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‘Sorry Mark, can’t make it tonight.’

Fuck, I thought, staring at the text message on the screen of my smart phone. The last of my friends had bailed on me for the night and it was looking like I was going to be spending the night by myself. I hadn’t had a drink all week and I was a little more than thirsty.


I said, and shrugged my shoulders, guess I’ll just knock back a few on my own.

‘You heading out soon?’

I turned around, my roommate, Cindy, was coming around the corner of the living room, putting an earring on. At least she has a place to be tonight, I thought. She looked good, she had her brunette hair straightened, and was wearing a red shirt with a V-groove that was doing a nice job of showing off her C-cup breasts, a pair of those black, tight fitting skirts, and some brown leather boots that came up to her knees. I smelled her perfume as she walked past into the kitchen and gave a quick look at her gorgeous ass.

‘Nah, Ryan bailed on me, prolly just going to stay in now.’

I plumbed down on the couch.


I heard her say from the kitchen. I liked Cindy, we both worked at the same company, and a mutual friend suggested we live together after they heard we were both looking for an apartment. We never really warmed up to each other though, probably why she wasn’t inviting me out right now, and only drank together a couple of times because the few times we did she would turn into a raging bitch. We’d inevitably start arguing, even in front of friends. She never had trouble bringing men home, but they never stuck around too long because that bitch attitude would come out so often. Anyways, we got along fine and I had spent many nights jerking off to the thought of her gorgeous body. I always wished something would happen between us, like when we were both drunk or something, but nothing ever formulated.

‘Well, don’t drink too much on your own’

She said smiling as she rounded the corner, picked up her purse, and headed out the door. This is going to be a boring night I said to myself. I went to the kitchen and pulled out a beer, popped the top and sat on the couch to watch TV. Four beers later I was getting bored, a little drunk, and this Victoria’s Secret commercial on TV made me want to go jerk off. I layed my head back and closed my eyes and started thinking about Cindy in that tight black skirt. I was getting hard and started slowly rubbing my cock. Damn she was hot. I didn’t see an outline of any panties when I checked out her ass, so she must have been wearing one of her g strings, fuck. I got up from the couch and walked down the hallway to her bed room. What a mess, her work clothes were strewn over the floor, including a pair of red frilly panties, I reached down and picked them up and started smelling them and continued to jerk off. Her panties smelled wonderful and were a little moist around her crotch, from the smell, she must have masturbated before showering and changes for the night. The thought of her masturbating while I was probably in the living room watching TV made me almost want to jizz my pants right there. I wrapped the panties around my cock and started using them to jerk off with. Fuck this is nice, I thought. I realized some pre-cum had gotten on the panties, shit, fix it tomorrow.

All of a sudden a got a thought in my head as I was jerking off in her panties, I thought about putting her panties on. It was something that always seemed to come to mind when I was drunk, never had followed through with it though. The beer was hitting me pretty good at this point, and I was already half way there by jerking off in them, mine as well make the night interesting. I went back to the kitchen and did a shot of Cuervo before heading back to her bedroom to pick up the panties. I went into the bathroom and took my pants and boxers off, and slid the red panties up my legs. Cindy had some firm hips and though I stretched the fabric a little, I think it was more by design then my body. My dick was rock hard in the panties and I looked up in the mirror to check myself out. Not bad, I thought. The panties felt great and I put my pants back on and walked around the apartment a little bit, my dick was pre cuming just from the sensation of wearing the panties. I took another couple shots of Cuervo and headed back to her bedroom with the bottle….

‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?’

Oh shit, I opened my eyes and found myself lying on the floor in Cindy’s bedroom, a half empty bottle of Cuervo next to me, with the clock reading 2:30. I let out a moan and rolled onto my back and looked up at her.

‘Sorry Cindy…’

I rubbed my eyes.

‘…Fuck, I must have passed out in your room.’

‘That’s not what I mean dip shit, why the fuck are you wearing my clothes?’


I took a look down at my body, and to my horror I had not taken off any of Cindy’s clothes that I had put on. The last thing I remember was putting the matching bra on in the bathroom and jerking off. But seeing myself now, it looks like I had gone a little further, I was wearing all of her clothes, stockings, and heels.

‘Oh fuck.’

I involuntarily said out load. I looked up at Cindy, she had both her hands on her hips, still wearing the sexy outfit she left the apartment with.

‘Come here.’

She said in a commanding voice. I was a little too shocked for words still, and was willing to comply with anything just to have the moment pass. Cindy sat down at her computer, and as I came up behind her I was horrified by what I saw on the screen.

Cindy had been busy before she woke me up. On the computer were pictures of me passed out on the floor of her bedroom in her clothes. Shit, this is bad, I thought.

‘I’ve already uploaded them to my online account, so I wouldn’t suggest going through my computer to delete them.’


I pleaded.

‘Shut the fuck up Mark! Sit down on the bed’

Cindy shouted at me, I complied. She stood up and walked right up to me, spreading my legs, her breasts practically in my face. She grabbed my chin and pulled it up to her face, she was definitely in one of her drunk pissed off bitch moods.

‘You listen to me,’ she began, ‘from now on your going to pay my half of the rent. Got that?’

I just stared at her for a second thinking she didn’t know how wrong she was.

‘Got that!? Or should I post these pictures right now?’

She shoved my chin down and walked back to the computer. Or was I the one who was wrong?

‘Yes! Yes!,’

I shouted

‘I’ll pay your half of the rent this month!’

She came back up to me and pulled my chin up again while putting a hand down the panties and painfully squeezing my balls.

‘No, not just this month, every month, and you’re going to do all the cleaning in the apartment as well! Essentially, from now on…;

She gave a devilish grin.

‘…you’re going to be my bitch! Do you understand me now?’

She had me by the balls, both literally and figuratively.

‘Yes! I understand.’

I said in the most controlled voice I could muster, though the pain in my balls almost had my voice at the pitch of a middle school girl. A smile came across her face and she let go of my balls. I was momentarily relieved; she patted me on the head.

‘Now there’s a good girl.’

She went back over to the compute chair and sat down facing me. She picked up her cell phone and dialed a number. I thought I was relieved for the night to go and contemplate what just happened. Pay the rent and clean the apartment? This is going to suck, I thought.

She saw me going to leave and snapped her fingers at me with the phone to her ear.

‘I said you were my bitch now, which means you don’t leave until I tell you to.’

Cindy hissed.

‘Now, kneel down in front of me.’

Still a little flabbergast, I kneeled in front of her, noticing those gorgeous fucken thighs. My dick was beginning to get hard despite the situation. To my surprise, she opened her legs and I could see right up her skirt to a beautiful black g string. Her vagina was drawing the fabric tight, and I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. I didn’t have too much time to stare though, as Cindy grabbed the back of my head and shoved it in her pussy. She slid the g string over and told me to get to work. I immediately began to lick her clit. She might be being a raging bitch right now, but I’ve been fantasizing about eating her out since the first time I laid eyes on her. Her pussy was nicely shaven, and the labia was short and firm, unlike a lot of women I had been with. I was working her pussy to the best of my ability, and I heard her beginning to talk on the phone.

‘Hey Jeff, it’s Cindy.’

Who the fucks Jeff, I thought.

‘No, no, I had a really good time at the club tonight…’

‘Of course I would like to hang out sometime…’

Shit, is she really trying to get a date while I was eating her out!? This was too much, I went to pull back, but Cindy grabbed the back of my head and held it firmly pressed again her pussy. She let out a laugh, apparently Jeff said something funny.

‘I know, those two other couples were so funny…’

‘I can hang out whenever really…’

‘I like to shop, and play tennis….’

‘Been working there for just over a year….’

The conversions was dragging on as I continued to eat her out. Five minutes, ten, fifteen. I kept up the best I could, and Cindy would pinch the back of my neck painfully if she felt me let up. She was getting really wet, and I was salivating like crazy, I had to gulp down her delicious pussy juices every so often to keep it from going all over my face. After a while, it was no use, my face was completely drenched and my saliva was dripping down my chin. The whole situation was so out there and with the alcohol still running through my system I was totally lost in the moment.

‘Okay, just give me a buzz whenever you’re around…’

Cindy clicked off the phone and put it down on the desk. She leaned back in the chair and spread her legs a little more, holding my head in place with both hands now. Then there was a bright light and I looked up to she that she took another photo of me down on my knees, dressed in her clothes, eating her out. I was feeling pretty shitty at this point, how was I to get out of this? She gave a brief moan before finally pushing my head back and standing up.

‘Good girl, very good girl...’

Cindy raised her arms as she said this and ran them through her hair. She was wearing a very satisfied smile on her face. I sat there almost feeling bad that she seemed more happy on getting a date with Jeff then my job at eating her out. For the briefest moment, I almost wanted to dive back into her pussy to do a better job.

She stood up

‘…Don’t move’

She walked over to her dresser and began taking out her earrings, then she pulled off her top, letting her breasts bounce a little when they came free of the restraint of the shirt. She bent over, and being the bitch she was, her short skirt rode up her ass and gave me a good view as she took the skirt off. She opened the dresser draw and rummaged around for a bit before pulling out some items I couldn’t see, and placing them into her make up bag. She grabbed her makeup kit off the dresser, turned around and walked over to me in nothing but her underwear and heels. She walked so close to me I had to rest my chin on her crotch to make eye contact through her cleavage. She was smiling down at me, chuckling a little. She ran her hands through my hair, and in a very soft, reassuring voice, said to me,

‘Come my little bitch. I need to make you look like the sparkling whore you are.’

Cindy led me to the bathroom on my knees. She didn’t tell me to walk on my knees, but she had given a nasty stare when I went to stand up. It was tough to keep up with her, but I managed. She opened the make up kit as she put it on the bathroom counter. As she looked into it, she said to me casually.

‘Take off my clothes and take a shower…’

She continued to look through the make up kit.

‘…And be sure to use all my lady soups and shampoos.’

I did as I was told, I took off her clothes, standing behind her in her own underwear. I waiting a second to see if she would look up into the mirror to see me standing behind her. I thought the sight might give her some satisfaction, but Cindy didn’t look up at all, just continued going through the bag and putting varies make ups on the counter. I finished taking off her bra and panties and turned to climbed into the shower.

‘Oh, and don’t forget these.’

Cindy handed me a razor and lady shaving gel. I took them from her hand as she stared me in the eyes.

‘From chin to toe, I want my little whore to be nice and smooth.’

She said patting me on the cheek.

How long was I suppose to take? I didn’t want Cindy going raging bitch on me again, would she post the photos even if I did as she said but poorly? Too much to think about, I thought, as I stepped in the shower and lathered my hair with her shampoo, enjoying the sent, it reminded me of Cindy, and I was starting to get a hard on again. I took my time shaving, making sure to get every area. My balls were particularly difficult, hopefully Cindy would be satisfied. After soaping up and rinsing off, I stepped out of the shower.

Still not looking at me, Cindy had an array of items laid out on the counter, including some stockings, make up, and… to my utter shock, what looked like a dildo. Fuck this, fuck this, fuck, fuck, I put my hands over my shaking face. Was she for real? I couldn’t help but notice my hard on wasn’t going away, but was actual standing even further erect. Fuck. I toweled off without direction, when I was dry and had hung the towel up, Cindy finally turned around to look at me.

‘Kneel in front.’

She said with a casual tone, whipping her gorgeous brunette hair over her shoulders, leaning back, and putting her hands behind her on the counter. I complied.

‘Now here are the ground rules. One, whenever you shower, you are to shower with female products, you are my bitch now, and I want my bitch to smell like one. Don’t bother using my products anymore, that was a one time thing. You need to go out and purchase your own tomorrow. I’ve put a list together of the cheapest, whorish smelling soaps and perfumes I can think of…’

She tapped the counter a couple times with her finger before continuing.

‘…Secondly, a good little bitch will be clean shaven. You will need to shave daily. Third, whenever you are in this apartment, I expect you to be wearing female clothes and underwear. You are not to take these off even if guests arrive. If you go out, I will expect you to ask me if you may put on man clothes, but you will certainly still be wearing girl panties. I will provide your wardrobe. Fourth…’

She picked her phone off the counter and snapped a naked photo of me kneeling before her in the bathroom.

‘…If anything you do displeases me in any way. I will post all these photos, perhaps even make up a story or two to go along with them. And lastly…’

She reached over and picked up what I presumed was a pink dildo off the counter, though it was oddly shaped in a conical, carrot like shape, and I wasn’t exactly aware of what it was, and a leather collar to go along with it.

‘…You are going to need some training.’

She bent down and put the collar on my neck, making that satisfying click sound as the latch closed, securing its position. She bent back up only to take another photo.

‘A good little bitch knows how to take a dick or two. Normally a little whore your age would already be well seasoned to take a couple cocks at once, but you’re still a little cock virgin, aren’t you? Well…’

She raised the pink phallic object up a little in the air.

‘…This will get you started. You are also to wear this whenever you are in the apartment, and don’t you fucken dare let me catch you without it, or that collar, or I swear I will ass rape you so hard you’ll be begging me to post these photos of you.’

My absolute dumbfounded face, drooping head, and look of hopeless despair must have been what she was looking for as she gave me a smile.

‘Tonight I will help you out with this, but from now on I expect you to do it yourself. Now stand up, turn around, and bend over for me so I can stick this training plug in you.’

My heart was beginning to race, was I going to let her do this? I was going through the motions as I was thinking this, I didn’t want to disobey during contemplation, and before I knew it I was bent over in front of her.

‘Oh my!’

She rubbed her hands on my ass cheeks.

‘My bitch has such a nice ass.’

Then I felt a stinging blow as she slapped me hard on the ass.

‘Keeping going bitch, I want you to grab your ankles.’

Fortunately I was fit to do so while still keeping my legs straight. I tried to picture what I must look like to her, bent over with my ass spread wide. My hard on hadn’t gone away, and I was even beginning to ooze pre-cum, jeeze I hope she didn’t notice!

A few moments later I felt the dab of something cool on my anus. Lube I thought. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I waiting in anticipation. Am I going to let her do this? I finally came to the realization that I was already in the position and only moments away from having the training plug up my asshole. I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know what to expect, I was starting to breathe heavy in anticipation.

Finally I felt the tip of the plug on my anus. I breathed in and Cindy applied some pressure, and I felt my anus open up. Natural reaction caused my anus to go tight. Cindy rubbed my back with her palm.

‘Relax girl, relax.’

I tried a little, and the resistive force went down a little, the plug slid a little further in.

‘That’s it girl, just keep relaxing for me.’

She continued to stroke my back in a comforting manner as my asshole continued to get stretched. I was breathing heavier and instinctively let go of my ankles and grabbed the shower rod arching my back.

‘Oh fuck!’

I let out in a gasp as the pressure around and inside my anus was getting more intense then anything I had felt before. I continued to moan as Cindy now held firm down pressure on my back to keep me in my arched position and not standing up.

‘Shhhh, easy little girl, almost there.’

My breathes were becoming shorter and faster, and finally when I thought I couldn’t take any more, clenching my eyes closed, my anus was allowed to almost fully constrict at the base of the plug. My closing anus pushed the plug a little further up my ass, and I could feel the breadth of it inside me. I let out a relieving gasp. The pain was gone, and, surprisingly, only an arousing pressure remained. Cindy took her hand off my back and I naturally stood up and turned around. Cindy was smiling.

‘There, I’ve popped your cherry slut!’

She turned around and washed her hands. Drying them, she looked back at me.

‘Now, put on these clothes I’ve laid out, and come meet me in my bedroom. Do your best with the make up without destroying my things will you?’

She walked out of the bathroom leaving me in shock. I did as she instructed. I then slid the panties she left out on, they were white, almost see through. The feeling of them sliding up my bare legs was absolutely amazing, and was cut in such a way that half my ass hung out. The stockings she left were white also, with the letters ‘BITCH’ written all over them. I couldn’t believe she even owned such a pair. It was hot. The only other article of clothing was a super short mini-skirt, which with my bare ass also felt amazing. I exited the bathroom and made my way to Cindy’s room. The butt plug altering pressure back and forth as I walked, I noticed it was keeping me hard, and I actually closed my eyes walking down the hall to savor the feeling.

When I got into Cindy’s room she was standing there completely naked, her absolutely amazing perky tits staring me right in the face, as I let my eyes explore her body, I noticed a 9 inch pink strap on hanging erect between her legs. I stood frozen in the door way. Cindy began stroking the fake cock.

‘Well, don’t just stand there! Come here!’

I did, and without instruction, got down on my knees.

‘Oh, we learn fast don’t we?’

She put both hands on the back of my head and slowly drew it to the tip of the dick.

‘Good girl, good girl. You are such a little whore!’

Cindy let out in happy astonishment.

‘Such a little whore! C’mon, be a good girl.’

I let my mouth sag open and Cindy slowly guided the strap on into my mouth. She stuck the head in to its maximum, letting it separate my lips. I naturally began to moisten the head. Cindy let out a moan as she ran her fingers through my hair.

‘What a little bitch…’

Cindy whispered off to the side. She grabbed the base of the cock and rubbed it around the inside of my lips in a circular fashion. My dick was staying rock hard and I could now feel the pre-cum moistening the panties and getting the tip of my dick covered. She pulled the cock out a little bit to the point my lips were almost closed again, before she thrusted forward again, this time letting the entire head go into my mouth. My lips closed around the head and I closed my eyes letting my other senses do the work. Cindy pulled on the back of my head, forcing the cock further in, one inch, two, three. I began to feel the cock on the back of my throat with her thrusts now. She was moaning slightly, for effect I imagine, but something told me she was really getting turned on by all this. The power, I thought. That was what was getting her going, her power over me at that moment. Knowing I was in complete obedience to her, and I wouldn’t dare disobey in fear of the consequences.

Cindy began to slowly face fuck me now, still only like three to four inches into my mouth. The fake cock was getting fairly well lubed with my saliva as Cindy pulled almost all the way out again, and slowly began to slide it back in, only this time she didn’t stop at four inches. The pressure on the back of my throat increased until I closed my eyes in pain.

‘Gulp bitch, arch your neck, and relax.’

Cindy instructed me. She backed off slightly and I tipped my head back a little ways as she began going deep again. This time, when I felt the pressure increase, I relaxed my throat and swallowed. The tip of the dick slid down. My throat naturally wanted to constrict again afterwards, but the dildo was taking up the space, and my throat began convulsing to the awkward guest.

‘There you go…’

My body was instinctively trying to back off now, But Cindy held my head firm and started going deeper.

‘…Take it…’

I couldn’t breathe, but by now the cock was past the point of no return, and only the smallest amount of force was required from Cindy to continue the motion. I stared dead ahead as my face was being drawn closer to her body.

‘…Just a little more…’

She was instructing me reassuringly. And with a final thrust my nose jammed into her beautiful smelling body.

‘…Good girl.’

Cindy let out another brief moan. I was audibly gagging on her cock now, the palm of my hands resting on the floor, I couldn’t take it. I reached up to push against her thighs.

‘No no.’

Cindy said has she applied firm pressure on the back of my head, as I continued to try and push back on her thighs, gagging with saliva dripping down my chin the whole time. Cindy let out a sharp moan and thrust the cock in. My hands dropped and I gagged hard. Another sharp moan and another hard thrust. I couldn’t breathe and my body was going weak. Shit, she’s going to make me pass out, I thought. Another, even louder moan, and another thrust, this one too much, my body going limp, the light began to fade.

Cindy pulled the cock to the tip of my mouth, my body sucked in a thankful breathe of air. My vision returning, Cindy, in one fluid mother, slammed the cock all the way down my throat again.


Cindy shouted and pulled on my hair aggressively hard. Holding me firm, I began to black out again. She pulled out. I began taking a breathe, not as good as the last, before Cindy slammed my face back against her body.


Cindy screamed arching her body and putting a hand on her nipple. Both hands now, she pulled all the way out and thrust all the way in. My head was severely light headed, I couldn’t think. My vision went from nearly black to only brief glimpses of Cindy’s body and cock fucking my face.

She began face fucking me at a slow but hard pace; she was really enjoying herself, wearing a huge smile and beginning to sweat. I was a toy at this point, barely conscious and being face fucked by my female roommate in her own clothes!

I don’t know how long the face fucking lasted, my mind could no longer comprehend time. It felt like an eternity though, a point where I was convinced this was the rest of my life. A point where I had accepted that I was to be face fucked forever. If there ever was a break, I thought, I would only be recovering to be face fucked only moments later. Cindy was almost screaming in pleasure at this point, her tits bouncing back and forth, controlling every motion. What I do know is that when she finally stopped I wasn’t even aware of it. I collapsed onto the floor, my face on her heals, gasping for breadth, only to have Cindy pull me up by the collar moments later. I staggered up and she had no problem pushing me down onto the bed on my back. She pushed my panties aside and ripped the plug out of my ass. I let out a painful moan and began breathing deep in relief of the pressure. It was a relief that didn’t last long. I felt cold lube being applied around my anus, and from the feeling noticed my anus had not constricted all the way, but was still loose from the plug. Cindy spread my legs. I couldn’t even look at her; I was just staring at the ceiling as I felt the dildo begin to enter my ass.


I let out a painful moan, grapping at my hips. Cindy did not go slowly, she did not ease me into it like she had the face fucking, she just thrust all nine inches of that excellent dildo of hers into my ass. She wasn’t talking anymore, wasn’t giving me sarcastic reassurance, she was fucking me like the whore I had become. She was too into it at this point, I think she was even about to get off to it. She pounded me relentlessly, moaning with each thrust. I finally pulled my head up to look at her. Her tits were bouncing in sync with every thrust, her arms were held firmly on my hips, she was sweating from the excursion, and my dick was fully erect popping out the top of the skirt.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck…’

I moaned out. I began feeling something in my cock, it was that amazing feeling of an oncoming orgasm that cannot be stopped.

‘No, no, no…’

I whimpered.

‘Oh…, FUCK…, YES!’

Cindy shouted, each word going with a solid thrust. She then mounted on top of me, face only inches from mine, breasts nearly hitting me in the face with each thrust. This position allowed her to pull the dildo all the way out to the head, before slamming it all the way back in. She was going wild. My legs opened almost to a full split.

I can’t cum this way, I thought, not this way. But Cindy was relentless, and continued to fuck me ever so hard. I looked up at her, right in the eyes…

‘…Cindy, Cindy, oh fuck, Cindy. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. FUCK, CINDY…’

Her expression did not change, but only continued to fuck me at the same pace. She pulled up, giving solid, hard thrusts. Finally, I arched back and let out a moan. My cock exploded with semen. I saw the first wave fly over my face, landing in my hair, the second landed firmly on my face, covering an eye and going into my mouth. The third was not far off, mostly landing in my gaping mouth, just as I got done pushing the other load out. The fourth, my chin and neck. Fifth, along my stomach. Cindy gave a final thrust painfully far in, and I looked down with my one open eye and saw cum dribbling all over my cock. I laid my head back, breathing extremely hard. Cindy was immensely satisfied and pulled the cock out. I let out a final moan as the head of the dildo popped out and my asshole was able to finally be relieved.

She gave a huge smile, looking down at me. Then she did something I didn’t expect, she bent over and put my dick in her mouth, cleaning all the semen off. After she was done with my dick, she licked all up my stomach, neck, and chin. She straddled my body, tits touching my chest, face only inches from mine. She was smiling, I smiled back, knowing that she just swallowed my cum, almost made the whole night worth it. She leaned close and put her lips to mine. I kissed her as she went to French. As I stuck my tongue into her mouth, I noticed a salty substance. She hadn’t swallowed! Fuck. I backed my tongue out almost in fear, she opened her eyes and put a hand to my mouth, keeping it open. Then she slowly let the cum drip out of her mouth and into mine. I didn’t have a choice, it flowed in freely. She then used her finger to wipe an excess into my moutn. My mouth was almost half full with my own semen. I moved it around and gargled a bit as I tried not to swallow. The texture was unique, and I could feel it encasing my mouth. Cindy sat up still straddling me, just watching the cum dance in my mouth. She slowly reached down and applied a small amount of force to my Adam’s apple. My breathe stopped momentarily, then, she let off, and I immediately swallowed the cum down, and let out a gasp of breath when it was finally all down.


I let out. Cindy moaned in satisfying approval.

‘My little whore. My sweet little cum swallowing whore…’

She was wiping the rest of the cum residue around my bare chest.

‘…You know…’

Cindy went on.

‘…I always love it when men cum in me, but the problem is always the clean up. Maybe you can be my little cum cleaning bitch whore for all the real men I bring back…’

She smiled.

‘…just a thought.’

She rolled off me and began to take off the strap on. She told me to get off the bed, which I did wearily as I was exhausted. She snapped at the butt plug on the floor, which I inserted myself. It went in easily this time, I was too tired to even care. The first light of morning was coming through the window shades. My first step was feeble as my asshole killed. I took small steps to leave the room, but before I did, I felt the click of something on my neck. I felt back and saw that Cindy had put a leash on. The leash was attached to her bed post. She said nothing, but merely tossed a pillow on the ground as she crawled into bed and turned off the light. I stood there for a moment before I took my place at the foot of the bed. I curled up with the pillow and to my own surprise, wiped the remaining cum off my face and sucked it off my fingers. Savored the flavor and swallowed. I drifted off to sleep with the rest of the dried cum all over me and wearing my roommate’s panties. Well, at least it turned out to be an interesting night.

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