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Sex With my Older Nurse
My Naughty Older Nurse II

It was two days later when I saw Cindy again, Felt more like a month.
Lying in a hospital bed is not my idea of fun at any age, but
especially at my young age. Although I was torn between wanting to see
her again, missing her or maybe just missing what she had done to me. I
did have two days to reflect on it however.

How she had let me first smell, then taste her pussy, offering it to me
from her soaked fingers. The way she looked around to see if someone
was coming or looking in. Even as her hand was already on its way to my
waiting mouth,"oh and did I ever accept her gracious offering...mmmm
yes"! Also how she had washed me, coated my hard as a rock dick with
lotion and jacked me with her hand then her tits, until I was moaning,
calling her name, then shooting all over her tits. Oh thewarmth of her
body, the softness of her mounds, hardness of her nipples, all
pink-n-protruding, rubbing my sperm all over her tits. Lastly, but not
in the least, sucking only the last of my sperm from the head of my
shaft! Damn, she's good!

The night she—uh hummm- gave me all that special attention; she also
left me that bottle of lotion that she had used so expertly on me. She
told me to use it, if I had a need to, giving my dick a devilish grin.
Use it I did, over the next 2 days I bet I jacked off to thinking about
her three or four times. Id coat my cock with the lotion and pretend it
was her doing it for me, damn I would cummm so hard!

After not seeing Cindy for two consecutive nights I inquired about her
to one of the other nurses. She informed me that Cindy was taking some
personal time and should be back in a few days. Damn I missed her;
she's professional, but personable, soft spoken, kind, "Fuckin Hot Sexy
Great Tasting Horny Nurse!" Sorry I couldn't help it...she's hot!

The Hospital was very busy on the day shift and I was told that they
would remove the stitches from my Appendectomy on the night shift when
it was less hectic. One of the nurses did come in about 1:00 a.m. to do
just that; man did it sting and bleed. She put some kind of bandage
back on loosely to cover it up. I told her that I was in some pain and
asked if I could have a shot, she said she would check on it but didn't
see why not.

One of the nurses did come and give me a shot for pain and I quickly
drifted off to sleep. I guess it was about 3 a.m. when I was awoke by
who else Nurse Cindy, she asked how I was feeling and I told her, ok
just groggy, and that I wondered what happened to her? She Whispered to
me, I'm here now! I looked around and the light was dimmed, the door
had a chair under the latch, and Cindy had her long red hair down,
zippered top open, white stockings, short skirt, but her bra was gone,
shoes against the wall, grinning at me. She said do you want more of
what you had the other night, I said... ‘Oh Yes!

She kissed me deeply, passionately completely all the while removing my
bedding and my robe. She offered me her tits while asking me if I
wanted to taste her pussy for real this time, I moaned into her mouth,
she got it. Nurse Cindy then climbed on the bed stood with her legs on
either side of my head and started bending over towards my hard dick, I
started to caress her white stocking covered legs and looked up to a
beautiful red naked bush. Her ass was so damn sexy, her skirt still
covering her ass, but stretched tight as it could be without ripping
mmmm what a sight! I continued caressing her legs, and moved to her
inner thighs on my way to bliss. Before she lowered her pussy to my
face she looked at me through her spread legs, grinned at me like that
cat that ate the canary. She kissed the head of my dick, licked it then
started slowly taking it!
Moaning all the while..."SHIT" that felt good. She came up to the tip,
swirled her tongue all around the head of my shaft, took a huge breath
of air and headed back down. She let go of the railing, took me in one
last time all the way down, I could feel her throat trying to swallow
my whole 7 inches!

She reached behind her and opened up her ass cheeks and started settling
down on my face. The only thing holding her up was my dick that was
jammed in her throat, Man what a sight...her back was in a perfect
arch. I met her ass half way to my face and licked at her full, thick
outer lips. When I licked, It opened up a flood of her pussy juice, it
was thick and I had to suck the string in to my mouth like spaghetti,
"Im sure you guys have had that happen a few times". I licked my lips
and stuck my tongue way out, I couldn't help it, I licked all the way
to her ass hole and stuck my tongue in her ass as far as I could, it
was so pink and with her holding it open I had to try it. I licked out
and up towards the top of her ass and back down just as she was
settling her pussy on my face. Shit her juice was everywhere and Im
sure at this point she neededsome air so, I reached around her legs and
grabbed her hair and pulled her off of my cock...she let out a huge
breath, took in another one said "Eat Me Alan" and did I just

Her knees never touched the bed, she was sitting on my face with her ass
spread open by her hands, I licked her pussy, trying to swallow all of
her thick juices, her lips where so tight that every time I opened them
with my tongue I was flooded with more thick pussy juice. Finally I
locked my lips over her whole pussy and started sucking while flicking
her clit. That did it, she started coming up off my shaft and back down
her throat all the while pushing down trying to get her whole pussy in
my mouth. She started Cumming in my mouth riding my face, smearing her
juice all over it, there so much of it I couldn't keep up.

She slowed down, eased up, came up off my cock, pre-cumm stretched in a
long string from my cock to the corner of her mouth....Nurse Cindy got
up turned around and said now Im Gonna Fuck You! She Sat strait up over
my hard cock and lowered her self down on me and started rocking,
leaned her head back so her hair flowed down her back, reached up and
started squeezing her tits together. She said "Oh God Yesss"It's been
so long~! She raised up and dropped back down she did this about three
or four times then lowered her tits to my chest, and kissed me she
moaned and said damn we taste good!

Nurse Cindy then raised the head of the bed so that she could stay in
the sitting position and shoved her tits in my face, she told me to
suck her tits while she fucked me! She drove her hips down on to my
cock hard but never allowing her legs to contact my groin, ever mindful
of my wound. After all she is Nurse Cindy. Mmmmmm!

She would raise her ass just till the head of my dick was about to fall
out then drive her ass back down till I was touching her womb, she
would go uhnnn and let out a moan. All the while I was gorging on her
C-Cup Tits I then squeezed both her tits together and she rose up to
kiss me. I told her I was about to cummm she said oh gawd yes, so am I
Alan. I squeezed her nipples and kissed her like no tomorrow, she did
the same slammed her ass and pussy down three more times, she moaned
into my mouth and I into hers. She pulled away, and looked between her
legs at my spurting cock, and her pussy squeezed my cock as she was dick was slick with her and my juices and my balls were
soaked. She screamed silently and fucked me about ten more strokes
really fast before letting a full moan escape with her full breath.

Our breath started to slowly return to normal, she leaned in and kissed
me and said thank you so much, I needed that. I told her, no...thank
you baby! She just smiled at me and kisses me passionately one more
time, deeply, slowly, passionately!

I was spent, weak, and high from the shot I had been given. Man what a
rush! Cindy was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me
sexually, And what a woman,-All that and a Nurse too.

She got off me, stuck her face near my cock parted her lips and sucked
my half limp cock in to her mouth cleaning all of me and her off of it
as she moaned and swallowed, coming off with a pop of suction. She
licked her lips and zipped up her top. She kissed me so hard undulating
her face with mine. She asked me. Did I taste good Alan? I said oh yes
Cindy~! She got some tissue and wiped off her pussy and threw it away,
as she pulled her skirt down over her ass. She then pulled her hair up
and shoved a bobby pin in it, attaching her Nurse Cindy cap back to her
lovely red hair.

She then covered me up and told me to get some sleep, her lunch was
about over and she needed to get back on the floor. I told her,in a
groggy sentence, that I understood. She turned off the light, took the
chair from under the door latch, and opened the door, tuned around,
winked at me, and disappeared down the hall, but I wondered why she
didn't go towards the nurses station. Instead she went to the end where
the stairwell was. I looked for her to go back by the door but I fell
asleep looking. I was discharged the next morning and I never saw Cindy
again, I was told by the day shift that she had moved away with her
boyfriend/fiancé to another state and that she hadn't worked in a few
days. I figured that she must have came back to the hospital just to
see me, well if not it sure made me feel good to think that way. I
hope someday she reads this and gets a smile on her face,..a naughty
smile! Alan007!

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2016-10-30 16:03:15
Good story, but it reads like it is the of a lecture or interview. We can also remember Cindy is a nurse and that she is hot.
Try and bring more sensuality to your stories, and try not to start consecutive chapters with the word "She" (one has 7 sentences, 6 start with "She", the other is the words of your reply. Try reading your story aloud to yourself to get an idea of how close you are to the "flow" of thoughts you wish to project.

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2016-06-10 21:02:01
Love It Got Me Super Wet

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2016-02-10 09:39:27
this story is so hot i love it

Anonymous readerReport

2016-02-10 09:37:29
nice story

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-05 02:25:23
I enjoyed that very much. Wish it had happened to me when i was in the hospital.

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