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hey guys! first time writing a story like this, so be SUPER mean bitches about, find every single fucking flaw!
the begining of my first series 'deal with the devil'
this is just a little intro, their first meeting
tell me if you like it!
and tell me if you dont :)
im only going to continue it if i get a few positive comments or reviews
not much use writing a story is no one wants to read it :)

The darkest forest surrounded her, dead leaves crunched beneath her feet. Glowing red eyes watched her from the underbush, tracking her progress through their domain. Grasping vines slithered toward her, reaching, grasping. But still the girl didn't notice.she walked on, oblivious to the evil that stalked her. She didn't notice when the vines grabbed her around the waist, only that she has stopped walking.

Looking about her in confusion, the poor girl looked down to find the slimy vines gripping her tightly. She screamed in revulsion, struggling to escape its hold. Dark ,wolf like creatures stalked about the captive girl, their erections hanging down. The girl screamed louder, thrashing about, begging for freedom. This egged the beast on, making them want this strange pale creature. One of the shaggy beast stepped forward and raised its paw. Reaching, it was just about to tear at the girls breast before it fell, writhing in pain. The girl screamed and kicked back, horrified by what she saw.

The creature was shrieking in pain, grabbing at the flaming creator where its stomach use to be. The smell of singed flesh hung heavy in the air, causing the other beast to whimper in fear.
Tears streaked down the girls face, blurring her vision. Another being step into the small clearing, but unlike the others, this one was not covered in fur. Its hand was raised, the fingers smoking. With shock she realised he had somehow injured the beast that now laid dead at her feat.
The large cock hanging down proved this creature was a man, his raised hands where like that of a human. He had legs, arms, a mouth, all normal, all human.
The girl sobbed in relief, thinking this man had come to save her. She looked up at him and started to beg for help, but stopped when she saw his eyes. If eyes are truly windows to the soul, then this man must be dead. Black as night, the hollow orbs contained not remorse for the captive girl, no pity for what was happening. He grinned at her, but the only emotion that reached his eyes was lust.

The man slowly walked over, weaving his way through the beast. The girl watched, amazed, as the creatures bowed low to this strange man.
He reached over and, grabbing one breast in each hand, passionately kissed her fully on the mouth. The girl tried to kick free, struggle away, but the vines just held her tighter.

The man released her and stepped back, grinning down at her still hidden cunt. A simple click from this mans fingers and the vines darted forward, tearing her shorts and shirt off.
His grin grew when he saw she wore not bra or panties.
The man briskly walked over and shoved two fingers up the girls pussy. She screamed at the intrusion, trying to wiggle free, but to no effect.
He started straight into her eyes and started to talk.
"I have claim you, girl of god. Raised the right way, but you turned your back on the big man didn't you? Well god can't help you now, but pray if you must. Actually, you should prey, it turns me on to see you beg"
the mans fingers speed up, and with the other hand, he reached up and cupped one boob.

"in three days time, the reaper will come to collect your soul. Yes my dear, you shall die."
at this the girls sobbing got louder, which annoyed the man greatly. He wasn't done with her yet. With another quick click of his fingers, the vines shoved the girls shorts into her mouth, gagging her.

"where was I? Oh yes, you are going to die. There is a simple solution to this though! Simply willing sell your soul to me. Oh, and to seal the deal? IM afraid you will have to fuck me"

the girl shook her head, refusing to sleep with this....this Horrid beast!

The last of the mans patience snapped. He gripped at her throat, squeezing hard.

"stupid slut!" he breathed. "you think you can resist me whore? You fucking think you can say no to me?"

the man ripped her from out of the vines and flipped her over. He brutally rammed his cock into her, over and over again. She scream out, crying for help, but no one could hear her. He plunged his hips back and forth as hard as he could, ploughing his cock in and out of her cunt roughly.
The man reached around and rubbed her clit furiously, bringing her to the edge of orgasim but even letting her cum. He fucked her harder and faster until she was begging for it.
"sarah mills, do you willing sell your soul, life and will to me?" he stopped rubbing at her clit but kept pounding into her, holding her on the edge of Cumming.
"well you fucking whore? DO YOU?"screaming in her ear, he pulled her head up by her hair, arching her back painfully.
"yes! Oh god please just let me cum!" sarah bucked wildly on him, trying to reach paradise, not even realiseing what she had agreed too.
The man started to fuck her harder, grinding at her love button again. He pounded into her roughly, fucking her battered cunt into submission.

The man let out a feral roar as he pour load after load of cum into her cunt. sarah cried in frustration. The man still wouldn't let her cum! She felt his dick pull out of her with a soft plop.
He gave her a wicked grin as he walked away
"thanks for the wicked fuck slut. Ill be seeing you around OK cunt?"

sarah bolted up in her bed.
Oh god, it was just a dream, she thought. Reached under the covers, she felt her pussy, only to find it tender.
"huh, that's odd"

shrugging it off, she got up to start her day.


2014-01-25 05:31:37
This was really great to read ^.^ Keep it up :D

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-18 07:20:44
Gud stuff. Kp posting. Maybe slowly turn her in2 a witch


2012-03-12 19:05:03
if you dont want to know, look away!
each storie i post will be a different rape. why? the next in this series will tell you :)
and hey, 76 %? not bad guys! could be better but hey, i expected everyone to hate it!
no theres not dion of her yet, thats in the next story also.
and yes, there WILL be a sex slave sort of part!
thanks for the positive reviews and likes guys n gals, means alot

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-11 20:11:55
i like where you're headed, i'm hoping for a bit of humiliation sex slave thing? like if he made her fuck the beasts or some shit? or contacted her in real life to alienate her from her folks? you're the writer not me though, I don't mean to tell you what to write ha ha, just ideas to pick your brain with, you're off to an awesome start don't stop now ha ha

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-11 20:11:44
i like where you're headed, i'm hoping for a bit of humiliation sex slave thing? like if he made her fuck the beasts or some shit? or contacted her in real life to alienate her from her folks? you're the writer not me though, I don't mean to tell you what to write ha ha, just ideas to pick your brain with, you're off to an awesome start don't stop now ha ha

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