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my gf meets my fuck buddy
So, you use each other for sex, and nothing else? I thought only men can do that? Danielle said with one incredulous tilted eye brow.

‘Not all men!’ I started to protest but backed down realizing the fault in my logic. ‘She's a scientist, she's expert at clinical detachment.’

I had gotten a call from Shannon, my ‘release-valve,’ I’ll say. More to the point, we were each other’s relieve for primal needs. She’s busy in the lab, and I with my studies. But now my situation has changed a bit, to put it modestly. I’d made my mind to call off our ‘arrangement.’

‘Oh, I don’t mean you, sweetheart.’ Danielle pinched my cheek like an aunt would a child and quickly moved on.

She put her hands on her waist and walked to the end of her apartment without speaking, turned around, still not looking at me. Her heels clicked in time with her swaying butt. Looking at her red hair, her hour glass figure in that white sun dress and blue pumps is causing some stir down below.

‘So, you use each other for sex once a quarter for the past two years and, miraculously, you have no feelings for each other? She hasn’t fallen for you?’ She said with some interest with the other incredulous tilted eye brow. ‘How is that possible, I mean, come on, look at my man!’ She came over and pawed my pecs and abs.

‘She really is focused on her work, Danielle. Look, forget about her; I’ll drop you off at my place and I’ll her I’m done.’ I insisted; it’s the right thing to do.

‘Hmm,’ Danielle continued her pondering, ‘now I'm intrigued. I’d like to meet her, Liam. Your dad’s restaurant won’t mind if we were a party of three, would they?’ Now, I’m frowning.

Danielle moved in close, whispering while she smoothed my shirt. ‘You are not my first boy, but this Shannon could be my first girl.’ She smiled mischievously.

I swallowed hard. Oh hell, this is gonna get complicated…

Half hour later we were standing at the front door of Nighties-n-Naughties. I double checked the address; I was sure Shannon meant shopping for her lab, but it seemed she had other ideas.

Danielle and I exchanged looks. Hers was excitement, mine was uh-oh.

Someone waved to us from the back of the store; a blonde wearing a halter black dress and a huge smile. There was eager anticipation in her eyes and gestures, like someone finding a loved one at an airport arrival.

Danielle leaned over, ‘that is one confident woman wearing that tight top without a bra!’ I had also noted the protruding nipples.

Danielle took my hand and led the way in. She looked around and made comments about ‘later.’ I couldn’t hear much of it. I was putting the finishing touches on the introduction and my explanation why I had to stop our quarterly fuck meets. I took a deep breath unknowingly too loudly, I looked over at Danielle and gave her an apologetic smile.

‘Shannon? Shannon!’ I finally realized who the black dress was. My second thought was, wow, how did she get that size so quickly? She's only, what, a size 4? 6,maybe? The only plus size about this hot blonde was her smile.

‘Hi, Liam! See anything different about me?’ Shannon and her huge grin skipped over to peck me on the cheek. She did a twirl on her heels that made her short skirt flutter, like Marilyn’s did when the train passed by. I now recall how I’d think about her mesmerizing smile and baritone voice, and the way she squirms and screams when she oozed her love lotion.

I snuck a guilty peek at Danielle, she gazed at Shannon; her eyes said she wanted more.

‘Shannon, you look great!’ I tried hard to keep my voice at Friendly. I held Danielle’s hand tight. I had a feeling Shannon was trying hard not to notice it.

‘Looks like all that time at the lab is paying off, Liam! You are looking at the next big thing. I stumbled onto a compound that dissolves cellulose and fats at a molecular level, oh listen to me ramble. My rats showed good results, but Dr. By-The-Book wouldn’t let me test it on volunteers, s..’

‘So you took the drug yourself?!’ Danielle burst out like a child who can’t wait to guess the ending of a story. My heart melted a little.

‘um…serum…you can’t call it a drug until you have completed petitions to the…um..Hi, I’m Shannon.’ Shannon said flatly. She was annoyed that she finally had to acknowledge Danielle.

‘Hi, Shannon, I’m Danielle.’ They shook hands; Shannon’s was a little limp.

OK, here we go.

‘Um, Shannon,’ I stammered,’ I need to talk to you.’ Shannon looked at our linked hands and lowered her eyes; they suddenly shined.

Before I can continue, Danielle said, ‘I think you look amazing, Shannon, you’d be totally hot in these.’ She handed her a small apple green strappy thing.

‘um, yes, you do, and, uh, you would.’ I chimed in on instinct.

I was completely caught off guard by Danielle’s interruption and wondered how to bring the conversation back on course.

Danielle shook my hand off and grabbed Shannon’s. Before she can refuse they were in an empty changing room. An older attendant with wavy brunette curls and great curves watched them then went back to her duties. She stole sultry looks at me adding to the awkwardness.

‘Shannon, Liam told me about your arrangement. You ought to know that I think it’s great that you found what you needed in each other.’ Danielle said matter-of-factly. She was untwining the green thing.

‘And you want me to stop, because he’s with you now.’ Shannon reciprocated the professional tone, wanted to finish Danielle’s thought.

Danielle looked in Shannon’s eye for a moment. Just enough to make both of them shake with excitement and anticipation. ‘Not exactly,’ Danielle stroked Shannon’s blonde hair, her glistening lips whispered, ‘I’m saying I want in.’ She leaned in and kissed Shannon ear and licked her lobe.

Shannon felt an uncomfortable erotic tingle, but the changing room was inconveniently small and Danielle’s hot cinnamony breath was so enticing that she gave up her resistance after only a limp attempt. She turned to meet Danielle’s lips with her own.

Shannon let out a breath as they gently kissed. Am I really kissing a girl? Her lips are so soft. She’s hot in that white dress. Is it ok that I’m so turned by this red head?

Danielle broke the kiss and quietly heaved to catch her breath. Shannon wiped the corners of her mouth and looking lustily at Danielle. Who IS this red head?

Danielle unfolded the negligee and said, ‘put it on.’ Shannon undressed slowly keeping eye contact with Danielle. She had gained confidence through her success in the lab. She didn’t mind showing her curves wrapped in white lace half bra and panties to a complete stranger.

A complete gorgeous stranger with curves as luscious as her own. A stranger who now owns her secret love. The secret love she corralled inside for the past year. The secret love she is now in danger of losing.

Danielle understood this but choose to ignore all the same feelings she’d felt from another time, a time before she gathered up the courage going to the study session with Liam as her true self.

Walking thru the door in her heels only to see Liam staring at underclass girls playing billiards made her chuckle, and the treasures her leap of faith exchanged is much more than she could’ve hope for. What she and Liam shared in their souls had to be what Jane Austen wished for her characters.

In shared silence Shannon put on the thong slowly, taking care to show off her round butt. Danielle giggled and put a hand on it. Shannon playfully shook in response.

Shannon had made sure she was extra smooth and soft before meeting Liam. She wanted to show him how a newly-thin girl can do the moves he loved with so much more nimbleness and agility. And now with Danielle’s fascinated stare, she felt her under-used love parts was about serve another purpose.

‘Smoke on the water; I like it.’ Danielle said.

‘Hmm? oh that.’ Shannon caught herself then blushed. The little tune she hummed when she was nervous had finally been called out.

Who IS this red head cutie?

Shannon’s breasts were really too big for the green lingerie top, and that was a convenient excuse to begin the next leap.

‘Can you help me clip this?’ Shannon gathered her breasts with both hands and presented them to Danielle. Danielle, as if never done this before, fumbled with the clips, then said, ‘oh, Shannon, I can’t get it clipped.’

‘oh well.’ Shannon let them drop.

Danielle stared at them for a while, and said, with all sincerity. ‘Shannon, you have gorgeous breasts.’

A soft cough came from the next dressing room. Danielle and Shannon looked at each other and stifled a giggle.

Shannon took a step forward. Danielle held them in her hands, lightly fondled them then lowered her head to kiss each gently. Shannon’s sigh was one part pleasure two parts apprehension. Was she really going to give Liam’s new girl the rights to those belong to him exclusively for the past one year, 10 months and three weeks?

Her attention was whipped back by the light pinch of Danielle’s lips on her nipple. She felt the same electricity when Liam played with them first. She let them get hard and felt the tingle down to her girl parts. It felt so good that she let out a loud sigh; she hadn’t realized she’d been holding her breath.

Danielle raised a hand to the breast she wasn’t kissing and rubbed the nipple. Shannon ran her fingers thru Danielle’s hair and pressed her head to her breasts. Danielle’s other hand massaged her now-toned belly, the belly she couldn’t wait to show Liam, and moved southward. Shannon tensed with each progressing millimeter. When Danielle’s fingers pried open the top of the g-string, Shannon thought, if she keep this up, I’m gonna have to buy it.

Danielle’s fingernails matched the color of her hair. They crept under the apple green barrier and felt the smoothness beneath.

‘So that’s what a girl feels like.’ Danielle whispered, as if to herself. ‘Hmmm, that feels nice.’

Shannon felt her face flush with and erotic heat. She put her hands on Danielle’s breasts and squeezed lightly. They weren’t big, but very firm. She felt the soft lingerie and erect nipples underneath. She secretly compared herself with Liam’s new girl. Breasts, advantage me.

Shannon continued her massage while Danielle’s finger touched her womanhood. She lightly took in a breath when her love bead felt a woman’s touch for the first time. She leaned back and Danielle’s hand moved a bit faster causing delicious friction on her clit.

Shannon whispered, ‘Danielle, you are making me so hot.’ Danielle smiled and hastened her pace, first up and down, then side to side. Her fingers glistened with her love juice.

‘Yes, Danielle, yes! Yes! Just like that, oh! Right there!’ Danielle quickened her magic down below while pinching hard her nipples.

Shannon was close. So close that she braced for the final delirious explosion. She needed to feel Danielle’s body. She pulled her close and caressed Danielle’s buttocks. Shannon only got hornier by Danielle’s soft moans and lust in her eyes. She moved a hand down wanting to reciprocate the favor.

Danielle pushed back suddenly and dropped to her knees. The red head disappeared under her skirt. Shannon stifled a scream when she felt a soft warm tongue on her clit.

From the next stall Shannon heard a loud moan.

She grabbed Danielle’s head as her tongue began a 2nd round of ecstasy. Up and down and round and round Danielle’s tongue moved. She switched between long slides and short darts. Her lips, her folds and her bead were treated with such attention that Shannon rolled her eyes back and thought she might faint from pleasure.

Shannon was really flowing now, she heard her suitor slurping her juices. The erotic noise stoked her wild fire within to new heights. Her insides tightened with the oncoming orgasm. She breathed, Danielle, oh god, I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming, keep going, right there, I’m cumming!

She came a split moment after Danielle’s tongue parted her lips and entered her hole. The sensation of another woman’s smooth warm flesh was too much for her to hold still. Her knees buckled and her head jerked as she spasmmed.

Danielle emerged from under her skirt glistening from sweat and cum. Shannon grabbed Danielle and kissed her hard on the lips, tasting her own must, which ran down Danielle’s cheeks and chin and dripped on their dresses.


Shortly after the brunette watched my girls going into the changing room, she appeared at my side and softly said, ‘I would offer a ‘may I help you’ but it seems you will be helped plenty by those two.’ Her name tag said ‘Region Director Rose.’

I felt a hot flash streak across my face,’it’s not what you think,’ I don’t think she heard me as she entered the stall next to Danielle and Shannon’s.

Now she emerged from the tiny room with messy hair and crumpled clothes. She seemed to be out of breath too. She looked me over like a lioness looking at a herd of gazelles, ‘oh yes, you’ll be helped plenty by those two. Here’s my number, I get off at eleven thirty.’ As she breezed by I swear I smelled a woman’s musty cum on her waving hand.

I paced the store to prepare myself for what the girls had in mind.

Once Danielle got this fascination out of her system, I will end it with Shannon, I decided. Sure I would think about her occasionally; our sessions had become more fun and adventurous lately. Shannon’s scientist’s training meant she was willing to try anything once. We’d tried bondage, either of us liked it. Shannon liked spanking but I didn’t. I just didn’t see how pain can give her so much pleasure. She even designed an attachment on her lab tables to masturbate with. We experimented with rubber toys, and she didn’t care for it. She thought it was a little creepy to reverse roles. She did like another kind of toy, though. The vibrations got her thru until our next meeting.

I aimless wandered the store and found myself in front of a full length mirror. 6’2, 240 at 8% body fat. I had just maxed at 365lbs on the bench this morning. This black suit wasn’t tailored but the fit is good. I worked hard to keep my body in top form and condition. Not for vanity reasons, mind you. I simply believe that physical appearance played an important role in our dysfunctional society and I will take every advantage to be ahead of the curve.

Danielle liked going to the gym with me. She liked catching guys gawking at her in her cut off shirt and short shorts. I liked it that she had all the attention. My girl deserved to be lusted as her true self.

I also enjoyed the after-workout clean-up. Danielle would lather and wash me then treat me to luxurious torment with her mouth and hands. Being the loving boyfriend I always wanted to reciprocate. She’s not always in the mood, but when she was, we are usually late to our morning classes.

Danielle’s shapely hips looked even more tantalizing when she glistened with sweat. Her clitoris was deliciously alabaster with a pink top. She liked when I stroked it while…

I heard giggles and saw Danielle and Shannon hand in hand bounding towards me. Shannon’s blonde mane was no longer perfect, and Danielle’s dress was missing its top button. Their faces looked freshly made-up and I noticed a little bite mark on Danielle’s neck.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for what the girls had in mind…

‘Shannon looks stunning in these, Liam! Let’s take these also, sweets.’ A red number even smaller than the green one.

I turned towards the cash register. Regional Manager was waiting for me with hungry eyes. Behind me Danielle’s whispers made Shannon’s hearty laughter ring through the store.


“Hi, Jake, it’s good to see you again.’ My father’s trusted captain had salt and pepper hair that paired well with a warm and knowing smile. ‘How are you, Liam!’ We shook hands; he smelled of an old fashioned cologne. ‘Sorry to do this to you; can you make us a table for three?’ I said sheepishly.

If he knew something was up with me and these two girls he didn’t let on. Years of dealing with people taught him the art of subtlety.

He led us toward the kitchen. I sighed a little, no, Jake, tonight is one night I would rather not be in The Grotto.

Sure enough, Jake sat me and the girls in a small booth near the kitchen. It’s the most coveted seats in the joint for its privacy.

Danielle slid in first, flashing plenty of her womanly legs that turned more than a few heads. Shannon, not to be outdone, bent over to fetch an imaginary thing on the ground only to show off her perfectly shaped ass to the south half of the restaurant.

I winced and gave Jake an apologetic look; I truly had no idea the girls would behave like a couple of girls-gone-crazy video sluts. Jake gave me a gentle squeeze on the shoulder as he laid out the menus. I returned half a smile and said, ‘I know, I will.’

Our waiter, a newbie named Dylan, wasn’t so discreet. He dropped the butter dish when he caught sight of the two vixens. The poor guy didn’t know which to drool over as they were one-upping each other tickling his itch. When Dylan arrived with our waters Danielle had one dress strap off. When Dylan came back with our appetizers Shannon had two buttons opens giving Dylan a view of her right nipple, the larger pinker one. Shannon kissed Danielle just as Dylan delivered our drinks. I swear I heard a puppy-like whine from the guy.

Danielle insisted on riding with Danielle on the way here. It just made more sense, she said, instead of drawing a map and confuse everyone.

Now I see that I was the only confused one.

I’ll admit, when Danielle said she wanted Shannon to be her first girl my stomach fluttered with erotic possibilities. But the more I thought about it, the more dangerous the situation can be.

I felt a hand on my shoulder; it was Shannon’s to my left. ‘Liam, Danielle told me how you met.’

Gulp. Here we go.

‘Ya, Stats sucked. But we worked well together.’ I said quietly. Danielle to my left wasn’t paying attention. She was looking over her shoulder into the bustling kitchen.

‘Yes, you did. Look where she is now.’ Shannon’s tone turned a bit sour.

‘Hey, we agreed, no strings, remember?’ I argued.

‘Yes, but you are a hard habit to break, boy…’ she said sultrily. ‘I lay awake nights, Liam, thinking about you.’

I knew, because I did also. I picked my salad fork and remained quiet. Danielle was still turned the other way.
‘You know what I’d do when I get like that, Liam? You know what I do when you are all I want?’ She took my hand under the table and put it on her thigh. Her other hand slid up my own making circles with her nails.

I instinctively slid away at the suddenness of her move. Danielle caught me on the other side and whispered in my ear. ‘It’s ok, Liam, just enjoy this. I love you.’ She said my full name.

I was now glad we were at The Grotto where lighting hid us almost completely out of sight. The shock on my face would’ve made unsuspecting patron thought I found a bomb under the table.

This, of course, is exactly what happened.

Shannon’s hands moved up my thighs, found my half-erect penis and massaged it. I closed my eyes, let out a sigh allowing myself to enjoy it.

‘I miss you.’ She said my full name. I opened my eye, looking guiltily at Danielle. She kissed me full and lovingly. ‘It’s ok.’

Danielle reached over and opened my belt under the table to give Shannon access to what she craved.

That was the permission Shannon needed. Her hand hungrily slithered in my shorts and grabbed me like a baseball player handling his bat. She squeezed me up and down, feeling every pulsing vein. Her hand was a bit rougher than Danielle’s, but the nimbleness of her fingers made for exciting sensations.

Shannon pushed up against me with her eyes closed. Her heavy sighs said she’s getting close to what her heart had longed for.

With the hand still on Shannon’s thigh, I hiked up her flimsy skirt and moved closer to what I’ve dreamed about more and more lately. I smiled at her smoothness. I whispered, ‘you remembered.’ Shannon preferred to be au natural, but she knew I loved her bald.

Shannon whispered back, ‘it’s all yours, my love.’ I went ahead and assumed that this statement also had the consent of my lover to my right and let the sentiment envelop me.

Shannon’s hand continued to get reacquainted with my rod. First she lightly held it to feel the veins and folds, then she tightened her grip to feel it pulse. Finally she started stroking it. I moaned a little with every touch. Shannon knew I liked it when she took her time.

I was surprised to find the green strappy lingerie under her black dress. Had she changed on her way here? Danielle must have helped her - it’s just shy of sopping wet.

Shannon felt soft and smooth under the thong. I always liked women’s private area. The skin is always without blemish and smooth. It’s just nice to admire and feel. I like the way they giggle when you gently blow past their lips and clit.

My fingers felt Shannon’s lips and her shook a bit. Shannon sighed. I pushed her legs wider and stroked those fat luscious lips. My fingers were instantly soaked with her love potion. I parted her lips but took my time getting to her bead.

Above the table Shannon was stifling loud moans on my shoulder. I felt her teeth biting into me. I smiled knowing how much pleasure and pain this is bringing my lover.

I continued to run big circles around her lips, finally putting a finger tip on her clit. The squeal came out louder than she expected, but no one cared.

I tapped my finger on her clit as if sending love letters in Morse code. Shannon leaned back on the soft cushions to fully enjoy my treatment. I love it when I can make a lover quiver with excitement!

I felt a smaller hand with long fingers on my rod; I knew by now it was Danielle’s. Her head popped up between Shannon’s legs.

Without speaking, Danielle put her tongue on Shannon’s womanhood. She licked her first up and down, then in big circles. She left the clit to my finger’s massaging. Her big brown eyes looked up at Shannon. Her eye lashes batted each time Shannon squirmed with delight. Shannon looked down at Danielle with grinning eyes, ‘right there, sweetheart, right there.’

The ecstasy was too much for Shannon; she tightened her thighs around Danielle and wetted the leather cushions.

While Shannon heaved to catch her breath, Danielle focused on my bulging cock. My red headed vixen grabbed Shannon’s hand to stroke it while her mouth cupped my helmet and moved in opposite directions.

The sensation of two different touches was exotic. One from a quivering hand recovering from explosive ecstasy, another from lusty lips, calculated and gentle.

Danielle’s mouth took in as much and as deep as she could. Shannon returned the Morse code love letter pounding my cock with a full grip.

They worked wantonly at my rod. Sometime they moved in unison, sometimes in opposite directions. I moaned loudly when Danielle’s tongue flicked my helmet and folds while Shannon’s dark red nail tips ran the length of my shaft. I felt an involuntary twitch of my hips and leaked some more pre-cum.

Danielle looked up at Shannon, He’s ready. Shannon shuffled close and kissed me full. She stifled my moans while my girls marched me towards the inevitable explosion.

Danielle took herself off my rod replaced by Shannon’s tight grip over the entire length. My pre-cum was the lube Shannon wanted switching between long slow strokes and short quick ones. I felt Danielle’s heavy kisses on my scrotum then being cupped in her mouth.
I see; the girls have been exchanging notes! That was an accidental find during one of our experiments. I found the sensation irresistible, while Shannon found it strangely soothed her oral fixation.

Danielle’s tongue flicked and flung my balls in her warm mouth causing my hips to buckle. Shannon quickened her Morse code. My pained expressions must have been a curious sight for unsuspecting bystanders.

Shannon leaned down to lick up the clear pre-cum. ‘Hmmm, Liam, that is yummy, I want more.’

I croaked, I’m cumming! Danielle cupped her mouth over me just in time to catch the massive ribbons.

Shannon helped Danielle up beside her, kissed her full on the mouth sharing my thick cum.

Hi, everyone, thx for reading! I’m sorry it took so long for chap 5. this new job is taking up all my free time! Thank you so much for your responses and ratings. Feels great to know you actually like my fantasies!


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