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Her Nightmare….
One rainy night, I planned to perform a little experiment on some poor people in restaurant near my apartment. I am a six feet 7 inch. 249lbs, Black man I look like I was craved out stone, like a beautiful statue. I am hung like horse. Anyway, back to my little experiment. I was curious how quick a group of people would sacrifice on person to save their own lives. So tonight, I would, go and hold up the Restaurant and see if the would give me one beautiful young woman so they all could get out alive. Around 9:00pm, I went down there all dress in black and wearing mask to hide Identity I snuck in the back so I would not be spotted. When got in to the dinning room, I saw her name was Pepper a 21yr old Latina. She is a Curvy 5’8 130lbs goddess. I knew her. I had lusted after her. We met at that very Restaurant. However, she was a Lesbian since I am a man it wouldn’t work.
So that night was my chance to finely, taste her. As I burst in with a two nine mms handguns. Everyone screamed and dove to the ground. I spoke with rage and terror as yell out my instructions. “EVERYONE GET ON THE GROUND NOW! NOBODY SHOULD TRY THINKING ABOUT BEING A HERO! YOU ALL CAN LIVE SAFELY IF YOU DECIDE TO SACRIFICE OR I WILL JUST START EMPTYING CLIPS IN YOU ALL!!” SEE THAT LITTLE LATINA OVER THERE GIVE HER TOO ME, NOW!!!! Quickly the mass of scared people agree and then looked toward the floor with shame for they have just sealed her fate. I walk over to her, grab her arm, and forcefully lift her to her feet nobody, look, and her not even her girlfriend, who is paralyzed with fear. As we walk out, she asks, “What are going to with me? Easy I responded I am going to fuck until I cannot then I decide what I will do next but the first part could last a long time. I am a marathon runner and I have stamina for days and a really well insulated basement. Come on lets go home. Dragging her is like pulling an empty wagon, it’s real easy.
When we get home, Pepper asks me “will you kill me? With a slight smirk I say No, if obey me, she responds with faint weak ok.” I lead her to my basement the reveal my reason to abduct her. “I have always wondered how quickly people would sacrifice someone so they could live. Take off your closes. In addition, get you some food and see you in the morning, what would you like soup and sandwich, or me to order a pizza and bring to here and eat and talk. Stunned by my question she replies Pizza, and the reason sounds like the sick things my pal Dre is always thinking about. After hearing, her I decide to reveal my Identity. I take off the mask and hat. She looks at me and starts to laugh Dre You Kidnapped me “I am scared now.” I hear this and I grab her forcefully whip her around and grab her cell phone and purse so she cannot call for help. With the fear growing in her eyes slowly she shakes her head, she ask me “why?” me because none you took me seriously, and I have wanted you since the first moment I saw you Pepper. I could have done the experiment under safer, more controlled, legal. The Pizza comes we eat it and talk; she says you know you went about all wrong the way. Police will look for me, I will go the Police when let me go, or they find my body figure out you did it. I reply. They will not. Because everyone the thinks I am white not black. How can you be sure the mask, and the way to operated? It screams white middle age, psychopath. Not early twenties black moron. You are right about if I let you go. Ok she says with a tremble of fear in her voice. Pepper you are hot, honest, and from what your girlfriend say great with your tongue. She remembers what I said about killing her and asks if I do not obey will you kill me? I say without breath “Yes with my bare hand, she stares at and laughs, I viscously Bitch Slap which brings my point across. Then I say good night.
The next morning I get and come down to the basemen and find her asleep, I wake her up my fully erect 14-inch cock. Shove it right down her throat. She wakes up gags with one terrifying groan. I tell her if I feel pain you so do you. She nods. Suck Bitch. She start by sliding her expert tongue around the head of my cock, it feel great slowly I push head down the length of my chocolate stick. She tries to resist but I just apply more pressure, I will ease up so she can get air. Then back down until she has my cock will not go any farther. Suck bitch I tell again she does I bob her head up and down faster and faster until I thrust her head all the way down and Cum in her mouth I tell to make sure my cock is clean when pull it out. Quickly suck downs as much as she can then licks and suck the left over cum off my dick. As she cowers in front of me, I look over tan petite frame and glaze at her ample c-cup breasts round and natural and shaven pussy, that tight round plum ass. She with tear in her eye and mascara read to her face she asks me pleads to me not face fuck again. I laugh and say fine but you better give me great blowjobs or I’ll start face fucking again, and complaining but me being forceful cause I am going to rape, degrade, assault, and use you. Unless really you are hurt, I will enjoy your pain, trust me I will know if you faking. Got it, she nods submissively. Get up Pepper and lie down and spread your legs, no she whispers, I grab them and force them open and Bitch slap her. Hold them open. She does. Slowly I rub my dick up against her clit and twat, she shake and pleads me to stop, I ignore those pleads and agonizing slow penetrate her. It was so tight I thought it would not fit but precede she screams stop you are tearing my apart inside, Good I say with the look a hungry animal on my face. Slowly inch by inch it moves deep inside her. After it is all the way in, I stop to let her adjust. I enjoy the vise around my cock. She begs me to stop, then I pull all but 2 inches out and back into I repeat it faster, harder, In and out. She cries as she is impaled my 14 inch monster. Just before I cum I pull out, tell her sit up, and open her mouth just I shoot load after load of hot cum all everywhere on body but not her mouth. Sorry I say with devilish smile. Turn over and get on all fours. She does I ask her “Do you want to cum?” she can’t answer. I ask again she answers “No, why would I cum? I am being raped; I say “Make you cum again and again. Without warning I Impale her again, I shove my pole in her, Pepper screams as full her up, in a slow rough pace I drill in to her, leaning over to grope her breast an reach down to rub her clit, her firm round tits bounce as I move in and out of pussy then a slow soft moan escapes her, How do like it Bitch? All she can do is trying and suppress the pleasure building; another slow moan escapes her lips, as her body defies her. You like don’t you? I inquire I start to drive harder. Pepper can’t take it anymore. As she thinks to herself, why am I a Lesbian getting off on a man raping me? “How do you like a dick in you Bitch?” She has to say “No, Stop I thought we were friends. Why would rape me? I say I’ve wanted since I first meet. I grab her hips and drive into her like I am trying go through her, as my ball slap against her ass thrusting her forward, then I pull her back and repeat it again and again, I starts to rub her clit, as the heat start to build in her feverously I drive into her cunt. Loud moans, and screams of signal her impeding climax, then it happens with Thrashing and Moans she Came so hard I thought she’d break my dick off at the base, but that thrashing only gives me what I need Cum, I yell I am gonna Cum!!, Cum in Me Cum in Me is all I hear from her so I thrust in to her and unload, in her load after load, after I am done, we collapse.

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