I was telling my story but thought a good idea if you read part of mom.
My Life With Paul Part 7 Mom Tells Me Her Story

“You’re right about Evan lying to me, but let me continue what happened and maybe you will see in a way it did change my life, maybe for the better. You've tried blacks for yourself. I don’t think you can go back to only white men now. Blacks have that aggressive hardcore way of sex. At least the black men I have been with. Especially teenage black men. It is something I need and I can see you are like me. I believe only a small percentage of white women are in need of this aggressive hardcore sex like you and me.
“I have to admit even back at my house, with Evan pulling my sweater up, removing my bra and pushing his hand up my skirt, I was getting hot. Actually I know now Dad was right. I was a tramp. I just needed those black boys to bring it out in me. I know sooner or later some black boy or man would have sensed it and taken me. Evan sensed it about me that I was a slut just waiting to be plucked. Now I am grateful for the way things worked out and you will also Marie.”

“Okay let me continue where I left off,” Mom said and smiled.
I looked around at Evan and his four brothers. I felt my heart pounding in my chest.

“This is my bed,” Evan said. “Sit down and get comfortable.” I made my way to the bed and sat down. When I looked up, I was surprised to see Evan's smooth black muscular chest. Then looked around and saw all his brothers’ muscular bodies. “I told you to get comfortable. Take that stupid blouse off, April. Let me help you.”

I did have to admit I was getting hot. So when Evan came over and leaned over and pulled the bottom of my sweater up, I didn’t resist. I hadn't had time to put my bra back on at home because Dad only gave me time to run upstairs and pack my suitcase and come downstairs again. My large 34 D breasts came bouncing out. I helped Evan pull the sweater over my head, and he tossed it on the floor and stepped back. “What do you think brothers? Hot, young and white.”

The room was quiet for a second then someone whistled, “Holy shit, Evan. She's fucking hot.” Before I could move, all of Evan's brothers crowded around me. I guess I should have felt scared, but for some reason I didn't. I felt like I wanted this attention and pushed my breasts forward as I felt hands massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. I didn't know who was massaging me. Then I felt the zipper to my skirt being pulled down.

“Stand up bitch,” Evan ordered in a dominant voice. Gone was the gentle soothing Evan, replaced by this deep voiced stud.

I didn't hesitate to stand up. My skirt fell to the floor, and I was standing with only my cotton panties on. Before I could move, I felt someone grab each side of my panties and they slid down my shaved curved legs and landed on the floor. Without being told, I stepped out of my panties and skirt on the floor. “Where did you pick up the slut, brother?” one of Evan's brothers asked.

“Never you mind. This is my treat, and she is going to be living with us. Right, bitch?” Evan whispered in a husky voice.

I didn't say anything, just stood as I felt hands running all over my nude body. “I asked you a question bitch,” Evan whispered again.

“Oh yes. My parents kicked me out,” I answered. I felt goose bumps all over my body as the hands continued from one part of my body to another. My breasts were being sucked, and suddenly I felt a finger pushed into my wet pussy. I couldn't help moaning in lust.

“Not, oh yes, bitch. If you expect to stay here, I’m your Master. You’re to call me your Master from now on. Got it slut?” Evan groaned.

“Yes Master. I belong to you, Master,” I moaned. My head was feeling light and my body hot, especially my pussy. Just then I felt myself being pushed back and fell, landing on the big bed just behind me. I could feel as my feet and legs were put on the bed, and the hands and fingers moved all over my hot body. I wanted this so much. I needed to feel these hot black men and boys feeling my body. I had had my eyes closed and, when I opened them, I had a sight I never dreamed of before. Five hot muscular black men, counting Evan, nude. Wow! All of their cocks were huge. The smallest was the youngest, and he had to have at least seven thick hard inches of black cock. I didn't know what I would do with them, but I reached out and grabbed the closest cock to me. It was the seven inch thick youngest boy’s cock. I didn't even know these black men and boys names except Evan, and they were all feeling up my nude body. Now I had a large cock in both my hands.

“Give the slut her first taste of black cock, Evan. You should be first since you surprised us with her,” one of the older black men said.
“Gladly, Dan. My pleasure. Or rather this slut’s pleasure.” I turned my head and suddenly his big thick cock slapped my cheek. It had to be at least eight inches. I could feel a spray of liquid across my cheek and looked up. Evan was starring at me. “Open your fucking mouth, slut,” he ordered.

I actually didn't need to be told to open my mouth. I had it open when Evan's thick cock slapped my cheek. That big cockhead that reminded me of a mushroom head entered my mouth. “Watch your teeth, bitch,” Evan yelled. I must have scraped his cockhead with my white teeth. “Wrap your lips around your front teeth.”

I tried to, but with that huge cock head in my mouth, I could barely move my mouth. Thank goodness he pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Okay, wrap your lips around your teeth like this,” Evan said as I looked up to see how he wrapped his large lips over his front teeth.

I tried to do the same thing and open my mouth at the same time. I looked up at Evan's face, then at his cock, and I knew I had to try to take that big cock in my mouth. Not wanted to, but had to take it my mouth. Not because Evan would force me, but because I am the one that had to take it in my mouth. I wish I could express how eager to please I was. How hot I felt. My pussy was so itchy. My mouth watered. My pulse was racing.

With all this going on, all I could really think about was enjoying that huge cock in front of my face. I felt that huge cock head enter my mouth again. I knew I had to have that cock in my mouth. I wanted to bring my lustful hunk, Evan, as much pleasure with my mouth as I could. I felt as his cock head hit the back of my throat and I couldn’t help gagging. “You’re a slut. You can do this. I know you can do it. I can spot a slut a mile away, and when I saw you coming from that party, I knew what you were. Now I just have to prove it to you. Breathe through your nose. You can do it, Alice. Yes you can,” Evan said over and over again. His voice sounded so lustful, yet soothing.

Evan was telling me I was a slut for cock and, in the back of my mind, I knew he was just telling me what I already knew. In the depth of my mind, I knew I was exactly what Evan was calling me. Then he was pulling his cock out of my throat. “Take a deep breath, Alice, and I am going to push the head of my cock into your throat. Here, put your hand on your neck. You will even feel the head of my cock on the outside of your neck. Come on, brothers, cheer Alice on. Tell her she can take my cock all the way down her throat. Come on guys, cheer for her.”

How would I know how to swallow a cock? Evan's cock was the very first cock I had ever seen, never mind have in my mouth. But I knew I wanted it. I wanted it down my throat. I wanted to please this hot black man in the worse way. His cock was even darker than he was. I could see his big black hairy balls hanging under that big fuck stick. I wondered what they must taste like. I took a deep breath in and out through my nose as the end of Evan's cock head hit the back of my throat. Just then my throat seemed to expand. I put my hand under my neck as Evan had instructed as I heard Evan above me saying, “Here we go, slut. Open that dam throat of yours.”

I didn't know anything about opening my throat, but it must have opened because that cock head was in my throat heading past my tonsils and on down my throat. I held my hand on my neck and indeed my neck did expand, and I could feel that huge cock head in my neck. I could feel tears dripping down my cheeks, but was determined I could do this. I closed my eyes for a second and, when I opened them, I saw Evan's curly crotch hair. Indeed, I had swallowed all eight thick inches of Evan's cock. I then felt his large balls against my bottom lip.

“She fucking did it, Evan. Of all the girls you told us about or we saw you with, this is the very first that swallowed your entire cock, Evan,” one of Evan's brothers yelled.

“We have a lively one here,” someone else yelled. Just then, I felt something very unusual. I had been paying so much attention to swallowing Evan's cock I had forgotten about my pussy. Suddenly I felt my pussy lips stretched again and fingers pushing inside me. They were also massaging my clit that was rock hard. Just then I felt something I never felt before. Something wet entering my pussy. I looked down and saw a face at the entrance of my pussy and realized one of Evan's brothers was pushing his tongue into me. My mind suddenly bounced back as I felt my head getting dizzy, and I couldn't breathe with Evan's cock deep down my throat. Thank goodness, he began to withdraw his cock from my mouth. As soon as that big cock came out of my mouth, I saw those big black balls swinging back and forth. I moved my hands up to them and captured them and began licking them with my tongue. Wow were they good. “Fuck, suck those balls, bitch,” Evan moaned above me.

I pushed my hips forward to get that long tongue into my hot pussy. I knew I was about to cum and should have warned Evan's brother, but suddenly I felt myself squirting. I looked down and, sure enough, my cum was all over Evan's brother's black face with my streaming white cum dripping from his mouth. He smiled up at me. “That's hot, slut. I bet you want a real cock in there now. Come on, Evan. Get down here and ram that cock into this hot pussy,” Evan's brother called.

Evan didn't need a second invitation as he moved around and laid on top of me, caressing my hard nipples in his two hands and nibbling my neck. I spread my legs wide. I was ready. This was it. I knew I would soon become a woman. Not by a white man I had dreamed about, but a big black teenager. I wanted this though. I felt the head of Evan's cock entering my hot pussy. It was so big and thick; it rubbed against my clit on the way in me. The pain inside my pussy was excruciating, but somehow it was exciting. I knew any second my hymen would be torn, and I was excited. Just then, Evan was in me all the way and I could feel some liquid running between my legs and knew at long last I was truly a woman. Evan had conquered me. He started to withdraw that fantastic cock from me, but I wanted it in me. He finally only had his cock head still in me and rammed his entire cock back into my hot pussy.

I moaned out load, “Oh yes, Evan. Oh fuck me, Evan. Fuck me hard.”

“Come on, one of you brothers stuff your cocks in her mouth and shut her up before she wakes the entire house.” Evan moaned as his big black balls smashed against the bottom of my pussy. Somewhere above me, one of Evan's brother’s cocks appeared from nowhere, and I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth. It had to be about seven inches, so I knew it was one of Evan's younger brothers. I was so surprised how easily that cock slipped all the way down my throat without me choking. I kept pushing my ass off the bed so I could feel Evan's big thick black cock in my hot pussy pushing against my clit at the same time. He stopped nibbling my neck and arched himself so he was almost doing push ups in and out of my hot pussy. He was pushing in and out of me faster and harder.

Evan's younger brother was ramming his thick cock down my throat and out again over and over. I was so full of lust. All around me I could hear Evan's brothers moaning, “Fuck that horny bitch, Evan and Dan. Shit, hurry up and cum already, you guys. Don't forget about us. There's three more of us who want her pussy or mouth. Hey in fact, I want to try that virgin ass of hers,” someone yelled.

“My ass,” I thought to myself as Evan rammed his cock into my hot pussy once more and Dan rammed his cock to the depth of my throat. “How can I take one of, those huge cocks in my ass?” I guess I would find out soon. I heard Evan moaning louder and louder as he hammered his cock in and out of my wet pussy. I don't know how many times, with his cock shoved in and out of my pussy pressing against my hard clit, he had made me squirt, but I was having another larger climax.

“I'm cumming, bitch,” I heard Evan moan even louder and felt his cock expanding in my pussy. At the same time, Dan’s cock expanded in my throat.

I felt something fill my pussy and guessed it was Evan’s load filling me. Then something was going from the end of Dan’s hard cock down my throat. I didn't even get to taste anything as his cum went directly to my stomach. Thank goodness he withdrew his large black cock and, with my mouth still open, he shot another load on my tongue. Wow, it tasted so salty. I had never tasted anything quite like it before. Evan had withdrawn his huge cock from my pussy and stood up. No sooner was he out of my pussy than I was being flipped onto my stomach.

“On your hands and knees, bitch. Troy is about to fuck you like the bitch dog in heat you are,” Troy moaned. I knew he was hot to fuck my pussy, and I was just as hot to feel that big cock in my pussy. It was much bigger than his younger brother Evan's cock. Without a word of warning, I felt Troy slam his cock into my wet cum-filled pussy. Wow, was his cock huge! Huge and wonderful. I felt as he slapped my ass cheeks hard. “Take this cock, you fucking slut. Take it, slut.”

“I want her to suck me,” I heard from behind me. It was Evan's younger brother. He came around and looked at me. His cock was hard. I thought, since he was the youngest, he probably would be gentle. Was I ever mistaken about that. I looked at his good-sized seven inch thick cock and opened my mouth, thinking he would slowly push the head into my mouth. I barely got my lips around my teeth and he held my head in his large hands and rammed the entire seven inches down my throat.

“Great going, Chuck,” I heard Evan yell. “Fuck her mouth good. Ram that thing down her fucking throat. Fuck, she's taking two damn cocks the same time. Fuck her pussy, big brother.”

The oldest and youngest brothers had me from both ends fucking me hard. I loved it though. Chuck just rammed his cock in and out of my mouth and his big brother Troy held my hips and rammed in and out of my asshole. Every time Troy pushed his cock deep into my ass, he pushed me forward so I swallowed Chuck's cock. I don’t' know how long they fucked my ass and mouth, but it was marvelous. I still stared at the remaining brother that had not taken his turn. I didn't even know his name. He was the tallest of the brothers and the quietest. He hadn't said a word since I arrived but sure did look at me and slick his big lips. His cock was the biggest and thickest of the brothers.

“Shit, I'm cumming,” I heard Chuck groan. “Take my cum, slut. Take it all, slut.”

“Yea I'm ready too,” Troy moaned from behind me, slapping my ass cheek hard again. “Oh yes, fucking take my cock.”

Suddenly two cocks were blasting my insides at the same time. Both pulled out at the same time.

“Well, Jerome. It's your turn. Pussy or mouth, take your pick, big brother,” Evan said.

“Pussy, of course,” Jerome answered. He walked behind me, and I felt a slap on my ass and looked back thinking he had slapped me with his big hand, only to see him slap me again but with his big cock. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and rammed that big cock in my pussy hard. He fucked me a good half hour and I was ready to black out.

“Jerome, fuck my pussy. Oh, you fuck me so hard,” I moaned. He finally shot his load in my pussy. I was exhausted. It had to be well after midnight and I was allowed to go to sleep beside Evan. As soon as I closed my eyes I fell asleep.

Look for Part 8: Sex continues. But there will be a surprise.

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