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Final chapter
As stated in the prologue of the initial story of "Alexis - a 'moment' in time".

The intention was to tell the story in its entirety, but due to my own reasons, I decided not to publish the remainder of the story.

For those readers who was drawn in by the story itself and not only the sex and filthiness of my behavior, the below would serve as the epilogue in the story of Alexis and me.

Ten years later.

September 12, 2011 - the day the twin Memorial pools opened to the public.

I ran my fingers through the inscribed name on the bronze parapets of the South Pool,
A - l - e - x - i - s eyes closed, her beautiful face, Spanish blue eyes forever imprinted in my mind ...although we only knew each other for a brief 'moment in time', we shared the deepest love, a feeling that still burns inside of me every single day.

Yours forever Alexis Rachel.

Intial prologue and Chapter 1 to refresh your memory.


The setting, New York, early in the summer of 2001, opening chapter in the offices of a medium size Law firm in the South Tower of the World Trade Centre, somewhere up in the highest quarter of the building. All other locations featured are in and around the city of New York and elsewhere as mentioned.

True story, not using real names of the actual characters.

I wrote this story more than ten years later, as I never had the courage to do so before, but felt now was the right time to do so, in any case.

I am recalling the vivid memories and events to the best of my ability to do it justice and most of them are so precious to me.

The first and fore most reason I am doing this, because it is so unique and never been shared in its entirety, the second to get rid of the bottled up emotions I held inside...

Chapter 1.

We were gathered around the boardroom table in the conference room. “Good morning everybody, did you all have a good weekend?" Dave, our boss and one of two senior partners, starting the proceedings.
“As everyone know, we have a new Corporate lawyer starting this morning, she would be joining us in a minute or two, but before she does, I would ask everyone to give her your full support and make her stay as comfortable a possible, please, She has an impeccable record and one of the best in the country." Dave continued.

Dave was sitting at the head of the table, with me, Rachel, seated to his right. Just then, she entered the room, suddenly, you could almost hear a pin drop, dead silence, she walked around Dave to the seat right across from me on Dave’s left side.
She was absolutely beautiful, long wavy black hair all the way down to her waist, the softest looking skin, she had a black pencil skirt and a matching jacket, with a white blouse, that highlighted her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Everybody, this is Alexis Bertinez. Alexis this is the team you would work with, they are quite a bunch..., they are the best...” She stood up and introduced her self waving her hand... “Good morning everyone, I am so looking forward to working with you, thank you so much for making me feel this welcome, I would certainly spend some time meeting with each one of you over the next couple of days.”

She started talking about her experience, where she came from and I was just so mesmerized by her beauty that I hardly heard anything she said, the way she speaks, the way she smiles, my eyes just glued to her face, I would guess her to be in her mid thirties, maybe even younger, she must be 5’8 or so, a nice slender body. Her white blouse revealing a glimpse of her cleavage.

I was rudely brought back to my senses when Dave said, “Alexis, after the meeting, Rachel here, grabbing my left hand will take you on the ‘tour’ through the building, she is my right hand and will be working closely with you, she is the most senior paralegal assistant and will attend to your every need." he went on.
My eyes met hers and for a brief moment or so, I saw a flickering in her eyes and a soft smile played around the corners of her mouth.

Dave adjourned the meeting and everyone greeted her with a handshake as they left the boardroom, leaving only Dave, myself and Alexis behind.
“Well, I’ ll leave you in the capable hands of Rachel." as he shook her hand and left.

“Well, I am Rachel.”, giving her my hand, “please to meet you." She took my hand and it’s as if a lightning bolt was shooting through me, hitting right in the deepest end of my being, I felt the goose bumps all over my body, her hand was soft and gentle, the sent of her perfume, as I got closer to her filled the air.
“Rachel, I knew the moment I saw you, that we are going to work well together,” she said.
Kind of flattered, I just laughed.

“Shall we start the ‘tour’, I suggested.
“Sure, but can I first visit the ladies’ room, before we go?” she asked.
I showed her the way and followed her.
She looked at herself in the mirror, took a deep breath and looked at my reflection in the mirror.
“Am I ready for this, I am so nervous," she admitted.
“You will be fine." I assured her.
I watched as she redid her lips and then she lifted her skirt to adjust her stockings and exposed her long legs all the way to her panties, again the lightning bolt did its thing and I felt the moist between the legs, what’s up with that, I thought to myself?
God, I am a 42 year old, happily married women with 2 kids, how can anyone else, left alone another woman have this kind of affect on me, that is not normal.
She saw me looking at my wedding ring.
“How long have you been married,” she asked.
“18 years.” I replied. She only wore a pinky ring on her right hand and I assumed she was not married.
“And you,” I asked.
“No, haven’t found Mr. Right yet,” she said.

I walked her around through the building, the cafeteria, the shopping and banking mall in the lobby and introduced her to the most important people not working in our department, but dealt with us on a daily basis.

Back in our offices, I walked her to her office suite and asked if there is anything else she needed.
“For the moment not, but I will scream if I need you,” she jokingly giggled.

I sat behind my desk and could not stop thinking about Alexis, her intoxicating aura left me breathless, replaying the scene of her long stocking draped legs exposed when she adjusted them.
Surely, she must be God’s blueprint, the vision he had for making women.
I am not sure how long I sat there, but was interrupted by the phone, it was Alexis, she wanted to see me in her office.

As I entered her office I realized she had removed her jacket making her looking more innocent, sitting behind her desk, I also realized she’s showing more cleavage than earlier this morning.

“Well, Rachel, since you are ‘mine' as she rolled her eyes.
“What I need, is the 10 highest priority case files, just to familiarize myself with them,” she said.
“The rest of the day I will spend time getting to know the team, on a one to one basis, thank you for being here for me, Rachel,” she said with a smile.

I got home around 05:30PM that afternoon, finding my 2 teenagers, Lizzy, my 14 year old daughter, Josh, my 16 year old son, watching TV in the living room.
“Are your homework done,” I gently yelled at them.
“Yes, mom,” came an almost simultaneous answer from both of them.

I quickly went to the bathroom and dropped my damped panties, my pussy was all wet since this morning, I sat down on the toilet seat and spread my legs exposing my wet hairy cunt and realized I was extremely horny, I grabbed the shampoo bottle from the vanity and slid the whole bottle all the way up my pussy, ramming myself to an orgasm.
I came within 30 seconds, squirting my cunt juices all over the bathroom floor. “Jeez woman, get a hold of yourself.” I said to myself.

I told my husband Mike, about Alexis and how I’m looking forward to work with her, leaving out certain details of course.
After dinner and doing the dishes, I went to bed, thinking of my day at the office, how different it was from any normal day, I fell asleep thinking of Alexis and what the next day was going to bring..


2017-01-20 10:43:38
I noted the date and location of the offices in my first reading (pt. 1) and wondered. Then I got caught up in the story and forgot. RIP Alexis and probably many of the other people in the law firm. I'm sorry you and so many others experienced these losses.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-08-28 17:24:16
That was one amazing story of animal lust and love. One that must've been hard to write. It's better to have truly loved for one day than never truly felt loved at all ❤ x

Anonymous readerReport

2015-02-28 05:37:44
I've never felt so cheated. I can't believe you ended this like this. I feel angry with you. You should never had started if you weren't going to finish.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-07 20:13:53
noooooooo why , how could u , it was a beautiful ,amazing ,well written piece man u broke my heart,,,,( think about ur readers) please finish it my soul will not rest i beg of u set me free

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2012-09-13 11:52:34
*Salutes* RIP Alexis.

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