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Entry Seven: - Greg from Hilda's Club


Eventhough I was certain Hilda's club would never want me for a play object, I just got involved in a spin off activity this past evening and night. Hilda approached me with the proposition rather hesitantly. She was pretty unsure herself if she wanted to get involved, so she wanted my opinion. And also my company should we decide to accept Greg's offer.

The last club meeting was the Saturday two weeks ago. This past Thursday Greg, one of the club members, called Hilda at work. She knew who he was but didn't know him well, except in the genital sense. After having now worked four of these meetings, Hilda knows the thirty odd men as lovers all quite well.

"He's sort of exciting, but a bit scary. At least sometimes before he starts fucking me I'm actually a bit afraid to let him do it to me. Which is silly. First of all, no girl there ever refuses a guy anything. And why should I mind anyhow? Once he actually sticks it in me it feels even better than most. But he has a tattoo on his dick. And he also has an insert just behind the head. I've never seen it very well, not nearly as intimitately as I've felt it. But I think it's one insert that protrudes two places and either he changes the insert occassionally or he can change the ball ends. Because they're often different colors and sizes and maybe even different textures. Without actually feeling it with my fingers, which he doesn't let me do, I can't tell. In my pussy or anus, I'm not sure what I'm feeling. My guess it that the balls are always smooth, and anything else is just appearance due to the markings. Even the biggest balls are small and hard to see."

"What's the tattoo say?"

"I don't know. He's never made me look at it carefully. The thing is, you do what they tell you. You handle a guy's penis if he wants you to, not just because you feel like doing it. I think Greg doesn't let the girls get a good look at it only because he knows we're all curious. You know, I guess, that most of the skits seem intended to make us look and feel submissive to anyone with a penis?"

"So I gathered. I also thought you liked participating."

"Oh, I do. Sometimes I don't get into the spirit immediately. Then I have to pretend. And in no time, I'm not pretending anymore. I guess I'm just naturally an open ass receiver girl."

"A what?"

"Come on Karen. Haven't you ever gotten on all fours, spread your thighs and felt the thrill of knowing that a man was about to fuck your ass hole."

"Sure. So that makes me an OARG. The worst thing that can happen is not a rough ass fuck but a pass, Have you ever had a guy get you in a compromising position than tease you by not taking advantage of you?"

"Not that I can remember. At the club there are so many men that another guy would just step in and spoil the value of my first lover's refusal. And my regular, earlier lovers are no where near that imaginative.

"Anyway, Greg just called up and said he and a few other guys from the club wanted a little of the same type of fun without waiting a month and in a more private setting, namely his flat. I'm inclined to accept. After all, Greg's fucked me a half dozen times already anyhow. And his hints at bondage seemed more targeted to wet my interest than to satisfy his own lusts. Didn't you say bondage was really done for the woman's pleasure?"

"I said usually. The exceptions could be important."

"Well, he wanted me to come with another girl. But I don't know any of the others outside of the club. I don't even know their last names. So I asked him if I could bring a newcomer. He asked me if she was professional and I said yes, just starting though and not very experienced. I guess that really turned him on. Then he asked me to describe her and I told him you were about twenty five, tall, a bit skinny with small, shapely tits, a cute, rounded ass, and beautiful shoulder length brown hair. I guess that sounded good enough because he wants me to ask you also.

"I didn't dare tell him you'd do it for fun, so if you do accept, you'll have to pretend the thousand dollars is your main reason for being there. We'd have to get AIDS tested in the afternoon, same place and same arrangements as for a club night. But no quarantine. We just show up at his place ready to fuck at seven that evening. The lab will contact him directly with the results. So, if they fuck you, you can assume you don't have AIDS. Our guarantee that the guys don't have anything is just the fact that they check on each other. No point is knowing the pussy was clean if the guy who used it a few minutes earlier wasn't. By the way, he said something about every guy getting tested even if he didn't plan to get involved with his own genitals. They may be planning to torture us with sex withheld like you mentioned earlier. Or maybe some of the guys just like watching while the others use us in the normal manner."

The clinic Hilda took me to mid morning on Saturday seemed to specialize in doing tests. The reporting arrangements and the time requirement surprised no one. The nurse assumed we were both prostitutes, yet couldn't have been nicer to us. Hilda told me later that the clinic was owned by one of the club members. Prep we did at my apartment, giving ourselves enemas and later, douches in both cavities. Hilda went lighter on the makeup than she would have for work, because the physical activity would make a mess of her normal artwork. I did about the same, lipstick, nail polish, my usual. Some last minute stuff, like costumes, body jewelery, and lubricating our orifices with more than just our natural excitement, would be done there. We took a small suitcase with us, and grabbed a taxi. My fancy sports car would have been out of character for a "poor working girl". And anyway, this way we wouldn't have had to look for a parking space and walk some distance. Even our arrival dresses would have gotten whistles on the street.

At the door a man met us. He directed us to a changing room and disappeared for a while. As soon as we were ready he reappeared indicating that we had been under observation. This neither surprised nor bothered me. We expected to be "observed" during the next ten or so hours as intimately as we and our employers could contrive do manage it. Hilda told me that at the club there were two cameras in the bathroom and more than just ignoring them you were expected to pose for them as much as possible. She thinks that every time she pissed it was probably taped.

Our guide explained some rules. One was that we must always contrive to display ourselves as fully and intimately as practical to the most number of men present at any one time. He reminded us that this didn't just mean our vagina but also our anus and nipples. "Girls sometimes forget while being fucked that men still like them to enthusiasticly present their breasts for attention and male pleasure." I wasn't too sure how well I'd follow that particular instruction. I didn't mind showing off my tiny tits, when it didn't lead to having them manipulated. But given a choice, unless I was very arroused, I'd rather encourage male attention toward physical contact with other parts of my body. But I did remember that time with Tom when I was pretending to be a call girl. While playing a part I'd found it easy to forget my tit shyness. The time with Randy when I had been paid had also work and almost as well.

The second rule was not to make eye contact with a male, including himself, except if directed to do so. When not blindfolded, our eyes were to remain focused below the waist, preferrably the better to study male members which we were to treat as sacred. Saying this, he led us into a dark room with track mounted spot lights focused into the center of the room where we stood eyes downcast. There seemed to be many men in the room just outside of the encircling lights. For a while everyone was silent. Hilda and I stood slightly apart, proudly displaying our bodies to the invisible audience, nipples held high, only our eyes downcast.

Eventually the master quietly told us to slowly remove our garmets. Hilda turned toward me and smoothly but slowly removed my negligee, playing with my body the way a man might. We both already knew that I would enjoy the touch of her hands on my breasts, and I did. Hiding her own frontal beauty behind me, she reached around and manipulated my openings between my wide spread legs. I was supposed to look arroused which required no acting. The fluid she discovered while exploring my vagina with her fingers was not just the KY I had just installed.

By the time she finished with my pussy I was wasted and in no shape to do the same to her that she had done to me. Fortunately, she went one more step. She had me touch the floor keeping my legs straight and seperated, my hands about two feet in front of my ankles. It was a stretch position, but I'm pretty flexible, and at least wasn't in much danger of loosing my balance. Reaching around my hips, Hilda began massaging my fanny, which felt good. She also pulled my buns outward which felt very exotic with the audience looking in my opened anus. I think I was experiencing a new level of mental nudity and found it that much more exciting. I imagine the inside of a girl's anus is not actually an esthetic view. But for some reason men enjoy it and sometimes women enjoy giving them this pleasure.

When Hilda's fingers arrived at the center of her target they began exploring inside my nether orifice, though in this position it was higher not lower than my cunt. Her fingers in my anus found the copious lubricant I'd put there, not the natural dry cavern. It felt very pleasant feeling her small fingers, first one then two, three and four opening and enlarging me. It occurred to me that with a little practice I could probably accept her entire fist, tiny as her hand is. But the place and position were not right. And in private we had never touched each other below the waist. While she stopped short of inserting her thumb, I suddenly felt her knuckles forcing my opening and half her hand jam inside me. Small as her hand is, I'd never experienced a prick that size. Nothing else that night challenged either of my openings that much.

But anal sex doesn't leave me weak in the knees the way good vaginal sex does. At best I feel like shouting Hallaluas. At worst it hurts and I want it to stop. This was near best. I felt great, but a little sore. I'm sure the guys were all thinking how easily I could suffer the presence of their pricks in my fanny. To some this may have been a disappointment. At any rate, Hilda's anal finger fuck revived me from my earlier passive state, and when she was done abusing my rear end, I was up to undressing her georgeous body.

Being taller than her, I was able to reach around Hilda's body more easily that she had mine. As much as I tell myself that my small tits are shapely and make up in quality what they lack in quantity, I'll readily admit I enjoy playing with big full breasts like Hilda's when they aren't too loose. Hilda's are perfect. How well they hold up as she ages may be a different story. Hilda has told me that at the first sign of excessive sagging she'll have breast reduction surgery done. She seems to think I'm lucky. Well, at nineteen, Hilda has about the most pleasant tits a guy could hope to get his hands on. Or even another girl. My intention was to make the men in the audience lust to be doing what I was doing. In practice, however, I was also enjoying myself a whole lot.

Like everything else you do to another girl while men are watching, my purpose in manipulating Hilda's pussy lips was to make the males lust to be doing it themselves. But I could feel her softening, opening up and yielding herself to my fingers. We both prefer men, and the men watching were certainly a turn on for her. But she responded to my fingers exactly the way she would if I'd been a man playing with her womanhood. Hilda's clit when I first touched it felt about the size of mine when I'm fully arroused. But it got much larger as I played with her pussy. I know that mine becomes very sensitive and erotic when enlarged. I wonder if her's starts out that way. Can you compare degrees of sensitivity without actually being both people? My guess is that when fully arroused, Hilda's sensitive clitoris will transport her into ecstacy more quickly than my own. But how can we compare such a sensitive personal experience with mere words?

Wanting a little variation in anal display, I had Hilda do a vertical split, something I knew she could do and something I couldn't come close to doing. It was a nice way to advertise her unusual fexibility. With her heel against my neck and her hands holding my shoulders I did to her fanny and anus what she had done to mine. For show purposes it didn't leave her quite as open as bending over. But the split looked pretty dramatic. As much as Hilda had enjoyed the earlier vaginal foreplay, she hadn't gone limp the way I had, so she was ready for this rather athletic form of ass display.

When I'd played with her anus a while I let her return to a standing position and held her hands up in the air, like the winner of an event. This signified that we were done and also showed of her tits very nicely. A man approached out of the darkness from one side, and we both immediately dropped our eyes to avoid eye contact with a now visible male. He was naked except for black slippers identical to those worn by all the men. He may have had a mask on but definitely no shirt. My guess was that he was our earlier guide, and when he spoke his voice confirmed this. So I could match a face with this particular penis. During the night I got to know all the male members and even began to imagine that at times I could tell them apart by feel when I was blindfolded. Actually I could feel the differences in their abs much better than any differences in their pricks.

At this point the guide blindfolded us and had us wait while I heard some movement of furniture. I was then bent over some cushioned support so that my fanny protruded, while my feet and hands touched the floor. With most of my weight on my belly, someone by touch had me spread my legs very wide until each of my feet rested on a prepositioned pad stuck to the floor. Cuffs that I later saw were velvet lined leather were attached to my wrists and ankles. I was directed to position my hands over pads that seemed similar to those my feet were resting on, and attachments were made to all four cuffs. I was then told to lift each hand and foot one at a time and discovered a string that remained under slight tension yet could be pulled out at least the several feet. After determining that the lines were untangled an alarm was activitated and then each time I moved my hand or foot more than about two inches from where it was supposed to be, a note sounded until I returned it to position. It was the most elaborate bondage I'd ever heard of, but was amazingly effective.

The next part was rather unimaginative in the telling. I was simply gang fucked in both holes by about every man there. Every fuck was full depth but most men only reamed me a few times. Other than my initial instructions, this was all done in near silence. Over a very gentle background music, I could hear the sound of fucking when my lovers were changing positions so it was obvious that Hilda was being similiarly treated. I was glad that Hilda and I had so carefully cleaned out our insides because it was obvious that no one was worrying about cleaning up before switching orifices. As men changed places after every fuck as well as hole choice it was probable that most ot the time, the prick in my vagina had been last in either my anus or Hilda's. I'm not sure that every man there took a turn because I never got to count the men present. But during this phase, my ass and cunt were fucked eight times each.

A man knelt in front of me and I was told I should use my hands. The cords were still attached, but the alarm did not activate when I reached up to touch his manhood and guide it blindly to my lips. My feet still had to stay positioned and the men were clearly not done with my fanny.

I've always wondered if a girl getting double ended has trouble not biting the man in her mouth when her other end is getting fucked. I learned for the first time that I had no such problem. I mostly found myself concentrating on the prick in my mouth and giving it most of my attention. Which meant that I wasn't enjoying the fuck nearly as much as I'd normally want. But for a while the man wasn't fucking me. Instead he wiped a glob of lube down my crack to my pubic hair, and then began rubbing his member and scrotum back and forth through my crotch passing over my openings without entering me. In many ways it felt weird feeling his erection pressed between my cheeks and pussy lips instead of inside me. I'd become so used to the feel of penetration that genital surface contact contact was an exciting variation. His penis squishing between my buns reminded me of the tit fucks big chested girls are always getting in porno movies.

I felt the dick in my mouth start to twitch and immediately it was withdrawn so that my oral lover could avoid climaxing. I'm not sure how many times men ejaculated inside my body but I know none of them ever went all the way while I was giving head. In my ass hole and vagina, I was so soaked in my own juices and the lube constantly being added that I wouldn't have been able to feel any extra fluid. Nor could I tell from the twitching or thrusting what was happening. The guys seemed to like pretending to orgasm. They also liked rubbing me with their erections just about any place they could get to me.

Being cheek fucked was strange because it felt like a chick thing. I mean I really loved feeling the guy massage my fanny with his genitals. I'd never experienced it before, but I'd gladly ask for it again. What seemed strange was that the guys seemed to like doing it. While I laid there blindfolded several other men also mounted my rear end and rubbed themselves between my cheeks, though most, unlike the first guy, also ended with a few strokes inside one or both of my openings. Even with the sudden penetrating reminders, I found this part of the ordeal very relaxing. I didn't exactly fall asleep, but I did fall into an almost trance like state. I was aware of my ass being smoothly stretched and filled occassionally and sometimes my vagina. But both holes were already so well used that the sudden reentries felt no more invasive than a tender kiss on the lips. Only once before had I had multiple lovers and then only two on that occassion. So I'm amazed at how calmly I was accepting this universal usage of my body cavities. The many and annonomous pricks that were constantly making use of my body made me feel totally like a sex object. But once I began to accept that fact I discovered that being two fuck holes for unseen male shafts could be quite pleasant.

Perhaps the men noticed my growing apathy or perhaps they just knew from experience that any sex act, no matter how outlandish, became unexciting if prolonged too long. I was moved from the support, my blindfold removed, and I was laid down face up on a mattress protected by a cotton covered plastic sheet. My hands and feet were again attached to warning points at the mattress corners. The traditional spread eagle position was severly enforced by my own embarrassment any time the note sounded. A pillow under my hips was clearly there not for my comfort but only to make me more accessible to my lovers. One man leaned forward with a wide brush and painted me from my neck to my knees with some slippery fluid, probably a rubbing oil. The whole group around me then reached forward and began handling my body. By this point I was no longer the least bit tit shy. In fact, once a man fucks me I usually don't mind what he does to my breasts. And by this point I'd certainly been fucked a few times.

I guess there comes a time during love making or sex when I feel so delightfully fucked that any where a man touches me is almost as exciting as internal contact. Usually, however, I reach this delirious state about the same time as when my lover ejaculates and quits. So I lay there in the bed feeling near orgasmic pleasure from just the touch of the sheets on my body. Unfortunately, the sheets don't keep me on my high for very long. Occassionally a lover will hold himself back long enough to allow me a few minutes of this pleasure. With this group, probably half of the eight men were manipulating my body most of the time. The hands touching me felt as good as pricks inside my vagina. In fact, I was reacting no more strongly to the fingers constantly exploring inside my crotch then those playing with my nipples or even those rubbing my waist and thighs. Several men kept kissing my lips, and I felt loved. I was even allowed to make eye contact, but only with the man kissing me when he was kissing me.

Something seemed delightfully wrong. I was supposed to be there for the pleasure of the men present. But as far as I could tell, I was enjoying this more than any of the men. I'd expected to enjoy myself, but only peripherially to the enjoyment of the males, not the other way around. In fact, the whole routine seemed designed to give me maximum pleasure with an average of around four men attending to my pleasures. I fully expected that I'd be required to perform some actions I wouldn't enjoy at all. My only assurance was that I would not be hurt, or not much, and definitely not harmed. Hilda had told me that some of the women found anal sex painful but were still expected to smile and pretend they liked it.

The next position seemed designed to cause some women a degree of distress. But maybe had I not been sufficiently flexible they would not have made me bend my legs so far back toward my shoulders. By now my very exposed crotch bothered me not in the least. Considering how many liberties they had already taken with that part of my anatomy I was less excited than curious while wondering what next. Someone put a cushion under my hips, and I found myself, along with the men gathered around, looking at my openings. I was bent so far around that I even had a fair view of my anus which they attended first.

Since one of my boyfriend had been into anal dildos, I was not surprised to rediscovered how easily my rectum could accomodate a large one while lined up with my opening. I also knew that any other position with this huge thing still inside me would cause internal discomfort. Until they removed it I had no desire to lower my legs even it the men holding them let go. The size was pretty scary. It felt larger and much longer than anything my boyfriend had used inside me. I couldn't begin to judge the length but the diameter was probably about 4.5 centimeters. The largest one I'd ever let Billy stick inside me was only 4 cm.

Anal sex I can understand. But why do men get pleasure putting dildos in women? It either causes us pleasure or pain. But their only sensation is seeing our reaction. The men around me who had all seemed a few minutes ago so loving, where now watching to see if their abuse of my rectum would cause me pain. Or so it seemed to me. I concentrated on the discomfort and realized there was some. I let it show on my face and that seemed to satisfy them.

The dildo was slowly removed, and as I felt and saw it's full length extrude from my body I realized it was just as big and long as it had felt. It had markings on it, calibration rings that indicated the length burried inside the victim. I couldn't see and didn't want to know how far inside me they'd inserted it. I think the men had been surprised that they had been able to force the whole thing inside me. My insides felt mildly sore, like I just had a BM that I'd waited too long for. The next dildo was more complicated, a bit thicker at the head, but shorter, and not of uniform diameter. I felt it enter me, then felt my sphincter suddenly close down around a thinner neck. It was like a plug, a dildo designed to stay inside a girl until someone pulls it out. And like a plug, there was also a flare that pressed against my anal lips preventing it from going any farther inside me. Unlike the usual plug, this one was hollow, which I discovered when the core was pulled out. It left behind the collar holding my ass hole wide open.

At this point someone put a pillow under my head and held a mirror between my legs. As it was their intention, I carefully studied my bottom to see it the way they were seeing it. The sleve was clear, probably plastic, and I could see my anal lips through the flared base. The flare looked like it was shaped to fit my toush, but was only approximately my shape and was making the flesh around my opening conform to its shape. The opening in the middle of this centimeter wide transparent ring was a gaping four centimeters across. Most fully erected penises are no wider as I would discover a few minutes later. What was embarrassing was how open I was. I was supposed to be embarrassed by not only feeling my insides so exposed but also seeing them. But I was most aware of the cool air touching the inside of my rectum.

While I laid there, my anus wide open, I still had my wrists spotted and my legs held up and now wide spread by men kneeling on either side of me. The mirror was removed but I could still easily look across my pussy at my fanny opening. The first man who mounted me had a long skinny shaft that fit easily through the collar. His tip tickled my insides. The next two men met with mild resistance but no trouble. The sensation for me was so remote that it felt like I was watching some other girl getting her ass reamed. The last man was bigger still. And his efforts made the collar enlarge slightly to permit him entry into my fanny. Apparently the collar was elastic in one direction. I never got to see it up close and at the time it didn't occur to me that this was a remarkable property. Eventhough I felt the slight stretching, I still felt removed from the action. At this point the men seemed to have stopped rotating between me and Hilda. Perhaps four other men were doing the same thing to her. For a while I decided that there were other men standing around only watching. But even now I'm not sure of that conclusion.

What could be done to my anus could also be done to my vagina, and was. A while later I discovered myself still in the same helpless position, now with two collars inside me. The one in my vagina was much larger than the first one. When I received the four symbolic vaginal fucks not one man encountered any resistance entering my cunt. It was the most impersonal way imaginable to get fucked. A dildo feels more friendly than a dick head just touching your inner walls along with all that cool air. At least when a dildo is snug inside you, your body has a chance to warm it up. But this psycological discomfort seemed to be the point of the exercise. If the men enjoyed doing it to me, well, that was why I was there.

The two rings holding me open also pressed slightly toward each other. The mild pinching didn't hurt, but did make me feel very fragile. When they had me get up and walk around things got strange. I couldn't comfortably close my legs, which means walking required a cowboy's bowlegged gait. I giggled a little knowing how silly I looked, but the men only stared at me. When I met Hilda again in the middle of the room I could tell by her walk that she was similarly encumbered. We were instructed to dance.

As we could hardly move our legs, the best we could do was sway our upper bodies in time to some music provided, and make a show of playing with each other's tits. I was way beyond worrying about my tits being so tiny, and besides knew that Hilda liked them the size they were. So I probably enjoyed her efforts almost as much as I did my own. While we were dancing I could hear some other apparatus being dragged out. We were told to face away while this was set up.

My anticipation should have been scary, but I wasn't really thinking much about the next skit. When we were turned around, there was this thing about thirty inches high in the middle of the lighted area. It had sturdy looking legs supporting a padded bar about three inches wide and several feet long. Through the surface, protruding straight up about ten inches each were two dildos about a foot apart of textured clear rubber. As one might have guessed, they were connected so that pushing one down pushed the other up an equal amount. I could barely get my pussy lips over the tip of one of these by standing on my toes. Hilda didn't even try. Instead she used her fingers, and carefully pushed her dildo down into the apparatus until she could.

She had to be careful because to do this she was forcing the other end up into my pussy. Meanwhile I lowered myself about three inches until my feet were flat on the floor, my bottom still seven inches above the padding. This put about eight inches inside me. Hilda could now straddle her tip and lower herself another five inches around her artifical lover. Carefully, I lowered myself another three inches which easily slid into Hilda's body. There remained four inches between my pussy lips and the pad. I looked at her with the question. Could we take the extra four inches between us? She smiled indicating she was game to try. We had not been specifically told not to talk to each other. Still, we avoided conversation.

As I slowly lowered myself the remaining distance it seemed I felt about half the four inches force itself inside me making my rubber lover about as long as any real man I'd even encountered. I could see in Hilda's eyes that she found the size inside her equally challenging. We were almost touching so I leaned forward and began kissing her. Kissing someone always makes a dildo in my pussy feel much more sensuous. Kissing Hilda was nearly as good as kissing a man. For a while that was all we did, kiss without disturbing in any way the ten inches of love we each held in our cunts. But eventually, and without prompting from our audience, we began to experiment with the arrangement. If either of us stood up a little, the other one felt her cunt force out about two inches, then the rest simply slipped out of the one moving upwards. So when I stood up about ten inches I felt an eight inch stroke. Being shorter, Hilda could only get her bottom about seven inches off the pad. What we discovered we liked best was moving up and down together, keeping the rubber snake fixed in position inside the bar, and each of us fucking just her own self.

Eventually the guys had us try other combinations even back to back. But between us we couldn't take twenty inches in our hineys so we could never both sit down all the way at the same time. At this point we were both asked to step aside while another rubber snake was inserted into an inner tube. It was the right length so that again there was a total of twenty inches sticking up. Hilda sat down facing outward with her holes approximately over the two holes on her end. She then reached behind her and pushed down on my ends causing herself to be impailed about eleven inches in her pussy and nine in her anus. The rubber phalus almost touching her fanny stuck up eleven inches. Around this I wrapped my vagina while nesting the shorter one into my anal opening. I sat down slowly and carefully, for the sake of all four of our love tunnels. Surprisingly, I could also take the extra inch in my pussy. Once we achieved this, however, we both felt too ginger to move at all. Like dancing with the sleeves in our orifice openings, we confined any movement to only our upper bodies. With both of us facing the same direction this meant Hilda ran her fingers through her blonde mop while I did things to her chest intended to arrouse our male audience. Playing with another girl's tits while heavily DP'ed felt strange and a bit too much. The guys may have liked it, but it wasn't the best part of the evening for me.

There were two men there who's names I learned were Fred and Mark. Though I was never introduced to any man that night, when the early, drama part of the evening ran down, the men began talking among themselves and with the two of us. Fred and Mark own a business that doesn't make much money. They both have other sources of income. This hobby business is the design, manufacture, and wholesale distribution of sex toys. The part they really enjoy is the design and testing part. Not only do they develop their own line, but they also have to sample their competitors offerings. Imagine buying one of just about every dildo, love doll, vibrator, love bead sets, nipple clamps, clit clamps, and writing all this off as a business expense? Imagine paying girls to help you test these, and also calling that a business expense? No wonder they didn't care that the business didn't show much profit!

The result was that the men had brought along a few items to be tested. On us, naturally. None of this was explained to me directly, and as Hilda was chosen to be their first victim, I initially thought what was going on over there was just more normal sex play. Actually, it was pretty normal, except that some of the items being used for this ancient activity were relatively new. On my side of the room, the men not involved were using me for pretty standard sex. Usually they wanted me face up, and they wanted me free to respond to their love making. Ultimately, I think most men, given the opportunity to use a woman's body however they want, end up wanting to give her pleasure. For a while I had one love after another trying and succeding in giving me an orgasm during normal missionary sex. Of course, if that was what they wanted, I'd have gladly faked it. But it wasn't necessary to pretend. By that point, all a guy had to do was touch my pussy lips and it was a matter of when, not if. I can only guess at the number of times I climaxed that night. By the time the other team finished with Hilda I was in a very relaxed, euphoric state, punctuated by orgasms pretty much on demand. I felt like a puppet, my body, soul, and control strings completely at their command. And I loved it!

During the time the men were making normal love to my body, I was vaguely aware of occassional flashes. If I gave it any thought I'd have realized that someone was taking pictures of Hilda on the other side of the room. Probably I didn't want to think about it because I didn't know how I'd react if they began pointing the camera at me. Most of the time I was in the most degrading situations imaginable. I didn't know that when we'd both been blindfolded the same man had taken lots of pictures.

When my gentle lovers left me, I hardly notice that the experimenters had replaced them. I had my eyes closed. I woke up with a start when I felt my right nipple being pinched. Remembering where and who I was, I was careful to neither complain nor show any disapproval. The pinch was continuous, the result of an applied clamp, not a man's fingers. But it didn't hurt much and had only been shocking the first fraction of a second. I've heard that many piercings only hurt for a second or two while the needle in pushed through your flesh. This hurt less than the ones I've had, but lasted longer. It was supposed to hold a girl's attention, and did. The one Fred applied to my left nipple didn't shock me at all. Probably it hurt the same amount but came as no surprise.

The one he stuck on my clit hurt for a while. For almost a minute I was afraid it wouldn't stop hurting like the other two had. To these three anchors he attached a Y shaped gold chain. When I stood up, the clit leg drooped down about an inch pulling very slightly on this tender part of my anatomy. The weight on my nipples was greater and more noticable. To the center of the Y was attached a fine cord, perhaps fishing line, which ran to a pulley waist high about ten feet away. A small weight was allowed to hang down pulling my various attachments forward, and I stood there suffering this mild torture. There is probably a bit of mascochism in most women when it comes to sex. What they were doing to me hurt, but I loved it. I told them this when Mark questioned me. At this point the man with the camera started taking pictures, this time of me, and I just stood there smiling for him.

The next toy was something from one of their competetors called "The Swell Guy". Apparently, like most anal toys it worked with either sex. But in hetrosexual sex, men seem to think women should always be the victim of anal abuse. Maybe they're right. This didn't ever hurt me, and I kind of liked having all these guys around looking at my ass. The thing was a dildo about an inch in diameter. When it was fully inserted inside me up to the stop, someone used a small hand pump, and I suddenly felt it expanding inside me until it was much larger than any fix sized object that could have passed through my opening. It didn't hurt like many anal probes. But it did make me feel awefully full inside. With my anus held open an inch, it felt like I was failing to hold back a big BM. This itself should have been unpleasantly embarrassing. But I knew I was clean inside, and I'd long since relegated responsibility for my waste disposal equipment. The anal sleeve they'd placed inside me earlier had made it impossible to hold in any gas. I didn't smell anything when they pulled out the core, but I couldn't help being aware that I could no longer stop myself from farting, nor even feel when I was doing it.

With the thing fully inflated, someone just had to try using my frontal equipment. To me it felt tight and constricted. The man said I felt like a virgin. The next man agreed, but added that I felt nicer to be inside of without the added pressure. Who really wants to go around devirgizing virgins? What about the advantages of a woman of experience? To these questions I would have said what girl wants to experience being deflowered a second time? I liked feeling a man slip smoothly inside me. This extra pressure wasn't a good substitution for friction either. But like most variations on sex, it was fun because it was different.

Another toy the firm of Fred and Mark tested was a prick cover, sort of a textured, padded, reusable rubber. I wonder if it was the thing Jon wears when he fucks all those women at Laura's stag parties she throws for her girlfriends? It seemed to match her deion and felt very exciting inside me. But Mark was the only one who bothered using it.

I lost track of the number of toys they tested using my body. For many or most, they also had me pose with the thing in place. Possibly there are dildos in porn shops with my picture on the package. One of the last things they tried was in part another sleeve, like the one used earlier. Like it, this one could also be enlarged when already in place, but not uniformily. The thick ring inside me stayed a fixed size. But two opposing panels in the collar had cords attached at their outside edge and could be pulled apart. These cords wrapped around and attached in front of my lower belly. A cinch held any newly applied tension. So when the man pulled some cord through the cinch my ass hole enlarged sideways by that amount and stayed enlarged. It was so easy to hurt the girl wearing it that Fred wouldn't let anyone other then myself increase the tension.

At one point, they took a break from toys but continued toying with my equipment. Or maybe just examining it. But that kind of examination in the middle of all the sex was no different from more foreplay during the fact. Mark had me hold still and very wide open. He didn't care if I moaned and seemed rather pleased that his investigation caused me two more orgasms. With a Q-tip he explored all around my clit, and pretty much under my entire labia. With either the lube covered cotton ball or with his fingertips he touched me everywhere, even in places I didn't realize I had places. Most of them I found very erotic. I guess a professional has the time and interest to learn the female anatomy better than a man who's only your lover. Being handled by such knowledgeable fingers was intimidating and very exciting.

The planned part of the evening was over before midnight. Greg had told us that he'd want us to stay the night and sleep with any men who stayed and wanted us. It was about three when the last of those not staying left. There were four men remaining including Greg and Jason, the man who'd played doorman. These two led Hilda off to one room and Harvey and Eric took me into another. I was tired, but still up for anything they wanted. In the room there was a full collection of sex toys carefully arranged on one of the dressers. Eric made me bend over and I felt a thick dildo slip into my very slippery anus. It was a plug that stayed stuck inside me. The inch thick neck hardly felt like I was being stretched at all, but the bulb inside me was almost two inches thick and would be almost as difficult coming out as it had been going in. It was not going to fall out of my fanny accidently! But it's total volumn was not large and didn't make me feel bloated like the expander had. Mostly I was just constantly aware of my half open sphincter.

No one asked me if I needed to have a BM. I guess they knew as well as I did that my rectum was still empty of bio matter. But they did offer to let me pee. In fact they made me sit on the sink and give them a show. I'd seen this done once in a porno, so I knew guys liked watching a girl piss. I guess any excuse to look at our genitals might do. But both the movie and these men had all the opportunity needed to look at the female crotch other than when the girl was relieving herself. Like everything else I did that night, doing something they wanted gave me pleasure because they seemed to enjoy it. I certainly wouldn't bother the following morning closing the door to do a number one with only these guys around. I was just wondering, when the need came, whether they'd insist on watching me do the other function. All the anal sex had been innocent of smelly crap.

As no one had worn anything for hours, we just climbed in the bed myself between them, and pulled the sheet over us. The dildo, still in my ass, didn't bother me much. If it started to I'd either beg them to let me remove it, or maybe just do it if they were both asleep. Before falling asleep both of them wanted to "fuck me" goodnight. The anal plug was hard to ignore when my ass was pressed down into the bed with the added weight of my lover on top of me. Both men came and then fell asleep. I was not given permission to clean up, and so, went to sleep, my pussy full of come which was also leaking down my thighs and soaking the sheet under me, my ass filled with a dildo plug. But I actually enjoyed it!

Surprisingly, I slept the whole night that way, or what little there was of the night starting around four in the morning. My ass was sore, however, and while my two lovers snored, I went into the bathroom and removed it. As my natural functions had continued, I had to clean it and my ass hole and then showered. When I went down stairs I met Hilda fixing something to eat. After a leasurely breakfast in the nude, we found our suitcase, got dressed and let ourselves out of the flat. Back at my place Hilda changed into regular street clothes. She'd told her mother that the two of us where going on a big double date and she would be spending the night at my apartment.

"She probably assumes I spent the night with some nice young man who will then be so greatful he will eventually marry me. Mom doesn't mind premarital sex as long as it might lead somewhere. She'd be horrified at what we did last night, but sex with one man that I can at least momentarily pretend I'm in love with would be alright. Yet she seems to think I'm more prudish than I should be. Why I don't know. I don't pretend I'm still a virgin. Maybe she thinks that the reason I haven't landed a husband yet is because I don't put out enough. At nineteen a husband is not something I'm looking for. But mom doesn't understand that."

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