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Comments please I did my best to make this juicy I think it happened cause I was so horny!
I came home one afternoon from school to find my mom prancing around like she’d just won the lottery.
“What’s with you, Mom?” I said dropping my bag beside the couch. She practically pulled me into the kitchen by my arm and waved her hand a dramatic manner at a vase of twelve red roses sitting on the counter.
“Great,” I said, trying to not let her know how much I didn’t care. “Who’s your secret admirer?” Mom practically clapped her hands with glee like a child.
“Here,” she said, handing me the card, “read it.” Taking it from her, I looked at it and it read, “Let me take a beautiful woman like yourself out to and I promise you won’t regret it. I have a lot to offer you in making you happy. Steven Burkle.”
I read the card again and read it a third time. It couldn’t be. Mr. Burkle was taking Mom out on a date? What the fuck did this mean? I managed to plaster a fake happy smile on my face as I handed her back the card.
“Do you know what this means?” she asked. I shook my head. “Steven will ask me to marry him!” My jaw couldn’t have dropped anyway lower. “But you always said he was a geek in high school and you would never give him the time of day…” I stuttered.
She laughed. “The guy adored me in high school and he obviously still adores me now. Besides, ten years has shaped him out nicely. He’s good looking and he has his own business. Money, good looks, and I will bet you anything he’s got to be good in bed.”
“Mom, please!” I said trying to sound more annoyed by the thought of her telling me how much she wanted to fuck him now. Really, I was seething with anger. The bastard thought he could fuck me and my mother? I would just see about it.
“Oh, Trish, com off of it,” she laughed. “You’ve always said how much he looks like Patrick Swayze to you.” I bared my teeth in a resemblance of a smile. “Lucky you.”
“Trish, I’m going to call Steven and schedule our date. I want you to help me pick out the dress I need to wear.”
“Why don’t you just go shopping for a new one?” I suggested. She smiled and nodded at me. “That’s a great idea, Trish. I will. I can pick some sexy lingerie while I’m at it!” she laughed again and went into the kitchen to call Mr. Burkle.
I gritted my teeth together as I walked upstairs to my room and changed out of my school uniform and into a pair of stretchy shorts, a tank top, and my tennis shoes.
“Mom, I’m going for a run. Be back soon!” I yelled and dashed out the front door before she could yell back. I ran down the block to Mr. Burkle’s house and looked through the living room window. He was on the phone talking and laughing with whoever it was on the other line. I continued to run the rest of way down the block before I came back to his house. I noticed Mrs. Weatherly, an overweight old lady who lived next door, watering her flowers. I saw her look up, smile and wave at me. I waved back and went up to front door and knocked.
Mr. Burkle opened it right away. “Trish! What are you doing here?” He hissed under his breath as he glanced over at Mrs. Weatherly who was watching us. “We need to talk…now!” I hissed back. He plastered a friendly smile on his face and greeted me warmly. The look in his eyes was anything but.
“Trish!” He said loudly enough for Mrs. Weatherly to hear. “What a pleasant surprise. Would you like to come in for a glass of ice cold lemonade I made? You must be thirsty after all that running.”
I smiled right back. “I’d love to!” He stood back to let me in and I saw him wave friendly at Mrs. Weatherly. His arm was tense with pent up anger as he shut the door. He turned, grabbed me, pinning me against the wall with his body.
“What the hell are you doing here? You’re hardly dressed. Do you want to get me arrested?” he growled at me. “Let me go or I will scream and make sure you do. I’m sure the lovely Mrs. Weatherly would love to report it.”
He released me and stepped back. Walking into the kitchen, he opened the fridge and took out a pitcher of lemonade. After pouring a glass and handing it to me, he sat down at the table. I took a few sips and set the glass down.
“What do we need to talk about exactly?” he asked propping an elbow on the top of the chair and raising an eyebrow. Glaring at him, I took the glass of lemonade and threw it in his face. “You know goddamn well what we need to talk about!”
He growled as he lunged at me tipping over his chair. Grabbing my wrists, he bended me over the counter and pinned my wrists painfully against the tile.
“You think you can fuck me and fuck my mother!”
He stared at me, his eyes glittering with rage, and lemonade dripping from his face. His eyes softened as he took in my hurt anger. Kissing me with his hot lips made my pussy tingle and my nipples hard. I opened my mouth under his and his skillful thick tongue slid inside to tangle with mine. I could only moan I darted my tongue inside his. His lips sucked my tongue and his tongue thrust against mine. Raising his head, he whispered, “I should have told you first.”
He trailed his lips along my neck down my collarbone. I groaned. He released one of my hands so he could slide it inside my loose shorts. He found my clit and rubbed it back and forth with his forefinger. I moaned as my hips bucked against his hands. My pussy was already aching for all ten inches of thick cock.
He seemed to know and thrust one finger inside my cunt and then another. He began to finger fuck me ever so slowly then harder and harder until my pussy squirted all over his hand. I moaned.
“Fuck me,” I begged. “Fuck me right here….” I didn’t have to ask twice. He had his pants down to his ankles and his hot throbbing cock jutted out. Lifting my hips onto the counter and pulling my shorts off, he ran his finger up and down my cunt making me moan and squirm.
“Please! Fuck me…!” I nearly shouted. He smirked and took his thick cock in his hand. Pushing the head of his cock in made my pussy tighten around it as he pushed the entire length of it in. He withdrew an inch before plunging back into my aching hole ever so slowly.
I groaned wanting more. Instead of fucking me, he opened my pussy lips and rubbed my clit back and forth harder and harder making my pussy go tight around his cock and my hips jerk off the counter. “Oh, please, don’t do this to me…” I moaned. I couldn’t stand his teasing pleasure anymore. My pussy was aching to be fucked.
“What? Don’t do this?” His thumb circled my clit and I moaned again. “Or maybe I shouldn’t do this.” He pulled his cock out of me before filling me up with it again. “Do it! Do it! Do it!” I chanted. Holding my thighs apart, he started fucking his cock in and out of me harder and faster.
“Oh! Mr. Burkle! You fuck me so good. So good! Please don’t ever stop fucking my cunt!” I moaned as fucked me harder.
“You bet your sweet slutty ass I never will!” Sliding his hand under my ass and lifting it up, he pounded his cock in me harder and faster.
“Oh! Mr. Burkle! I’m going to cum! Oh! Oh! Fuck me!”
“Yeah, that’s it! Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my cock! Oh, shit! I’m cum in your sweet tight cunt!” His cock shot a load of hot cum inside my pussy making me cum even more as I felt him feeling me up. As he pulled his still hard cock out of my pussy, I put my legs down and lean back on one hand and started rubbing my clit.
He watched me as I rubbed the little nub harder and started stroking his cock up and down in his hand. Between moans, I gasped, “If you love fucking this sweet tight pussy so much…”(moan) “Why would want to fuck my bitch of a mother’s for?” I lifted my leg and held my thigh open on my right foot and start finger fucking my pussy with my middle finger with his cum and mine wetting it all over.
“Ohhh….don’t you know how fucking hot you make me? I can tell I make you just as fucking hot. You love fucking my sweet pussy, Mr. Burkle!”
He walked over and thrust his cock in my face. I took it in my mouth, moving up and down and up and down fast with it hitting the back of my throat. His hand clenched my hair. I could tell he was close to cumming.
“You’re right, I do. My lessons have turned you into one hot little fuck!” He shouted and cum erupted inside my mouth. I swallowed every pile of cum he shot in and milked him for all I was worth. His cock started to return to its normal size after all the rigorous activity I had put it through. He sighed as he leaned against the counter.
“I really need a glass of that lemonade now.” He looked at me. “How about you?” I just shook my head as I closed my legs and ambled over to my shorts. I could feel him watching me as put them on and went to sit on the couch. The one he’d enjoyed taking my cherry on. I loved fucking this man. I was hurt and angry at the same time. I’d been trying to deny the reason why I felt the way I did. Any other slut may have saw it as no big deal and would have said let’s have a threesome.
I couldn’t because one-I hated my mom and I wouldn’t fuck her if you paid me. Plus, I wanted Mr. Burkle to myself. I glanced over at him. He’d pulled his pants back on and was drinking a glass of lemonade with his back turned to me.
“I guess I should go. My mother’s wants me to help pick her outfit out for your date,” I said scathingly the meaning clear in my voice. When he still said nothing, I rose off the couch and headed for the door.
“Trish, wait. Come sit down and let me talk to you.” My face was turned away so he couldn’t see the relief I felt in my eyes.
We sat down on the couch together and he slid his arm around me pulling me close. His lips brushed over mine in a soft kiss.
“Trish, I’m taking your mother out because I want to marry her. Now hear me out,” he said holding up his hand when I started to scowl. “It’s not for the reasons you think.”
“Then what is it for?” He trailed his hand along my collarbone down my side and cupped my left breast in his hand. He rubbed his thumb back and forth across the nipple till it peaked.
“Remember the night you snuck into my house and I taught you how to please a man? Do you remember the way I plowed my dick in and out of your ass and how much you loved it?” I sighed. His words were making my pussy tingle.
“Yes, but what’s that got to do with marrying my mother?” I tried to remind myself to stay on track. “Well, if I was your stepfather, I could fuck you whenever and wherever I wanted. We wouldn’t have to worry about nose old bitches like Mrs. Weatherly.” He kissed the side of my neck. “Wouldn’t like that Trish baby?” He slid his hand inside my shorts and pushed his fingers inside my pussy and rubbed his thumb back and forth my nub.
I moaned. “Yes, I would like that very much,” I gasped. His slid his middle finger wet with my juices and his cum still in my pussy into my ass. I moaned as he started finger fucking it. “Go home tonight and think really hard on it,” he whispered.
There was no need to think about. Pretty soon, I was going to be fucking my new stepfather and I couldn’t fucking wait!


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Great Story .. keep it going

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Oho what a runaway horny girl it makes m wet..

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