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This is the second part to 'Nathan's New School'. Where a young high school student has sex with his teacher.
Nathan Turner awoke groggily out of a deep sleep as his alarm clock made a horrid beeping. It was 7:00 Monday morning already. He really didn’t feel like going to school. Granted, it was only school, but to a fifteen year old, school was the most shocking experience to date. It had been just over two week since he had had his most blissful experience with Ms Belinda Kripke, his English teacher at school. That had truly been his most joyful experience to date. She was beautiful and sexy. And at twenty-four, she was Nathan’s youngest teacher. After their experience together Ms Kripke seemed to have no regrets about what they did. She seemed to have enjoyed it just as much as Nathan had. Then for the first week after, they were getting along great. It even looked like that Nathan might even get to have sex with her again. But for some reason, for the past week she has been standoffish. Every time Nathan talked to her she acted a bit nervous. Not to mention, whenever he tried to broach the subject of that wonderful evening they spent together, she changed the subject and moved on. She was acting as though it never even happened. Nathan couldn’t understand why. Judging by how she was reacting at the time, and the following week after, Nathan figured he’d definitely get to have sex with her again. He naturally assumed they could at least talk about what they did. He can’t understand what her problem is, or why she can’t even talk to him about what happened.
He can understand her not wanting to talk about it with a full classroom of students, but Nathan hadn’t even tried bringing it up during class. He wasn’t that stupid. Whenever he tried talking about it with her, he made sure they were alone. He tried during lunch break, and after last period when everybody had left. But she still got defensive and changed the subject. Nathan couldn’t understand. He was confused in the fullest sense of the word. Nathan figured that if she had changed her mind about what they had done; the least she could do was tell him. He could take a hint. But running around giving him the silent treatment and acting as if the problem didn’t even exist was just silly. Not to mention, the more time went by the worse Nathan felt. He was getting paranoid about the whole thing. To start with he didn’t really have a problem with it. He just sucked it up. But now a part of his mind was telling him that people were plotting against him. That it was some sort of conspiracy. It was really starting to get to him. His concentration was even lacking at school. Not just in English either.
Nathan crawled out of his bed in his boxer briefs and rubbed his eyes. Then he walked over to the chair in the corner of his room and picked up a pile of clean clothes he had laid out there the night before. Then he made it out into the hallway and started heading down towards the bathroom. He had a bad case of morning wood. He did almost every morning. For the past three years his mother and sister Kelsey had been asking him to put his dressing gown on when heading out to the bathroom of a morning. The site of Nathan walking down the hallway like a zombie in his underwear with dose of morning wood bulging out of them wasn’t exactly a site that either of them wanted to see. But even after three years Nathan still hadn’t put on his dressing gown a single time. It just stayed there hanging on a hook behind his bedroom door getting covered with dust. He didn’t do it on purpose. It wasn’t rebellion. It wasn’t laziness. It was simple forgetfulness. When Nathan got up of a morning his brain worked more like a computer. It sieved through the things to do, and anything that wasn’t important, such as common decency was discarded. The only commands Nathan’s brain could handle of a morning was: Toilet; shower.
But luckily this morning Nathan managed to make his way into the bathroom without getting spotted by his mum or his sister. Some mornings do have their blessings. Nathan placed his clothes on the bench next to the basin then he lifted up the toilet seat and started to relieve his morning. When your cock is as hard as a lump of lead it isn’t exactly easy to take a leak with hard hitting accuracy, but somehow Nathan managed. He had been dealing with morning wood for a fair while now; he’d had plenty of time to practise. When his bladder was cleaned out and his morning wood had softened, he took off his boxer briefs and got into the shower. When the water started spraying down on his face, his mind started to clear up from his morning grogginess.
Nathan often spent his time in the shower of the morning thinking to himself. He spent a lot longer in there than he actually had to. He quite often got in trouble off of his mother for that too. But he still didn’t shorten how long he stayed in there. Unlike the requests for him to wear a dressing gown though, this wasn’t forgetfulness. This was entirely intentional. He liked his showers of a morning. He wasn’t going to stop them. They were the one time in the day that he actually got a few moments of peace to actually think to himself.
While Nathan was in the shower and his mind started drifting, he found himself thinking about Ms Kripke yet again. That annoying little question, why, kept popping up in his head. ‘Why was she avoiding me?’ ‘Why won’t she talk to me?’ They kept circling around and around in his head along with the paranoid phantasies. He couldn’t put up with it anymore. He decided that when he got to school, he was going to confront her whether she liked it or not. He wasn’t going to let her simply just change the subject or walk away. He was going to confront her and ask her some of the questions that were circling around in his head. It wasn’t a matter of if he should do it anymore, he had to do it. And it needed to be done as soon as possible. Nathan couldn’t put up with it anymore. It was psychological agony.
Nathan finally finished up in the shower. He turned off the water and got out and got dressed. Then he went back out into the hallway and went out into the living room where his mum and sister were sitting on the sofa eating breakfast and watching TV. It was some boring morning news show. Nathan liked his sister. She was seventeen and in her first year as a senior at high school. She was the type of girl that had absolutely no trouble making new friends when she started a new school. Everyone just flocked to her. It was like she had ‘cool girl’ tattooed on her forehead. She had dirty blonde hair and had grown into her new body very well. Even though she was the typical ditzy school girl, Kelsey was still a good sister. But they are siblings. So they do have their fights now and then. But they’re harmless. The fights are usually nothing more than arguments. The few hands on fights they’ve had usually end in laughter. They wouldn’t really hurt each other.
Nathan said good morning to Kelsey and their mother and then he walked out into the kitchen and started making himself some toast before he headed off to school. About a minute later Kelsey walked out into the kitchen and placed her empty plate covered with bread crumbs into the sink. Then she stood there next to Nathan and gave him a weird little stare that she didn’t even realise she was even doing.
“What?” Nathan asked. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
Kelsey shrugged. “I wasn’t looking.”
“You were looking. I know you were. I know that look. You always give me that look when you want to tell me something.” He paused for a moment. “Am I in trouble? Did mum get the shits because I spent too long in the shower?”
“No, no. It’s nothing like that. You’re not in trouble. I was just wondering something.” She went quiet for a second to try and think exactly how to word what she was trying to say.
“You were wondering what?” Nathan prompted.
“Is there something going on with you and Ms Kripke? Are you in trouble with her or something? Has something bad happened?”
Nathan squirmed on the spot. “What makes you think anything has happened?”
“People at school are starting to talk. They always used to say the two of you were joined at the hip; which I already knew. You always raved about her when you got home. Now this past week, people have been saying that the two of you are hardly even talking to each other anymore; that the two of you had a big fight. To start with I didn’t really think anything of it. I thought it was just the typical sort of buzz that spreads around school about the new kids. But people kept saying it. The buzz wasn’t going away. Then I started to think. You haven’t been coming home raving about Ms Kripke lately. You seemed to go quiet about her around the same time the buzz started. I just thought that was strange was all. It made me think that there actually might be something to the whole thing.”
Nathan got a bit nervous. People had seen the signs between him and Ms Kripke. Even his sister had seen them. Now people were trying to connect the dots. It would only a matter of time before somebody figured it out. Even if it was only a lucky guess, they’d get it eventually. “It’s nothing Kelsey. I haven’t been talking about Ms Kripke lately because I’ve started making some friends. I’ve been spending more time with them and less time with her. We haven’t been fighting. If people are saying we’re not talking, it’s only because I haven’t had the time to talk to her. There’s no problem.” Absolutely none of what he just said was true. It was the single biggest bullshit act he had given in years. But he was far from being proud. He wasn’t even ashamed of himself. He didn’t have time to feel either of those things. All he felt was anxiety driven pain.
“You can tell me if there is anything wrong. I know we fight sometimes, but I really do care about you Nathan.”
“It’s alright Kelsey. I’m fine. Ms Kripke’s fine. We are both fine.”
Kelsey nodded. “Okay.” She said. Then she walked back out into the living room and continued watching TV while she got ready for school.
Nathan popped up his toast and they were black burnt crisps. ‘You couldn’t have picked a worst time to have our first heart to heart talk, Kelsey.’ He thought to himself. Then he grabbed the burnt toast out of the toaster and threw it in the bin. Then he grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl and started eating it instead. Then Nathan walked out into the living room just as Kelsey was closing the door behind her as she started heading off to school. Then Nathan slipped on his shoes, apple in hand and headed out the door behind her.
Nathan’s walk to school was a very slow thirty minutes. But he didn’t mind. It was another chance for him to be alone and think to himself outside the shower. Usually that was a good thing. He would go over things and create scenarios in his head. But now the only things he was going over was the situation with Ms Kripke. And the only scenarios that was creating were fuelled by paranoia and again, involving Ms Kripke. It had developed into a living nightmare for him. All it was supposed to be was a good time. How could this have happened? But he knew it was going to end today. He was going to confront Ms Kripke and get their demons out into the open before he goes right around the bend. He knew confronting her wasn’t going to be easy though. But he knew he had to. This craziness had to stop.
Nathan’s plan was to wait for the last bell of the day to ring and the people to start heading home. Then he would confront her in her class and outright demand an explanation from her. He would even block the door so she couldn’t run away from the problem.
When Nathan got to school, he carried along with the day, as per usually. But he was keeping an eye on the clock as he counted down to the end of the day when he could finally talk to Belinda Kripke. But all looking at the clock seemed to do was make the day drag on twice as long. But as sure as the sun rises and the sun sets, 3:30 finally came along and the school bell rang. Crowds of students piled their way out of rooms and out of building and started making their way home.
But as for Nathan, he wasn’t heading home. Once he left his science classroom he started making his way over to E Block to Ms Kripke’s classroom. When he got to her door, it was still open and the last few students were still leaving. When they were gone, Nathan quickly made his way inside and closed the door behind him. Ms Kripke was sitting at her desk. He couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
“We need to talk. I don’t care what kind of excuses you make or what kind of denial you are in, but we’re going to talk. This has been eating away at me for over a week now and I can’t stand it any longer. We need to get this out in the open. I need some sort of conclusion to this. I can’t just keep going on without any answers.”
Belinda Kripke got up from her desk and walked over to Nathan. She rested her hands on his shoulders and gave him a depressing little smile, as if she had forgotten that smiling was supposed to be joyful.
“I’m sorry Nathan. I didn’t mean to cut you off from my life.” She said, carrying the depression from her smile out into her voice.
“If you regret what we did, all you had to do was say so. I’m not an ignorant arsehole who would go off tap. It’s better than ignoring me.”
“You think I regret what we did together? Nothing could be further from the truth. I loved our time together.”
“Then what is it? What’s the problem? Because going from having sex with a person to acting as if they don’t exist isn’t normal. Not without a reason.”
“There is something. But it’s not you. I’ve just been trying to work up my courage to tell you, and try and think of just the right way to say it. It’s been a week since I find out and I still can’t figure out how to tell you.”
“Then just tell it. The simplest way is usually the best way.”
“I’m pregnant.”
Those two words washed over Nathan like a wave of ice. It didn’t even register with him. It couldn’t register. “You’re what?” He asked.
“I’m pregnant Nathan. You’re the dad.”
“Are you sure?”
“Sure of what? Of being pregnant or you being the dad?” Belinda asked.
“I’ve took all the pregnancy tests the chemists had to offer. They all came back positive. Then I went to my doctor. He confirmed it. He told me that I’m less than a month along; maybe only a couple of weeks. That lines up perfectly with when we did it.”
“But are you sure?” Nathan asked. “Is there anyone else that cou–?”
“No Nathan.” She said cutting him off. “You’re the first guy I’ve been with in a long time. So unless the modern times answer to the Virgin Mary, it has to be you.”
Nathan had no idea what to say or do. It was a complete and utter shock to him He had 101 emotions rushing through his system and they all wanted to come out at once. Since Nathan was tongue-tied the emotions couldn’t come out in words. So they came out the only way they could, in tears. They started to well up behind his eyes and then they started to slowly slide down his face in little beads.
Belinda took him in her arms and held him tight. “It’s alright, sweetie.” She said. “Everything is going to be alright. I promise.” In fact she had absolutely no idea. Actually she was going through much of the same feelings that Nathan was. But they were much newer and scarier for him, so she had to be the strong one.
As they hugged, Nathan’s head was pressed up against her breasts. His tears went from a slow trickle to a gushing river. He had never felt so frightened and helpless. Belinda ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a gentle kiss on the top of his head. Slowly Nathan began to calm down. His crying had settled down to dry hushed sobs.
Nathan felt he had gained his composure again. They broke their hug and Belinda handed him a tissue. He wiped his eyes and blew his nose and threw the tissue into the trash can. Then he felt the tears begin to well up behind his eyes again. Then he took Belinda in a hug again and the tears died down and stayed away.
“I just need to be close to you right now.” He sniffled.
“It’s alright sweetie.” She said, again running her fingers through his soft hair. “We’ll get through this. This is the hardest time. Coming to terms with what’s happened. But things will get better.” Again she didn’t know if she should even believe her own words. She wanted to, but she just didn’t know. She didn’t even know if they were lies or not. All she held back her emotions they all started to turn numb. She couldn’t feel anything anymore. She knew she was frightened and scared, but she couldn’t feel it. She couldn’t tell what was what.
Belinda’s breasts were nice and warm, and Nathan felt safe nestled up against them. He squeezed her tighter and got in as close to her as he could. He didn’t want to let her go. He felt safe. As Nathan got closer to he could feel her nipples rubbing up against his face through her shirt. No matter how tragic he felt in the moment, he couldn’t help resist the feelings that arose when the beautiful areola’s rubbed up against his cheek. He knew it wasn’t the best timing, but he couldn’t help the feelings. His cock twitched and began to stiffen and then started to bulge a tent out the front of his shorts and rub up against Belinda Kripke’s leg. Though Nathan’s bulge and Belinda’s leg were both covered by cloth, Belinda knew exactly what it was poking at her thigh. Nathan had no way of knowing, but somehow he could tell that she could feel his cock.
“I’m sorry Ms Kripke.” He said and looked into her eyes. “But what can I say? You bring out the best in me.”
Belinda leaned in and they locked lips. Their tongues spread out into each other’s mouths in a frenzy of swirling saliva. Nathan kept one of his arms wrapped around her back in a hug, but he brought the other one around the front and started softly squeezing one of her breasts. Finally they broke the kiss, but Nathan kept squeezing her breast.
“You know just how to make me feel better.” Nathan said.
Then Nathan slipped his hand in behind her shirt and started squeezing her bare tit. It seemed as though it felt even better than it had before. Then he tore her shirt open and started licking her nipples. While he was doing that, Belinda took her shirt off completely and started running her hands over Nathan’s body. When Nathan finally finished licking her hard nipples he looked up at her and gave her a smile. He opened up her pants and dropped them to the floor. Belinda kicked them to the side and smiled back at Nathan. She was wearing another G-string.
Belinda grabbed at the bottom of Nathan’s t-shirt and lifted it up over his head and dropped it to the floor. Nathan’s nipples were just as hard as Belinda’s was. Nathan then pulled down his bulging pants and stepped out of them. The stretching fabric of his boxer briefs could hardly stand it. Belinda reached out and started rubbing his cock through the fabric. Then she grabbed the waistband and she pulled the boxer briefs down around Nathan’s ankles. Nathan quickly stepped out of them and simply stood there in his nakedness with his cock as hard as a rock and as straight as an arrow, watching Belinda in her bare chested glory. In the meantime, Belinda couldn’t take her eyes off of Nathan’s pulsing cock.
“I think you really must have the world’s biggest cock.” Belinda said.
“You don’t have to keep telling me it’s big. I might start believing you.” Nathan never thought his cock was big. He kind of assumed it was small. In actuality he had no idea. He didn’t have any other cocks to compare it to.
“You don’t believe me? You think I’m lying do you? Just making it up?”
“Don’t be hurt. It’s nice of you to say all this, but you don’t have to. I doubt my cock is really as big as you keep saying it is. I’m sure there are people with much bigger cocks than this out there. I’m just some kid.”
“Well, let’s settle this once and for all then shall we.”
“What do you mean?” Nathan asked.
Belinda didn’t answer. She just walked back over to her desk with her tits bobbing up and down as she did.
“Come over here.” She said in an alluring voice.
Nathan walked over to Belinda at her desk and she grabbed a wooden 30CM ruler out of the clutter on her desk. Belinda held the ruler right up against his cock. The head came very close to the end of the ruler.
“Look at that.” She said. “It’s twenty-five centimetres. That’s about ten inches. The average length for an adult male is about half that size. You’re only fifteen. You haven’t even finished growing yet and your cock is about double the size of a full grown adult. That’s not me lying to you; that’s me quoting facts.”
Nathan smiled and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.
“Now will you believe me when I say that you’ve got the biggest cock in the world?” She asked and threw the ruler back onto her desk.
Nathan nodded. “Yes Ma’am.” He joked in a naughty schoolboy voice.
“Then come here.” She said and wrapped her arms around him and held him tight.
Nathan’s cock was rubbing right up against the front pad of her G-string. It wanted to get through and fuck her like crazy. Belinda kissed Nathan’s cheek and whispered into his ear. “Fuck me with that giant cock.”
A giant grin grew across Nathan’s face. But it wasn’t because of Belinda’s remarks. He had just thought of something.
“What?” Belinda asked, questioning his smile.
“I’ve got an idea.” He said. “Turn around.”
Belinda did as he asked and turned around. Then Nathan gave her a shove and she stumbled forward leaned against her desk to stop herself from falling.
“Jeez, what was that for?” Belinda asked, still bent over her desk.
“You’ll see. Just stay like that.” Nathan said.
Nathan walked up right behind Belinda and grabbed her plump arse cheeks and started rubbing them. He loved her arse. It was so plump and juicy. Nathan then he grabbed at her G-string and pulled it down passed her waist and the G-string dropped down to her ankles. Belinda didn’t even bother stepping out of them; she just let them hang there around her feet. Nathan kept his hands firmly planted on her arse cheeks and massaged them. Then Nathan took one hand off her arse and spat a big gob of spit onto it and then he rubbed it in all over his cock. Then he placed his hand back on her arse cheek. Belinda should’ve realised it sooner, but it wasn’t until then that she figured out what Nathan had on his mind. Belinda was still rather innocent and rather simple minded when it came to sex.
“Oh no Nathan, don’t.” Belinda said with a shocked realisation. “I’ve never had someone fuck me like this before. I don’t think my virgin arsehole could handle that monster cock of yours.”
“There’s a first time for everything.” Nathan said and Belinda gave a nervous giggle. “You’ve got to trust me. I’ll go slow and steady. There’s no rush. I don’t want to hurt you. Trust me; it’ll even start to feel good.”
Belinda Kripke nodded, but she still looked rather hesitant. But hesitant or not she was putting her full trust in Nathan. She knew Nathan was more than just a good fuck. She knew that Nathan was trustworthy.
Nathan slid his cock in-between her arse cheeks and then he came to a sudden stop as the head of his cock reached the pulsing entrance to her arse. Then he built up some soft pressure to get inside, but his cock wasn’t going in. So he added a little bit more pressure, but it still wasn’t going in. Her cock was too tight. If he was going to get his cock in her arse he was going to have to be a little rough. At least until he got inside.
“I think I’m going to have to push pretty hard to get it inside you, Ms Kripke.” Nathan said. “It will probably hurt a little bit. But once I get inside I’ll go slow and steady like I promised, okay?”
Belinda nodded. “Okay.”
Then Nathan waited a few moments to give Belinda some time to prepare, and then he pressed his cock against her arsehole with as much of his body weight as he possibly could. Then with a pop, his cock entered the depths of her arse and Belinda let out a sharp quick gasp. Her arse was so warm and so tight. He couldn’t believe it. Nathan had underestimated his strength. He had only wanted to get the head of his cock inside her, so he could slowly guide the rest of his cock in. But he slammed his cock in too hard. So in one hard thump, his cock had gone all the way inside Belinda’s arse. His balls were rubbing against her arse cheeks. Belinda was puffing and panting very hard. The pain had taken her breathe away.
“I’m so sorry.” Nathan said.
“It’s okay.” She said, finally catching her breathe. “But now that it’s in, it isn’t quite so bad. I think it’s going to be better than I thought it was going to be.”
“Does that mean I’m okay to keep going?”
Belinda nodded. “Yes sweetie.” She said.
Then Nathan started to slowly pull his cock back and pushed it back in. Then he started to slowly and gently fuck her arse. It felt so much better than he had expected. He wanted to do so much more. He wanted to fuck her so hard, but he didn’t want to hurt her. So he kept going at a slow pace, and the pressure was slowly building up in his balls.
“I’m getting used to it now.” Belinda said. “You can go as fast as you want. I’ll put up with the pain until I start getting used to it.”
Nathan still didn’t like the idea of hurting her, but he was madly horny and those words were all he needed to get going. This time when he pulled his cock back, instead of guiding it back in, he slammed it in as hard as he could. His body made a slapping noise as it collided with her arse. Then he started to fuck her as fast and as hard as he could. Belinda started to scream out with a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.
Nathan’s body tingled with a strange pleasure. He had never felt so good. Then his cock started to throb. He could feel cum begin to swirl down to the head.
“Fuck! Belinda!” Nathan screamed out with pleasure.
Then Nathan sprayed his cum out into Belinda’s arse. There was rope after rope of it. There was cum pouring out deep inside of her. It kept coming and coming and coming. It didn’t feel like it was going to stop. Nathan felt completely drained; both physically and mentally. He let himself drop. His cock slid out of her arse and he landed on the floor, lying down on his back. He was puffing and panting and short of breathe. His cock was limp and wet. Belinda slowly got down of her desk and lied down on the floor next to Nathan and then playfully rolled over on top of him and smiled. She could feel his limp wet cock pressed up against her pussy.
“That was crazy.” Belinda said.
“Yeah, but it was the good kind of crazy. It felt great.”
“You know what else would feel great?” Belinda asked, and then she pressed her pussy up against Nathan’s limp cock as hard as she could. The lips of her pussy were trying to wrap around the sides of his cock. Then his cock started to harden up again. “I thought you’d like that.”
Then she held herself up on her hands above Nathan to give his cock some room to spread. When it was completely hard and pointing straight up into the air, she lowered herself back down onto him. His cock glided directly into her pussy. Their bodies were pressed up close to each other. Belinda’s breasts were squashed up against his chest. Nathan could feel her nipples brushing up against his chest and at times crossing paths with his own nipple. Nathan moved his hands around to her back and started squeezing her arse cheeks again. Then he started fingering her arsehole. He felt a gluggy mess of his own cum. Belinda started convulsing her hips around Nathan’s cock. They both started moaning. Belinda quickly started moaning louder and louder.
“Nathan!” She moaned. “I’m going to cum.”
“Already?” He asked. Just as he finished his question she let out one final scream and pussy juices started pouring out around the sides of Nathan’s cock. Then when it finished Belinda slid her pussy up off of Nathan’s cock and rolled over off the top of Nathan and laid down next to him.
“That was quick.” Nathan said.
“You got me all worked up when you fucked me up the arse.”
“I was all geared up to go a second time.”
Belinda shrugged and smiled and gave a little giggle. Nathan then stood on his knees and got on top of Belinda. Still standing on his knees. His balls were rubbing up against the top of her stomach and the head of his cock was just brushing up against one of her tits.
“I’m not letting you get away until I get my second go.” Nathan joked.
Belinda smiled. “What are you going to do to me big boy?”
Nathan looked down at her nice juicy tits and smiled. “I know exactly what I’m going to do to you.”
Nathan grabbed both of Belinda’s tits in his hands and shuffled forward on his knees and slid his cock in-between her tits. He slid as much between them as he could. It felt so good nestled in between those two cushions. The top of his cock was brushing up against her chin.
Nathan squeezed Belinda’s tits and slid his cock back and forth in-between them and started softly moaning. Belinda reached her hands behind Nathan and started fingering his arsehole. It came as quite a shock to him. He wasn’t expecting it. But he had to say, it actually felt pretty good. It helped enhance Nathan’s orgasm to stronger heights. Nathan picked up the pace and started titie-fucking her as fast as he could. As Nathan picked up the pace, so did Belinda’s finger in his arsehole. Nathan’s orgasm hit and he let out a deep moan and more cum came shooting out of his cock and all over Belinda’s face and tits.
“Have you ever tasted your own cum before?”
Nathan shook his head.
“Then how about you get over here and have some?” Belinda said.
Then Nathan leaned down and kissed Belinda on the lips. Then he started licking her face, lapping up where his cum had sprayed her. Then when her face was all cleaned, he moved down to her breasts. He ploughed his face in-between her breasts and started sucking up his cum. Then when her breasts were all cleaned up as well, he rolled off the top of her and laid down on his back.
“So how did that taste?” Belinda asked.
“Delicious.” Nathan replied with a smile.
Nathan lied there for a few moments, enjoying the utter bliss. Then everything that the two of them had their fucking session today finally started flooding back to him all at once.
“So, you’re really pregnant with my baby?” Nathan asked.
Belinda nodded. “I’m not going to make you do anything that you don’t want to do.”
“No.” Nathan said. “I want to be involved.”

AUTHOR NOTES: I hoped you liked the story. Regardless of whhether you liked it or hated it, I'd like to hear feedback. If you'd like me to write a third part then just say so. If you've got any ideas you'd like me to at to the third part then just tell me what they are and I'll do my best to incorparate them.


2018-02-05 21:52:32
Great story. Only issue i had was athe the end when she asks if he ever tasted his own cum and he says no. Thats not true. Ecause in the first part he cleans up her pussy in a 69 after they had sex.

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2014-02-19 06:34:15
You don't need my help. You are doing a great job . Don't stop,I like everything so keep it going.mike!!!

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2013-05-24 05:24:10
Good story but try spacing more and stop saying then so much

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2012-03-09 01:52:01
Great story sofar I like that she got pregnet just like I did my teacher

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part3 please and maybe get the sister involved?

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