed to wear something warm until
it was the appropriate time."

"Aw, yes, I received your request. I can fully appreciate the situation,
now we have staff working on making the castle a bit more, friendly to
our little guest."

I bit back and frown at his comment, and looked to the side of him
seeing grey eyes looking at my reaction with a glint of amusement,
"That being resolved, Isadora, she needs to present herself as the
others do."

I nodded and untied the robe, letting my aunt slip it off of my frame. It
was obvious that no one expected white, because there was a mutual
intake of breath as the four old vampires stared at me stunned for a
moment before clearing their throats and turning to the grey eyed

I started to feel a sense of dread as I began to realize who the vampire
was, and I kept replaying the meeting in the hall in my head, wondering
just how big of a fool I had seemed to be to him. The Prince nodded
and the oldest vampire pointed to Desmond and announced her name
telling her to come forward so the prince and council could inspect her

She strode forward with confidence and didn't flinch as the Prince put
his hands on her body, lifting her arms and hair and turning this way
and that. The scene repeated for the other two girls and finally it was
my turn. My heart began to thud violently against my chest as I stepped
forward and felt my body be devoured by the council as well as the
Prince. He gently touched me, lifting my arms and turning me this way
and that, and after being dismissed he kept staring at me.

I stopped listening to the council members as they grilled my
chaperone on my health and family, instead focused on the intense
silver stare I was receiving, feeling his gaze, like his cold hands, brushing
along my body. My breathing increased a bit as the cold feeling of his
eyes turned into a warm sensation in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't
look away from his eyes, and he refused to stop his eyes from
wandering my body. My aunt’s touch snapped me out of the hypnosis
the prince was causing as the council members sat down and started
the conclusion of the meeting.

"Now Prince, as per tradition you take each girl with you to your
chambers one night for each girl, so that you can gain their scent,
should you need to track them. Which girl will it be tonight?"

I refused to look at him, sensing that Desmond had already assumed it
would be her. But as I heard her take a small step forward the velvet
voice said my name and both Desmond and I stared at him in shock.
The council chuckled, having not been as oblivious to the display
between Prince Damien and I, as I had thought they had been.
"Very well, then the lady Desmond shall be next, followed by lady Yuki,
and then lady Elizabeth. Thus concludes this ceremony, Isadora, I wish
to speak with you."

My aunt nodded putting her hand on my elbow and propelling me into
the hands of the Prince, before turning and following the council out. I
ignored the very intense prickly feeling I got on my back at being glared
at by three sets of eyes and felt the Prince grab my wrist and pull me
out with him.

When we walked out a cheer and a groan welcomed me into the hall as
the whole vampire population seemed to be crammed into the hall.
When they saw me with the Prince money began to exchange hands as
a lot more groaning, than cheering happened. I was happy to see for a
brief moment that my four family members seemed to be receiving the
majority of the bet as well as congratulations and invitations to dinner. I
smiled at them and they waved mouthing a good luck before I was
yanked into another room.

The Prince let my wrist go and walked further into his room removing
his outer jacket and taking his boots off before collapsing onto the
couch. He looked irritated as he looked past me to the door, "Idiots."
I moved forward and put my hands on the back of a chair, "Why do you
call them idiots?"

"Betting like that, they should be ashamed."

I chewed on my lip pondering his words before shrugging, "I bet it was
boring waiting for the whole thing to be over with. I don't begrudge
them a bit of entertainment and it seemed harmless enough."
His eyebrows rose, "You realize they were betting against you being the
one I chose."

I couldn't help but smile, "They had a 75 percent chance I wouldn't be
the one coming out. It was good odds. And what's important is that
once again, I beat the numbers and my family bet on me, so they made
out pretty well too."

The Prince looked at me quietly for a moment, just long enough for the
cold room to finally get to me and a shiver run down my body. His
eyebrows shot up again as he stood up and disappeared into the other
room, coming back with a blanket that he threw over my shoulders

He sighed and I looked at him as he stood in front of me, "I'm sorry, I
know its annoying, trying to remember all the human stuff."
"Yes, it is." I nodded and looked around.

"I will be honest I don't know what the council meant by you getting my
scent and what not, but I figured we get that out of the way and I can
go back to my rooms."

The Prince looked at me then shook his head, "You have to stay the
night, the entire night, until noon tomorrow."

I stared at him shocked, "Oh, okay."

I shifted from foot to foot feeling awkward and finally the prince
grabbed me and pulled me to the couch to sit with him. He stared out
the window watching the birds fly out of sight and I pulled my legs up
and folded them to my chest wrapping them in the large blanket as well
setting my chin on my knees.

"You don't remember me do you?"

I jumped a little at the Princes velvet voice then shook my head looking
at his profile, "No, should I?"

"We were play mates until you left, how could you not remember?"
I sighed, "The last time I was in the hospital was for head trauma, I
don't remember much, if any part of my life before moving to Idaho."
He turned to look at me, his eyes full of an emotion I couldn't quite
place, "Honestly?"

I nodded, "Did we like each other, I mean were we friends?"
He turned away from me without saying anything and I felt a deep
sense of sadness roll off of him. I found it odd for a vampire to be so
open with their emotions, but after a while I began to realize he wasn't
open, he just was really easy for me to read. I reached out and laid my
hand gently on his shoulder.

"You shouldn't do that."

"Do what?" He turned and looked at me his eyes growing darker, "Be so
comforting, so soft."

I pulled my hand back and sighed resting my chin on my knees, "My dad
said that to me all the time. I don't think he was ever more
disappointed with how absolutely human I am."

I peeked from the side of my eye and saw that I had Damien's attention
so I continued, "I can’t help but be comforting. It’s all I ever wanted
really, for someone to comfort me after being yelled at for the millionth
time about how human I was. Or seeing my parents disappointed faces
every single time I take a salad instead of a bloody steak."

"Well it seems you will do nothing but disappoint them again while you
are here. Perhaps that is why your aunt is here and not your mother."

I stared at him open mouthed shocked by how cruel he sounded.
Before I realized it I was out of the blanket and standing above him
delivering a resounding smack right to his cheeks. He was up in a flash
and grabbed both of my wrists and slamming me against the window,
"How dare..."

I felt the first of the tears roll down and I struggled against him iron
hold, "You jerk, you absolute ass hole."

He shook me briefly yelling for me to stop it before I finally calmed
down and he glared down at me, his silver eyes now steal, "you think
just because of who your mother and father are that you can strike

"No, I don't think my mother and father give me a reason to strike you.
I think you being an absolute prick gives’ me the right to strike you."
I fought panting and felt his body pressed against mine as he pinned me
to the window. The cold of the glass and the cold of his body
overwhelmed me and I began to shake. Prince Damien groaned in
disgust and released me flinging me back to my blanket. I refused to
put it on, instead standing up and glaring at him.

Chocolate eyes glared down steel eyes as I worked on catching my
breath, my heart still beating from the sudden fight I was having with
the Prince. It was only as I started to calm down and my breathing
slowed that I realized the Prince had stopped looking at my face and
had started roaming my body again.

I took a step back and he took a step forward and I stepped back into
the chair falling into it. I was quickly up and out of it as he strode two
more steps towards me and I put it between us as I made a dash for the
door. I should have known it wouldn't work, before my hands even
reached the door I felt myself lifted and thrown over Prince Damien's
shoulder. I shouted and punched at his back, trying to get out of his
strong hold, only to be tossed onto a bed of dark, down bedding.
I sat up and stared at him frightened as he pulled his shirt off and sat on
the bed. I shivered now not from cold but from fear and watched him
take a deep breath.

"Why are you so afraid?"

"Why do you think, you attacked me."

He chuckled, "I distinctly remember you striking me."

"I.. I’m sorry."

He became serious and shook his head, "Don't be, I thought maybe
with a little finesse you would be able to handle this, but I don't think
that will work in the amount of time I have."

I looked at him my fear notching up a bit. He moved blindingly fast and
had me on my back my hands shackled above my head and my legs
shackled wide apart. I cried out in fear and struggled against the
restraints. His hand touched my stomach and he stared me in the eye.
"I will not hurt you, I swear it. But there are certain things we have to
do, in order for me to get your scent and taste. And it is something I'm
sure you were not told about, unlike your competition."

"W.. What are you talking about."

His lips pressed against mine and I turned my head trying to ignore the
sudden warmth that his kiss had created in my stomach. He turned my
head and kissed me again, this time keeping me from turning away with
strong fingers holding my chin. His tongue was warm and licked across
my lower lip before leaving my lips and kissing down my jaw and neck.
His fingers reached up and tweaked one of my small pink nipples with
his fingers, sending a charge of electricity and heat to my stomach and
down to the junction between my legs. I gasped and he locked his lips
back onto mine, his lips milking a response from mine until I couldn't
remember why I didn't want to kiss him.

The kiss deepened until we were both desperately locked in the kiss, his
tongue caressing mine as I sucked on it, his lips working at mine until I
was moaning soft moans into his mouth. He broke the kiss and sat up
looking at my now heaving chest. I watched as liquid, silver eyes looked
away from chest to my eyes before grabbing the top of the corset and
ripping it down the front, yanking it off and freeing my breast.

He grabbed the left orb, rubbing and kissing it, avoiding the nipples and
instead nipping close to them. He did this with both breasts until finally
his mouth locked onto one nipple and I gasped as his warm tongue
danced around the already tight bud, his fingers pinching and pulling on
the one until his mouth switched and he was licking and sucking on the
other one.

The junction between my thighs grew hotter and hotter as he fondled
my breast, and I moaned in pleasure. He began kissing down my
stomach, never stopping from twisting and tugging on my nipples until
he reached the hem of my sheer panties. With a flick of his wrist the
panties were ripped off and he smiled up at me.

"You smell divine."

I gasped out a thank you as he began to nibble and kiss my inner thighs.
He looked at me once before lowering his face and taking a long lick up
my slit. I gasped in surprise and pleasure; I had never had anyone do
that to me before. I felt strong fingers pull my lips apart and another
warm, rough lick slid up my now dripping slit.

I gasped "Oh gods" and he chuckled before licking just outside of my
opening. I groaned trying to lift up but being unable to because I was
tied. I felt the shackles removed and then felt a two hands grab each leg
and rest them over his shoulders as he leaned down and began to lick
my slit up and down.

I moaned and writhed in pleasure, feeling a build of heat and electricity
inside me. He locked his lips onto my pussy and began to suck, nursing
the juices out of me, and delving his tongue as deep as he could into
me. I began rocking against him as his tongue darted in and out of me,
fucking me. I gasped and felt my body tense as a surge of heat flooded
me and electricity bounced through me. I arched my back and moaned
in pleasure.

As I came back down I realized that Damien hadn't released my pussy
from his lock, and was instead sucking and drinking my juices, the look
on his face causing the heat to begin to build in me again. His tongue
delved in as deeply as he could until he met resistance. I almost cried
out when he broke his lock on me and looked at me.
"Lilly, are you a maid, a virgin?"

I nodded looking at him and wondering if something was wrong. He
groaned in what seemed like misery before kissing my body over and
over as I slowly calmed down from my first orgasm. He released my
arms and I sat up seeing him trying to hide a frustrated look.
"What is the matter?"

Prince Damien smiled at me, his eyes the color of silver, "You tasted
sweet, it was heady and addicting, and arousing, however, I didn't
realize you were still a maid."

He sighed and closed his eyes and covered his eyes with his arm. I
looked at his beautiful chest and then looked lower, not surprised to
see a very tight bulge straining against his pants. I leaned forward to
kiss him, realizing what he was not doing to me at that very moment.
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