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My second time playing in the sky
Following on from my fun with Jenifer during my first flight I was
determined to have more fun on the next one and to go even further than I
had before. My next flight was to be another long haul flight, this time
all the way to Australia, plenty of time for fun.

I walked into the staff area a couple of hours before boarding, hoping to
check out any talent that would be working alongside me. Straight away I
noticed a gorgeous young lady sitting on her own. I got a drink and
wondered over to where she was sitting. I sat down beside her and
introduced myself. Her name was Alison and she was about 5' 10, shoulder
black hair and green eyes and the most gogeous legs I have ever seen. She
looked absolutely stunning in her uniform and we soon got chatting. She
had been a stewardess for three years and loved the life. She told me
about some of the fun she had got upto during the flights and I knew then
that we would definately have some fun on this flight. I knew I wanted her
and I think she knew it too, indeed her hand started to gently caress my
stocking clad leg under the table, running up and down my leg as we
chatted. I was almost in heaven and would have gone down on her there and
then if it hadn't been for the call to board. We walked onto the plane
together and headed up to our station. We stowed our stuff and then
started to get prepared for the passenger. Every time she got the chance
Alison would caress my body, rubbing her body against me and caressing my
ass, and I have to say I loved it. All too soon the passengers started to
board and we had to do our job, greeting everyone and guiding them to their

We got everyone seated and checked and then went back to our seats for
takeoff. As soon as we were seated I reached over and slid my hand beneath
her skirt and slowly up to her pussy, caressing her through her panties,
running my hands up and down her stocking clad legs. I continued to tease
and caress her until we had to stop for the safety demonstrations and first
servings of drinks and food. We spent the next couple of hours settling
passengers and serving, teasing each other when ever we got the chance.

It was about two and a half hours into the flight before we both got the
chance to return to our seats and get a few minutes rest. Most of the
passengers were eating and so we figured that we would have about twenty
minutes or so rest before we started getting requests for more drinks, and
we were determined to make the most of it. As soon as we sat down Alison
leant over and kissed me, gently on the lips at first but very soon our
tongues were exploring each others mouths, entwined in a passionate
embrace. As we kissed her hand slid under my skirt and began to tease my
wet pussy through my panties, making me wetter and wetter with each touch.
Very soon she slid her fingers inside my panties and began to caress my
pussy directly, making me hotter and hotter and desperate to cum. I
responded by slipping my hand under her skirt and into her panties, teasing
at her wet clit, rubbing it gently and pinching it between my fingers, both
of us moaning quietly as we got closer and closer to cumming. We had been
at it about 15 minutes when I felt my orgasm building deep inside me and
then suddenly exploding through my body, wave after wave of erotic
pleasure, my fingers still teasing at her clit, trying to get her to cum
before we got called again. I felt her body tensed as I played and was
soon rewarded with her first orgasm and fingers covered with her juices.
We slid our hands from under the others skirt and I licked my fingers
before offering them to her to lick clean. She took them deep into her
mouth and licked them clean before offering me her fingers to lick clean,
which of course I did with pleasure. We had just enough time to get
ourselves cleaned up and refreshed before the calls started and we had to
go back to our jobs.

It was another couple of hours before I managed to get back to my seat and
by this time the film had started and so most people were being entertained
by this, giving me the opportunity to have a sit down and a rest. I got a
drink and settled down into my seat, waiting for Alison to return so we
could hopefully continue where we had left off previously. I closed my
eyes and started to drift off to sleep when I felt a hand on my leg, gently
caressing them. I opened my eyes to see Alison kneeling in front of me,
feeling my legs. I spread them as wide as I could and she eased in between
them, pushing my skirt up around my waist and out of the way. She started
to kiss my pussy through my panties, her tongue gently probing at my very
wet slit and easing inside me, pushing my panties inside me as well. All
to soon she stopped and I looked down at her, she looked up and smiled at
me as she eased my panties down, I lifted my ass to help her with this and
very quickly my panties were off and in her hands. She threw them to the
floor and resumed her position, this time kissing and licking at my naked
pussy, my juices already beginning to flow and drip down my thighs. Her
tongue was the most wonderous I had ever felt in my short life, teasing at
my clit, running up and down my wet pussy and finally slipping inside my
wet lips. I was in heaven as she licked and fucked my pussy with her
tongue, making me cum not once but twice before she stopped. I was all
ready to return the favour for her when the buzzer started to sound,
somebody wanting something. Alison quickly washed her face and reaaplied
her lipstick before going off to serve the passenger. I sat there as I
came down from my pleasure, legs still spread, my body returning to normal
after the fun.

Alison returned soon and said that the film was about finishing and it was
nearly time to serve the next lot of food. We had about five minutes
before we had to start getting ready and I begged to taste her pussy in
that time but she refused. She pushed me back into my seat and spread my
legs again, I thought she was going to make me cum again but she stepped
back and raised her own skirt, exposing her tiny pink thong she was
wearing. She slipped out of the thong and then returned to kneel between
my legs. Thong in her hand she started to rub my pussy with her thong and
then pushed her panties into my wet pussy, covering them with my juices,
before slipping them back on, to feel my pussy juices close to her she
said. It turned me on so much to think of her wearing her thong covered in
my pussy juices. I asked her what she had done with my panties but she
told me she had hidden them and I could have them back later. I had to
carry out the next lot of service without my panties, wondering where she
had put them and thinking about her wearing that thong coated in my juices.

It was quite a while before we were able to get back together again and I
have to admit that my pussy was very wet thinking about Alison and what we
could get up to together. I got back to my seat before she did and as soon
as I did I lifted my skirt and slid two fingers into my wet pussy, all the
time thinking about her and what I wanted to do to her when she got back.
She returned about five minutes later and stood watching me playing with
myself, I slid my fingers out but she asked me to put them back and finish
what I was doing so I slipped them back inside myself and slowly bought
myself to orgasm with her watching me, rubbing at her panty clad pussy as
she did. Once I had cum again I pushed her back into her chair and offered
her my fingers to lick clean which she took greedily into her mouth and
began to suck the juices from them. While she was doing this I took the
opportunity to run my other hand all over her hot sexy body and inside her
blouse to caress her gorgeous breasts. I pulled her blouse open to reveal
her pink bra and lifted this out the way so I could get at her breast,
leaning forward to kiss and suck at each nipple in turn loving then feel as
they hardened to the touch of my tongue. I let my hand slide down her body
to her pussy and was soon inside her thong, teasing at her clit and wet
pussy. I slipped my fingers from her mouth and knelt in front of her,
easing her panties down her beautiful legs. I kissed at her naked pussy
and then let my tongue slip inside her. It was then I discovered what she
had done with my panties. As I slipped my tongue in to her I felt
something inside her and sliding my fingers in I pulled out my thong,
soaking wet from her juices. I looked up at her and she just smiled down
at me and asked if I was going to put them back on. I stood up and lifted
my skirt before sliding the wet panties up my legs, it felt so good and yet
so naughty to be wearing panties soaked in her sweet juices. Having
replaced my panties I knelt before her again and buried my head between her
thighs, licking and sucking on her wonderful pussy, so desperately wanting
to make her cum as she had made me cum earlier. I was soon rewarded with
her maons as her orgasm raged through her and her thighs gripped my head
between them, tasting her sweet juices again and again. I kept going and
soon bought her to yet another orgasm. Resuming my seat we kissed for what
seemed like ages, hands caressing each other as we did so, savouring the
taste of her sweetness.

If you want to hear more about what we got up to once the flight landed and
other adventures then please let me know at

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2012-03-08 17:01:30
Like it very much. I should have been jerking off before this point.


2012-03-08 16:37:58
Another hot story. You need to be on a relocation flight where they fly the plane to a hub where it is needed and NO passengers. Lots of time to play. I do need to check out the stewardess better. More

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