This is part three of the series "Nick and Allie" In this part, we are taken to a flashback showing the roots of the feud between Allie and Brittany.
Nick and Allie 3 – The Loss of Innocence

This is part 3 meaning you should probably go and read parts 1& 2 first so that you aren't sitting there trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

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Nick and Allie 3 - The Loss of Innocence

“Do you think Brittany found her piss covered room by now?” Allie giggled while walking down the hall towards her bedroom.

“I feel sorry for whoever decides to swim in that pool. I still can’t believe you made me do that.” Allie giggled more and Nick watched his naked sister walking in front of him, pregnant, covered in piss, and thought to himself, this must be some kind of dream.

“I need a shower. Thanks again for fucking pissing on me Nick.” Allie kept complaining about it but as she kept rubbing it into her body, Nick figured she was pretending not to like it more than anything. They were still totally naked and they both headed into Allie’s bathroom which was in her room.

“Don’t worry, I just wanna wash my feet a little from this piss and then I’ll be out so mom won’t get suspicious.” Nick explained as he turned on the water and let it warm up. Allie was posing in the mirror, examining her pregnant belly. At five months, it wasn’t too big but it was still noticeable that she was pregnant, especially since she was so skinny everywhere else but her stomach. Being as short as she was didn’t help either.

“Oh my god, I’m almost as wide as I as I am tall.” She pouted as she said that and Nick couldn’t help but smile at how cute her voice sounded when she said it. He walked behind her and put his arms on her tits, squeezing her nipples in between his index and middle fingers.

“Can you shut up about the way your belly looks? You are beautiful and you make my dick, your brother’s dick, hard with ease. You’re fucking sexy Allie. Probably one of the sexiest girls I know.” Nick hated seeing his sister upset and would always do the best he could to make her feel better.

“Thanks Nick. You’re really a great brother, always looking out for me. And always making sure my pussy is satisfied, which isn’t an easy task since I’m always horny.” She leaned her head against his chest, her back resting against him. Nick started wondering how long he and his sister would be able to continue this sexual relationship. What if their mom was to find out? Or even worse, what if their dad found out? Who would he kill first, me or Allie, thought Nick. He then started thinking about if Allie would feel differently towards him after she gave birth. Pregnant women tend to have a higher sex drive than non-pregnant women. And thinking back, Allie never did anything to suggest she was into him before getting knocked up. Sometimes she would come into his room in a really short nighty, wearing just panties underneath but he never thought she was doing it because she wanted him to check her out or anything. Nick’s train of thought was lost when Allie finally spoke.

“I think the shower’s ready. I feel so dirty.” Allie started walking towards the shower and opened the glass door, stepping in. Nick, while staring at his sister’s ass, followed her in.

The shower didn’t lead to any sex or anything like that as both of them were pretty spent from that closet action spying on their mom earlier. Nick quickly washed up and stepped outside just to make sure their mom didn’t catch them showering together if she was to come looking for them.

Allie kept showering as Nick stepped out into her room with just a towel around his waist and quietly opened Allie’s bedroom door poking his head out, and checking for his mom. After a few moments, he stepped outside into the hall and quickly got into his own room which was right beside Allie’s.

He started getting dressed and realized that he hadn’t seen his phone in a while. He figured it was in his room somewhere but after searching for what seemed like forever, he still couldn’t find it. He went back to Allie’s room, and heard the shower still going. He quickly looked around but couldn’t find it. He went into the living room, the kitchen, checked his car, and after he ran into his mom, he even checked her bedroom when she didn’t notice. He felt guilty around his mom for the first time in a while and hoped that she didn’t notice. Playing with your mom’s pussy while she’s passed out on the couch and watching her masturbate from inside the closet doesn’t make it the easiest to look her in the eye again right away.

“Are you sure you didn’t leave it at Brittany’s house?” That made perfect sense and Nick suddenly remembered putting it down on the counter in her kitchen.

“Ugh, I really don’t like seeing her.” Holly looked at her son with a confused expression. Nick never told her he “dated” her at one point and didn’t plan on it now. “She’s just a little weird, that’s all.” Nick looked at his mom and she seemed to buy it so he told her he was gonna go over to her house. He started walking to his room to grab his wallet and car keys when Allie made her way out of her room.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Nick ignored her and went into his room, searching through his pockets in the clothes he had on before and grabbing his keys and wallet.

“I left my phone at Brittany’s house, gotta go get it.” As soon as he mentioned Brittany’s name, Allie made a face like she just smelled a skunk or something. “I still don’t understand why you hate her so much, what did she do to you?”

“She’s a fucking whore Nick! That’s what she did to me.” Holly had heard Allie swearing and yelled from the kitchen. Allie rolled her eyes and added, “Oh I’m not allowed to swear but she’s allowed to empty her bladder all over her face? Cause swearing is so much worse.” Allie was barely talking any quieter than before and Nick shushed Allie looking back at the kitchen to see if their mom had heard. Luckily she hadn’t, she was too busy humming to herself wiping the counters.

Nick left the house and headed for Brittany’s shortly after that. He was nervous about what Brittany might make him do before giving him his phone back. He didn’t want this to turn into a regular thing because even though she was probably the hottest girl he knew, he wasn’t really into her personality. He thought she was too much of a bitch and used whoever she wanted to satisfy her sexual needs. Sometimes he wondered why she was such a slut. Every girl has needs (even if they deny it) but do you really need that much cock from that many different men?

Meanwhile at Brittany’s…

Brittany closed the door as she said bye to the last person leaving her party. She was still in her bikini but she was home alone so she quickly untied her bikini top, letting her tits fall out free. She hated wearing bra’s when she didn’t need to because they were uncomfortable since her boobs were so big. I can’t believe Allie has gotten that hot, she thought to herself smirking a little remembering how Allie used to look. I actually think she was peeking in on me and Nick fucking, what a sick little perv. I wish she didn’t come here today; maybe Nick would have actually left his seat instead of sitting beside her the entire time making sure she didn’t start fucking someone. Brittany kept walking up the stairs smirking, wishing she had some of those stuck-up skanks that don’t even put out to tell all this too.

She finally got to her room and as soon as she opened it, her nostrils were instantly hit by the smell of dried urine.

“What the fuck?!” Brittany had to plug her nose to keep from puking, the smell was that bad. She moved over to her bed and noticed a huge wet stain on her sheets and all over her pillows. It was piss, she could tell. She looked around her room some more examining the crime scene and noticed one of her drawers was slightly open. She got scared, that was were all her favorite thongs were. She looked in for a second but instantly backed away as the smell was even worse.

She was fuming, her face red from anger. What sick fuck would do this? She started thinking back on her recent sexual encounters, trying to remember if any of the guys had girlfriends that were at the party. But none came to mind. The last person she fucked was Nick and he was single as far as she knew. In her anger, Brittany picked up something made of glass on the table behind her, not even looking at what it was and threw it at the bookcase across from her, making it smash and knocking down a few books. Tears had started forming around her eyes but she quickly wiped them away and walked over to pick up the books she knocked over.

She put away all but one, the one that was on the bottom. She picked it up and was gonna put it back before she noticed what book it was. It was her grade 8 yearbook from middle school. On the front cover, she saw a class picture attached with a paper clip. It was of her grade 8 class. She quickly scanned through everyone’s faces but when she got to one, her heart almost stopped. It was a younger man, standing at the back smiling. She remembered that smile and it almost made her tear up again. He was their student-teacher; sometimes schools give college students volunteer jobs like that so they can get more firsthand experience with teaching. She looked down at the bottom of the picture and found his name. Mr. Adams. She quickly slammed the text book shut and sat on the floor, topless, softly crying.

5 Years Earlier

Mr. Adams walked down the hall of his new middle school, feeling nervous and excited. He was currently in his second year of college studying to get his teacher’s degree, and as part of the program, they send you to a random school to be a student-teacher and get some hands on experience. He looked down at his schedule and his first class was a grade 8 class. Mr. Adams smiled when he read this because he figured he would be able to connect with them more.

He walked into the classroom to find the class already sitting in their seats. He quickly scanned the class and saw the majority of them talking quietly with one another. The teacher he would be working with spotted him and walked over shaking his hand.

“Welcome to our school Mr. Adams, I’m sure you will enjoy it here. My name is Mr. Robinson.” Mr. Robinson smiled at him pushing his glasses up his nose. Mr. Adams introduced himself and smiled. He was excited to finally get to participate with a real class. Mr. Adams and Mr. Robinson were completely different. Mr. Robinson was more of the geeky type and none of the students really liked him that much. He wore glasses and was going bald from age. To some, he reminded them of George Costanza from the show Seinfeld, only older. Mr. Adams was much younger and many would call him quite handsome. He was only 20 years old while Mr. Robinson was almost 40.

“Hey everyone, I want to introduce you to someone that will be joining us for a while. He’s currently going to school to get his teaching degree and this is one of the things he has to get completed. If you have any questions or anything, now you can also go to Mr. Adams for help instead of just me. So let’s welcome Mr. Adams.” Mr. Robinson started clapping enthusiastically and the rest of the class joined in one by one, giving a slow tired clap.

“Thank you Mr. Robinson, but I’m pretty sure it’s quite too early for the clapping. And don’t be afraid to call me Chris.” Chris looked around the room to see many blank faces looking back at him. But that wasn’t the case with one girl. She was in the second row of the class and had her head down, fidgeting with her fingers. Another quick scan of the class proved that this sad girl was the most beautiful in the class. Why would such a pretty girl be so sad? He wondered.

This sad girl was Brittany. She didn’t really pay much attention to this new teacher that had arrived; she was too busy thinking about her parents fighting. To make things worse, ever since she came back from the summer break, all the other girls seemed to not want to talk much to her. At the age of 12, Brittany hadn’t developed completely yet but she was still much more developed than any of the other girls in her class. Her boobs were quite noticeable now, or they would be if she didn’t cover them up so much, her ass was getting its future shape and her hips had just started swelling a little, giving her the curly look. Most of the girls in her class just had their little puffy nipples, but Brittany was way beyond that stage.

Chris mostly just watched Mr. Robinson teaching that first class, and couldn’t help but notice Brittany not paying much attention or taking any notes. He was starting to get worried. But he told himself maybe she’s just having a bad day.

When the bell went, Brittany got up and quickly walked out of the room not making any eye contact with the teachers.

She spotted a group of girls she sometimes hung out with during school and decided to go up and say hi. They were giggling and talking but when Brittany walked up, they suddenly went quiet.

“Hey Brittany.” That was really the only thing they said before one of them started saying something about having to go to the bathroom and the group took off with not much of a goodbye to Brittany. Brittany was the only person she knew that was having her parents getting divorced and she hated it. She loved her dad and didn’t understand why her mom had to fight with him all the time.

Brittany was at her locker putting her books away and getting new ones when she heard quiet whispers. At first she thought they were about her, but when she listened closer, she noticed it was about a girl standing down the hall at her own locker. Brittany looked up and noticed it was a younger girl. She hadn’t seen her before. At first sight, you could tell the girl was a bit of a nerd. She wasn’t wearing a skirt or anything like that but instead had on a loose pair of jeans and a t-shirt that was obviously too big for her. Her hair looked greasy and looked like it hadn’t been combed in a while. Brittany knew the group of girls teasing her so she walked over to the girl and introduced herself.

The group quieted down instantly and went back to talking amongst themselves.

“Hi, I’m Brittany. Hey, don’t pay attention to those other girls; they just think they’re better than everyone else.” The girl looked much happier than Brittany even though she was just getting teased.

“Hey Brittany, I’m Allie! And thanks but I don’t pay attention to them. Wow you are really pretty.” Brittany noticed that Allie had braces when she talked and also noticed Allie’s eyes pause a little at her growing boobs.

“Nice to meet you Allie and thanks I guess.” Allie kept smiling at her and Brittany finally felt like she could have a friend that wasn’t completely jealous of the way she looked.
The two of them talked a little before they heard the bell ringing and Brittany said bye to Allie before walking off.

When Allie walked into the class, she looked up at the board and noticed someone new writing something. He was really young and Allie actually stared a little at him before he turned around and smiled at her. All of a sudden, Allie felt little butterflies in her stomach and smiled back brightly.

The entire class, Allie kept talking to Mr. Adams. Soon she noticed they had a lot in common. He loved the poetry written by Shakespeare just like herself and loved reading books. Allie didn’t just look like a nerd, she was a nerd. At the age of 10, she had already read and re-read Romeo and Juliet over and over again. She looked forward to growing up and falling in love with some boy.

When Brittany got home from school that day, she could already hear the fighting coming from the house before she even went through the front door. She started reaching into her pocket getting her key when she heard her mom.




Brittany opened the door and her parents were in the hallway both looking really mad.

“Oh hey Hon! Come here, give your dad a hug, I’ve missed you.” Not many things could get Brittany to smile these days but her dad telling her he missed her was definitely one of them. She dropped her bag and ran to her dad hugging him. Her mom sighed and walked away.

Meanwhile at Allie’s…

“Please John, just a few more minutes! Allie and Nick won’t even be home for at least ten more minutes, we have time!” Holly was laying on the bed in her bedroom with her husband on top of her and they were making out. Although they were fully dressed, Holly’s long skirt had been pushed up revealing her panties. John had his erection pressed against his wife’s panties, and even though he had his pants on, Holly could feel his dick pulsing.

“Holly no, I have to meet an associate, I don’t have time. Besides, I can’t go there smelling like cum and pussy.” He kissed her one last time and got up, leaving the bedroom.

Holly just watched the bedroom door shut with sadness and was hornier than ever. She looked down and saw that her panties were actually soaked in her juices and decided she might as well take care of herself before the kids got home.

She moved her panties to the side with one hand, using her other hand to rub around her pussy. She moaned a little and sped up her pace. Her fingers were sticky in cum. She was in her own world of delight so she didn’t even hear Allie get home. Allie was excited to tell her mom about their new student-teacher and she quickly ran up the stairs. Like many excited ten year olds, Allie did not bother knocking and just opened it already calling her mom. When she opened the door, she saw her mom with her hands between her legs for a second before Holly jumped up, pulling her skirt down and acting like she was just laying on her bed.

“What’s up sweet cheeks?” Holly said enthusiastically trying to cover up the fact that she was embarrassed. Allie pretended she saw nothing and just asked when dinner was gonna be ready. Her mom answered and Allie quickly left the room almost as embarrassed as her mom. But she didn’t really know what her mom was doing. Was that sex everyone always mentioned? Allie wondered before going inside her room to read.

The next few days went by pretty much the same way. Brittany kept not caring about her schoolwork, and Allie kept daydreaming about Mr. Adams. Mr. Robinson asked Brittany to stay behind after school one day when he handed out their latest test results that Brittany flunked. Brittany walked into the classroom with her head down, and hugging herself with her arms.

“Brittany I asked you to come here today because I want to talk to you about your grades. Your average has been slowly declining for the past three weeks now. You have to start paying more attention in class if you don’t want to fail this class.” Brittany weakly looked up at the teacher and nodded her head, trying to seem like she actually cared what he was saying. Chris was watching from the side and he did not take his eyes off Brittany the entire time. He was frowning, not in disappointment, but in worry. He could see what path Brittany was on. If she kept up this way, her teenage hood would most likely consist of drugs, alcohol, and maybe even sex.

After a few more minutes, Mr. Robinson finished talking and Brittany asked if she could go home. He was about to dismiss her before Chris asked Mr. Robinson if he could talk to him in the hallway for a second. Mr. Robinson had no idea what Chris was up to but he decided to go along with it.

“Do you think it would be alright if I talked to her myself? I’ve been taking a few part time classes on counselling students and I’d like to give it a shot.” Mr. Robinson wanted to get home to his wife and didn’t really care so he told him go ahead and packed up his stuff before leaving.

“Can I go now Mr. Adams?” Brittany asked, looking at Chris with puppy dog eyes, which Chris had to admit to himself, made her look really cute.

“Soon enough Brittany. I just want to talk for a bit.” He smiled and sat opposite of Brittany at the teacher’s desk.

“Talk about what? I already said I would improve my grades.” Brittany was a little upset that she had to stay behind even longer rather than spending time with her dad. She was exceptionally eager to go home today because Jennifer was supposed to call. Jennifer is Brittany’s older sister. She had gone to college last September and the one thing keeping Brittany sane from all the fighting was talking to her sister.

“No, I think Mr. Robinson chewed off your ears for long enough. I’ve just been noticing you have been upset and I wanted to maybe help by giving you someone to talk it out with. I’ve been told I can be very helpful.” Brittany looked up at Chris and found him smiling at her, his eyes looking back at her.

“Its just… my parents have been fighting a lot lately.” Chris’ smile soon turned into a frown.

“I’m so sorry. Why are they fighting?” Brittany felt weird talking to this new teacher she barely knew about this but he was the only person she had.

“I’m not sure exactly. They just yell at each other for almost anything. It doesn’t make sense to me really, my dad is always so sweet to me, how could mom fight with him?” Chris was happy he was getting her to open up to him. He thought maybe if he could get to the root of all this, he could help her and potentially even stop her from going down the road she was currently on.

They talked for about ten minutes that first day before Chris finally told Brittany she could leave and to come to his office whenever she wanted to talk. Brittany weakly smiled and said she would before leaving and finally going home. When she got home, she found a dead silent house. She asked her mom if Jennifer had called yet but her mom said no. Brittany spent most of the night in her room, glancing at the phone every few minutes, each time followed by a sigh.

Another week went by, and Brittany talked to Mr. Adams almost every day. Chris found himself getting attached to this girl, completely professionally of course. He found himself starting to care about Brittany quite a bit. Brittany was also starting to like Mr. Adams a lot. She saw him as a father figure while her dad wasn’t able to spend as much time with her. He was the only other guy that could make her smile and she loved feeling happy whenever they talked.

Chris didn’t like the things Brittany was telling him about her dad. She always said he was really sweet to her and everything but Mr. Adams was able to figure out more stuff about the whole situation that Brittany didn’t catch on too. For example, Brittany would say she would sometimes find her dad ‘sleeping’ on the couch. Chris knew he wasn’t sleeping, but he was actually passed out. Brittany said she figured her dad slept on the couch because she heard mom say she didn’t wanna sleep with him. Chris didn’t know if he should find this cute or sad that Brittany didn’t know the actual story.

“Can we talk on Friday again, Mr. Adams? I want to hang out with Allie tomorrow after school.” Chris loved that Brittany felt so close to him that she was making plans for future meetings. He smiled and said sure. Brittany smiled back and got up, but this time instead of turning around and leaving; she walked towards him and actually hugged him. Mr. Adams felt a little weird doing this because he knew you weren’t supposed to hug students, but he also didn’t mind, because he felt close to Brittany.

While hugging her, he felt her small but mature breasts pressing against him and all of a sudden found himself looking down at her little ass. He quickly looked away and pulled away from the hug. Brittany turned around and left and Chris didn’t know why he looked at her ass. He started feeling nervous, knowing he could get in a lot of trouble if that happened again.

The next day, Brittany and Allie made plans to go swimming in Brittany’s pool after school. Allie was excited to finally get to hang out with someone outside of school and she was already smiling when she got to her class. Seeing Mr. Adams there, Allie felt those butterflies again.

As the class went on, Allie found herself daydreaming about Mr. Adams again. But something was different this time. Every time he would look at her and smile, she felt weird tingles between her legs. After a bit, she found herself squeezing her legs together to try and get rid of them as they were quite annoying.

After school, Brittany and Mr. Adams made plans to meet in his office tomorrow at lunch and talk some more about her parents. Allie was waiting outside for Brittany and they walked to Brittany’s house together, talking about girly stuff like the new cool song they were in love with.
Allie had her mom bring over her swimsuit, a one-piece which looked quite childish compared to Brittany’s. Allie waited in Brittany’s room while she was in the bathroom changing. When Brittany walked back into the room, Allie actually stared a little. Brittany had on a blue bikini, which really showed off her body. Allie had never seen Brittany this exposed as Brittany usually wore sweaters and long sleeve shirts with jeans or sweatpants.

This bikini showed off Brittany’s tits, which were way beyond her age, almost the same size as one of a teenager. Her waist was already giving her a curvy look most guys love. Her stomach was skinny and looked really tight. Her ass was somewhere in-between a child’s and a woman’s making it really cute. Allie went red from embarrassment of wearing such a childish swimsuit and also subtly looked down at her completely flat chest and then at Brittany’s and felt jealousy for the first time.

“Okay let’s go swimming, you’ll love my pool.” Allie followed Brittany out of her room and noticed another room across the hall with the door open, and saw the walls covered with posters of music bands and movie stars.

“Who’s room is that?” Allie asked and noticed Brittany get a little sad when she looked.

“That’s my sister’s room. But she’s in college.” Allie noticed Brittany getting upset and decided not to ask about it anymore.

When they got to the kitchen, they saw Brittany’s dad sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beer. He looked deep in thought.

“Hi daddy. This is my friend Allie, we’re gonna go for a swim okay?” Brittany stood in front of her dad smiling, with her feet together and her hands behind her back. Allie stood beside her doing her best to copy Brittany.

Jack looked at Brittany from head to toe before saying sure. Brittany and Allie walked by and Brittany leaned in and gave her dad a kiss on the cheek before walking through the open screen door.

Brittany’s mom, Pam, walked into the kitchen just in time to see Jack looking over his shoulder, but his gaze was lower than it should have been. It seemed like he was checking out his daughter’s ass. Pam cleared her throat getting Jack’s attention.

“She looks so cute in her little grown-up bikini.” Jack then swished back the rest of his beer, got up and walked past Pam.

“That’s your daughter, and you shouldn’t have bought her that bikini, she’s too young for it.” Pam almost shivered when Jack walked by her, and felt her stomach turn when Jack replied,

“At least she looks sexy unlike you.” Pam was furious that her husband was talking that way about his own daughter.

Jack was a little drunk and maybe that’s what finally pushed him over that edge. He knew those tingles he would feel in his dick when he looked at Brittany were wrong. But he also loved them. The first time he realized he wanted to do more than fatherly things with his daughter was when he went clothes shopping with her a few months ago. She would go into the change room, and put on a different piece of clothing, before coming out and modeling it for her daddy.

At first, he was disgusted with it, but when she walked out in her bikini, looking all shy, he suddenly found himself in a world of lust filled thoughts. Soon afterwards, whenever he and Pam would have sex, he would close his eyes and picture that his dick was going into his daughter’s pussy and not his wife’s. One time, he suggested mid-sex that they pretend like they were related and in an incestuous relationship and Pam was not happy. That’s when they really started fighting.

Seeing Brittany in that bikini today, with the help of alcohol, gave him those taboo thoughts again. In fact, his dick was now semi-hard and Jack was on his way to his room to take care of it in the bathroom, while fantasizing about Brittany, when a naughty thought crossed his mind. He stopped in his tracks, and looked over his shoulder at Brittany’s room. Soon after that, he was inside, quickly looking through her drawers filled with clothes, searching for a pair of his daughter’s panties.

He did love his daughter very much. He loved her the way a father loves his daughter but now he also loved her the way he loved his wife. To everyone else, that would have seemed perverted and completely wrong (it did to him too for a bit) but he saw nothing wrong with it if she returned the same feelings. He was afraid if he told her, she would freak out and tell someone, so he just stuck with masturbating to thoughts about Brittany. Now he was about to go a little further.

His cock was completely hard, just at the thought of coating her panties in her daddy’s cum and putting them back in with the rest, so she could wear them. Finally he found a pair and unbuckled his pants, letting them drop to the ground around his feet. His dick was poking out from his boxers and he quickly dropped those too. He then just stood there, panties in his hand, jerking his hard cock as fast as possible.

Since this was so wrong, it didn’t take him long to reach his orgasm. He held his dick in his and had it pointed at her panties. Soon the hard cock was jerking and pulsating, shooting big loads of cum all over her panties. He only wished that he was cumming inside Brittany’s mouth rather than her panties, but this was still heaven for a pedophile.

“Get the fuck out of this house. Now.” Jack’s heaven was soon replaced by hell as he looked up to see Pam standing in the doorway, her face completely pale and looking like she was ready to puke at any moment.

“Pam, it isn’t what it looks like, let me explain.” But Pam was not in the mood to hear any of it and she actually screamed.

“GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE! YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING NEAR BRITTANY AGAIN!” Jack saw Pam pick up the phone and realized he had no way out of this. He was caught.

“Okay, okay. No need for the police, I promise I’ll leave, just let me pack okay?”

“You sick pedophile! How could you do this?! She loves you so much. She’s your daughter for god sakes.” Pam had tears in her eyes, knowing this was gonna absolutely kill Brittany and that she would probably would blame her for it. Pam told herself that she would never let Brittany find out how sick her father was, it would just make everything worse.

Brittany and Allie were too busy swimming in the pool and giggling to hear any of the screaming that was going on. Brittany didn’t notice her father leaving. She didn’t even hear his car starting. Pam just watched as her daughter laughed and played in the pool, without a clue about what just happened. With tears now running down her cheeks, she knew she just lost her daughter. But Pam also smiled when she realized she was protecting her from a pedophile that might’ve one day, forced himself on her. She started crying and ran up the stairs to the bathroom.

After Brittany and Allie finished swimming, Allie went home for dinner. When Brittany got inside, she saw that it was only her mom there and she looked like she had been crying. Brittany looked for her dad but couldn’t find him.

“Where’s dad? Did he go out with friends or something?” Her mom just kept looking down at the table and sort of smiled to herself and answered her daughter.

“Yeah… He’s playing cards with his work buddies. He should be home later.” Brittany didn’t think much of it and just skipped on up to her bedroom to get out of her wet bikini.

Meanwhile, on the walk home, Allie started thinking about Mr. Adams again. She pictured his smile and his eyes looking deeply into hers as he told her he felt the same way. She pictured him leaning in and kissing her on the cheek. Allie didn’t realize it but she was actually blushing as she walked down the street. She kept thinking how Mr. Adams kissing her cheek would feel and how his lips would feel pressed against her. That’s when she started feeling those tingles in between her legs again.

She quickly looked around her, like other people would be able to sense the tingles too. Her pace picked up and she started almost jogging home. When she got home, her mom told her that dinner would be another hour and Allie just smiled. She had gotten a dirty idea and an hour would be long enough. She hadn’t forgotten what she saw her mom doing and wanted to try it herself, maybe it would get rid of those tingles.

She went into her room and locked her bedroom door behind her. Her heart started beating faster and she suddenly felt nervous. She didn’t really know what she was supposed to do; she just knew it was something with her fingers.

She pulled the straps of the bikini off her shoulders and peeled the top part of the one piece off her body and down to her waist. She went to her mirror and saw her little nipples sticking out from the sudden cold. She pushed her chest out to try and make her “boobs” look bigger but it didn’t do much. She frowned and suddenly remembered how big Brittany’s were. In reality, Brittany’s weren’t that big but they looked a lot bigger because of how short and skinny Brittany was.

Allie then walked over to the door again and checked to make sure it was locked. It was. Allie then walked over to her bed and pulled down her one piece the rest of the way, leaving her in just panties. She sat on the edge of her bed and then scooted up farther and just sat there for a second, looking at her panties with her heart pounding. Then, trying her best to imitate the motions she saw her mom doing, she lowered her hands down to her crotch and stuffed her right hand into her panties.

At first, she just cupped her small preteen pussy, and felt warmth radiating off. Then she slowly moved her middle finger up and down her little slit and her mouth dropped open just a little. Those tingles she was feeling for the past few days had now gotten even more intense. She continued the slow teasing of her slit for another five minutes before deciding to try something else. Allie first stuck her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. She lifted her little butt off the bed so that she could pull them down further. Once they were at her feet, she kicked them off and sent them flying across the room.

Now she could spread her legs more and get better access to her hairless vagina. Allie was laying on her back, totally nude with a pillow underneath her head. Her left hand had started separating her cunt lips when she noticed it felt even better. Her right hand was slowly dipping inside just a few millimeters and was going up and down her slit, this time a bit faster. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest and tingles going through her crotch, and she loved it.

Allie could feel her fingers getting covered in some slime-like stuff, and at first it grossed her out. She would pull out her fingers and wipe it on the sheets but later, she just let it be and after a while started getting turned on by the fact. Now the tingles were getting even stronger and all that was going through Allie’s mind was Mr. Adams. Everything about him, his face, his smile, his eyes, and his hair, absolutely everything was making the tingles stronger.

She wondered what it would feel like if she put a finger deeper inside. She decided to test it and as she pushed her finger in a little, her thighs shut fast over her hand. They didn’t shut to keep herself from doing it, it was more of a reaction to the insane tingles she suddenly felt on her pussy. After a few moments, she slowly opened her legs again and decided to try it again.

This time, Allie pushed her middle finger in deeper. It went past her first knuckle, and she arched her back in pleasure, not able to keep her mouth closed, she let out a little moan. Very slowly, Allie pulled out her finger before pushing it back in. After a few minutes, she started going faster and a little deeper. The smell of her young tight pussy was filling the air and sweat was starting to cover her body.

The sight of a ten year old, naked girl, laying on her bed, exploring her body for the first time was just incredible. The sunlight was coming through the window beside her bed and was lighting up her young body. Her legs were flat on the bed spread apart wide, with her two little childish hands moving fast in between them. Allie’s eyes were shut, her mouth a little open, and her head tilted back into the bed. Her brunette hair was all mangled on the pillow and Allie’s body was going through ecstasy.

Allie started breathing faster and faster as she felt the tingles getting stronger and stronger. Pictures of Mr. Adams were racing through her mind, her finger making sloppy sounds as it went into her pussy. One time she had gone in too far and the pleasure turned into pain. Allie made sure not to go that deep again, so she had found a “sweet” spot, far enough to make her body shake with pleasure but not too far to cause pain.

Her orgasm was building and she had almost reached the climax. At first she didn’t know what was happening, she thought maybe she had gone too far and damaged something. But soon enough, she had her back arched, her ass hopping off the bed as wave after wave of the most amazing sensation rocked her pussy. She was going as fast as she could, feeling the inside of her pussy squeezing around her finger with every wave of pleasure.

Her eyes had rolled in the back of her head and she knew nothing of the world around her. All that existed was her pussy, and the sensations going all through her body. Allie was experiencing her first orgasm and she was in love with the feeling. After a few more seconds, she laid back down on the bed and let her finger slip out of her wet preteen pussy.

Allie just laid on her bed smiling, too weak to move, thoughts of Mr. Adams still in her mind. A lot of time must of gone by because Allie’s head turned fast towards her locked door when she heard a knock.

“Allie you in there? Dinner is gonna be ready soon, come down.” It was Allie’s mom. Allie quickly looked at her finger and noticed there was still a little pussy cream on it. She wiped it on her sheets and got up off her bed. In her exploring, Allie’s back under her had started to sweat and there was now sweat going in between her butt cheeks. Allie answered back saying she would be down in a bit and dashed to her closet in search of clothes. After she was dressed, she picked up her panties along with her swimsuit and tossed it in the laundry hamper.

After quickly doing her best to make her hair look somewhat decent in her bathroom, she washed her hands and made her way towards the door. With a smile spreading from ear to ear, she unlocked the door and skipped down the hall towards the stairs. She reached the bottom and made her way to the kitchen table where she saw her brother Nick sitting along with her parents.

Meanwhile, Brittany was sitting in her room, now in her pajama’s still waiting for her dad to get home. She really missed him and was hoping he wouldn’t be too mad that she spent so much time swimming instead of being with him. It was really late and Brittany was getting worried maybe something had happened to her dad. Brittany laid in her bed and waited to hear the car pull into the driveway but she couldn’t fight off the tiredness and fell asleep.

In the morning, she noticed her dad wasn’t at the breakfast table and that’s when she knew for sure that something was up.

“Mom… Where is dad?” When her mom looked at her with that look in her eyes, Brittany started tearing up and repeated her question.

“Where’s dad?” She was ready to start sobbing but held it back waiting for her mom to answer.

“Brit… Your dad is gone. He said he couldn’t be here anymore and left. I’m so sorry.” Brittany didn’t want to hear her mom’s apologies and got up and ran off down the hall, crying softly.

Chris noticed that Brittany wasn’t in school for the first period and he got worried. The first thought that came to him was that something bad happened between her parents. But then another thought came to him. What if she noticed the way he looked at her body when she hugged him and maybe told someone? He shook his head, reassuring himself that he didn’t do anything that bad.

Chris was sitting in his office at the end of the day when he heard a knock on his door. He invited whoever was on the outside to come in and looked up from his paperwork when the door opened. It was Brittany, and her eyes were red. She had been crying.

“Brittany. What’s wrong?!” Chris was genuinely concerned about her.

“My dad… He left… And he didn’t even say anything to me before leaving.” As she said that last part, she broke into a cry and ran towards Chris, hugging him and crying in his chest.

“Oh my god… Brittany I’m so sorry.” Chris didn’t know what to say. He had never had a young girl cry in front of him like this nonetheless hugging him with all her might. He didn’t know what to do so he just hugged her, rubbing her back slowly as she cried. His heart was slowly breaking as he stood there. He wanted to find her dad and kick him in the head for not saying goodbye to his own daughter that loved him with her whole heart.

But something started creeping up on him again. Even though she was crying in his arms, he couldn’t help but notice her soft body pressed against him. He couldn’t help but notice her ass sticking out in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but notice how good her hair smelled. Bad thoughts started entering his mind and he couldn’t get them out. After a while, he felt his dick starting to get harder. His hand started making its way down Brittany’s back, towards her ass. That’s when Chris stopped himself, his dick almost poking Brittany in the stomach; he tried to push Brittany away but noticed her hanging on to him.

“No, Chris please don’t push me away. I just want you to hold me… I love you Chris, its okay.” Chris was stunned. What was he supposed to say to that? He looked down at her eyes, tears still running down her cheeks, and pulled her against him again. Did she know his dick was hard, he wondered. He closed his eyes and pushed those dirty thoughts out of his mind, hating himself that he was getting turned on. He knew this had to stop though, before it got out of hand. He was gonna have to get transferred to another school, and that broke his heart even more, now that he knew Brittany actually loved him.

After a bit longer, Brittany had left the school and was walking home. She had stopped crying but was still upset. Her dad was gone and Mr. Adams was now the only person she had that made her feel loved. She resented her mom for not making her daddy happy and making him leave. At the same time, she hated her dad too now. The only person she really loved was Mr. Adams. He made her feel happy and safe. She didn’t love him the way he loved her though. She loved him like a daughter loves her father. The way Mr. Adams seemed to love her was the way a mommy is supposed to love a daddy.

Brittany had noticed Mr. Adams’ thing poking out but she didn’t care. It was just another boy thinking dirty things about her. She would put up with it if it meant having Mr. Adams loving her. She just hoped he wouldn’t ask her to do anything more because she wanted to listen to her sister’s advice and wait until she’s older. Her sister Jennifer had sex for the first time when she was 17 and Brittany wanted to wait just like her.

Meanwhile, Allie was already home and locked up in her room, naked. She was masturbating again, and was addicted to playing with her pussy. She had fingered herself the night before too and due to her curious mind, pushed her finger as far as it would go. This was a bad idea because it hurt a lot and there was blood everywhere. Allie was terrified, thinking she had permanently damaged her pussy. She stopped masturbating and went to the bathroom to clean up. Afterwards, she went on the computer downstairs and searched “vagina bleeding during masturbation”

The first few links she clicked were horrid. But eventually she found a scientific one that explained everything. After she read the article, she sighed a sigh of relief and ran off upstairs to bed. Now that her pussy was feeling better, she was fingering herself harder than last night. This new discovery was a wonderful one and she was gonna do it whenever she got the chance.

When Monday came, Brittany noticed that Mr. Adams wasn’t in class. She asked Mr. Robinson where he was.

“I’m not supposed to tell you this, but seeing as how you and Mr. Adams have become so close I guess its okay. Mr. Adams is talking with the principal about a transfer. He says he wants to be closer to his family. I don’t think he’s coming to class anymore, he will probably be in his office after school if you want to go say goodbye.” Brittany’s heart sunk into her stomach. She was ready to cry but held it in like she had learned to do recently. Was he leaving because he was attracted to her? Didn’t he know he didn’t have to run away because of that? She would never tell anyone.

The rest of the class went by in a blur and Brittany was the first one to leave. She wanted to get to the bathroom before she broke into a sob right in the middle of the hall. But she was stopped by Allie.

“Hey Brittany! How was your weekend? Mine was great, I got this new game on the computer and I’ve been playing it non-stop. It’s so fun! Anyways, do you want to hang out after school?” Allie was smiling and Brittany wanted to just get her out of her hair.

“Um that’s great. Yeah, um I guess we could. But I have to see… Mr. Robinson after school first. So can you wait outside for me for a few minutes and then we will hang out?” Allie didn’t know anything about Brittany and Mr. Adams talking almost every day and had absolutely no idea Mr. Adams was leaving. She didn’t see him until the end of the day so she was still excited about it.

What Allie didn’t know was that Brittany had figured out that Allie had a crush on Mr. Adams. One day when they were hanging out, Allie admitted to having a crush on an older boy. At first, Brittany thought it was just a boy from her grade, but when Mr. Adams brought up the subject of a “younger girl” in one of their meetings and started complaining about how she was always asking for his help when she didn’t need any and how she would spend most days just smiling at him and then blushing when he noticed, Brittany connected the dots.

Brittany didn’t really care that Allie had a crush on him. She actually felt a little sorry for her, since Mr. Adams was interested in her and not Allie. Sometimes Brittany wished she felt the way Allie did, everything would be easier. But she didn’t, she was actually a little disgusted by the thought.

“Alright I’ll be outside waiting for you!” Brittany nodded her head and they exchanged goodbyes before leaving in opposite directions. The rest of the day went by completely slow for Brittany. She just wanted to go to Mr. Adams’ office and beg him not to leave. On the other hand, Allie’s day was just as slow. She didn’t get to see Mr. Adams until the very last period and it drove her insane waiting for that period to come.

Finally, Allie almost ran to her English class, so excited to talk to Mr. Adams, especially after the weekend she had. But soon, that dream was crushed. Mr. Adams was nowhere to be seen in the classroom and Allie frowned, thinking he was probably sick or something. None of the students besides Brittany knew the real reason Mr. Adams wasn’t in class.

After the last bell rang, Brittany made her way to Mr. Adams’ office right away. She waited outside the door for the halls to clear up a little, she didn’t want anyone else coming inside and seeing her most likely crying. Finally, when there was only a few students left, she knocked and went inside.

“Oh… Brittany. I’m guessing Mr. Robinson told you that I was leaving?” Chris felt like shit. He had let a little girl get so close to him that she actually loved him. Then he let his penis get in the way. That little girl wasn’t so little it seemed.

“Why are you leaving? Is it because of what happened during the hug?” Brittany was trying her best not to start crying. She always thought it would’ve been better if her dad just told her he was going to leave instead of just taking off but this was just as bad, if not even worse.

“What? I… No that’s… You knew about that?” Chris was blushing, trying to find something in the room to look at to avoid eye contact with Brittany.

“I’m not a total idiot. I’ve hugged boys my age and they all do the same. But you don’t have to leave because of it. I won’t ever tell anyone. I wouldn’t hurt you like that… Please don’t hurt me by leaving me just like my dad.” A tear fell from Brittany’s eye, and she quickly wiped it away.

“Brittany… I’m not leaving because of you… I’m leaving… because I have to.” This was a complete lie and Chris felt even worse saying it. He just hoped Brittany wouldn’t figure out that he was lying. He started sweating a little, looking at Brittany, waiting for an answer. She just stood there, looking back at him. It seemed like she was trying to decide something, thinking hard.

“Mr. Adams… I won’t tell anyone. So please stay?” Chris opened his mouth to say something but he suddenly forgot how to speak as his eyes widened.

In front of him, Brittany had closed her eyes and pulled off her sweater, leaving her in a tight t-shirt. During that time before Brittany answered, she had decided to suck it up and give Mr. Adams what he wanted. She would hate herself after but she also trusted Mr. Adams and if this would make him stay, she would do it.

“What are you-” Chris started talking but Brittany held out her hand to stop him. She turned around and locked the door of his office before turning back to face him.

“I’m going to make you as happy as you make me.” That comment was meant to make him smile but instead he felt like the biggest piece of dog shit. Here was a girl that cared about him so much that she was willing to give him her body in exchange for him to just be there for her and all he wanted to do was to have her continue her strip tease.

Brittany grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head leaving her in just a bra and pants. She felt terrible, almost sick, but did her best to smile and not show it. The better she acted now, the more chance there was for Mr. Adams not leaving. Mr. Adams looked nervous, and kept looking past Brittany through the window on the door, checking for a sign of anyone.

He got up and walked over to Brittany, shutting the blinds on the door. When he turned around, Brittany was standing at his desk, now just in bra and panties, shuffling in the spot, obviously shy.

Chris’ dick was fully erect at the sight of this gorgeous 12 year old girl almost completely nude in front of him. Her bra didn’t match her panties but Chris thought this made her even hotter. Her bra was black, while her panties were a shade of pink.

Brittany was about to unclip her bra at the back, but Chris shook his head and walked over to her. He looked her in the eyes and then slowly, moved his mouth in for a kiss. Their lips connected and Brittany shut her eyes, trying to do her best not to start crying. In her mind, it was like kissing her dad on the lips and that was just creepy to her.

Chris broke the kiss and lowered his head to her neck, softly sucking on it. Brittany tilted her head back, giving him more access and bit her bottom lip. She was torn between disgust and pleasure. She never knew getting her neck sucked on would feel so good.

Her short moment of pleasure soon came to an end as Chris reached around her back and undid her bra. He then looked at her tits as Brittany removed the bra, revealing her 12 year old tits for the first time to another human being since she was a baby. Chris couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs and they were really a sight to see. Her nipples were hard, and sticking out, her boobs, big for a 12 year old made Brittany appear much older and sexier.

Chris lowered his hungry mouth to first her left nipple, then to her right, sucking on them hard. Brittany just kept her eyes closed, trying to picture Mr. Adams as some prince charming from some fairy tale to make this situation feel more normal. But it didn’t help. She just felt abused and now even doubted her choice to start stripping.

Mr. Adams was trying to make Brittany feel as loved as possible, but he was in his own world of lust now and wasn’t really paying much attention to how she was feeling about this. He kissed his way down her stomach, finally reaching her crotch. He was so close to it that he could actually smell it. It smelt like apples, with a bit of sweat. He pulled down her panties and was awarded with a beautiful site. Brittany’s pussy still had the look of a child to it. Her lips weren’t visible and Chris could see that Brittany has been shaving down there, so there was no hair either.

He looked up at Brittany who wasn’t smiling but was looking back at him. She slowly nodded and Chris’ tongue went to work. He started at the bottom of her slit and licked all the way up. Brittany wasn’t enjoying this situation but when she felt his tongue on her pussy, she couldn’t ignore the little tingles it sent through her body. This made her spread her legs just a bit farther apart. She didn’t know if she did that herself, or if it was just her mind do it subconsciously, either way, it turned Chris on even more. He started licking faster and Brittany actually started tearing up. Her eyes were shut tight, trying to hide it but there were tears rolling down her cheeks. She moved her hand up and wiped them away before Chris could see.

Chris couldn’t take it anymore, his dick was dying to get out and be buried in that pussy in front of him. His guilt had long faded away, all he cared about now was taking Brittany’s virginity. He got up and unzipped his pants. He didn’t pull them down; he just stuck his dick out through his zipper and checked at the door one last time before slowly pushing it at the entrance of Brittany’s cunt. Brittany was now sitting with her bare ass on Chris’ desk; her legs were wrapped around his waist and her head resting on his shoulder. She had her head turned, facing the wall, her eyes closed, waiting for her virginity to be taken.

Chris spit on her cunt and rubbed it in, making it easier for his big dick to penetrate Brittany’s tight pussy.

“This will hurt a little, but I promise it will feel better after. Just hold on to me tightly.” Chris was reassuring Brittany, and she just nodded. Chris then slowly pushed his dick, inch by inch into her tight pussy. Brittany held on to him tighter as she felt a sharp pain deep inside her pussy. Now she had tears rolling down her cheeks again, both from the pain, and from the realization that she had let her sister down, who she promised that she would wait. Even worse, she had let herself down. She had promised herself too that it wouldn’t happen like this, and now it was happening exactly that way.

“Are you okay? Are you sure you want me to keep going?” Brittany couldn’t do anything but nod. She pulled at his waist with her legs, trying to tell him it was okay and that she wanted it. But she didn’t want it, at all.

Chris started going in at a steady pace and was quietly moaning from pleasure. Brittany felt those tingles she felt earlier and tried to enjoy herself as much as possible, trying to not think about how she would be able to look at herself in the mirror afterwards. Chris was definitely enjoying himself as his dick was getting squeezed by Brittany’s almost virgin pussy. There was now blood starting to cover his dick from Brittany’s hymen breaking but neither of them noticed.

Mr. Adams could feel his semen bubbling in his balls and he knew that Brittany was probably fertile. Not wanting to risk getting her pregnant, he pulled out and grabbed his dick, and started jerking it off having it aimed at Brittany’s belly button. Brittany moved back her head from his shoulder and looked down at the man she loved so much, pulling at his cock which was still covered a bit by Brittany’s blood. He finally gave one final moan as jet after jet of cum flew out of his dick, landing right on Brittany’s stomach. Brittany just watched in amazement, feeling the hot semen on her stomach.

After Chris squeezed out the last drops of his cum, he shoved it back into his pants and looked up at Brittany. Brittany met his gaze and weakly smiled. Chris finally noticed that Brittany had cried and his mood changed from happy to guilty again as he wiped her tears away.

“I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” Brittany shook her head and just kept smiling weakly.

“Will you stay now, Mr. Adams? I could come to your house after school and you could do this again if you want.” Chris felt like shit. He never planned on staying, not even now. Even though getting to fuck a pussy that tight frequently in exchange for talking to a damaged little girl sounded like a great deal, he knew this couldn’t continue. He felt even worse when she said “you do this again” instead of “we do this again”. He realized he would just be using her.

“Yeah I’ll stay. But no, once was good enough, don’t worry, you made me feel really good.” Brittany now smiled for real. She had done it; she wasn’t going to lose Mr. Adams. She wasn’t going to lose her second father.

“I think you should clean that up and get dressed before someone comes looking for us. It would be really bad if someone caught us.” Brittany nodded and quickly hopped off the desk, getting some tissues and wiping up the cum from her stomach. She then pulled on her clothes and turned around to face Mr. Adams again.

“I love you Mr. Adams. Thank you for being here for me through all this. That was just my way of thanking you.” Brittany hugged Mr. Adams one more time before unlocking the office door and leaving, looking back one more time to wave. Chris smiled and waved back. When he was alone, he leaned on his desk for a minute, before packing up the rest of his stuff and leaving the office for the last time.

When Brittany got outside, she remembered Allie was supposed to wait for her, but Brittany looked around and called out her name with no response. She figured she must’ve gone home because she got tired of waiting.

That was not the reason. Allie had been waiting outside, excited to hang out with Brittany again when she overheard a couple teachers talking. They were mentioning Mr. Adams and Allie’s curiosity got the best of her. She listened hard and heard one teacher say something about Mr. Adams leaving. Allie’s heart started beating faster. She couldn’t lose him. So instead of waiting for Brittany, she decided to run inside and see if Mr. Adams was in his office. She had no idea Brittany had lied to her about which teacher she had to talk to.

When she reached his office, she was about to knock before she heard voices inside. She peered through the little gap in the blinds. She saw someone’s legs wrapped around Mr. Adams’ waist but she couldn’t tell who it was. She looked again and noticed Mr. Adams humping whoever it was that had their legs around him.

Allie ran down the hall and stopped at the corner. She wanted to see who was in there fucking Mr. Adams. She knew they were fucking from the investigation she had done that weekend on the computer.

After about ten minutes, the door finally opened and Allie’s heart started beating faster. She waited to see who would come out. Brittany’s face came into view, and she was smiling happily. Allie’s face went red with anger.

“Whore.” Allie said before she bolted down the hall and out the door.

One Month Later

It has been a month since what happened in Mr. Adams’ office and a lot has changed. Mr. Adams was now long gone, and the friendship between Allie and Brittany did not exist anymore. Brittany was heartbroken the next day when Mr. Robinson officially announced to the class that Mr. Adams had decided to transfer schools. At some level, Brittany knew this was going to happen.

A week later, Brittany started coming to school in more provocative clothes and the boys didn’t miss a chance to comment on it. Brittany and Allie hadn’t talked since that day they were supposed to hang out, and Brittany figured Allie was just too intimidated by her looks. She was proven wrong one day when Allie finally came up to her, looking like she was gonna punch her in the face. She was still wearing her baggy clothes, and her hair looked like a pile of knots. Brittany, on the other hand, was looking absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a tight shirt which didn’t cover her whole stomach, and a mini skirt that was way too short for the school dress code.

“Hey Brittany. I just wanted to give you your stupid movie back, my mom told me I had to. So here you go.” Allie looked like she was disgusted with Brittany and Brittany didn’t like this at all.

“What is your problem? You’ve been acting like such a cunt towards me recently.” Brittany pulled the movie out of Allie’s hand as fast as she could.

“I’ve been acting like a cunt? You’re the one that’s turned into a total skank.” Brittany’s mouth dropped open and she retaliated,

“Well I’m sorry I’m hot and you’re as ugly as a pile of dog shit.” Two preteens fighting always had the worst comebacks.

“I know what you did. I know you… fucked Mr. Adams right before he left. You’re just a dirty whore.” Brittany was shocked. She had no idea how Allie knew about that but Brittany knew Allie’s secret too, so she smiled and said,

“Oh, I’m sorry he liked me better than you. He always complained to me about how you were so in love with him. You’re pathetic. At least I can get the guys I want.” Allie started tearing up, she didn’t want anyone to know about her crush and now someone knew. Even worse, it was the whore that fucked him. She wiped her eyes and said,

“Fuck you, you whore.” Allie was ready for a fight, she had closed her hand into a fist and waited.

“You can tell people that I fucked Mr. Adams, but no one will believe you. I get guys asking me for blowjobs all the time and I reject them all. Do you think they would believe that I put out? Please. But if I was to tell people you had a crush on Mr. Adams, the whole school would know about it within a day, and I have proof. I would just tell them to look in your notebook.” Allie knew she was beaten. She did have a notebook with scribbles all over with Mr. Adams’ name. She just turned around and walked off fast, her hands going up to her eyes to wipe away tears.

Brittany almost felt a little bad about being so mean but then told herself that Allie asked for it. She didn’t like that someone knew about her and Mr. Adams but by the end of the year, no one would even remember him. Brittany hated Mr. Adams for using her the way he did and would like nothing more than to tell the cops about how he forced himself onto her but sadly she had no proof.

That weekend, Brittany went to her first party and got really drunk which led to a boy from her class fucking her in a bedroom. Unlike last time, she actually enjoyed the sex. Her first orgasm didn’t come until much later but at least there was no pain or blood this time.

Even though Brittany seemed like the happiest girl in the world, flaunting her good looks in the faces of the jealous girls around her and teasing the boys that drooled at her feet, the truth was she cried herself to sleep every night.

Present Day

Brittany heard the doorbell ring and quickly wiped her eyes. She realized she was still topless and put on a shirt before heading downstairs to answer the door. When she opened it, she saw Nick standing there.

“Hey Brittany, I think I forgot my phone here earlier. Are you okay?” Nick could tell that Brittany had been crying and in all the time he’d known her, he never saw her shed a single tear. Brittany smiled and gave him a teasing look.

“Oh you forgot your ‘phone’. Are you sure you didn’t just come here to fuck me? And don’t worry I’m fine.” Brittany had turned around and started walking towards the kitchen, her ass on full display to Nick. With just a tiny piece of fabric, disappearing inside her butt cheeks to cover her asshole, it was like she was basically nude. Nick had to shake himself back to reality so that Brittany wouldn’t see him staring.

“Sorry but no, I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction of fucking you. Great you found it!” Brittany picked up Nick’s phone and threw it to him. Nick was relieved he had his phone back and instantly started going through the monster pile of messages he had. Brittany decided to tease Nick a little more and started stretching in front of him, causing her shirt to almost reveal her bare boobs underneath. Nick saw this but tried to pretend like he didn’t. He thanked Brittany for finding his phone and quickly left before his semi-hard dick got him into more trouble.

Later That Day

Nick and Allie were sitting on the couch with their mom watching some TV. Nick was still pretty horny from that visit to Brittany’s house and kept looking over at Allie’s legs which were totally exposed since she was wearing short pajama bottoms. He wished his mom was out of the house so he got just destroy his sister’s pussy but sadly he would have to wait.

After a few more minutes, their mom sighed and said she had to bring the laundry down to the basement before getting up and heading for the laundry room. Nick quickly reached over and shoved his hand into Allie’s pajamas and started inserting a finger inside.

“Nick! Not now, I wanna watch this show. Besides, you’re just gonna get me all horny and then we will have to stop cause of mom so back off.” She smacked his wrist a little and Nick pulled his hand out. Soon, their mom was coming from upstairs carrying a large bin of clothes and headed down to the basement.

Holly got downstairs, humming to herself quietly and opened the door to the laundry room. For the next few minutes, she got the washer ready and decided to check her husband’s workout area, as he sometimes left his workout clothes there. She walked over and smiled to herself finding a dirty tank top. Her smile soon faded though, as she looked over at the corner of the room. There was a pair of panties sitting there. At first she thought maybe they were hers but when she tried to remember the last time she was down here masturbating, she came to the conclusion that it was way too long ago.

She picked up the white cotton panties and started examining them. They were clearly dirty. She looked closer and noticed there was a bit of dried cum on them, along with a yellow stain, which she figured was piss. Since she has been doing the laundry for so long, Holly knew what her daughters panties looked like. She shook her head in anger. She was pregnant and still having sex? Holly made a mental note to confront Allie about this.

Holly walked back to the laundry room, and along the way passed the couch that John used for watching football games sometimes. Allie must’ve forgotten to pick up her panties, but she didn’t forget to hide the water bottle, which was still filled with her piss. The water bottle was sitting behind that couch.

Holly threw the panties into the wash with a little anger. She didn’t want to raise a slut and that’s exactly what Allie appeared to have become. But Holly didn’t know the worst part; the cum on the panties were from her son Nick.

To Be Continued…


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