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Dear Sir,

I am told that you have shown in interest in owning me, that the master has sent a picture of me and some information. I understand that I am not exactly the girl you have requested, but that I come close to your specifications. I hope very much that I am close enough. As you know, I am already 13, and as yet have not been placed. I understand your wishes are for someone younger, but I am very tiny. And I can still be trained to your exact requirements. Please consider me, I so much want a permanent master!

As you have probably been told, I am 150 cm tall, and weigh 41 kg. My figure is 83-53-84 cm. My mother tells me you probably use the English system so she has asked the mistress to translate this for us. In your numbers I am 59 inches tall, weigh 90 pounds and have a 33-21-33 inch figure. I have very large breasts for my size, though compared with full grown women, size B might not sound large. The training master tell me you will probably like them.

The men who have trained me all seem to like both my tits and my round bottom. My ass sometimes makes me self conscious because it is so large. But the fact that men all seem to find it attractive is a blessing. I have been using an anal plug for three years and although I am small, I can now accomodate a full size man there if he desires to use me in that way.

Mother suggested I tell you a little of my history. I was not born here. But I don't remember anything before my mother was acquired by the master. I was two at the time. I love our life here. My mother is loved and allowed to love many men. She will be cared for by either the master or his estate all her life and has none of the worries of so called "free women".

As soon as I was old enough to understand instructions and the obligations of a female of pleasure I was allowed to help, usually with my mother while she was entertaining guests. Until ten, however, I was not allowed to be used for genital intercourse. This is as it should be. As much as I may have wanted it, it is not fair to expect a guest to use a body too small to give him pleasure.

At four I was allowed to lick a man's penis if he desired it. Often mom would hold it while we each licked the opposite side, almost kissing each other with his member between us. Of course, if the man wants a girl younger than ten, he is given what he wants. But the girl is not allowed to suggest it until she has obtained that age. I was not fortunate in this reguard, though I did have intercourse with one of my mother's lovers shortly after my birthday. Between the age of 4 and 10, mostly I presented myself naked, and cuddled with my mother's lover while he did to her those things I could hardly wait to have done to me.

One thing girl children often are used for, however, is oral sex, and as soon as my mouth became big enough I was almost as much in demand as my mother for fellacio. Additionally, many men, even from the time I turned four, seemed to love kissing and licking my "girlhood". (Now that I've had my first period I'm allowed to call it my womanhood, but not earlier.)

Of course, I was already partly trained, so even at four I knew to bathe myself first, scent my body, and apply sweet tasting liquid between my pussy lips. Though flat chested, I also prepared my nipples (and fanny) so that anywhere a man wanted to kiss my body he would find me tasty. This is such a simple and obvious thing that I am amazed that most "free women" don't do it and don't even imagine doing it. Not scenting and flavoring my body makes as little sense as not taking a bath first.

Because I am still too small to pass for eighteen, the usual arrangements apply. I will be kept here, either for your exclusive use or to also please other men if this is your desire. I understand that if you allow me to be so used, as I have been for three years now, you may even make a profit after the cost of my upkeep has been deducted. But this is a matter for you and the master to discuss. As a pleasure slave, I will never have any money of my own, so I will be no part of these discussions.

Papers have been prepared for me that give my official age as 16 next March. Since no other paper work exists, even I could not prove after March 2007 that I was not eighteen. And girls of my race are all so small that my size will not be suspicious. After March 2007 you can pretty much take me anywhere you want. I can be your eighteen year old girl friend, your niece, whatever. Of course, what I will really be is your housegirl, and your devoted slave if you will have me.

Love Missy, (with all my heart)

ps - after you accept my ownership (which I hope you do), I hope you will visit me frequently or else let me earn you money with my body because I very much love making love. And if you do both, you can always count on me making your time with me very, very special in a way I can hardly even begin to do with other men.

pps - I have only my ears pierced. It is something that is always left up to the permanent master to decide. I understand you would want me pierced in many places. I hope you accept me for that reason also. I would love to wear your marks of ownership everywhere you want me to wear them.

The same thing also applies to tattoos. I don't have fantasies about tattoos the way I love the idea of wearing body jewelry. But I would love being marked in that way if it is what my master wants.

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2011-09-10 14:22:35
To those who left insulting feedback:

Fuck you, If you don't like it, stop reading. Your trying to fight a 'noble battle' on a site of porn. You already lost.

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2011-09-10 11:35:48
To those who left insulting feedback:

Fuck you, If you don't like it, stop reading. Your trying to fight a 'noble battle' on a site of porn. You already lost.


2008-01-05 21:41:42
Absolutely repulsive child porn. The thought of a 4-year old performing fellatio is sickening. You ought to be jailed for writing this trash.


2007-06-03 01:16:19
I look forward to reading any more letters. Well Done.


2005-12-04 16:54:45
well done!

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