Madison seduces Amanda and I join in
I saw Amanda in school the next day and told her my sister wanted her to
come over and hang out with us Saturday. "Hey that is cool that Madison wants
me to hang out with you guys. I'll tell my parents. I think they are going out
Saturday so they will probably let me". "Ok just let me know by the end of the
week and I will let my sister know". "Ok. I gotta go home and get ready for
soccer practice. See you later". "Bye Amanda".

Amanda is a brunette with blue eyes, 16 years old like me. I think she really
has pretty legs and I can't wait to eat her pussy like I did my sister. I want
to make her cum in my mouth. She looks great in her soccer shorts and even
better in a mini skirt like she wears to school. My dick got hard just thinking
about that.

Madison was watching TV when I got home. Rocky was lying next to her on the couch.
I told her that Amanda would let me know tomorrow if she could come over Saturday.
I went upstairs to change cause I had baseball practice. Though what I really wanted
to do was stay home and fool around with Madison. I came down after I changed,
walked over to my sister and kissed her on the mouth real quick which caught her
off guard. "Hey you sure are feeling bold". "Yea well it is your fault. See you
after practice. Hope you are feeling horny when I get back". My sister just smiled
as I walked out the door.

When I got home from practice Rocky wasn't there to greet me so I imagined he was
upstairs with Madison. I went upstairs and walked into her room. Madison was sitting
on the bed with Rocky. She had her mini skirt hiked up and Rocky was licking her pussy.
"Why are you still wearing clothes"? I couldn't take my clothes off fast enough. When
I got up on the bed Madison pushed Rocky away and spread her legs. "Come on stud, give
me a good fuck". I quickly got between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy and
started fucking her. "When you feel ready to cum stop fucking so that you don't cum in
me so fast". I had to stop right away cause I was so excited I almost came in 30 seconds.

Madison then started squeezing her pussy around my dick and I started fucking again. I
quickly stopped again cause I was ready to shoot my load. I kept doing this til I saw
my sister was meeting my thrusts and felt she was ready to cum. I stepped up my fucking
pace and shot my cum into her pussy not stopping til I had emptied my balls. Madison
grabbed my ass and pulled me to her as she winded down from her orgasm. Rocky got up on
the bed so I quickly got off and he mounted Madison as she got on the edge of the bed
and spread her legs. Rocky drove his cock into her missionary style and started fucking
at neck break speed.

I climbed back up on the bed and started playing with my sister's tits which made her moan.
Then I put my mouth to one of her little nipples and sucked on it like a baby. "OMG Carlos,
That feels so fucking good. Uuuuuhhhhhh. Fuck me hard Rocky. Oh I am getting ready to cum.
AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE". As my sister started cumming I put my mouth on hers and slipped my
tongue inside. She sucked my tongue in as we kissed hard. My dick was hard again. My sister
suddenly grabbed it and started masturbating me as we continued our passionate kiss. I
could feel my sister meeting Rocky's thrusts and knew she was headed toward another orgasm.
She broke our kiss and yelled out in orgasm just as I was getting ready to cum. I pulled
away from her hand and quickly drove my dick into her mouth and shot my load down her throat
as she was winding down from her orgasm.

"Wow Carlos you are pretty good for a 10 year old. I can't wait til we get Amanda up here.
She is so cute and has some great looking legs. I want to eat her pussy til she cums in my
mouth". "I want to suck her pussy too". "Don't worry. We are going to have her so hot she
will let us do anything we want to her". All this talk about Amanda got me so hot I got a
hard on again. Madison noticed and quickly put it in her mouth and started to suck on it.
I started to fuck her mouth and shot another load down her throat a couple of minutes later.
"We better wash up. Mom and dad will be home from work soon".

Madison and I continued to fuck the rest of the week. Amanda confirmed to me that she could
come over Saturday evening. Madison was excited about the news. We came up with the plan that
I would come home from baseball practice a little late so that Madison could take Amanda up
to her room alone first. She hoped to seduce Amanda and then I was to walk into Madison's
room and catch them fooling around.

Saturday came around and I headed for practice in the afternoon. I had stopped by Amanda's and
told her to go over about 6:00pm cause I knew my parents would be gone by then but Madison
would be there. She was in a mini skirt when she answered the door and it was all I could do
to not pull it down with her panties and eat her pussy. My cock got hard thinking about it. I
couldn't wait to get home from practice. Hopefully Madison will have already seduced her. I
fucked my sister twice before leaving though. On one of the fucks Madison had me lay down
and she sat down on my hard cock and basically fucked herself at her own pace. She said my
4 inch cock was pretty nice for a 10 year old. Madison also let Rocky fuck her before I left.

I didn't focus much at practice and bolted out of there as soon as it was over hoping to get
home and catch Madison seducing Amanda. I entered the house quietly. No one was downstairs
so I quietly went up the stairs. Madison left her door open and I could hear them talking.
"So do you have a boyfriend Amanda? As pretty as you are you should have those boys fighting
over you". "I don't have a boyfriend but I like your brother. I'm not sure if he knows it".
"Well I know he likes you too cause he talks about you all the time". "Really? Cool".

Both Madison and Amanda were wearing mini skirts. My sister was sitting close to Amanda on
the bed and there legs were touching. I could see up Amanda's skirt and could see her white
panties. I got a boner seeing that. Madison suddenly said: "let's play wrestle". And then
she grabbed Amanda and tossed her off the bed to the ground and got on top of her. One of
her legs was between Amanda's as I heard them both laughing. It looked like Madison was
grinding her pussy into Amanda's as she rolled over and let Amanda suddenly be on top. Then
she rolled over again and got on top and slid her hand up along Amanda's leg as she grinded
into her again.

"Wow you are really pretty Amanda. So much so I want to kiss you". Right then Madison
planted a kiss on Amanda's lips for a few seconds and thrust her pussy against Amanda's.
"Oh God I'm sorry Amanda". Amanda laid there with Madison still on top of her and didn't
say anything for a bit. Then she said: "it's ok. I kind of liked it. I've never kissed
anyone on the lips but it felt good. And my pussy feels good too with you on top of me".
"Have you ever played with yourself Amanda"? "Well sort of". "Have you made yourself cum?"
"No". "Do you mind if I play with you. I want to make you cum". "Ok". Madison quickly
kissed Amanda on the lips again. "Open your mouth so I can put my tongue in". Amanda did
and I could see Madison swirling her tongue around in Amanda's mouth as she started
grinding her pussy against her again.

Amanda then started thrusting up against Madison as they continued kissing. "OMG Amanda I
am ready to cum". She kissed her hard again and grinded hard. I saw Amanda go limp and
knew she was cumming. I was masturbating and came as I saw them break the kiss as
Madion rolled off Amanda. When Madison caught her breath she got between Amanda's legs
and pulled her panties down and took them off. Then she dove between her legs and started
to eat her pussy. Amanda began to moan right away as she held my sister's head arching
up at her mouth. In a couple of minutes Amanda shrieked saying she was cumming again. My
sister kept eating her and drinking her juices. Then she drove a finger into her pussy
and started finger-fucking her.

Amanda was meeting the finger thrusts and Madison quickly put in another finger as she
fucked her to another orgasm. As Amanda was cumming for the 3rd time Madison slipped
out of her panties, straddled Amanda and ground her pussy into her. "OMG Madison I
can't stop cumming". Madison planted a kiss on her lips and drove her tongue in as she
ground both of them into a frenzy and another orgasm. Madison rolled off her. "Amanda
you are amazing. I could eat you all day. But I have a surprise for you". That was my
cue as I walked into the room. Amanda had a look of shock on her face.

"It's ok Amanda. Carlos and I are fucking and now he wants to fuck you. "Are you ok
with that Amanda? I like you a lot and would really like to be your first one". "Ok
Carlos I guess so". I took my pants and underwear off. I saw Amanda looking right at
my hard cock. I got between her legs and pulled her skirt down and off. I then got
between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. It felt so great I wanted to cum.
Good thing I had masturbated so I can fuck her awhile before cumming. I pushed in all
the way as Amanda gave a stifled yell. "It's ok Amanda. Carlos ripped through your
hymen which hurts but it will feel good soon". I kept fucking her at a good pace and
just looking into her eyes.

Madison sat next to Amanda. "I'm going to sit on your face and I want you to eat my
pussy like I did yours so I can cum in your mouth". "Ok". As Madison did that and
Amanda started to lick her pussy I started thrusting harder feeling myself work up
toward shooting my load into Amanda. Madison was moaning and grinding her pussy into
Amanda's mouth. I started thrusting up high and hard like Madison had taught me so I
could rub up against Amanda's clitty. This made Amanda thrust up against me which
made me thrust harder as I started to cum in Amanda. My sister moaned that she was
cumming and I felt Amanda give a hard thrust up as her pussy started pulsing around
my cock letting me know that she was cumming too.

I collapsed on top of Amanda as Madison got off her face. I then kissed Amanda on the
mouth and could taste my sister's cum. I got up and offered my hand to Amanda so she
could get up. Madison said we should all wash up and get something to eat. We all did
this and then went downstairs. I sat down next to Amanda. She grabbed my hand and
smiled at me. "That was a lot of fun Carlos". I smiled back at her and with her hand
in mine I rested our hands on her thigh. Madison then said "There is more fun to have
if you want Amanda". "That sounds good to me. I should get home now though. I'll see
you guys around". Amanda gave me a kiss on the lips at the door and went home.

"Hey sis. Did you mean what I think you meant"? "Oh yea. Rocky is going to get some of
that sweet young pussy too".

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