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Episode IV
Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 40: Homework

Well, we watched the videos that we bought at the store. The famous female pornstars seemed to take on several guys a lot. That was the one thing our videos were really lacking. So far I had been the only guy involved, and Holly and Steph the only girls. So the next logical step would be bringing in more people. We collectively decided that the sex club is an ideal way to do this. It had been a few months since we had gone, so we attended another meeting, to pitch our idea first. Understandably, some of the members didn’t want to participate to protect their identities. But many agreed. We set a date those participating to be at our apartment. We continued shooting other scenes while we waited for that day to come.

“Are you sure we are ready to do this with the sex club?” Holly asked me. “What’d you mean?” I asked her. “Well we haven’t even shot a foursome, but this is going to be a bunch more people.” “So you want to have a foursome then?” I asked her. “I think it would help.” Holly said. “Let’s do that then”

Holly had a good point, we, well Sandy and Stephanie hadn’t shot a scene with more then 3 people yet. We could have had a disaster in filming. This could help us figure it all out first. I got online and e-mailed Peter telling him of our change in plans. Peter and his wife Kristen would be joining Holly and I in the foursome.

We took a break from sex for a day and a half, that’s a long time for us, to prepare for the scene. We are such professionals I know…Peter and Kristen arrived thirty minutes before we planned to start shooting. Let me refresh your memory here for a minute, if you have just recently joined us, or have forgotten. I am John, I am around 5 foot 9, and I’m not buff, but I am far from being the least bit chubby. I have short brown hair, brown eyes. Holly is barely shorter than I am. She usually has her straight brown hair to her shoulders, but she changes it up. Holly has c-cup breasts that are nicely round. Her ass is wonderfully round and smooth. Stephanie was a few inches shorter than Holly. Stephanie was quite small, petite I think is the word. She has large a, small b breasts, I refer to them as perky. She has usually shorter, straight sandy blonde hair. Sandy is taller than me by about an inch I think. She is a little on the fuller, voluptuous side of things. She has huge D-cup breasts. She is half-Mexican half-Spanish, so she had darker skin, and dark brown hair, straight and usually past her shoulders. Now the ones I don’t expect you to remember to well. Peter is the leader of the sex club, in his late thirties, and he has the biggest cock of the sex club, including me. He is a few inches taller than me, I wouldn’t say he was buff either, but you can tell he works out a bit. His wife Kristen is one fine specimen. She is also in her mid to late thirties. Kristen is about two inches taller than me, she has long curly red hair. She has a lovely smile that complements her cute face. She has small b-cup tits that are still perky for her age. Oh and she usually sports a completely shaved pussy. I should have said what the three girls near me have between their legs, but they never stay the same anyway, it usually changes from month to month or week to week.

Back to the story, Peter and Kristen arrived at our apartment. “So how does this work?” Peter asked me. “Well, Stephanie and Sandy here will film as we go at it…” I said, thinking it to be self-explanatory. We made the introductions between those four, Steph, Sandy, Kristen, and peter had never met before. “Well I understand that aspect, but like what about money” Peter asked. “Oh right” I said. I had Jerry send me some release forms that allow us to put people in videos. “Well sign this first off” I handed one to Peter and Kristen. “And money wise, we could either pick a set amount up front, or you can take a percentage of the return. See Holly and I just get a part of the return on each one, they don’t pay us unless they sell” I said. Peter still seemed unsure. “Well of the percentage of profit that is sent to us, we usually split it evenly. So in every film, all four of us have gotten an even cut.” I said. “So, we would split it 6 ways then” Peter said. “Right, but for when we have a bunch of members of the sex club, I think they will get a certain amount up front, cause if we split it 12 ways or so it wouldn’t be much money, and when Holly and I are organizing, supplying the cameras and the access to the porn industry I don’t think that would be fair” I explained. “That’s true” Kristen said. “So in about a month when it hits the street, we will start to get money from it” Holly explained. “Ok” Peter said.

“So is there a plot or something?” Peter asked. “Nope” Holly said. “We started shooting a line of videos called ‘The Adventures of Brittany and Ted’, and the story is that we film when we have sex, that’s it. We find that people don’t like stupid storylines, and that we present it as what it is.” I said. “Why Brittany and Ted?” Kristen asked. “Well we don’t want our real names on it” I said. “You guys should come up with porn names for us to call you during the video so we don’t use your real names. Or we could just use your real names if you don’t care.” I explained. “What are we doing in the scene?” Peter persisted. “Just forget that it’s a scene, just pretend there aren’t cameras and that we are just having a foursome, do what you normally do” I said. “Oh and we are using condoms.” Holly said. “We’ll get started in about twenty minutes” I told them. Holly and I discussed with Steph and Sandy the things they needed to know, and we prepared to shoot.

The four of us sat on the edge of our bed. We all had our regular clothes on. “Hi, I’m Brittany Jefferson, with Ted Oak” Holly said. “And this is another Adventure of Brittany and Ted, with us today our some friends of ours” I said. “I’m Peter” “I am Kristen” They said, they didn’t care if people saw their real names; they put their names on the sex club site anyway. “We are going to have a little fun today aren’t we guys?” Holly asked. “Well, let’s get started.” I said. With that we all four stood up in front of the bed, and undressed normally. Now all of us naked, we stood looking at each other. “Want to swap partners?” I asked Peter. “Let’s do it” He said. Holly stood with Peter and Kristen with me. Holly led the group, dropping to her knees. Peter and I stood leaning against the bed. Kristen got on her knees in front of me. The girls ‘applied’ condoms to our cocks, using their mouths.

Holly and Kristen proceeded to suck our cocks. Kristen had a nice warm wet touch, sucking my cock. When I was getting a little too excited, I pulled Kristen up from her knees. I helped her up onto the bed. She had her legs hanging off the edge, and I got down on my knees beside the bed, putting my face in front of her slit. I held her thighs apart slightly with my hands. I leaned into her pussy, licking and lapping at her. Stephanie was right beside me looking down at the scene with the camera. I saw Peter and Holly change into the exact same position. Kristen was getting excited and very wet from my touch. I could hear Holly moaning through Kristen’s higher paced moans, her chest starting to move faster. I could feel her legs tensing up, and getting slightly wet from sweating. I stood up, still holding her thighs.

Kristen’s feet were over each of my shoulders, her ass right at the edge of the bed. I stepped forward, putting my erect cock at her lips. To my left I saw Holly pull Peter up on top of her. Kristen’s lips parted easily as I pushed my cock inside her. I slowly penetrated her, as she moaned louder and louder. I looked over to see Peter on top of Holly fucking her in something close to missionary position. They were really going at it, and I knew she was going to cum soon. So I picked up the pace to, fucking Kristen harder and faster. Her ass repeatedly slapped against my hips, making fleshy sounds of pleasure. Kristen was about to cum, her pussy contracting around my cock. She came very loudly, nearly screaming, moaning loudly. Just a few seconds later Holly came, doing the same that Kristen had.

I stood back, catching my breath, and keeping my excitement from taking over. Peter got off the bed, doing the same as me. Holly and Kristen laid side by side, catching their breath. They looked at each other, smiling. After a minute, we were all ready to go again. “What do you want to do now?” Holly asked us all. “Either of you want a double penetration?” I asked them. “Oh I do” Holly said.

I laid on my back on the bed, Holly laid on top of me, face up. Peter stood at the edge of the bed, in the same position I had been with Kristen. Kristen was on her knees, with her pussy poised above Holly’s face, and just above mine as well. I slipped my lubed cock inside of Holly’s asshole, just holding it in there, not pumping. Peter stepped up, penetrating her pussy. Kristen, moved forward, her pussy right in Holly’s face. Holly reached up behind her, grabbing Kristen’s hips, bringing her face up slightly to start to eat her. Just in front of my face was Holly eating Kristen. My hands were wrapped around Holly, playing with her tits. Peter was going at it now, fucking Holly somewhat quickly. I could feel Peter’s cock through Holly, his in her pussy, mine in her ass. Holly moaned loudly, her whole body moving back and forth on top of mine. I pinched and rubbed her nipples with my fingers, looking up at Holly eating Kristen, the juices flowing from her pussy.

Holly came, very loudly; burying her face in Kristen’s slit, pulling on her hips hard. After she came she laid there breathing hard. “You want a go?” I asked Kristen, looking up at her. “I don’t think I want to do that just yet” She said.

The next position had Kristen bent over. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Kristen bent over blowing me while Peter fucked her from behind. Holly sat on the bed beside me, watching Kristen suck me. Peter was pounding her pretty hard, her whole body rhythmically moving with the fucking she was receiving. “Oh fuck I am close” Peter said. Right away Holly hopped off the bed, and on her knees in front of Peter. Kristen continued to suck me off, and Peter kept fingering her. Holly stripped the condom off of Peter’s cock, and sucked him furiously. “I’m close” I told Kristen. She pulled her mouth away from my cock, and stripped the condom off me. My cock was about to blow, and she stroked me hard and fast, her open mouth just above my cock. I could hear Peter coming, and Holly moaning. I blew my load, a massive amount, shot after shot, shooting up to Kristen’s awaiting face. She took it like a pro, rubbing it in her face.

With that done, Peter sat on the bed next to me, and Holly and Kristen started making out, and then rolling around on the floor, licking and sucking on the cum on each other’s face, their tongues playing with each other. They stayed on the floor making out, playing with each other for some time. Eventually they stopped and got up. Holly sat on my lap, Kristen on Peter’s. They had cum smeared all over their faces and going down their necks. “That was another Adventure of Brittany and Ted” Holly said to the camera. “Let’s go shower up” I said. The cameras followed us into the bathroom. The shower completely open, Holly and I sat on the edge of the tub, opposite the shower, watching Kristen and Peter clean up. Sandy was filming into the shower, and Stephanie turned around looking at us. “You guys have fun?” Steph asked. “What’s it look like Brandy” Holly said. “Looks like you got jizz all over your face” Steph said. “Can I shower with you?” Steph asked. “With me too, or just Holly?” I asked her. “I don’t care” Steph said, still behind a rolling camera. “Sure” Holly said.

When Kristen and Peter finished up, we handed them towels, and they switched positions with us. Stephanie stood in he far back of the shower, she stripped her clothes off before entering. Holly and I stood under the running water, cleaning each other with soap. Sandy went and interviewed Peter and Kristen. “You guys have fun?” Sandy asked. “Oh yeah” Peter said. “Oh you like her do ya?” Kristen asked Peter playfully. “Oh, like you didn’t have fun with him!” Peter said, playing back at her. “Some” Kristen said. “You guys do this often?” Sandy asked them. “We don’t film it often, but we have our share of swinging you could say” Peter said. “Do you still satisfy each other, when you aren’t with other people?” Sandy persisted. “Oh yeah, she definitely gets me going” Peter said. “He knows how to push my buttons” Kristen allowed, smiling. “Do you always swap with couples, or do you ever do threesomes” Sandy asked. “Well, we usually deal with just couples, but we have occasionally brought a girl to bed with us” Peter said. “What about two girls?” Sandy asked. Kristen looked at Peter. “We never have, but I don’t have a problem with it.” Kristen said. “Can my girlfriend and I jump in bed with you?” Sandy asked them. “Who’s your girlfriend?” Peter asked her. Sandy panned the camera over to Stephanie, and returned to the couple. Kristen and Peter both smiled.
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