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Grabbing an opportunity at the end of a party...
It happened at a party by chance... I didn't mean to be so out of it, but I was amongst mainly strangers and felt a little reckless, doing tequila shots with the best of them and flirting with available men, mingling with everyone. People were heading home or crashing in spare bedrooms of the large house and I was still very much feeling in a party mood.

My ex was on his way out and I went and gave him a hug, continuing to chat with him outside the door, persuading him to have another drink with me before walking home. He was easily persuaded by me in my slightly revealing dress and sipped at champagne cocktails with me. We got on famously as always and I knew I would have to make my move sooner rather than later in order to go home with him... I continued to make jokes about him using any excuse to wear his kilt; even a house party and he teased me for wearing a slutty dress. I teased him about being a true Scotsman under his kilt and it was all banter and laughter, although I already had other plans...

He was on his way to the front door when I grabbed his hand and gazed up at him with inquisitive eyes, imploring him to come closer. He moved towards me and I stood on my tip toes to kiss his lips, tasting the champagne on his tongue as well as my own. He pushed me up against the wall behind me, kissing me deeply. There were more people leaving and our hosts were saying goodbye at the door, so we hot footed into the small room under the stairs used as a cloakroom or large cupboard for coats and shoes.

He continued to kiss me in the dark, letting his hands wander over my curves, resting on my hips and cupping my ass. I ran my hands over his chest and down towards his kilt, feeling his cock growing harder under the tartan. There wasn't much time for foreplay, as great as his cock would feel in my mouth... I slid my underwear off, turning round to reveal my bare ass. He gave it a little spank and I whispered that I wanted to have him fuck me as people walked past the door. His eyes grew wider, possibly showing signs of shock at my drunken candour. He told me we should go back to his but I was past the point of no return and knew I had to have him now... Tequila makes me nasty...

I bent over, waiting for him to take me from behind but he wouldn't... He did not even move. He just smiled his smug little smile at me, eyes twinkling in the darkness. He simply sat on the floor next to shoes and golf clubs and I, less than gracefully, moved on top of him, lowering my wet pussy onto his kilt. I kissed his neck; right where I knew would make him moan. I whispered between kisses, tormenting him, asking him politely "Please let me fuck you, let me ride your cock... please... I need it"

I pushed his kilt up to his waist and held his hard cock, lowering myself onto it. He gasped, moaning my name softly in my ear. I had to fuck him hard and deeply, to let him feel me shake and squirm on top of his cock. I knew people would be looking for us soon or wondering if we had gone home so I took matters into my own hands. I rocked my hips back and forth, gyrating on his cock buried deep inside me. He pulled down my dress to expose my nipples and sucked on them as I rode him. My clit was rubbing up against him hard, giving me exactly what I had needed in the first place and my orgasm began to shake through me, as his cock felt my body erupt around it. I moaned in his ear, still gyrating. My whole body seemed to release over him, leaving me breathless.

I moved to get off of him, joking that I had got what I wanted and would leave him hard in the cupboard. He grabbed me and pulled me back down to him, cupping my ass hard and thrusting up to meet my hips. We could hear the footsteps walking past the door as I worked myself up and down his cock, almost letting it slip right out before slamming back down onto it, taking it deep inside my cunt. I felt my pussy massage that beautiful cock as I still felt the last remnants of my own orgasm run through me. I could feel my pussy pulse in time with his thrusts. I had been riding him, but now he was the one pounding into me, grabbing at me, spreading my ass with his palms, holding me wide open to him and forcing me down on his cock.

His thrusting came shorter and faster as his orgasm approached, moaning into my mouth as I kissed him. I kept bouncing on his cock as we heard voices near the door. He was so close when we heard a voice ask another person of our whereabouts and my cunt gripped onto his cock as it spurted cum deep inside my pussy. I kept riding his cock slowly and he kissed me. Those deep gasping for breath kisses, clutching at my lips, in the absence of his usual moans as his cock released inside me.

We heard someone right outside the door, so he slipped my dress back over my breasts, covering them again and I pulled my dress over my ass and thighs, just in case anyone were to intrude on our rendezvous. I held him in my pussy for a moment whilst we waited to see if the coast was clear. I lifted myself off him, feeling his softening cock slide out of my sopping wet cunt. I pulled his kilt down over him and put my underwear back on, feeling his cum deposited deep inside me. I exited from the cupboard quietly, heading back to the kitchen for some more champagne. I left him on the floor breathing quickly in the darkness, as I stumbled out of our den of drunken desire and realised that I was intoxicated by the sex as well as champagne and tequila...

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Pretty good, kinda started to falter at the end though... And yeah! Hazy party sex memories, always good.

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