Chapter 1

I've always had a secret crush on my wife's cousin, Michelle. I didn't get to know her very well at first, but I knew her well enough to be friends with her on facebook. For two years I stalked her facebook page, checking it everyday for new pictures. I just couldn't get enough of her!
She just turned 14 and has a perfect petite body. She has long, beautiful, golden blonde hair. Standing around 5ft. even, and no more than 100lbs, she is definitely one of the most beautiful younger girls I have ever seen.
She was about 12 when I first met her, and although she has developed the most this last year, I still could not keep my eyes off of her. I knew that one day I would have her, I didn't know how or when, but I knew I wanted her.
For two long years I watched her grow up to become a beautiful young woman. Even though she is only 14, she has gorgeous petite and firm breasts. As she is very slender, her breasts aren't overly big but she isn't at all flat either. The best way to describe them-the perfect handful!
One summer my wife decided we should be better at seeing family so she made a few phone calls and made arrangements to see all her family up north. I was definitely not opposed.
Thankfully, because Michelle's older brother recently left for college, their family was the only one with a spare room. And being poor newly weds, we gratefully accepted their offer to stay with them. Of course, I was grateful for more than one reason. My dream of being with Michelle was actually becoming a possibility!
I was fascinated with the idea of being so close to the girl I had been secretly obsessing over for two years, but knew I had to keep my cool if I were to do anything and not get caught.
Seeing Michelle for the first time since our wedding was very exciting, I had to quickly re-adjust myself to hide the fact I was happy in more than one way to see her. She is a very friendly girl and gave my wife and I a big hug when we arrived. I thought I would blow a huge load in my pants as she wrapped her arms around me, feeling her young body so close was almost too much. I couldn't help but notice how good she smelled too.
We were put in Michelle's older brother's room which I soon found out was connected to her room through a bathroom they shared.
During dinner later that night, I excused myself to use the restroom but I only had one thing on my mind. I quietly crept upstairs and into her room. It was an average teenage girl's room, it was messy, smelled good and full of a thousand things I wanted to do in there.
I quickly made my way to her dresser, I was dying to see what kind of things she wore under her clothes! I quickly found her underwear drawer, it was filled with small teen panties and little bras that held her gorgeous 14 year old tits. She mostly wore thin cute colorful panties, but I noticed she had a few tight little lacy thongs.
After a few minutes of imagining Michelle in her bra and panties, I decided it was probably best to get back to dinner to avoid any suspicion.
The next few days were spent hanging out with the families and playing with all the cousins. I tactfully spent as much time as possible harmlessly flirting with Michelle. It started out just making her laugh, then playing tag with the cousins, I would chase her around and tickle her until she cried uncle. One night we all wanted to play hide and seek. Michelle came up to me and said,
"Come with me, I know a really good hiding spot."
She led me downstairs in the basement to a small storage closet just barely big enough for two small people. Hiding behind all the old coats, it really was a good hiding spot. Well, because I'm not very small, it was a tight fit.
"I don't think we're gonna fit, do you have any other ideas?" I asked,
"We don't have much time left", she said, "here, sit down in the closet and I'll sit on your lap, it will work. It's such a good hiding spot they'll never find us!"
The thought of my wife's 14 year old cousin sitting on my lap in a dark closet, by ourselves, would seem unbelievably wrong to the average person, but I guess I'm not the average person because I barely resisted myself from shouting, "YES!"
As I sat down she quickly sat down on top of me, so fast I didn't even have enough time to re-adjust myself, for surely I would soon have the biggest boner of my life.
She was wearing one of those tight short cotton sporty shorts, a tight white t-shirt, and the most irresistible perfumes I've ever smelled.
I immediately became self conscious as my penis quickly began to grow as Michelle sat in my lap. I could tell it made her a little uncomfortable because she kept trying to re-adjust her position, which only made things worse as she kept moving her tight little butt up and down on my cock.
"are you ok?" I asked, not knowing what else to say but feeling like I had to say something.
"yeah, I'm ok, I just can't get comfortable."
"yeah... sorry about that. I'm uh...just not used to having such a beautiful girl sit on my lap." I quietly responded without thinking. My wife is good looking and all, but she's not Michelle!
"do you really think I'm beautiful?" She asked.
"of course you're beautiful, why do you think I married your cousin, your family is definitely blessed with good looks." I tactfully responded. I didn't want to sound too creepy, for at this point I wasn't exactly sure what she thought of me. Was I just the fun cousin in law or did she think of me differently?
"aww, thanks, you're so sweet, my cousin is so lucky to have you." she said.
Over the next 15 or so minutes she told me all about her social life and how her last boyfriend cheated on her because he wanted to have sex and she didn't think she was ready. As a typical 8th grade teen girl, She had a lot of drama in her life.
"it's not that I didn't want to have sex," she explained, "it's just I was nervous...I mean, I've never had sex before! The most I've ever done with a boy is kiss!"
I had wondered for the longest time if she had had sex yet or not, so the thought of her sweet young and tight virgin pussy being untouched was almost too much to bare. I couldn't help but fantasize about me stealing her virginity right then are there. Soon, I thought. I'm getting closer.
Being so close to her I was able to hold her in my arms. I started gently massaging her neck and shoulders explaining that she seemed stressed out and needed to relax.
She sighed as I made my way to the middle of her back, where she was very tense. For leverage, I moved my left hand on her side but accidentally touched the side of her left boob. I immediately lifted it but to my surprise, she grabbed my hand and put it over her left breast.
It all happened so quick, before I knew it I was gently squeezing her small teen tits over her tight t-shirt. She giggled as I kissed her neck and cheek.
"ohh, yes! I like that, oh how do you know what I like so much?"
I had a little more experience than those idiots at her school so I know a little more than them about what most girls like.
I slowly moved my right hand down to her tight shorts and gently touched her between her legs. She wiggled and whimpered a little as this was probably the first time someone touched her down there like that. Slowly I moved my index finger along her warm mound, her thin shorts made it easy to feel her tight little slit that was dying to be violated.
Before long, I wanted to feel her breasts so I lifted up her shirt a little and slipped my left hand between her loose bra, gently cupping her 14 year old right breast through the top of her bra. She had the most unbelievable tits. Firm, yet soft, small, and perfectly round. She had small little nipples which I desperately wanted to suck.
She moaned in pleasure as I kissed her neck while cupping her right breast and massaging her tight slit over her shorts. I could tell she was getting really horny because she started getting really warm and wet down there which was making me unbelievably hard.
She began to move her hips back and forth on the hard rod in my pants, slowly rubbing my crotch between her legs.
I decided to step it up a notch so I slowly slipped my right hand under her shorts and touch her wet mound over her thin pink panties, she wriggled in pleasure but I wanted more...and I know she did too. My right hand slid under her little pink panties, and the anticipation of what I was about to touch almost made me cum then and there.
I finally touched the soft folds covering her 14 year old virgin treasure. I used my index finger and slowly rubbed her between her virgin lips. Her breathing started to get louder and faster as I rubbed her.
We started to kiss, and I mean intense kissing. In-between her deep breaths she would stick her tongue playfully in my mouth.
I wanted to rip open the closet door and have my way with her right there in the basement but I knew that would end with us getting caught. For now we had to remain quiet, and stuck in the small closet limited to fooling around. Don't get me wrong, that was more than I ever imagined myself doing with Michelle, but of course I wanted more!
This only lasted a few brief but glorious couple of minutes before we heard all the little cousins come running down the stairs screaming for us that the game was over. I quickly pulled my right hand out from her panties and in unison pulled my left hand out from her bra, straightened out her shirt, fixed my hard-on, and left the closet before the kids could see us.
I didn't realize how hot and sweaty we had gotten, the cool air was nice but I was mad I didn't get to do more with her. I was just about to put my finger inside Michelle's tight virgin hole when our moment was abruptly interrupted.
I couldn't believe I finally got to fool around with Michelle. It was now my goal to find a way to go further with her. Eventually, somehow I would pop her cherry and steal her innocence.

Chapter 2: Coming Soon

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