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The next series to Sara's Prtective Dad
Protective Husband Four Loves part 1

I can hardly believe what's all just happen sense last Friday. This last six days has been the most eventful in my entire life. I finally reunited with Jewels after nearly fifteen years. Jewels brought with her my two daughters, Little Bobby and Morgan. Jewels insisted on me becoming their lover, although I'm very happy she did. Last Friday night I just found out Sara is not my biological daughter. Sara didn't tell me that at age thirteen she had already decided to marry me if I wasn't her father. Jewels and my two daughters are both lovers to me and Sara. Yesterday on her 16th birthday I married Sara. Jewels, Little Bobby, and Morgan also said I do too. So in a way I married them all. My four loves now my four wives. All four women insist that they want my children, and I believe Jewels and Sara both are pregnant. In nine more months I will call myself a Dad again, judging from the glow Jewels and Sara now have. Until that time I will enjoy being their husband and enjoy being in love with the four.

Jewels is falling asleep continuing to hold my hand. The traffic on the interstate isn’t very heavy today. I'll be able to drive quite a while still holding onto Jewels’ hand. I am reluctant to wake her if I don't have to. Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan looked to be asleep as well. I think it's the first time since I drove them home last Friday that I truly feel free of further difficulties.

The time passes quickly, but I had to slowly ease my hand away from Jewels. I hated to remove my hand from her grasp. I missed holding her like that for nearly fifteen years. Still safety dictated that I place my hand back on the steering well of my truck. As the truck nears empty I steer to a gas station to top off the tank. The change in motion or sound awakened my wives; the four of them stretch as I pull to a stop. Opened door for Little Bobby on my side and walked around to open the doors for Jewels, Sara and Megan, handing Jewels $200, I knew she is going inside anyway, if you could please have them turn on the pump I’ll fill it up.

Shortly after Jewels walked inside the pump came on, and I begin to pump fuel into my empty fuel tank. When it finished it was over $120 in fuel, I was a little surprised at it taking thirty-four gallons of fuel. That gave me around 500 miles before my next pit stop. It also gave me time to check the oil, clean the windows, headlights, tail lights and mirrors. By the time it finished taking fuel, Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan came back and had climbed back in with Sara taking the front seat. It was now my turn the head to the restroom, my bladder needing to be emptied.

Passing Jewels on the way in, she is carrying a bag containing drinks and other items. “Got you a bottle of water, and some chips we will share. Need the change?”

I tease Jewels, acting like I would be upset. “Oh no, you’re not getting those messy chips in my brand new truck.”

Jewels giggles. “Like I'm buying that, I know you. You’re not upset about a little bit of crumbs.” Smiling she smacks me on the ass playfully.

I say. “Seriously if you're hungry, we can stop somewhere and get something to eat. It’s nearly 8 o'clock so getting something to eat and finding a place to stay for the night probably wouldn't be a bad idea.” A good meal would be lot healthier than chips, especially for two pregnant women.

Jewels asks me. “Bobby, are you hungry?”

I answer. “Yes, the sandwiches we had earlier for a late lunch, have definitely worn off.”

Jewels replies to me. “I'll poll everyone on what they want to eat, by the time you get back we will have a good idea on what that will be."

I smile and turn heading to the restroom, upon my return Jewels is in the driver seat. So I get in the back with Morgan and Little Bobby. As soon as I have fastened my seatbelt, Jewels pulls away.

I warned her of the handling characteristics. “Jewels be careful the trailer will pull to the inside of every turn you make.” Just in time for her to make a wider turn pulling out, instead of her running over the curve and bouncing her new Cadillac Escalade on the trailer.

She pulls into a restaurant less than a full block away from the gas station, one that serves breakfast all day. Which I don't mind shoot I'll take eggs and bacon over hamburgers any time. Well maybe not my Oh my God burgers. They also have parking suitable for our needs.

Inside the restaurant we wait only five minutes for a table, seated we order our drinks, and browse through the menu. We order our meals, and talked quietly about Colorado. Little Bobby and Morgan have never been out of state so this is quite the adventure for them. I tell them would be crossing three state lines before we enter Colorado.

Jewels ask. "Where are we going to stay tonight?”

Sara says. "As long as it's not sleazy I don't care.”

Little Bobby jokes. “Maybe sleazy is what we want. We could fuck each other's brains out screening at the top of our lungs and no one would give damn.”

Morgan looks round quickly to check if anyone overheard, with no indication that anyone had. So she adds. “We did that in the penthouse.”

I retrieve the tablet from the briefcase. I checked the tablet and it connects to the restaurant’s Wi-Fi, I check several upper-class hotels in the area, looking for the suites with multiple rooms. After a few minutes I locate one not too far down the road, at least we will not be going backwards for a place to stay tonight.

After leaving the restaurant I pull onto the interstate for the next few miles to the hotel, calling ahead to ensure they have vacancies, it's a Thursday night they have suites available, I ask if they could hold me one. Only if I use the credit card, I'm only five miles away so I'll be there in less than ten minutes. I decide not to. “Be there shortly.” Hell I'll be happy with just one king-size bed, yes very happy with one king-size bed and four beautiful women to share it with.

Upon arriving at the hotel I find out all the rooms were exactly the same, a living room kitchenette combination area, bedroom and bathroom. I asked if they had two adjoining suites which they did and I booked them paying with cash. They asked if I had a form of ID, I handed them a picture ID, I’m called B. Franklin, and the clerk laughed instant the hundred into his pocket. “I can accept that ID.”

We went to our room, bringing our overnight bags with us. Recent events have imparted us with a few bits of knowledge. We opened the door way between the two suites, my women having had a couple hours of sleep on the drive our far more awake than I.

I watched the news the lead story of how a con man impersonating a doctor for years, apparently planning to kidnap a socialite and to murder his current wife, and make off with the socialite’s trust and wife's life insurance. He is also suspected of murdering his first wife by use of a drug overdose.

Jewels cuddles close to me watching the news, it’s one thing to suspect it yourself, but a whole different feel to it when you see it on the news. “Loving you really did save my life.” Jewels says again.

Sara agrees with Jewels. “Yes Sis, I wouldn't have it any other way.”

Little Bobby and Morgan agree “Yes mom, you loving Bobby more than likely saved us all.”

To break the somber mood, I joke. “Scientists do say, that loving someone adds years to your life.”

Jewels laughs heartily and says. “In that case we’ll all live to be 150.”

Sara kisses me, standing she pulls me up. “Isn't it time for bed?”

I know what she wants. “I didn't think you would be sleepy yet.”

Sara said with a devilish grin. “Who said anything about sleep?”

Little Bobby whispers something to Morgan and then they both giggle. They both stand and help Sara to pull me along to the bed. Jewels begins to push me, playfully smacking my ass occasionally. “Get that beautiful ass of yours on the bed; we have to thank you for saving our lives."
We are now in the bedroom my women are stripping me of my clothing. Sara is the first to strip as well, teasing me as she removes her clothing. When I'm free of my clothing Sara drops to her knees and begins to give me a blow job, my manhood hardens very quickly in Sara’s warm and wet mouth. She's doing very well considering this is the first time doing this for me; she has about a third of my manhood in her mouth and bobs back and forth taking a little less than half of me. Sara’s tongue is working the underside, and her hand is closed tightly around the base of my cock. Now that everyone is nude; Sara stands and pushes me back to the edge of the bed. Taking Jewels by her hand she pulls her in front of me she spins her so her back is to me. Sara with a devilish smile covering her face says. “Sit down Sis. You’re first tonight.”

Jewels straddles my thighs, and slowly lowered herself as Sara lines us up. I feel moisture drop onto my manhood Jewels is dripping she so turned on. Sara runs my cock between Jewels lips, as Jewels moves her hips to increase the contact to her clit. Jewels is moaning. “Come on Sara I need him in me now." Sara pushes me back to Jewels’ opening. Jewels feeling me in the right position drops taking me very quickly. Jewels moaning again. “Oh Yes Bobby I've been wanting that all day.” After setting there a few seconds, Sara drops between Jewels out spread legs beginning to lick her and me. I'm holding on to Jewels’ hips as I begin to pump into her, Little Bobby and Morgan both pounce onto Jewels’ breasts. Jewels now feels what Sara received last night. It doesn't take her long to begin an orgasm; I'm holding back I don't want this to end too quickly for Jewels. Jewels is shaking strongly as she cries out. “OH YES THIS IS SO GOOD!” Jewels is breathing hard but soon her spasms ease. She is pushing her head back in turns to whisper in my ear. “Oh Bobby, how does it feel, to be, fucking me again, fucking your sister-in-law, your wife, fucking me?”

Between my heavy breathing I say. "Great, marvelous, and heavenly, like something; I've waited for, and wanted, to do, the last fifteen years."

Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan all giggle sending an odd sensation through us. I begin to speed my rhythm driving Jewels into her second orgasm, it stronger than her first and she spurts covering Sara’s neck and upper chest with her cum, some splashes on to me as well. I speed my rhythm even faster holding her hips in place. Sara's mouth licks hungrily at Jewels, in the mirror I see Sara taking Jewels clit into her mouth, and Jewels screams her pleasure. “OH YES, YES. I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING." This sends me over the edge I cum heavily into Jewels, pushing deeper I fill her cervix open slightly allow my cum to enter her womb. Sara is gently squeezing my balls, increasing the amount of semen I ejaculate. I fall back onto the bed; I lie there trying desperately to catch my breath. Jewels quickly falls back onto my chest, and Sara with the help of Little Bobby rolls Jewels over onto her back.

Morgan takes my cock begins to suck it clean, I feel just a little more come is sucked from me as Morgan sucks hard. She begins bobbing her head which increases the pressure each time she pulls away, does not take her very long to have me fully hard. Her technique is different than all the other girls. Like last night Sara is licking Jewels to clean her of our cum. I pull Morgan up into a passionate kiss not breaking as I move behind Sara. One hand on Sara's hip Morgan lines me up to Sara's pussy move my dick up and down her slit till I’m over Sara's vaginal opening. I pushed hard impaling Sara with my hard cock. Sara moans loudly sending Jewels into a third orgasm again she spurts covering Sara with even more cum. Sara is shaking as she too begins to orgasm as I fuck her doggy style. Morgan is looking down is my cock appears and disappears into Sara. Her hand is on her pussy and her fingers rub her Clit in tempo with my thrusts. Jewels comes down from her climax she lays limply on the bed.

Sara pushes back hard, placing her hands on the bed either side of Jewels. Sara moans. “Don't stop. I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming.” I pump harder as her back arches changing the angle ever so slightly, but it must be better for Sara as she begins to spurt my hand catching it momentarily, as I start to rub her clit Sara again screams her pleasure. “OH YES, OH YES, I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING SO HARD.” Her spasms send me into orgasm as they milk me I come hard into Sara as well. If it wasn't for Little Bobby and Morgan we both would've fell to the floor. When both our knees buckle they catch us, helping both of us to the bed.

Morgan again claims my cock sucking hard it doesn't take her long to bring life back to it. She rolls me on to my back, and mounts me. She starts a fast rhythm as she begins to arch her back. My hands reach her breasts I play with them massaging and teasing her hard nipples. I can feel her spasms start in her vagina. It didn't take her very long at all to achieve her first orgasm of the night. She leans forward her hard nipples moving with her rhythms over my chest. Morgan kisses me, and then asked. “How does it feel to fuck me, to fuck your wife, your daughter?

Between my heavy breathing I say. “Famous, marvelous, and heavenly, I love you Morgan.”

Morgan's orgasm just had subsided, but this send her into a second stronger orgasm, she is slamming against me fucking me hard as she can. She screams her pleasure. “OH YES BOBBY THAT'S IT I'M CUMMING FOR YOU MY HUSBAND. OH YES.” My hands over her hips as she slams down hard I push up and hold her there as I cum in her. She spurts with every rope I fire, we're cuming in unison our bodies totally in sync. We both tense and relax as our bodies are nearly completely exhausted. Little Bobby is watching as we lay there catching our breath, once our breathing is normalized. Little Bobby is looking at the huge wet spot we created. Jewels and Sara are also watching us. Morgan finds the strength to raise herself off my chest, my limp cock falls out of her with a gush of our cum. Jewels pulls Morgan over laying her on her back she begins to lick her cunt clean.

Little Bobby begins to clean me taking her time to work my cock back to life. “Little Bobby that's going to take a while your sister really pulled it out of me.” In twenty minute she had me back as hard as I started the night.

Little Bobby pulls me up and lay on her back. She spreads her legs wide welcoming me to her. I returned the favor she gave me, and bury my face in to her pussy, I lick over her outer lips, she's incredibly wet, I move down to her perineum I force my tongue between her inner lips and tongue fuck her till she starts to moan. “Yes I love that but I want your cock not your tongue.” With a request like that who am I to deny my daughter. I run my tongue up to her clit just tasted it and sucker hard on her Nob it's fully out of its hood. Her hands go to my head and hold me there for just an instant as I tease her Clit she begins to lift her hips off the bed forcing her Clit deeper into my mouth. Little Bobby spasms as a small orgasm takes her. I nurse on her clit, wrapping my tongue and lips around it, as her hips shake sending even more pleasure to her body. She pulls my head back in again demands. “Put that big cock in my pussy.” I rise up and move upper body kissing her breasts and playing a little with her hard nipples. I hear Morgan's cries of joy as Jewels brings her to yet another orgasm. Fingers close around my cock and I know it must be Sara’s hand. Sara runs my cock up and down Little Bobby's slit once over her opening I push and Sara removes her hand quickly. Little Bobby wraps her legs around my waist and pushes up meeting my thrust. We began a medium fast rhythm which brings Little Bobby to orgasm very quickly, and me having cumed three very hard times already tonight I'm nowhere near being finished. I continue the rhythm that Little Bobby started. In just a few minutes she is beginning to have back to back orgasms just like Morgan the night before. They are twins after all. Little Bobby spurts on her third or fourth orgasm, I always enjoyed the sensation of having girl cum over my cock and balls. Morgan now watches us as well. Little Bobby is screaming her passion. “OH YES MY HUSBAND FUCK ME FUCK MY BRAINS OUT. FUCK ME LIKE YOU'RE TRYING TO MAKE A BABY." I speed my rhythm and it pushes Little Bobby into yet another group up back to back orgasms. As they begin to get stronger I speed my rhythm now feeling the need to fill her up with my cum. This makes her orgasms even more intense driving me over the edge I pushed deeply as she tightens around me, like Morgan the night before I'm so sexually high that I barely realize anything, but that I'm Cumming in her very hard. As rope after rope fills her, she spurts back matching me, our bodies are in unison. Until we both completely tense as I begin to relax I roll to the side just as sleep takes me.

Jewels remarks. “Damn, I almost wish I wasn't pregnant, so I could go last.”

Giggling Sara says. “Me too, but I got to go last on Sunday morning.”

Morgan looks at them. “I would rather be pregnant, it's fun being last but I love him so much.”

Jewels and Sara are hugging Morgan. Her mom tells her. “Morgan when you're sixteen I'll take you to the Doctor, and get your birth control discontinued. We won't tell Bobby, we’ll just let you be last because it seems like he comes like a freight train.”

Sara giggling says. “He always comes like a freight train.” All three women are giggling at that. Little Bobby jumps up off the bed, exiting to the restroom.

Jewels says “That might not be a bad idea. We all should get cleaned up before we go to sleep.”

Sara noticing the bed had two giant wet spots. “Maybe we should strip this bed and sleep in the other room.”

Morgan placing her foot down notices a wet spot on the carpet. “What can we do about the carpet?”

Jewels and Sara giggle. Little Bobby has walked back into the room. Holding her hand under her dripping pussy, she says. “Morgan did he put that much and you last night too.”

Morgan giggles. “From what I saw it sure looked like it.”

They let me sleep about half an hour, before they pulled me out of bed to take a shower and move to the other room, and dry bed for the rest of the night.

Awaking at 7:30 all we had to do was take a quick shower and dress for the day. This hotel offers breakfast until 9 AM not just cereal but a full-service breakfast. Little Bobby, Morgan, and I go down to the lobby for breakfast, Sara and Jewels meet us there, after they finished their makeup. But I know from past experience exactly what's going on. The two are up to something, most likely due to my upcoming birthday. It doesn't matter this year I truly have everything a man could ever hope for.

I double checked the trailer and ensuring that everything is secure. We leave the hotel, just before 9:00 in the morning. We continue the long drive to Denver Colorado. Setting the destination in the navigation system, I find is only 10 and a half hours there. We will stop there tonight, one more night in a hotel before leaving for the mountains and getting to the Cabin.

Nearly lunch time we stopped for gas, like yesterday they awake, as soon as I pull off the interstate. Sara holds out her hand she had taken the front passenger seat today. She says. “Give me the cash I'll do it today.” Given her $200, then like I always do, I’m opening the doors for everyone. After Sara has entered the gas station, the pump is set and I begin to fill the truck again. I begin to turn this into a routine cleaning the glass and brake lights, checking the oil and look at the tires. Satisfied everything is good, once the pump has filled the truck. This has given enough time for Jewels, Little Bobby and Morgan to return. Sara now carries the bag of items from the store.

I asked Sara. “Do you want to go eat somewhere nice?”

Sara’s reply isn’t unexpected. “No, let's keep moving. I want to get to Denver tonight. Can we do a little shopping tomorrow before we leave Denver?”

“Sure we can. Matter of fact we're going to have to get groceries for us. The caretaker got everything else ready, but getting the groceries is our job.” I remind Sara, it has been eight years since she's been there after all.

Once inside, I headed to the restroom. Now that I feel better, I could get something from in here. I find a few items, but decided against the corn nuts, that might upset Jewels’ and Sara’s stomachs. Anything with a strong odor can do that to pregnant women. Both of them are probably very sensitive to that right now. Hopefully they will not have morning sickness quite yet, and haven't shown any sign of it. When Jewels was first pregnant with the twins, she developed morning sickness very early then. Fortunately it didn't last but a few weeks, then her appetite spiked.

I’m back in my truck where they’re waiting for me patiently. Jewels has again taken the driver’s seat. Smiling I take my seat in the back.

The Twins are munching on chips, they don't say anything but I can tell they're hungry. I'm glad I thought of that and got a few extra items for them. I picked things that I know I liked hoping their taste is similar. Little Bobby and Morgan's eyes light up as I hand them one of my favorite candy bars. Morgan is in the center seat and she whispers to me. “Mom normally won't let us have those, but we love them.” I just wink to let them know I understand.

Jewels pulls off and carefully steers the truck and trailer back to the interstate.

Little Bobby pulls a blanket she says she's taking a nap as she pulls the blanket over her head. Morgan seen this find the second blanket and does the same and leans against my chest. I hear the candy bars being opened, shortly after the twins both moan eating the candy. “Mm that’s so good.” Sara turns in her seat pull back the blanket. There's Morgan holding the last bite of a Baby Ruth she quickly pops it into her mouth. Sara has a very disgusted look on her face.

Jewels only catching part of the action asks. “Was that what I think?”

Morgan says. “All gone, sorry none to share.”

I ask. “What you think it was?” Jewels doesn't answer, but the pulls over on the side of the road. One stopped she gets out and walks to the guardrail breathing heavily trying not to throw up. Morgan licks her fingers of the chocolate left there. Sara smells the chocolate, and begins to laugh hysterically.

I step out to comfort Jewels. She turns and barely looks at me before turning back looking at the open field. “How could you do that? That was..” She cut herself off hearing Sara’s laughter. Jewels face has a perplexed look. “It looked like, her fingers were covered with”

I cut her off saying two words. “Caddy shack.”

Jewels look is priceless, as the realization hits her. “That was a candy bar.”

I begin laughing so hard, and yes it was a little at Jewels, mostly her reaction made it much funnier. Of course she punched me in the shoulder for laughing. That seemed to make it only funnier. She began to pout, till I pulled her into a hug, and kissed her beautiful face. I told her. “That is one of the things I've always loved about you. You can always make me laugh.”

Jewels teasing says. “If you love that about me, I'll not change it." Then she kisses me, working her hands under my ribs she begins to tickle me. I laugh hysterically at her attack, she says. “That's what you get for not getting me one too.”

I slip from her, jumping back to the open door, quickly reaching and I grab the last Baby Ruth, holding it forward like a shield I ask. “Is this what you want?” I know it’s not her favorite. I reached back for one of others I purchased. “Or would you rather have this one?”

Jewels snaps. “Give me that.”

I quickly hand over the second chocolate bar, which I happen to know is Jewels’ favorite candy bar. I noticed Sara looking hungrily at it. “Good thing I got two.” I give Sara the second candy bar.

Jewels practically inhales the candy bar. Jokingly I say. “You must not have had a candy bar in a decade.”

Jewels replies. “Fourteen years.”

I am holding her close. “I know how I can keep you slim. But I want to see your belly big and round like in eight months.”

Jewels eyes light up. “Oh I am pregnant; I can't stand candy bars when I'm not.”

I look over her shoulder to see Sara happily finishing her candy bar too. I'm explaining to Jewels. “Jewels your sister is too. Sara stopped liking candy bars when she went through puberty.”

Jewels looks at the twins. “I think they did as well.”

I eyes go wide, as my expression shows my surprise. I flash back to the dream I had about our children, our to older girls I know belonged to Jewels and Sara, the next set younger by about eighteen months belonged to the Twins. This surprise fades quickly, and I smile saying. "Would be good but I'm going to be a nervous wreck if all four of you pregnant." I can hear the twins giggling.

Now it’s Jewels turn to get a surprise expression on. “Bobby don't say that they'll have their birth control out before the end of the month.”

“Don't worry Jewels I’ll not get them pregnant for about eighteen months from now. Maybe a little sooner if you have their birth control removed right on their sixteenth birthday.” I say loud enough for the twins to overhear and Jewels to hear over the traffic.

The twins have shocked expressions and see their mother begin to laugh. Jewels says back. “How did you know I promised Morgan, we’ll remove her implant on her sixteenth birthday?”

I deny her suspicions. “Well Morgan didn't inform me if that's what you're inquiring. I had a dream the other night right after I got you and Sara pregnant.”

Jewels giggles. “What was your dream about?”

I look at her deadly serious. “Our future together, how happy we will be and how many children we have together. By the way what you think of Katharine, we’ll call her Katie for our baby’s name?”

Jewels sarcastically smiles. “So I'm having a girl?”

With my hand gently on her stomach, I whisper to her. “Yes we're having a girl. And so is Sara as well. Ask Sara she has a name picked out for a girl? She will tell you Rachel.”

Jewels knows that sometimes I get those premonitions sometimes really big premonitions. Jewels has benefited from my premonitions in the past. Even being gifted like I am doesn’t let you see everything that is coming. I wish I'd had one of premonitions on Sara's first birthday. I definitely would spend more time with Jewels, than I spent making my fortune. Who knows it may have been our destiny to been separated. Our lives definitely would've been different. Who's to say if it would be better or worse? But I do enjoy my life as it is today.

Jewels giggles. “Okay I'll have to admit I was thinking of Katharine if I had a girl.”

I smile back saying. “Katie is going to be a very happy little girl with all the love her mothers and father can give her.”

Jewels has tears of joy streaming down her face as she has her face buried in my chest. Looking up a tear falls onto her beautiful face. She realizes that I to have tears of joy coming from my eyes. We stand there in each other's arms as love blazes from each other's eyes. A cold wind whips across us sending snowflakes whirling around us. Funny thing I have not even noticed the cold standing here in the warmth of Jewels embrace.

With both doors open the wind had blown completely through the truck. Sara rolled her window down to complain to us. “You two born in a barn? Jewels of you’re feeling better can we go it started to snow.”

“Come on Jewels four more hours and we’ll be in Denver.” She runs around to the driver side and jumps back in closing the door. I’m in and have buckled up. Let's get moving.

“Yes Sir.” Jewels says. Then she begins to accelerate using the side of the road to acquire full speed. She pulls into the first lane when it is safe for her to do so.

We travel on for a long time, happily joying the time together.

We cross the top of the hill in snow, but as we drove down in the next valley the snow turns to rain. The scenery is magnificent; it is definitely something Little Bobby and Morgan haven't experienced. At the center of the valley is a gas station that we can see from the road. I see an old car that smokes heavily as it pulls into the gas station. “Jewels pull off to that gas station please.”

Jewels does so without question. Now I'm watching the car closely, a young woman exits the car opened the rear door she takes out a baby about six months old. I could tell the child is crying even from this distance. The woman is very upset, the stress presents on her young face.

Jewels says. “Sara there was a time when I was in her shoes. Janet had convinced me not to try to get in touch with Bobby. I was barely keeping the twins in diapers and formula, the old car that I had just getting in worse shape every day. But there's no way I would've been able to fix it or replace it. Bobby I want to help her.”

“Why do you think I had us stop for? I wanted to find out if it was someone that needed help or help others by keeping them off the road.”

Little Bobby and Morgan say. “Mom, we remember when we were little how tough it was for you. Bobby it really looks like she's in the same fix mom was in. Can we help?”

“Yes, if she’ll let us. I couldn't be there and do those things for you like I wanted to. But I kept trying to find you. And maybe by assisting her I can make up for not being able to help you.” I'm almost teary-eyed so upset that I wasn't there for them.

Morgan wraps me into a tight hug. “I know you would've been there if you could.”

Little Bobby crawls over her sister to kiss me. “Yes Bobby I know you would have if you could.”

Jewels smiling said. “If you two would get off of him we can go find out if we can help her.”

The young woman had taken her baby inside she took in the furthest booth facing the wall. She held her baby to her chest nursing, or trying to as the baby cried. In her upset stay her mother may not have been able to produce milk. Jewels walked over to her and began by. “Miss my name is Jewels; I saw that dilapidated car you got out of. It reminds me so much of the car I had when my two were just babies. Tell you the truth; it's breaking my heart to see you in that shape.”

Young woman begins to cry; her baby isn't even trying to nurse, but loudly cries in her mother's arms.

Jewels puts her hand on her shoulder gently to comfort her. “I know how bad it is I've been there myself.” The young woman is holding her head down, tears fall from her chin as she weeps.

I say this in the kindest but firm voice I can manage. “Miss I know you don't know us, but we would like to help you. Will you tell us something about yourself? To start with why would you want to drive in weather like this in a car in that poor condition?”

She takes a deep breath and looks me in my eyes with tears still running down her cheeks. She begins. “My name is Sharon A. Whitemore. My husband is in the military is due to flying in Denver tomorrow. I've been driving the last two days from Sumter SC., he just gotten reassigned to Colorado Springs after being in the Middle East for the last year. I stayed there hoping we wouldn't have to move when he returned. That old car ran pretty good when he left, but everything on it fell apart while he was gone. The heater doesn't work now, the windshield wipers work if they want to. It had started most of the time. It drinks gas, I was hoping to have enough money for hotel now it's cold but I don't have enough money to buy gas to get us to Denver. Now it won't even start.” With that she hangs her head and quietly sobs.

Jewels ask. “Do you have a bottle to feed the baby?” Sharon shakes her head no, not raise her eyes to Jewels. Jewels simply looks at Little Bobby and Morgan, they leave to get a bottle and formula. Before they go I hand them a one hundred dollar bill. I know Sharon didn't see that her eyes are closed and her head is still downcast.

I asked. “Sharon you look exhausted, have you been driving straight through?” Sharon gently shakes her head yes.

I asked her. “When did you say your husband is returning?”

Sharon still downcast, more due to her exhaustion than anything doesn't raise her head. “Tomorrow at 2 PM at the Denver airport.” She simply states.

Although 3 PM in the afternoon, it's less than four more hours to Denver from here. “Sharon you're not safe to drive for you or your baby. Can I put you in a hotel for the night?”

Sharon head pops up. She has look of suspicion on her face. Like many people would on this circumstance she misunderstood what my intentions are. I chuckled. “Sorry I guess I should introduce myself before making an offer like that. My name is Bobby, this is my wife Sara, my sister-in-law Jewels with her hand on your shoulder, and our daughters are getting your baby some milk. I would only make an offer like that out of the kindness of my heart to protect your baby.”

“You mean you wouldn't be sharing the room with me.” She asked suspiciously.

“No. Of course not. I would never do anything to hurt my wife.” Holding Sara's hand, I lifted it to my lips kissing her gently.”

Sharon says. “Sorry I'm just a little over tired, must not be thinking.”

Jewels says. “You been up for about 48 hours straight haven't you?” Sharon simply shakes her head yes.

Right next door to the gas station is a hotel not the cheapest but a very good and higher-quality hotel. Little Bobby and Morgan come back with two bottles and two different types of formula for the baby, setting both down in front of Sharon. Little Bobby said. “We didn't know which ones to get so we got the two most popular.” Both cans are ready to use and sealed. The bottle still wrapped in the plastic.

Streams of tears run from Sharon's eyes. “You really did mean it when you said you wanted to help.” Her hands shake as she opens the bottles, hurriedly to feed her child. Once one of the bottles is open she opens the formula filling the bottle. She walks over to the microwave and places the bottle in for a few seconds to warm it. Offering the warm milk to her child, the baby hungrily begins to drain the bottle.

Jewels and I exchange a knowing look. Jewels offers. “Sharon let’s go to the restroom and you can fix your shirt while I hold the baby for you.” Sharon shook her head yes again as her face turned red with embarrassment.

Little Bobby and Morgan come back with four more bottles of formula, sitting down with me and Sara. Sara asked me. “Why did you and Jewels look at each other like that?”

I explained to her. “Because we both knew that Sharon didn't have any milk for her baby, she tried to breast-feed but her breast are dry having no milk. She probably never breast-fed her ever.”

Three girls exchange a look, and Sara asked me. “Why?”

“The baby knew how to use a bottle. Sharon knew exactly how long to put it in the microwave for. And the child was very hungry, like it hadn't eaten all day. Her mother admitted she had no money she probably use the last on formula and gas. She looks like she hasn’t eaten herself in a day or so.”

My three ladies with me, showing me their heart they say in unison. “We're going to help her.”

I'm smiling brightly at the three. I say. “That is without a doubt the question is how much she would let us help her. She has her pride she wouldn't steal for herself. So there may be a limit to how much she's willing to take from us. I would not force something on her even if it was for her own good.”

Jewels and Sharon return from the bathroom. Sharon now smiles. “Jewels told me that you will help me somehow Bobby.”

I smile at her. “I have a question for you how much does your husband make a year?” She tells me, and I'm actually shocked at how little it is. I guess I'm out of touch with the reality of life of the 99%. I quickly figure out what he actually makes a minute and I am so shocked at the disparity between his and my income. Here's the question I need to get an answer from Sharon. “Sharon would you say your husband's time is any less valuable than mine.” Sharon not fully understanding my hidden agenda simply says. “No his time should be as valuable to him as yours is to you.”

I smile at her answer. “That is true enough Sharon.” Jewels and the girls are slightly confused. “Sharon would you give me a dollar and a half, it about what your husband makes in ten minutes.”

Sharon almost cries. “If I had a dollar and a half I would gladly give it. But I don't even have that.”

“Because you were willing to give it to me, I'll tell you what I want to do. Can I give you what I make in the same ten minutes? You said the time is just as valuable to your husband as it is to me.” In a second Jewels realizes what I'm up to, and then Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan nearly giggle with excitement.

Sharon slightly confused at the reactions of my four Loves, simply shakes her head yes. She has no idea what that one shake of her head is worth. “Okay here's the deal, if you let me buy you dinner and shared with us, then let me put you up at my expense for the night so you and your child can go safely to Denver tomorrow. I'll give you what I make in ten minutes of my time. I wouldn't want your husband to have to go through losing you, after that year in the Middle East. You can call it a welcome home present to him.”

Sharon says. “Thank you, I would be happy to join you for dinner.” Her stomach growls loudly at the prospect of food.

I asked them “Sara, Jewels, Little Bobby, Morgan, and Sharon where would you like to eat?”

Sharon says. “Anywhere is fine with me.”

I suggest. “How about we try the hotel restaurant next door?”

Jewels and Sara shrugged their shoulders. Little Bobby and Morgan just nod yes. But Sharon's eyes say what she would not. She sees the hotel and restaurant to be far too expensive.

“Okay Sharon you said anywhere, so I get to choose. And by the way a deal's a deal. Tonight when I hand you what I make in ten minutes no backing out. Okay?” I hold out my hand for her to shake on it. She does but somewhat reluctantly.

Jewels says that takes care of Bobby helping you. But I would like to assist you as well. I've been in your shoes and I hate to see you drive that peace a shit of a car.

Sharon is a little wide-eyed at that statement. “What do you want to do about it?”

Jewels says simply. “How about I give you a new car.”

Sharon nearly falls over. “Why? How could you be…”

Jewels cut her off. “Like I said I was in your shoes. I made a little less than your husband. But now my fortunes have definitely changed, and I would like to give a little back to those still stuck where I was."

“I look at my watch, and see we have enough time to catch the dealerships still open. Sharon why don't you leave your car here, and will go to the dealership and you can choose a car. Think about which car you want and say it right now.”

Without hesitation Sharon says. “Chevy Malibu.”

“Okay the Chevy dealership is just down the street, let's go.”

I walk out to my truck; my wives walk over to Sharon's dead car they help remove Sharon's items into the bed of the truck. Once loaded they walk over to the hotel. Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan bring a luggage carrier to remove Sharon's items. I drive around back of the hotel. I park the trailer. I called the dealership using OnStar; the OnStar operator has the on hold a little longer than I think it would take her to call the dealership. I knew that the OnStar operator would inform the dealership of my preferred customer status. That's why I used them, and the dealership would wait for me until I got there.

I call my bank authorize a higher spending limit on my debit card, letting them know I'll be buying a car in Colorado. Didn't really want to do that but it appears Dr. Bastard will be in jail with no or little assets due to the seizure of those cashier’s checks.

I walk in to the lobby and book the penthouse, plus one room for Sharon and her baby. We place Sharon's items in her room. Having Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan stay in the penthouse so I can drive Sharon to the dealership. But Sara insists on coming with me. Sorry but that is as much room as we have for, so Little Bobby and Morgan are going to stay here. They giggle and ask. “Can we order dinner from room service and eat in the penthouse.”

I compliment them. “You know that's a really good idea. Will tell you when we're finished at the dealership.”

Jewels calls me to tell that they are waiting by the truck. I give Morgan and Little Bobby a peck on the cheek, and whisper I love you to each of them. I tell them. “We will be back soon.”

Sara and I walk out to the truck, meeting Jewels and Sharon there. We leave for the dealership once the baby carrier is securely fastened in back. Once there the sales manager rushes out to greet me. “Mr. Winfield it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I introduce him to Sara, Jewels, and then Sharon. Sharon is wife of a serviceman arriving home tomorrow; the car she drives isn't safe. We would like to buy her a new car, a Malibu. Sharon please tell the manager here what color of the car, and options you want.”

Sharon is very tired but at the same time very excited. Sara stays with the baby as her mother shops, the sales manager shows her the cars he has. She shakes a little most likely due to not having eaten in a very long time. Then again it could just be nervous excitement. She asked if she could find a blue one that was her favorite color as well as her husband’s. They have one but it is one of the more expensive models, and Sharon tries to pass, opting for a less expensive one. The sales manager informed her that it is the only blue one in his inventory. Over her objections I tell him we'll take it. “Sorry Sharon is the only blue one they have, and it’s your husband's favorite color. It's part of his present too.” With me telling her it's also for him she no longer objects.

We walk inside to the cashier's window and the sales manager asked how we intend to pay for it. Jewels looks at me realizing she's a poor millionaire, she has it but can't access any of her money. I just wink to her, and she breaks out into a large smile. Why don’t you girls go look of the car again? We will be out there in just a few minutes with your keys. As soon as they left I pull out my debit card, the sales manager’s eyes go wide, but he continues processing the sale. When it comes time for me to swipe my card, he nearly falls over seeing be approved flash in the register. It takes them a few minutes to print my pink slip. Which I informed him of the name is incorrect and the name to be placed on it. So he makes the corrections and reprints it. With temporary tags in hand and all the other items that come with the car we walk back to Jewels and Sharon. I hands Jewels the keys, who understands remembering me handing Sara the hundred she won. Jewels hands Sharon the keys to her new car. Sharon is shaking visibly as she looks at the keys in her hand. “I got to be dreaming, this doesn't happen for real.” The sales manager shakes his head as well. The key has a remote start. So Jewels shows her how to use it. “That way the car is warming up before you get in and drive your baby to daycare.”

“Are we ready to drive back and get something to eat?” Jewels shakes her head and enthusiastic yes.

The sales manager pulls the car out for Sharon parking next to my truck. We move the baby carrier with her sleeping child to her new car. Sharon drives back the half-mile to the hotel. I called ahead to let Little Bobby know we're finished, and it's time to order dinner. She asked if chicken fettuccine would be good for everyone. With no objections that's when she orders. Once back at the hotel I bring the briefcase, and get out our overnight bags from Jewels SUV. Bring them all in with me. I'm not going to wait long to given Sharon the money. I will get a large envelope from the concierge, to place the cash in that I can to give Sharon.

Sharon and Jewels are waiting in the lobby for us as Sara helps me bring in the luggage. Sharon has a newspaper and is looking through the headlines. Jewels points headlines which speak of us fortunately there's no picture to go along with it. But not until you get the page 3 which is where Sharon is reading at this very second.

Sharon asks. “Mr. Robert Winfield that is you right?”

“Guilty as charged” I state.

Sharon looks up from the paper. “It says a lot of things but none of them would ever make you ashamed of them. In fact it makes you sound almost saintly.”

I state jokingly. “That's probably because I own part of the paper that the story originated from. But I'm not as good as they make out.”

Sharon goes. “You are just being modest; from my experience they're absolutely right.”

“Just between us could you keep it from the press?” I asked kindly.

Jewels breaks up laughing. “Sorry Bobby I just had to make her do it.”

“Are you ready for dinner? Little Bobby has it been delivered upstairs.” I give Jewels wink, to let her know I'm not mad.

“I'll be up I need to get something from the concierge.” I say as I'm helping Sara push the luggage into the elevator.

Jewels with Sharon carrying her child stepped into the elevator. After the doors close I turn and head towards the concierge. He doesn't have a suitable envelope, but informs me that the hotel shop has briefcases for sale. They are not very expensive for me, so I get one. Once I’m in the penthouse, I hear the others talking from the kitchen. I smell food cooking. I’m wondering for a second if Little Bobby decided to make dinner for us instead of getting room service. Locating my other briefcase I keep the newer and load my old briefcase with cash for Sharon.

Double check to ensure I counted correctly, before giving Sharon the briefcase, I find my IPad still in the older briefcase. I'm happy I found that. Yes I did count correctly, now it's ready for Sharon. I lock the briefcase.

I hand Sharon the briefcase and she looks at it, feeling how heavy it is. “What do you get paid in, silver?”

I giggled in response to that. “I'll call you tomorrow with a combination just be sure you're sitting down when you open it. One stipulation I would like for you not to talk to the press about this. If your husband wants to know anything about it I have a business card in the case.”

I noticed Jewels, Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan are setting at the table talking; a chef is cooking dinner in the kitchen. A raised eyebrow and Little Bobby answers my question. “He came with the penthouse, when I called room service and ordered dinner for us he showed up with the ingredients and begins cooking here.”

“Yes Sir is part of a complementary package with the penthouse.” The chef informed us. “The food will be ready in five more minutes if you move to the dining room please, I'll serve you there.”

We all go to the dining room and set waiting for the chef, and our dinner. He brings it in and begins setting salads. We all have soft drinks, tees or soda. Sara and Jewels refrain from having wine. The food and company are good. Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan questions Sharon about her life. Although she seems to handle them well I can tell her strength is failing, and soon whether she wants to or not sleep will take her. Soon dinner is finished and the food was very good, I think the chef.

Now that hunger is no longer a problem for Sharon she falls asleep before she can even leave the penthouse. She's in a deep sleep, not even her little one could wake her, as she begins to demand her evening meal as well. Jewels smiles and tells the twins to make a bottle. They both had babysat to make their own money in the past. I retrieve a towel from one of the bathrooms, covering my shoulder I gently raise the little one rocking her slowly in my arms. She doesn't fuss as much, and soon the bottle is ready for her. I know Sara would love to do this but it's been a long time since I've had a baby in my arms. As I begin to feed her I can tell there's a mixture of wonder and jealousy from Sara. On one hand she sees how good I am with babies, but she also wishes it was her holding the child.

“Set down on the couch, Sara.” Sara takes her place in the couch, opposite Sharon in the room. Little Bobby has found a blanket and covers Sharon. Gently I set the child, into Sara's arms only momentarily removing the bottle. The smile on Sara's face is priceless. She holds the child until it's finished. I cover Sara shoulder with the towel and show her how to burp the child. In just a few moments the child burps loudly. The child again falls asleep, and slumbers near her mother. Jewels and Sara watches over the two of them. Still very early in the evening just past seven, I know that the formula is going fast, and by noon tomorrow she will be out again. Little Bobby and Morgan would you help me we need to get some things for the baby. Their eyes light up and they say in unison. “Good we wanted to help too.”

The three of us leave to purchase some items for the child. We go to a nearby mall, where Little Bobby and Morgan help me pick up clothing for the baby. Then we leave going to it grocery store, we get diapers, formula and all the other needed things for a baby. Back at the hotel we place them in Sharon's room.

At 9 PM I hear Sharon begin to stir. Jewels and Sara have fallen asleep watching over them. I quietly go to speak to Sharon.

Sharon begins. “I'm so sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep here on the couch.”

I point out. “It's okay Sharon better on the couch than the road.”

Sharon asked. “But you got me a room, why didn't you wake me? You didn't need to babysit?”

Smiling I say. “Nothing was going to rouse you, if your baby couldn't when she was hungry. We fed her and she fell right back asleep.”

Sharon looks down at the slumbering child. “How can I ever thank you. You’ve been so wonderful to me and my daughter.”

Grinning I say “There's no need for you to do that. I can afford to be generous, and it helps my karma. I think Sara would pay you to allow her to babysit. So it's our pleasure to assist you. Now with Jewels back in my life we're finding out just how much fun it is to be generous.”

Sharon says. “I wish I could give a car away, like Jewels did this afternoon.”

I tell her. “I've been incredibly fortunate in my life. First I was born to money, my mother raised me inherited my father's wealth, he was a multimillionaire. When I started college she started trading account on the stock exchange for me. I was only sixteen then, I couldn't even open it for myself. I she put $1 million in it, I gambled with that hard and by the time I finished school I had a little over $60 million, not all from the stock market but I also financially backed several movies. That's when I really figured out how to make money, help others start businesses doing what they love. I help them be successful, which meant I get paid back what I had advanced them plus a small percentage of their profit.

Sharon says. “That sounds like, what you call that Reaganomics, right?”

I point out. “Some people call it that. The problem with Reaganomics is the human factor. Most people, who have made the money needed to do Reaganomics, are too afraid to put it in someone else's hands, and set back and be a silent partner. They’re used to micromanaging everything, not trusting anyone with enough money to start a business. So there is a finite amount of money any one person can make when they micromanage.”

Sharon asked. “Let me get this right, you help other people start businesses, help them be successful and that made you rich?”

I tell her “Once you've done it, a couple hundred times the amount of money coming in is staggering.”

Sharon realizing the truth says. “So that is the secret, you don't just aid one person you assist a multitude.”

That's right. I've helped numerous people to do what they love, and attain a living accomplishing it.

Sara is awake now and she states. “Bobby has helped enough people that he's credited with revitalizing the city nearest our home.”

I chuckled. “That your uncle Dick talking again. He always over estimates the economic effects my efforts have created.”

Sara almost a little annoyed. “You educated me in economics, when you hire one person it generates seven jobs.”

I go over to her and set next to her. With my arm around her shoulder, I tell her. “In an ideal world that is absolutely correct, but in this one it's more like four or five.”

Sara is still looking at me and says. “That's four or five, times how many businesses times how many employees each business has. Now you see how big of a difference you have created.”

I capitulate to Sara’s logic. “Okay, I guess I did accomplish some good.”

Sara teasing says. "Yes George Bailey you did.” It's a wonderful life is one of Sara's favorite movies and she watches it every Christmas season.

I joke back. “If I was George, I would've found a way to get in on the plastics too.”

Jewels laughing, “If you were George Bailey, it would've been Potter on the bridge.”

We all share a laugh at that. Sharon even joined in. Sharon finally said. “I guess I better go use that room you paid for.”

Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan insisted on helping Sharon to her room. Leaving me and Jewels alone, I said near her and say. “Jewels the kids are finally out a house. Want to go make out?”

Jewels giggles. “I bet we have enough time for a quickie.”

Chuckling I replied. “What do you think they would do if they caught us?”

Jewels answers. “What they did on Saturday night, join us.”

I send Sara text saying. “Getting started, u can join 2.”

Four floors down, Sara reads the text, and giggles. She then shares it with Little Bobby and Morgan, who also giggle, but she quickly deletes the text. Sharon has just opened the door to her room, seeing the baby’s items again tears come to her eyes. For a moment she is lost for words, as Little Bobby and Morgan hold clothing up to the child. Wordlessly she is wraps them in hugs, kissing her cheeks as tears continue. Finally she found her voice. “You've been too kind, thank you.”

The girls giggle merrily and hug Sharon. They tell her she is welcome, and there's no such thing as too kind.

“Thank you, guys thought of diapers too.” Opening the box of diapers Sharon quickly is ready to change her baby.

Sara steps forward and asks. “Sharon will you show me how to change a baby.”

Sharon giggles. “Sure it's easy, but you got to be quick, sometimes the cool air will make them pee.” Sharon hands the diaper to Sara, placing the child on a towel, Sharon takes Sara do the changing process step-by-step. Finished Sara grins broadly at her handiwork as the baby coos.

Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan say their goodbyes; there are more hugs from Sharon as she takes them again. “You have no idea how desperate I was when you first walk in to my life.” Sharon tells them. She also looks at them asks. “What do you think is in the brief case?”

Little Bobby and Morgan shrugged their shoulders. Sara said. “I wouldn't know for sure, I only recently found out that he's a billionaire.” Sharon sits down heavily, wide-eyed staring at the briefcase on the coffee table.

Sara seeing Sharon's reaction says. “I can open the briefcase if he hasn't changed the combination.” Sharon shakes her head yes needing to know what the briefcase contains. Sara begins to work the combination and the locks pop open. Sara slides the briefcase to Sharon who nervously looks around the room. Sara gives a reassuring smile, and Sharon lifts the lid of the briefcase revealing the cash.

Sharon nearly shouts. “Holy shit, that's more money than I've ever seen before.” To which the three girls giggle. “Can we count it?” Sharon asked the giggling girls.

Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan in unison say. “Sure.” Each taking a stack begins to count the tightly wrapped bills. It wasn't very long before they had a total. Sharon begins to shake her head then saying. “I'm sorry I can't take that it's too much. The car, all this stuff for the baby and the cash too, I can't take it.”

Sara looking at her said. “Set down Sharon. Bobby really wants you to have this. He knows it's appears to be extravagant to you, but not to him. To him all that he gave you is equal to twenty minutes of his work. The way he appreciates your husband's service, he would gladly give him ten times this.”

Sharon comments. “I had no idea that anyone, except possibly Bill Gates earns money like that.”

Sara replies. “Bobby earns nearly the amount of money equal to Bill Gates. It's just that Bobby never advertised his wealth.”

Sharon acknowledges Sara’s statements. “Okay, he doesn't want the press to know about his generosity or his wealth. I can understand that, and I won't discuss it with them. It's extraordinary to find someone as generous as Bobby.”

Sara giggles. “That's why I love him so much, he is extraordinary.”

Sara and the twins say their goodbyes to Sharon. Sharon wishes them the best and says her goodbyes.

Back in the penthouse Jewels and I have finished making love. Our lovemaking had been slow but passionate. Our breathing had just normalized, still holding to each other as Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan entered the bedroom. My loves discussed the event with Sharon, even to the conversation about Sharon feelings of my extraordinary generosity.

Jewels points out. “Hey, I was the one to purchase her car.”

I get the sales receipt handing it to Jewels and then smiled broadly, without saying anything. Jewels pulls me into a kiss, when we break I whispered in her ear. “As long as you're my wife what I own is yours, so yes you did buy her that car.”

Jewels smiling whispers back to me. "As long as you're my husband everything I have is yours."

Sara climbs onto my chest leans over and kisses Jewels. “Good night sister I'm tired.” Little Bobby and Morgan kiss us then cuddling close to us, wish us good night. I found myself tired as well, with Jewels very close to me and Sara on my chest I can't help but smile as sleep takes me.

Early in the morning, Sharon calls she asked. “Bobby, can I give you some of the cash back? I had checked the IRS website, and $12,000 is all that is allowed as a gift.”

Seeing her logic I can totally understand why she would want that. I question her on one point. “Sharon is that allowed per person annually?”

Sharon states. “I'm reading it right now. Yes Sir that's right. So I like to return all but $12,000.”

I ask. “Sharon, could I give your husband and your daughter $12,000 as well?”

Sharon almost stutters. “I suppose so, it doesn't limit to the family, just person.”

I suggest. “Okay then here's what you should do, place $12,000 for the child in a college fund. That gives your husband and you have 12,000 dollars apiece as gifts. All you have to claim as income is $11,000.”

Sharon stutters. “How, what do I, oh.”

I tell her. “It's okay Sharon. Adding $11,000 to your income isn't going to significantly increase your taxes. You can claim it has teacher salary, you educated Sara on child-rearing.”

Laughing Sharon says. “Okay I see I'm not going to win this.”

I state. “That's right. You and your husband have a good time with that money he deserves it.” We then say our goodbyes.

I noticed a clock and its only 6:30 AM waking everyone we shower. We then grabbed a quick breakfast, reload our luggage and set off. At 11 AM finds us on the outskirts of Denver. We have to grocery shop, and Sara wanted some additional items before heading to the cabin. Stop by a Bass Pro shop were served wanted me to buy a snowboard. We pick that up plus a few other items. After buying enough food for two months we packed the truck. Now we are finally ready for a last leg of the trip.

Leaving Denver around 2 PM, I get Mike a quick call to find out if anything new has developed. “Hi Mike, had anything happened that I needed to know of.”

Mike informed me. “The doctors’ new arraignment hearing is on Monday. Gary has her door fixed, his reinforced it will be much harder for anyone to kick it in. Other than that Jewels annulment has come through. She's a free woman.”

I tell Mike. “Thanks Mike for everything. See you in a few weeks. But call me if anything big changes.”

As we started to the mountains the peaks are snow-covered but the valleys are clear of any snow. Just as we get to the last village prior to turning off the main road snow covering has reached the valley floor. We stopped for gas filling the truck completely; it's only twenty minutes from here. But through can be quite rough so it will be slow going. It's now the 3:30 in the afternoon, the shadows of the mountains stretched far across the valley.

We find a small road that leads to our cabin. The gate is locked but I've a key once open Jewels drives through and I close and lock the gate. Jewels has moved to the passenger seat for me to drive the rest of the way to the cabin.

The road that leads to the cabin is a snow-covered gravel road. Only occasionally you can see the gravel through the ice and snow. It has been plowed recently so no snow drifts obstruct our path. It takes fifteen minutes to cover it's fully distance, rounding the last bend the cabin finally comes into the view.

Jewels laughs. “I expected a bigger cabin but that one is huge.”

Sara says. “It looks a lot bigger than the photos made it look.”

The cabin still sets in the Sun as the valley here nearly runs east-west sloping towards the east. A river is to the south of the cabin, with the lawn running down to the bank. The grounds covered with snow, outside the lawn the green of the pine trees and Colorado spruce framing the cabin. It looks like billionaires Christmas card, although early March, it's very beautiful and wintry.

A cell tower on the skyline of the South ridge is the only indication, other than my cabin, that man has disturbed this peaceful valley. Across that ridge in the other valley the interstate runs its length, but the ridge hides us from view. This location gives us a great deal of privacy, but affords us Internet and cell phone services. Power is supplied by solar cells, a waterwheel, and batteries for the night, giving us all modern conveniences. Satellite TV and radio keep us in touch with the outside world. I place a quick call to my caretaker to inform him of our arrival. He informs me that all his tasks have been completed. He requests me to inform him when I'll need to leave, so we can ensure that the road is plowed beforehand. It takes nearly 6 hours to complete plowing, if not the road is impassable due to high drifts. He informs me with the upcoming weather it may take as much as nine hours to complete that task.

We began to unload everything, emptying Jewels SUV, and the truck of their contents. As soon as everything is completely brought in I start a fire to help reheat the cabin.

Sara and I has only seen photographs of this cabin, I had it built after our last visit. Jewels in the twins are wide eyed at the features and luxury of this Cabin. Jewels remarks after doing a little exploring. “You shouldn't call this a cabin; it's more of a log mansion.”

Chuckling I say. “Okay from now on I'll call it my Colorado log mansion.”

Then Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan appear from a hidden doorway, leading to a stair well. The basement has a large pool with setting area completely around the pool, weight room, safe room, utility room which houses the batteries, and additional storage areas. The first floor of the log mansion consists of a large family room with fireplace, living room with a fireplace, master bedroom suite with fireplace the master bath also has a fireplace, two other bedrooms no fireplace in them but both have a full bath, and office. The second floor has a game room with pool table and card table, four bedrooms with baths in each, a library and media room. Each room has been fully furnished and decorated in a Western-style suitable for this area. Outside is an unattached garage with four stalls, a workshop in an apartment on the second floor. The caretaker has use of the apartment, when he wants or needs.

They run-up to me, hugged me. "We love this place." They shout.

Oops I almost forgot. “House initialize.”

Jewels laughs. “This place too.”

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this story got me so horny a had a dildo up my pussy the whole time I was reading it.


2014-04-03 09:38:05
"Protective Husband, Four Loves: Part One" - Robert A & Sara Elizabeth Winfield; Jewels McDevitt & Twins Roberta Ann & Morgan Eve Winfield - (Husband/Stepfather & Wife/Stepdaughter; Sister-in-Law of Robert/Sister of Sara/Mother w/Robert of Twin Sisters Roberta & Morgan)

The Winfield Incestual Family Dynasty starts with Robert & Jewels, his wife Sara and Robert & Jewels twin daughters Roberta & Morgan, befriend a destitute, military mother and baby! The feed her and young baby very well, night in a nice hotel, slip her $47K in cash and buy her a new Chevy Malibu.

The story lauds and details how Robert and wives show their generosity and caring for those in dire needs financially and emotionally! Mrs Sharon A Whitemore and baby are traveling to meet her husband in Denver from his overseas Army duty station. She is beyond words of gratitude for their kindness and caring!

An excell
ent rendering of how to tret those down on their luck and spirit.

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This entire series, and it's predessessor, remind me of Allison and the Primdales by Daddycums; it has just as much detail and character development. That is the highest compliment I can give to another writer, making this the second-best writer and series I've read on this site. Excellent, well done, and I look forward to the rest of the series.

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