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This is the second part of my the first sexy subject Go easy on me guys but I would like your feedback please comment
A Sexy Subject Part 2

I walked upstairs to my bathroom and stripped off my clothes. As I ran hot water into the tub, I started thinking what I had let Mr. Burkle do to me. I remember him pushing his thick fingers in and out of my pussy and I unconsciously let my hand wander down between my legs. I found my clit and rubbed it back and forth. It started to swell and the feeling inside my pussy became more intense.
I rubbed harder and I felt my knees almost buckle from the explosive orgasm I had. I braced one hand against the sink as I stood catching my breath. I glanced up at my reflection.
My nipples were hard and swollen. I grasped my right one and gave it a hard squeeze. I heard myself moan. That intense feeling came back and I could feel my pussy start to swell again.
I walked to the tub to turn the water off and stepped into the tub. Hot water rushed over my nipples making them tingle and harden. Both my hands came up to pinch my hard nipples and my pussy swelled even more. Running my hands down my body to my clit, I rubbed it and then moved my hand lower. I pushed one finger inside. I gasped. My pussy was swollen and tight. I pushed another finger inside of it and groaned.
I remembered how Mr. Burkle shoved his fingers in and out of my pussy again and I started to do the same. I gasped and moaned as the pressure built. I shoved my fingers harder and harder until I started to come. It was like something had burst inside my pussy and flooded out of me. I rested my head against the back of the tub. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to have Mr. Burkle’s cock filling me up again.
I came down to dinner and Mom asked me about my day and the studying session with Mr. Burkle. “It was fine,” I said lamely.
“Did you lean anything?” she asked. Oh yeah, I thought. More than you could imagine.
“Yes, he taught me a few things about….uh….calculus?”
Mom raised her wine glass took her mouth and took a sip. “I thought so. He was a nerd back in high school and used to help me with mine at the library all the time.”
“You’ve known me him that long?” I asked surprised.
“Yeah,” she said between bites of broccoli. “He always asked me out but I turned him down.”
“I had a boyfriend,” she said shrugging her shoulder, “besides my mom paid him to help me so I could pass my classes and SATs and get into college. I thought that was payment enough.”
I chewed my food and thought maybe Mr. Burkle fucked me because Mom would never go out with him. It made me mad that he was living out his fantasy through fucking me and flattered because it made me think I must be better looking than Mom had been at my age.
She looked up. “Yes?”
“How long does Mr. Burkle need to help me?”
“Well, I don’t know…Until your grades improve I guess. Don’t go over there without calling him first. He has a lawn mower shop to run you know.”
I didn’t know that since we had just moved back to Mom’s hometown after her split from Dad and we’d moved into her parents’ house. They lived in Florida now and signed it over to her when they decided to move from New Jersey. They said they liked the climate better. We’d been living in an apartment in New York and I had been attending a private school.
Then out of the blue, Dad says he wants a divorce. He’s a highly paid lawyer so Mom had no choice. She was smart enough to have signed a prenuptial agreement so we have alimony coming in. Mom was still looking for a job, mean while she was going to school online to earn an accounting degree so she could work as a bank teller or tax attorney.
Mr. Burkle must have taught Mom well if she was going in for that, I thought.
That night, I laid awake thinking about Mr. Burkle. I wished I could be with him right now. I remember his thick cock slicing in and out of my pussy and I started squirming. I couldn’t do this. Finger fucking isn’t going to make me cum this time.
I slipped out of bed threw a pair of skimpy booty shorts, a white tank top on, and my favorite leather jacket. I grabbed my tennis shoes and put them on. I glanced at my reflection. My blonde hair hung down to my shoulders and nipples stood erect through my tank top. I smiled. Boy, would Mr. Burkle be surprised to see me. I sneaked downstairs and went out the back door of the kitchen. My mom takes hydrocodone pills to help her relax and sleep so I knew she wouldn’t hear a thing.
I walked down the sidewalk to his house which was right down the block from us and stood looking up at the windows. I could see a TV on in one of the bedrooms and figured he must have a fallen asleep.
Maybe I should just come back tomorrow like he said, I thought. Come on show a little backbone I said to myself.
I wandered around back to the patio doors that led into the kitchen. I could see a table and chairs in front of the window beside the doors. I tried the window and I was surprised when it slipped open easily.
I climbed inside and closed it back. Wandering into the living room, I saw the stairs and started toward them. I nearly jumped out of my skin when a hand covered my mouth and I was shoved hard against the wall. I felt a hard chest pressing against me and something poking me in the ribs.
“Alright, here’s the deal. You’re going to tell me who the hell you are and what you’re doing here. You’ll be lucky if I don’t call the cops. Think about screaming, I’ll put a bullet through your ribs. I can tell you from experience, that’s a bad place be fucked up.”
My eyes widened. “You got it?” he said. I nodded. He removed my hand and I sucked in a breath of air into my lungs.
“It’s me, Mr. Burkle.”
“Trish? What the hell are you doing climbing through my window? I thought you were some kid trying to steal something.”
I heard him move away and switch a lamp on beside a couch. The couch he fucked my tight, virgin pussy on. I smiled as I stared at it. He turned around holding the gun in his hand. “You’re lucky I had the safety on and I didn’t shoot first and ask questions later.”
I stared at the gun in his hand and nodded. “That’s for sure.” He laid it down on the coffee table in front of the sofa and sat down on the arm of it and glanced at me. “So….what you’re doing here?”
“I couldn’t wait till this afternoon.”
“Come to retrieve those lacy panties of yours I see?”
“I thought maybe you could keep them and give me another lesson on pleasing a man,” I said. He raised an eyebrow at me.
“And now why would I want to do that? So can go fuck some snot-nosed high school kid?” I walked over and stood in front of him. I lightly brushed my fingers tips along the front of his boxers. I looked him in the eye and said, “No, just you, Mr. Burkle. You would like that wouldn’t you?”
I grew encouraged when I felt his dick start to get hard beneath the fabric as it pressed against my hand. “Besides, I’m not entirely sure I did a good job sucking you off this afternoon.” His dick seemed to grow even harder.
I knelt and pulled his boxers down so his thick penis sprang free. It felt burning hot and velvety soft in my fingers. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it up and down on the swollen head and swirled my tongue around it in a circle.
He gave a small grunt as his cock jerked against my tongue. “Maybe you do need another lesson,” he said in a strained voice. I answered him by swallowing his cock. I moved my mouth up and down on his huge prick taking it near the back of my throat.
“That’s good, honey. But if you’re really going to please a man, you’ve got to swallow it whole, baby,” he said and stood and shoved the rest of his meat down my throat. He began brutally fucking his cock down my throat making me gag.
I heard him groan loudly. “Suck me good, you little cunt!” He had his hands fisted in my hair and I felt his grip tighten every time his cock rammed the back of my throat. My mouth felt stretched out like a rubber band and I was amazed I could take it all. His cock was so much bigger than I remembered.
“That’s it. Suck my cock, take it, sweetie. God, you’re making feel so fucking good, Trish. Oh, fuck, I’m fixing to shoot my load!” A moment later, hot cum spewed all down my throat. “Swallow every drop, Trish!” He grabbed my head so I couldn’t get away and continued to spew load after load of hot cum inside my mouth. I swallowed as much and as fast I could. It was thick, sticky, salty and bitter all at the same time.
When his cock finally emptied, he pulled it out of my mouth and put it back inside his shorts. Sitting down on the couch, he leaned back against the cushion and smirked at me. “Enjoy your lesson, you little cocksucker?” he asked. I licked the remaining cum off my lips and smiled.
“Actually, I did,” I said smirking right back.” You got anymore lessons you would like to teach me? The night’s still young.”
“Why don’t we go upstairs?” He stood and picked the gun up off the table. He motioned with it for me to go up the stairs. I walked in front of him and started up the steps. I smiled to myself. This was going to be a very interesting lesson.

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2012-10-02 18:09:16
Hi, new here love the website and the more artsy ssneual vid like this one. If you don t mind could you tell me the name song cuz I was thinking of making a tribute vid for my best friend. Thank you in advance


2012-06-20 23:08:31
Yes sexynicole69, I definitely enjoyed reading part 2. I see that you have reveal some more background info in this one. Another excellent scene with Mr. Burkle and Trish. Two visits in one day and this is only the first day of tutoring......hmmm lol ...I wonder what other lessons Mr. Burkle have in store for Trish.?

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