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megan is "introduced to the world, and just begins to realize the consequences.
A bitchs fall episode D

If megan had hoped that she'd be let down once the lovemaking was over, she was wrong. Trish had, in half an hour, made her brother come thrice, and was now cleaning his dick with her tongue, rolling it on his dickhead as John lay back enjoying the best blowjob of his life. For a moment, this thought made megan forget her pain. Hadn't she given him atleast 3 blowjobs since her, err....Her mind failed to find a word for the shocking events of the day. But it told her that trish was the preferred one of the two females on offer.

Megan had refused to consider her possible sexual skills, preferring to believe that a man must make love as a duty not for pleasure, that a woman need only to have sex for procreation, no matter what the sex was like. Now, reduced to her brother and arch rivals plaything, her female mind instinctively deduced that she was inferior. And it made her both angry and jealous. She should be humiliated, she told herself, competing with a trash whore like trish for her own brother's sexual choice. But her estrogen filled body responded to instinct more than ideals, and she began to yearn for his cock, to prove her worth, as a whore.

John was oblivious to all this. Megan was actually correct, he did prefer trish. She was experienced, sexy and knew what it took to make a man happy. Basking in the afterglow of his third orgasm inside trish, he wondered if megan had ever learnt these essential lessons of any woman's life. Most likely not, given she kept herself insulated in a fake feminist world, where men's muscles were for lugging suitcases and pulling chairs. Chivalry, she called it. Only now she was learning a woman's true place in the world.

Thinking thus, he reached for the whip, and casually flicked it across his sister's stomach. It bucked in shock, as her face contorted and a fresh teardrop escaped her salty eyelids. It was good to have a slut sister, and trish was an added bonus. He'd make full use of both from tommorow, but now he was exhausted. Training bitches was no mean task, and he'd done a commendable job. Satisfied, he drifted off.

Trish noticed that john was asleep. It was a pity, she'd wanted another go at megan. Trish was far more experienced in bdsm,having been both slave and dom, and knew that megan was approaching the limits of endurance. Plus,the tit press could permanently damage her mams, if blood supply was cut too letting her down was a necessity.

But trish made virtue of necessity, or rather sin, given that megan wasn't let off. At first megan thought was coming to punish her, and again was proved wrong. Trish undid the ropes, and removed the titpress, allowing megan to inspect her tortured glands. Before she could pity herself though, she was being dragged by het hair to the balcony adjoining John's room.

Without waking john, trish took a chair, and the poor girl into the fresh chilly air. Most people were asleep, and the next house was at a comfortable distance. Still, she threatened megan with the tit press if she screamed.

From the past catfghts conducted there, trish knew megan ran a virtual women's lib forum, along with other groups which made it a point to tag her in all their denunciations of falling virtue. She decided to make megan atone for all the pain those posts had caused.

First she made the exhausted girl lie facedown across her lap, such that her ass and lower back were on her lap and the rest hanging from either side. She also took John's camera and a box of pins. Megan, oblivious to jer sinister designs, prepared for the spanking such a position usually produced. It never came. Instead, she felt a moderate weight on her back, and a lighter one on her left ass, which completely baffled her.

Trish was using megan as a table for the laptop and pins. She powered it on and surfed to Facebook. She casually took ten pins and applied them gently on her captive s ass, such that they merely held on. Satisfied, she asked megan for her email and password.

Inspite of half hanging from trish s lap, megan wax conscious enough to realize that giving trish the password would involve further humiliation. She kept silent. Trish had expected this. She began to slowly push one of the pins deep into Megan's ass.
Still, megan made no attempt to speak, and a second pin went in. A small trickle of blood flowed down, as her ass increasingly became a pincushion. She could tell that Megan's resistance had fallen since the tit press had done it's magic on her willpower. She could always put it back but pins were more fun.

Megan felt the pain in her ass multiply, adding to the myriad pains already asserting themselves thanks to her odd position and previous trials of endurance. Her body could scarcely take more abuse, as a fourth pin went in, adding to the raw pain from the lashes earlier. Megan's will broke again. Inspite of herself, she blurted out the details.

Trish logged in as megan. But she made no attempt to remove the pins, instead checking if there were enough to add if the ten, four buried and six fixed lighlty, should need reinforcement. The page which opened revolted the girl. Post after post spoke of every possible feminist issue, to which her human table had made even sharper comments.

But all this would change. She loaded the pics john had taken through the day from the camera. Choosing the most degrading, she put them up for upload, under the album title 'THE REAL ME'. Each photo was tagged with megan and one of her bitchy friends. She knew many of them were still awake, given that exams were nearing. She was soon proved right.

Comments expressing shock and outrage began pouring onto her wall, replacing the prudish posts. Trish relished it as she read out the comments to her captive. She heard megan sobbing, and went on. Few things in life were more fulfilling than having your ex enemy cry lying across your lap, as her reputation dissolves in her cum filled cam-shots. But better was to follow.

Megan was slowly drowning in the humiliation of having the whole world see her as a slut, when she heard her phone ring. She heard trish swear. As much as she was enjoying what she was doing, she had to ensure John slept. This truimph she would share with none.

So cursing, she put down the load from her lap, taking care that the laptop wasn't damaged, and Megan's ass was, she landing on her ass and pushing in the remainder of the pins.

Megan knew she wouldn't be able to sit properly for a week, but would she be allowed to sit at all? The way they were treating her, salvation seemed as far as doomsday. The only real question was how much more her body could take. But her body seemed to have been captured by Trish in spirit as well. It refused to push her sideways, keeping her punctured ass under full pressure, which only increased her agony.

Trish returned with the phone. Megan recognized it to be her bitch brigade vice president caroline. As much a bitch as megan, she was Megan's best friend and co-conspirator in pulling down the cheerleaders. Trish made her answer the call.


'Hello! Megan? Your account's been hacked. Some sick bastard is uploading morphed pics of yours. I've reported it, but it's still there. Delete your account, it's's horrible dear '

Megan couldn't agree more. Only the pics weren't morphed she wanted to say, but knew it would kill her last chance to appear normally the next day. But trish seemed to want exactly the opposite, mouthing what she thought, as she pointed to the phone. Megan desperately pretended not to understand. But trish guessed Megan's thoughts correctly. Taking a pin, she pushed it into Megan's still bruised tits, causing her to gasp. Then another. Poor megan saw a repetition of the ass torture if she didn't comply, and nodded.

Caroline was going on about ways to punish perverted hackers. Megan cut in

'Car...Caroline...the weren't morphs. They were real. I did those things, and had them clicked '

There was stunned silence on the other end

'Megan? What did you just say? Are you all right? Hello? '

'Yes I'm ok caroline. And you heard right. I did them. I'm a slut carol, a dirty cheap whore. And I love doing them. "

"Oh my....I can't believe you'd ever say something like this maggie. You of all people, you were my inspiration. How could it be? '

Trish had been mouthing lines all along, making megan say them with a pin pressed ti her nipple. Megan was crying as she said them, feeling even more humiliated by the shock of her classmates voice. But the pin was digging in, trish s lips moving. She went on.

"It's a fact caroline. I realized it today. I discovered my inner self, the whore within. And I believe all prudes like us are actually whores, who need to be trained to be used, to learn their true station In society as fuckbags for the stronger, better sex."

She could hear light sobbing from the other end, each sob cutting her more than a hundred pins. Here she was being used like a second grade toy, while all she had stood for lay in ruins, her best friend shocked and crying at Megan's transformation into the very thing they had always hated. Megan wanted to sink into the ground.

The call ended, giving respite to the utterly humiliated girl, as her ex enemy gloated over her. More calls followed, some from her friends expressing shock, others from boys she had spurned, wanting to rub in her humiliation. Many thought it was a hacker, only to have megan correct them. She faltered often, leading to both nipples being pierced before the calls finally ended, the last caller demanding a blowjob and she agreeing with forced enthusiasm.

"There there," said trish, as she saw the devastated look on her conquest s face. " don't cry now. It won't be nice if you wash away what I've written on your dirty face. After all how many whores get such free advertisement on their faces? Look on the bright side. You'll probably get more dick than you would have dreamed of. You always thought you could win didn't you? Well you were wrong and right. Wrong, coz your bitching was alwas gonna fail - boys want booty babe, not blabber. But you'll find you've beaten us too -in the cock race!" With that she kicked her rival onto the floor, and dragged her inside. She was tied up uncomfortably to a bedpost, as trish shut down the laptop, and curled up beside her brother for the night.


Megan wasn't sure she slept at all. A stupor was all the tight ropes allowed. But she found herself pulled up by hair and the ropes undone. She was given 5 minutes to freshen up.

She came out of the toilet to see the two making love again. Megan used their preoccupation to clean the marks from her face, and tidy herself as best as she could. But every time she looked in the mirror, she was reminded of last evening, when her brother had 'crowned' her with the bitch brigade cap, as she stood naked with her badge through her nipple. Yet, even that seemed from another world. she had felt disgraced, shocked and repelled at the idea of her brother touching her. Now, her greatest wish was to defeat her rival for the same brothers the full extent of her fall was revealed, she fell to her knees, crying.

John had woken up to find his leg caressing something hairy. It was his sisters head, and he assumed trish had tied her up. Now, after making love to trish, he went to inspect his slave sister.she seemed exhausted, but alive enough to be used, which was basically all that was required of her. Her dragged her up by her hair, got her to clean his dick with her lips, and threw her back on the ground.

Trish meanwhile had dressed and left. Megan secretly hoped that she had taken her demonic instruments with her. She was wrong. Not only had she left them, she'd also left a change of clothes worthy of a cock slut. Which john now handed to her.

The clothes, megan noted, were several sizes too small for her. They consisted of a pleated red miniskirt which would barely cover her panties, and a top whose neckline left half her tits exposed. In short, it was the very dress which megan carol and the bitch brigade had tried their utmost to ban from the campus. But the main problem was lingerie. There was none, except for a skimpy thong.

Megan could not imagine dressing without a bra, especially for a formal place Like college, where everyone expected her to be the epitome of morality. Assuming an oversight of trishs, she opened her drawer and pulled out the smallest bra she had, given anything else would show obscenely out of the top. Just as she had hooked it though, John came in, took scissors and in three strokes, shredded the cloth.

Ripping it off, he made her put on the top sans brassiere. The result was her tits hung obscenely, her nipples clearly outlined against the cheap synthetic material. She was made to put on the thong, which cut into her pussy lips, and the skirt, which she was sure was made more for men's viewing than covering women.

so decked, they set off early. Their parents were still asleep, being late risers, and the duo soon reached the bus stop. The bus was still 15 min away,so John asked megan to give him a blowjob.

She had done it yesterday, but then it was dark. Now in full view, with joggers and dog walkers all over the place, megan refused. As if she could refuse. John assumed that the fresh air had caused memory loss, and he brought it back with a slap across her face.megan was stunned. Nearby, an elderly woman stopped to watch. Another slap.

Megan fell to her knees, the skirt doing nothing to protect her knees. John unzipped his fly, and let out his dick. He grabbed Megan's hair and started shoving it up and down, making her bob on his pole. The woman covered her face with her hand. For a moment, she appeared to be leaving . Instead she took a circuitous route, pretending not to see them till she stood right behind John. Megan's view was blocked by jeans, but she heard them talk.

'Arent you John and megan? " the woman asked hesitatingly.

'Yeah, sure we are. You must be mrs robinson. '

' yes yes. Your sister ....'

Half of megan hoped the woman would save her. Slap john and help her up. Maybe call the police. The other half hoped what actually transpired.

John, instead of explaining, pulled megan up, and led both to behind a bush. Megan looked up with her best poor girl look, a look she otherwise hated. Mrs robinson ran her gnarled hand over Megan's head, raising the girl's hopes. Then bent down and pinched both nipples.

Before megan could recover from the shock, the woman had pulled down her panties, and put a leg on either side of Megan's face. Grabbing her head, she pushed it inside her skirt.

Megan was almost overwhelmed by the speed of events. But she realized that this woman was the opposite of her savior. Pressed against a white bush, she instinctively found her snatch, and started licking : her hopes that society would come to her aid were dashed a second time in as many days.

John had never been into mature sex, but the way the woman held megan under her skirt, turning her head into a bulge of her medium skirt, was uniquely erotic. John found his dick, temporarily disheartened by Megan's desertion, become hard again.

Before he knew it, he was kissing the woman, old enough to be his granny. she was experienced he had to admit, as his hands went to her wrinkled but still substantial breasts.

Meanwhile, megan was trying her best to make the woman cum, if only to get away from that puckered snatch. She was slowly succeeding, aided by her brothers use of his lips and hands. Mrs robinson began to rock in pleasure, as brother and sister kept up the tempo. Suddenly, she grabbed Megan's head and nearly pushed it into her vagina. She began to cum I'm waves coating poor megan s face with a smelly mix of post menopausal pussy juice and dried piss.

She pulled off, kicking megan to the ground. Her brother too pulled away, as he heard the bus sound the first of it's three warning horns. He turned to leave, thanking her for using his whore. She smiled, saying

" it was my pleasure, literally. I always wanted a prude between my legs. Couldn't get the one in my time, but this one just fitted my fantasy. She's a great cunt, you know, you should rent her out. And if you ever run short of pocket money, send her over." With that she gave John an amount equal to a babysitting shift, and walked off.

Megan was in shock, as much from the woman's actions as her words. Perverse youth she could understand, but mrs robinson? She'd always respected her, the upright old lady of the neighborhood. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she'd see her pussy, and that too like a real whore, she paying him for her licking. Wasn't anybody in society going to care for her?

By the time her train of thought reached this juncture, the bus had begun moving. John dragged her onto it, getting an angry glare from the driver, Harry. Dourly,he warned them that this would go down in their records.

Normally, megan would have started a long tirade on her brother's lack of punctuality, but she kept quiet. Instead, john spoke up.

"Harry, yoe like pussy? "

The bus almost knocked down a hydrant. "What? Whatcha say? "

"Well, megan here was just telling me how much she wants your cock. So if you want...."

"Shhhh....lookee boy, kids around. Why doncha drop by once we reach college? We'll chat up then eh? "

"Sure harry. You the boss. "

Megan was relieved. Somehow she'd by now come to expect that she'd be offered as a,sexual incentive to any person her brother wanted. She just hoped he'd restrict her clients to the same age group.

As harry had said, the bus indeed had a few kids who were soon dropped off at the nearby school leaving only john, megan and two nerdy girls who seemed more into physics than fucks. Yet, John couldn't just sit and watch his sister behave as if she was a free woman. Not if she was to be trained properly as property.

So he decided to give the girls a sneak peek into sex. Grabbing Megan's hand, he dragged her to the seat facing the two girls'. They seemed not to notice. John became impatient, and waved his hand before one of them.

The specksy girl looked up, surprised that john and megan, otherwise from different worlds, would be here together. She then saw megan dressed like trish and the cheerleaders: her jaw dropped.

John figured he'd have to take the initiative if megan was to do anything before the duo. So he grabbed Megan's hair and pushed her to her knees. Now the other girl looked up- and down as megan descended. Neither could believe that Megan could be made to kneel, but it was happening.

Megan knew what john wanted. Secretly, she was relieved that he'd chosen the two nerds and not mark or the other jocks who'd climb aboard later. She hoped to get over with the duo before the others came.

So, setting aside whatever revulsion female genitals caused, she raised the pleated skirt of the first girl and pulled down the panties. It seemed the girl was either too shocked, or actually liked what megan was doing, for she made no protest as megan buried her face in the girl's snatch.

John, from his better viewpoint, could tell he'd chosen correctly. He'd known the two hated the way megan outscored them inspite of her apparently busy schedule. As he looked on, the incredulity on the girls face changed to perverse pleasure as Megan's by now experienced tongue did his bidding in the nerdy cunthole.

Slowly, she grabbed Megan's head, and pushed it in further, until a bulge similar to mrs Robinson's had appeared in her skirt. As her pleasure mounted, the nerd began to press Megan's head between her thighs, as she rocked in pleasure on her classmates face. John could see that she was literally ripping the hair from Megan's head in an attempt to cotrol the licking, which increased the pain and hence the ferocity of Megan's ministrations.

The other girl too joined in. She pulled up the short skirt and pulled down the thong. Slowly, she pushed her fingers into her snatch, sniffing the aroma as her friend facr fucked the girl. Taking out a circular pencil box, she tentatively began pushing it into her exposed pussy.

To her surprise, it seemed to go in quite easily, the result of the series of fucks megan had undegone. Once inside, the girl pulled the thong up, to hold the box in place.

Meanwhile, her friend was rapidly approaching her first lesbian orgasm. She completely encircled Megan's head, pushing her cuntlicker deeper into her pussy. John could tell she was nearing the peak, so he obligingly reached out and pinched a clothed but elongated nipple. It pushed her over the edge. Literally crushing megan into her sex, she bounced like a bitch in heat, letting out screams of pleasure. Megan, buried in her second hole since morning, thought she'd faint from lack of air and flood of pussy juice. She tried her best to swallow, but the girl came like niagra (or viagra, a voice inside spoke up), and completely smothered her. She'd always thought the two to be normal and boring. She was again wrong.

Finally, she was let off from the vice like grip, and returned to the world. She now realized that her pussy was filled, and instinctively pulled out the object. John realized he'd have ti teach her that her holes were meant to keep whatever her owner/client wanted. But he went along for now.

Megan stared in disbelief as she saw the pencil box, dripping in cum, slide out of her hole. The second girl reached out and snatched it from her. She then asked her to take out the project that was to be submitted that day. Megan wordlessly obliged. She knew her project was good, and compared to using her as they did, using her project would be little grief.

The face fucking girl however, took it and pulled off the plastic file holding the pages. She then held them infront of the baffled megan, before pushing them into her own drenched pussy. The pages came out soaked in cum, which megan was made to lick up. Then the second girl took the pages and began to stuff Megan's own pussy with project.

Megan was shocked. She'd never expected them to humiliate her so. Maybe steal it, maybe change the names even,- but to use it as toilet paper? The girl now pulled out the soggy and dirty pages, her neat writing dissolved by pussy juice, and held them in front of her face again. Megan assumed this to be the end of the ordeal, and reached out for the soggy ruined pages. Instead, the girl deliberately and slowly tore the pages in half, then quarters and eights, as the horrified megan looked helplessly on. She then opened the girls mouth and stuffed the wet pages of her hardwork inside, making megan take in the whole of it. Casually she then used the empty file cover for her own project, changing the name from megan to susan.

As john led her back to his seat at the back, megan felt a new humiliation build up. she'd just seen her hardwork reduced to fodder. Those two had so effortlessly shown their control, their power over her, and her work, as if they'd owned her all their lives.
Worse. She felt as if she was being intellectually degraded. Her now destroyed project had contained a scathing attack on rape and sexual humiliation of women in tribal afghanistan, which she'd compared to the brutality of ancient roman slavery. To have the very same treatment given to her, she who always spoke up against the historical subordination of women....she felt like a,whore in her mind as,well, as if even her mind had lost it's ideals. She had come another step closer to being a whore in spirit, as well as body.

John saw,megan crying silently, a hollow look in her usually fiery eyes. Hr guessed another ember of her fiery spirit had been doused in cum. All the better for him, she'd become a real slave faster. He quietly stroked her hair, more like a pet than a girl. She wasn't a girl anymore, no point making her feel like one.

The gentle stroking, which megan knew was more slave than woman, strangely made her feel better. Ever since last night, she'd burnt with a desire to prove her worth to him, as a,willing cunt. And now he was stroking her, he was alone with her. Before her prudence could speak, her will to please kicked in. She reached across and laid her head on his lap, unzipping his fly and taking his semi hard cock out.

John was taken by surprise, but decided to complete the blowjob so fortuitously interrupted by mrs robinson. But what of the papers in her mouth? John had a plan, and the papers were vital to it. So he took the trouble of having her empty the soggy papers into a plastic bag, before she began her duty.

Megan dutifully began licking and sucking, taking care to caress his balls and lick them for added stimulation. John was pleasantly surprised, and wondered why his prude turned pussy was so desperate to please. Maybe she waa finally learning her place. Or, maybe she actually wanted him? To own her, to use her, to make her feel degraded. John hoped that was the case. It would be his ultimate truimph if his prude willingly served him :maybe the saying that "prudes are all sluts inside", did have some sense.

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