Having been alone for a while I experienced a change of luck . . .
MY EARLY YEARS: Part 8: The innocence of Suzy

The tale of my early years jumps forward a bit, here. After becoming close to Denise, Gav and Jane, we had much fun for a year and a half or so, but then Gav moved away, and I never saw him again. We wrote for a while, but gradually drifted. Jane, who’d been close to Gav, saw Denise and I less and less, and months later, Denise’s family moved to the USA. I was left with no fuck buddies, but Denise had been more than that. During our time together she’d blossomed into a beautiful young woman, and those bumps she’d had when we first met, grew into shapely, pert breasts.

So, I was fifteen and without a girlfriend, and it remained like that for six months. I had my other friends from school, but it just wasn’t the same. I used to masturbate like crazy, thinking back to my friends. I tried getting together with Jane, but she’d moved along. I still used to see her when I saw her brother, but nothing more happened. She got a boyfriend who was seventeen, and I was cast aside.

I used to see a lot of my friend Phil, who was an odd sort of boy, but we got on well and never fell out. It was around that time when I noticed the girl. We were walking to the shops one day when I saw her walking towards us. I’d never seen her before. She was around five feet two, and was quite pretty – sweet in fact – and had short dark hair. She was wearing a white blouse and a tartan skirt. I know it sounds bad, but one of the first things I noticed was that she was incredibly flat chested. She glanced at us and carried on walking.

“She’s not bad,” I said to Phil after we’d passed her, looking back at her.
“You’re joking,” Phil said, looking at me as if I was mad.
“She’s pretty.”

Phil laughed. “You’re mad. She’s got no tits!”
“How old would you say she is?”
Phil shrugged. “Sixteen, but she’s underdeveloped.”

Phil’s negativity irritated me, so I changed the subject and we carried on with our previous conversation. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, though.

Over the next couple of weeks I continued to see her, sometimes when I was walking, and also from my dining-room window. I worked out that she would go past at five ‘o’ clock each evening. Feeling attracted to her, I began making a point of leaving the house in order to see her in the hope that she would notice me. Each time I got close I would smile. One day she coyly smiled back. It felt like a giant leap. This went on for another couple of weeks and one day I finally built up the courage to say, “Hi.” She said hi, back. Her voice was soft and sweet. I liked it.

The major advance happened purely by accident. I was in a queue at the newsagent’s, feeling frustrated at the length of time it was all taking. I looked around me and there she was, standing behind me. She was wearing a pale blue blouse and a dark blue knee length skirt. I felt my heart racing. It was now or never.

“Hi,” I said, trying not to smile too much and look like an idiot.
She smiled back. “Hello.”
I looked at the item in her hand. “I like beef crisps as well.”
“They’re my favourite. I see you have salt and vinegar. I find them too strong.”

“Some people do,” I said, smiling at her. I knew that it was now or never. “Do you want to come for a walk?”

“Okay. Where to?”
“We could go up the hill and back along the path over the bypass.”
“I haven’t been there.”
“I’ll show you, then.’ I felt butterflies in my stomach. “I’m Dave.”
“I’m Suzy.”

We left the shop and ate our crisps, talking and asking about each other. It turned out that Suzy and her parents moved around a lot because of her father’s job, and were never certain of how long they would be in each place. Ordinarily, Suzy’s schoolwork would have suffered, yet she put in extra effort and consequently did well.

Arriving at the top of the hill, we’d finished our crisps and had relaxed somewhat. I was so curious about this sweet girl, and knew that I had to get closer to her, but was uncertain of how to go about it. She was relatively shy, so I had to be careful.

“So,” I said nervously, “have you got a boyfriend at the moment?”
Suzy blushed. “No. I’ve never had a boyfriend.”
“No. Boys don’t like the fact that I haven’t got much in the way of boobs.”

“Idiots. I think you’re really nice. You’re pretty.”
Suzy smiled at me. “Thanks. You’re nice as well.”
“Thanks.” I smiled back. “Would you like me as your boyfriend?”
“Yes, yes, I would.”

Still smiling, I took hold of her hand. “Good, because I’d be happy being your boyfriend.”
Suzy grimaced. “I know this sounds stupid, but I’ve never kissed a boy before.”

“That’s alright. Tell you what, there’s a bench further on down. We can sit there and you can try it.’ I paused. “Only if you want to.”

Suzy squeezed my hand. “I want to. It always looks nice when I see other people do it. You must think I’m dumb.”

“No. I think you’re sweet.”

We carried on talking about school, and friends we had. Most of Suzy’s friends were around London, and because of her father moving around so much, she seldom got to see them. Arriving at the bench, which faced the nearby countryside, we sat down, still holding hands.

“It’s nice here,” Suzy said, looking out towards the fields.
“It is. I’ll take you over there sometime, if you like.”
Suzy moved closer, looking directly at me. “I’d like that.”

I looked into her grey eyes. “Me too.” I moved closer and placed my lips upon hers. They felt so soft. We moved apart fractionally and made contact again. This time Suzy closed her eyes and moved her lips around. Enjoying the sensation, I opened my mouth a little, and put my tongue on her lips. In response, she opened her mouth, and I felt her tongue touch mine. Gradually, our tongues explored further, moving around freely. It felt awesome. We shuffled in our seats to face each other, and Suzy put her arms around me. I reciprocated by doing the same, running my hand up and down her back, detecting her bra-strap. I could feel my penis twitching and beginning to rise.

After a few minutes we broke away. Suzy said, “That was nice.”
I softly kissed her. “It was. You kiss well.”

Suzy smiled sweetly. “Thanks. I used to wonder what it would feel like, and now I do.” She looked down. “God, is that your dick?”

Looking down, I could see that my cock was sticking up proud. Even through my jeans it was visible. “Yes, it is. That kiss did that. Sorry.”

Suzy laughed. “Don’t be sorry. I’ve always wondered what one feels like. When I’m at school, some of the girls tell us about touching dicks and how they make them cum. I’ve never seen a real one.”

I felt excitement flood through me. “Do you want to?”
“Yes, but I need to take it slow. I like kissing, but I’m nervous about touching a dick.”

“That’s okay. Tell you what, let’s go somewhere quiet. We can kiss and see how you feel from there.”

Suzy nodded. “Yes, okay. I feel naughty doing this, but I know I shouldn’t.”

Holding hands, we walked towards the fields. The route took us through a tunnel under the bypass, after which we arrived in the wheat fields. We kissed from time to time, smiling at each other. After ten minutes we arrived at a quiet grassy spot. I suggested that we sit down.

“It’s nice here,” Suzy said, in between kisses.
“It is. Nobody will come along.”

Suzy kissed me and placed her arms around me. We lay back onto the soft grass. I put my hand onto her arm and stroked it as Suzy’s hands went up and down my back. Our kisses became increasingly passionate, and I could feel movement inside my briefs. I moved my hand onto her bottom and she gripped me tightly, sliding her hand down me. It came to rest on the top of my thigh as I felt her bum, moving my hand up and down, finding her knicker-line. I then felt her hand upon my crotch, pressing against my rapidly hardening cock.

“God, it feels big,” Suzy whispered.
I kissed her. “It’s only normal size.”
“It feels so good.”
“So do you,” I said, moving my hand onto her small boob.
“That feels nice.”

So does what you’re doing,” I said, undoing the top buttons of her blouse. “Do you want to see it?”

“Yes, but take it slow. I’m nervous about all this.”

I closed my eyes and kissed her again, moving my hand inside her blouse and touching her small breast through her bra. Her nipple grew. It felt unbelievably large. I whispered, “Do whatever you want to.”

She put her hand upon to my erection. “Go on, then. I’d like to see it. I’ve been waiting for so long to do this, but boys just weren’t interested in me.”

“Well, I am,” I said, looking into her eyes whilst unbuckling my belt and kicking off my shoes. Suzy watched as I pulled my jeans down. My erection was easy to see through my white briefs. I took my jeans completely off. “You can touch it if you want, and I’ll take my briefs off as well.”

Suzy put her hand upon my briefs, squeezing my penis. “Wow, it feels good.”

I kissed her, placing my hand on her thigh, stroking it. With my other hand I slid my briefs down. My six inch circumcised cock sprang out and I ran my hand over her skirt, up and down her thigh, coming to rest on her naked knee. As we kissed, I moved my hand a little further up her slim leg.

Suzy broke away from our kiss and fixed her eyes upon my hard dick. “Can I touch it?”
“Yes,” I said, squeezing her thigh.

Lying on her side, Suzy circumspectly put her hand onto my naval, moving onto my erection. She placed her fingers around it and squeezed. Wow, that felt good. She then squeezed my glans and ran her fingers along the shaft, moving the mobile skin up and down. “It feels good. Am I doing it right?”

“Yes,” I gasped. “Are you trying to make me cum?”
“I’d like to.”

“Just keep going, then,” I said softly, looking down at her slender fingers that were wrapped around me. I pulled my shirt up. “Use two hands and feel all around if you want.”

“Okay.” Suzy put her other hand onto my scrotum and moved my testicles around, whilst maintaining the stroking up and down my shaft. She made a ring with her index finger and thumb, pulling down at the base of my now very excited penis. Her other hand went up and down. A drop of precum appeared on the end. Suzy touched it, putting her finger to her mouth, licking it off. “It’s sweet.” She put her hand back onto my raging erection and carried on wanking me, trying different hand positions and grips.

Five minutes later I could feel myself almost ready to cum. “I’m going to shoot, Suzy.” Encouraged by my words, she wanked faster, sliding her fingers up and down below my purple helmet. My hips bucked up and I cried out, shooting my semen into the air. It landed on my chest. I squirted several more times, groaning. The final produce from within me came down in dribbles, running down Suzy’s fingers. Looking down at my cock, I said, “God, that was good.”

“I can’t believe I’ve just done that.” She put her fingers to her mouth and licked my sperm. She made an odd face. “It tastes funny, and it smells like disinfectant.”

“I know,” I said, running my hand up and down her thigh. She didn’t flinch when my fingers found the material of her panties. “You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to.” I pulled a tissue from my pocket and cleaned myself up before kissing her again. “Do you ever play with your pussy?”

“Sometimes, yes.”
“You like it?”
Suzy grinned. “Yes.”
“Would you like me to do it?’
Nervously she said, “Okay.”

She lay back and we kissed. I opened her blouse further and pulled her bra free of her small but firm boobs, astounded at the size of her nipples, which protruded almost as far as the breasts themselves. Running my hand down her body I felt her firm thighs and caressed them, gliding up to her panties, which I rubbed. I could feel the contours of her vulva. Suzy pulled her skirt up, providing me with easier access. Aware that she was turned on and was gaining confidence, I put my hand inside her panties, running my fingers through her pussy hair. I then began slipping the garment down, Suzy aiding me by lifting one leg, slipping the dark blue panties off.

Now with full access to her pussy, I felt her outer pussy lips, which were slim. I stroked and gently pressed my hand against them. Her clit was standing proud of her outer lips. Suzy then opened her legs. I placed my finger upon her prominent clit, massaging it momentarily before feeling her inner lips and the entrance to her wet vagina. As I inserted my finger, she gasped and flinched. God, it felt tight. It was the tightest pussy I’d ever felt. I removed my finger and wet her clit with her juice, smearing it around, continually repeating the process as Suzy breathed heavily. She began moving her hips around and gripping onto my arm, suddenly saying, “Ooooooh, Aaaaaaaah!” She bucked her hips into the air, repeating, “Ah, ah, ah, ah,” over and over before flailing her head around and closing her legs.

I softly kissed her. “Was that alright?”
“Yeah, yeah, it was. It’s never been like that before.”
“You were good as well.”
“Thanks. I thought I’d be useless.”
I smiled at her sweet nature. “You weren’t.”
Suzy glanced at her watch. “I’d better get back.”

Smiling at each other we got dressed, exchanging kisses as we did so. I was erect again, and knelt there, stroking myself. Saying that she’d have to be quick, Suzy took my erection and began wanking my shaft. I dribbled some saliva onto my length, and she sped up. Only a minute later I shot my load over the grass. Suzy kissed me and we finished putting on our clothes.

On the way home we held hands. Suzy asked me if I’d had many girlfriends and what I’d done. She was shocked to hear that I’d gone all the way with a few girls, and astounded when I told her about Gav.

“You’ve done it with a guy?”
I knew that it could put her off me, but I couldn’t lie to her. “Yes.”
She hugged me. “You devil.”
“You don’t mind?”

Surprised at her open-mindedness, I hugged her and we carried on walking. I knew that my parents were out the following evening, and asked her if she’d like to join me. She said that she would, but wished to take things slowly. I was fine with that I couldn’t wait to see her again.


We carried on seeing each other throughout the week, kissing, hugging and bringing each other to wonderful climaxes. During this time, we pleasured each other with our fingers, but went no further. A week later, though, Suzy said that she felt ready to go further, and invited me around to her house. Relishing the thought of her sucking me, I felt excitement flood through me.

I was excited all the next morning. I really liked Suzy. She was intelligent, witty, fun and sweet. I had a shower and made sure I was as ready as I could be, constantly looking in the mirror.

I arrived at eleven ‘o’ clock, to see Suzy wearing a T-shirt that accentuated her breasts, and a silky skirt. Once she was inside, we kissed and went upstairs to her bedroom, which was incredibly tidy. We sat upon the bed.

“I was thinking about you last night,” Suzy said to me. “I love what we’ve been doing.”
I initiated a long kiss. When we broke away, I said, “Me too.”

“I want to know what it’s like to be licked. I want to try sucking your dick as well, but I don’t know about having cum in my mouth.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t if you don’t want.”

We began kissing passionately, sensuously feeling our way around our bodies. Slowly we got undressed. I absolutely loved Suzy’s small boobs. They were so firm and her nipples were unfeasibly large for the size of her breasts. Even a week later I was amazed at them. Apart from our socks, we were naked in no time, exploring the flesh of one another. I didn’t go straight to her pussy. I felt all around as we hugged and squeezed each other, kissing and licking.

After driving me crazy by kissing and nibbling my neck, Suzy ran her tongue down to my chest and began sucking and fondling my nipples, which I loved. I had a raging erection. She slowly moved down my body and positioned herself between my legs, cupping my scrotum and taking hold of my cock. She opened her mouth and licked my glans before taking it between her lips and engulfing the head. It felt like heaven. She moved her lips up and down my helmet, and slowly began taking more of me in. She didn’t take more than two thirds, but even so, it was heavenly. Suzy did it with such feeling and a wondrous gentle touch that was mind-blowingly sensuous.

Suzy continued to massage my balls and stroke the insides of my thighs, and after a few minutes I could feel myself approaching climax. “I’m gonna cum, Suzy,” I just about managed to say. Suzy took me out of her mouth and continued with her hand. I lurched up and shot my first rope of cum onto my chest, with several others landing closer to my naval. Suzy kept on wanking me, and even the final smaller spurts shot out with fervour. I lay there in ecstasy.

“Was that good?” Suzy asked.
“Fuck, yeah.”

She continued to stroke my balls. “I’m going to try tasting some of the thick stuff.” She scooped some up with her finger and licked it off. “It’s not too bad, I suppose.”

After she’d eaten some more, she cleaned me with a tissue. I began kissing her, making my way down to her boobs and taking those sizable nipples into my mouth. Suzy placed her hand upon my head, making cute, soft sounds. I worked down her body, positioning myself over her with legs astride, and began licking her soft pussy hair, working my tongue into her groove. Suzy whimpered. I placed my tongue onto her prominent clit, encircling it and pulling its hood back with my finger. When my tongue met her exposed clitty, she groaned loudly. Placing my finger close to her entrance I could feel that she was very wet, and my finger slipped in easily, although it was very tight. I didn’t attempt a second finger for fear of hurting her.

I could feel Suzy moving around as I continued to love her pussy with my tongue and finger. Her inner lips weren’t large, which I considered odd due to her sizable clitoris. Nevertheless, they were cute, and I probed them with my tongue, sucking on them. I teased her for a while before really getting her going, and I could tell that after five minutes or so, she was going to cum. I increased the speed with my finger that was moving in and out of her tight, wet hole, and paid more attention to her clitty. Finally, she moaned loudly and her legs opened wider still. She pushed her pussy at me, jerked and pushed my head away, rolling partially onto her side.

I kissed her shoulders and back, and after a while she looked up at me. “Jesus, that was the best yet.”

Suzy hugged me and we lay there kissing for a while, before she said, “I want to do it.”
“Yes, but we’ll have to get some things.”
“Actually,” I said nervously, “I’ve got one with me. I brought it just in case.”

I wasn’t sure how she’d react and was pleasantly surprised when she kissed me and said, “Good. Let’s do it later.”

We carried on kissing and touching, indulging in another oral session before Suzy asked for the condom. She opened it and pulled it out, examining it before putting it on my cock and rolling it down the shaft. Once it was in place she lay down, looking up at me. I moved on top of her, kissing passionately whilst running my finger from her wet hole to her clit. After a couple of minutes I positioned my cock on the edge of her hole. Having felt how tight her pussy was on my finger, I knew that I’d have to take it easy. Slowly I advanced my helmet a little, stopping when I encountered resistance. Suzy flinched. I tried again, making it in a little further before pulling out again. I continued doing this a few more times before getting further in, feeling a pop. My glans was now fully inside.

“Aw!” Suzy said. “That’s sore.”
I kissed her and whispered, “I’ll go slowly.”

I pulled myself out a little before moving back in, going a little further than before. Suzy was flinching and moaning, a mixture of pain and pleasure. With a gentle pumping action I slowly moved my penis into her virgin vagina. She was so tight, her pussy gripping me tightly as I gently advanced, finally getting all the way up. Suzy gasped and pushed against me as we kissed. We began moving rhythmically, kissing and holding one another tightly. I pushed into her as far as I could, pressing my pelvis against hers. Suzy responded, moaning softly. How long we went on for I don’t remember. It wasn’t a long time, but it wasn’t quick either.

“God, Dave,” Suzy panted, “I’m going to cum. Oh, keep going.”

I carried on, increasing the length of my strokes and pushing in as far as I could. Suzy lifted her legs higher, and I could feel my glans pressing against her young cervix. I murmured, “I’m gonna cum.” Suzy was so unbelievably wet as I pushed into her, feeling my balls tighten and my entire nether region tingle. Finally, my body exploded and I felt my sperm fill the condom. Suzy groaned loudly and tensed up, grabbing my arms and screwing her eyes up. I continued pumping into her and Suzy pressed against me, wrapping her legs around me. We slowed down and embraced, kissing with meaning.

“That was incredible,” Suzy said quietly.
“Was it painful?”
“A bit, but I forgot about the pain after a while. Thanks. You were gentle.”

Keeping hold of the condom, I pulled out, looking down at her pussy to see that she was covered in blood, which had mixed with her love juice and had smeared onto the bed. I said that I was sorry, but Suzy said not to worry as she would put the sheet into the washing machine. Her period was due the following day, so she said that she’d tell her mum that she’d come on early, which she knew would be believed.

We made love whenever we could after that, and became really close, but six months later her father had to move again, and we had to bid sad farewells. Once again, someone I’d become close to had moved away. All I could do was to carry on and hope I’d meet someone who would stick around.

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i don't agree, i don't think you should change anything in this story if given the chance. just because it's usually the boy that makes the first advance doesn't mean the girl can't. get rid of the stereotypes

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I have to agree with the one comment that stated that it was all too sudden. Girls want to but also are afrid of losing their virginity. Just to take her for a walk and begin anything sexual is a way of chasing a "good girl" away. Usually takes a few meetings and it's usually the guy, not the girl, that makes the first advance. The story is good but difficult to believe unless parts of the story are missing.

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I found that all a bit 2 sudden. Good job though :)

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