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hello im Josh and im new this is a semi true story real names almost real life.
As i got up it was about 4:35 i was extatic i got dressed and was going to the airport being 18 parnts not understanding what the fuck i was doing i knew what i was doing.
im Josh tan brown eyes avarage height my sexy girlfriend Megan was stunning brown hair amazing personality and list wont stop. as i drove to the airport i was relaxed nervous i walked to the denver terminal and there she was.
Part 2
She ran up and hugged me i wanted to never let go.
"Megan" i wispered i love you.
"I love you to babe" she cooed.
i walked her to my car put her bags in the back and drove her to my apartment. As we arrived i walked her in to my apartment took her bags to my room and came back to her and passionatly kissed her exploring her tounge.
i took her to my bedroom and started exploring her body. I found her sweet tits rubbed her nipples
"Oooh" she moaned
i smiled i very soon found her shirt and took it off my jaw dropped no bra and pictures mean nothong compared to the real deal.
"Fuck" i said
gladly she hissed she then took my zipper and zipped it dowd she then grabbed my 7 inch cock as stroked it. I about blew my load right there but i had no no idea that what came next was ectasy. she took her creamy lips sucked my swollen rod.
"Fuck im gonna cum" i moaned
she then took me on and sucked me as hard as possible
"im cuuuuumiing. i exhaled.
she grined pulled her panties off exposing her shaved pussy to me the scent was intoxicating. she was dripping wet i could not wait any longer i pounced on her and sucked on her cunt. teasiing her clit with tounge motions circleing her clit i teased her foldes sucking the juice out of them as well.
"babe thats sooo good suck my cunt"
i did i increased i felt her tense
"im going to cumm ooo ahhhhhhh" she screamed as her pussy juice came rushing im my moulth.
it was so sweet but musky i realized
i was again now swollen and horny to fuck my doll.
"babe i want you to pound me. she purred
i lined my cock up spreat her legs and dipped in
"oooo babe your so big in my cunny" she exclaimed
"Take my fuckstick all 7 in of it you sexy cock fucker" i moaned
i stuffed her i felt her juices leaking out i rubbed her rock hard nippled i squuezed the oooo yess she screamed harder fasterrr. I was goin to unload my second load of cum i rammed her pussy with my meat it was swollen red her pussy was dripping and she started milking my cock. her pussy tightened on my shaft
"ooo babe im cummming yesss u fuck me soo good " she yelled!!!
i was on edge and couldent hold it any longer i grunted
"Im going to cum" i moaned
"i want it in my pussy babe"
dooo it she demanded wraping her legs around my hits bringing her deeper.
" her eyes rolled in her head she sreaaamed in another orgasam
oo shit i moaned my cock on fire megan creaming my cock tits bouncing back and forth.
"I e ploded OOOOOooooooh babbee im cumming she took all my seed in her pussy and i colapsed breathing heavily. i fell asleep in her arms my cock poped out and i woke up the next morning with her stroking my dick.
To be continued........
spelling erros are present but i hope you enjoyed

the distance between us makes us closer... part 2 demo
As i woke up to her stroking my shaft i notices how much i needed her in my life always. Morning Sweetie she cooed. I smiled kissed her and she began to get on me and slowly ride me she moaned got off sucked me off.. it was her way of teasing me that drove me insane i didnt mind her game as she sucked me off i beagn to moan
" ooo im gonna cumm sweetie" i moaned she accepted my challenge and went fast i give the lady credit she always makes me cum before i cum thats a fact. i dont mind it, hell i could care less.
"im cumming". i grunted she just took all of me in and sucked every drop out of me. my turn i rolled her over and stuck my cock in her pussy and she was warm and wet. ooo she cooed then i had her stand up and fuck my cock bouncing up and down i got the view of the most wet gouegous pussy ive ever seen completly shaved she took my whole cock. she then started screaming and came all ove my cock. she fell off of me and i carried her to the shower. turned the water on and the jests warmed the tub as i dimmed the lights and invited her to come and share a romantic bath with me she moaned i took soap rubbed her tits washed her hair cleaned her pussy. she then stroked my cock with soap and washed my cum matted curly hair. i stepped out and dryed her off and as i dryed off she got dreesed kissed my cheek and i took he out into the living room. being a senior in high school a couple of my teamates on my hockey team were coming over. she was well aware and wore the sexiest pink tight shirt no bra no panties and tight black shorts. my teamates arrived as soon as i answered the door and they stepped in their jaws dropped. Who is that shane said this is megan she walked over shaked shane and speechless Jacks hand. as we watched the game megan sat on my lap and made a scene....

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2012-03-11 06:32:29
It could be a good story, but you rushed so much it's not worth reading. Proofread, spell and grammar check before posting.

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