It was the view from the bedroom window as the Sun rose that provoke me to write the first verse.the second triggered by the way the sight of my son and our mutual lover who were sharing my bed reflected the view outside.
The view from the window was shrouded in a ghostly mist,
Still illuminated by the full Moon as the new day dawned,
To the left the Oak tree with it intricate pattern of twigs stood darkly like a bed post,
The sun arose lifting the soft down of cloud flushed lightly with salmon pink,
Revealing the curvaceous reclining mother earth stretch out under the diaphanous veil of the mist,
The dark aureoles of the pine woods barely covered and as the veil slipped slowly away into the valleys,
Revealing mother earth in all her splendour as those around watched in wonder,
As they celebrated once again the coming of the light of the world.
Slipping back to bed and raising the covers,
She exposed her companion as she slumbered,
Her sheer silk nightdress draped like the mist over her pregnant body,
Her breasts showing darkly through the filmy fabric,
Her swelling womb bearing her unborn child,
Her lover's arm draped across her thigh,
His fingers nestling in her warm valley below,
She climbed in and joined hands with her son,
Fngers entwined in the moist warmth of their lover's red hair,
As she slept, at peace with the world around her.

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2012-11-22 09:11:27
These are great! I love your poems and the visual art too. I wasn't flamaiir with the name American Tanka, although the form is flamaiir. Very cool to have two versions of each piece. I write haiku, but have never tried a wordle at least not yet. Your blog is awesome. Looks like you've been doing it a while.

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2012-03-28 02:38:26
Nice. Another,please.

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