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This is a true account of what happened when I had some new carpets fitted at my house 3 weeks ago, which I thought I would share with you.

I am 31 years old, and after a messy divorce from my husband 6 months ago I bought a new house. It needed lots of work doing to it after the previous elderly owner had died, and I thought the whole project would take my mind off of the divorce. To cut a long story short, all the major work had been completed and the final job was to have new carpets laid in the lounge and dining rooms.

It was Friday morning and the fitters were due to arrive at 11am, and they did so on time. I opened the door to 2 of them, and welcomed them into the house. Both of them were men in their 40's who asked to be showed where the carpets were to be laid. I showed them into the room and they got to work. Then the doorbell rang again.

"That'll be Craig, our trainee," one of them said. "He's bringing some more of the gear out of the van".

"I'll get it," I said. "You two can get underway". I walked down the hallway and opened the front door to a younger guy who I guessed was about 17 or 18, and who was struggling with a big, heavy leather tool-bag. He was only about 5 foot 6 or 7 tall and of a slim, athletic build and so I guessed he'd be struggling with the heavy bag.

"You must be Craig," I grinned. He had short dark hair, brown eyes and a slightly olive skin. He wore a navy football shirt displaying his favourite team's sponsorship logo and his black shorts hung from his slender waist. He was good looking in a very "boy next door" type of way, and he must have seen me checking out his physique.

"Hi, yes I am." He smiled back at me, displaying a line of perfect white teeth. His hazel-coloured eyes danced and I saw him run his eyes up and down my own slim figure. As I said, I'm 31. I work out almost every day and I'm proud of my sexy body. I have nice, firm, rounded tits (not too big) and a small waist. The gym keeps my thighs nice and firm and I have several admirers at work.

"Let me help you with that bag," I almost gushed. I stepped forwards to help the young boy and in reaching out to help him with the bag our hands touched. An electric shock-like charge went through my hand.

"Thanks," he said "but it's more awkward really than heavy". He brushed past me much too close as he came in, and his groing gently brushed against mine. I caught a whiff of his aftershave and my pussy gave a little twinge. His eyes caught mine and he smiled his sweet smile, giving me another closer look at those perfect white teeth. "Which room am I working in?"

I led him into the lounge where the other two were getting underway and left them to it. I couldn't take my mind off of Craig, and after about half an hour I found myself in my bedroom changing into a shorter skirt that showed off my gym-toned thighs and calves and a tight little top that accentuated my breasts. I checked my make up, and put my shoulder-length chestnut coloured hair into a pony-tail and dabbed a little perfume onto my wrists and neck. I couldn't believe that I was getting myself ready to seduce this young stud given my age, but I was aching to be touched and loved after my divorce.

I slipped back downstairs and offered the guys a drink. I took the coffees back into the room, and the older two were outside having a cigarette break. I noticed Craig looking me up and down, and I was delighted when he followed me back out to the kitchen whilst I tidied up.

"Have you lived here long?" he asked.

"No, just since my divorce - about six months I think. The house needed lots of work when I moved here, but I think it's all pretty much done now".

He grinned. "It's looking good", he said as he openly looked at my breasts.

I wasn't sure if he meant me or the house! I blushed. I only have a small kitchen, and I had to squeeze between him and the cupboards to get to the end to put the coffee away. I think he was actually pushing his groin into mine on purpose, and I could smell his musk as I was trying to move between him and the worktop. I looked up into those hazel eyes and he leant his head down towards me with a smile and our lips almost met, but just as I was about to pull him towards me and kiss him we jerked apart as we heard the other two guys come back indoors from their cigarette break. I blushed crimson again.

As the other two got back to work, Craig said to me "I need to use the bathroom, can you tell me where it is?"

"It's upstairs," I flustered back. "Follow me, I'll show you where it is."

He followed me closely up the stairs, and I could feel his eyes burning into the back of my arse, undressing me and playing through his mind what my pussy and bottom must look and feel like underneath that tight little skirt. I teased him a little by moving my arse sexily as he followed me upstairs. As we got to the bathroom he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me up against the wall. His gentle, smooth hands cupped my arse grinding my waist against his athletic thighs and he pulled my waiting mouth up to his. His tongue snaked into my mouth and we french-kissed wildly, our tongues exploring, caressing, probing. I nearly came right there and then as I rubbed the bulge in the front of his shorts with my soft, small hands.

I broke the kiss, breathing heavily. "Oh, Craig" I almost whimpered. He said nothing and plunged his tongue back into my mouth for round two. I ran my hands through his hair, down his back and onto his arse and thighs as we kissed and slurped together passionately.

This time he broke away, and breathing heavily said how he'd wanted to fuck me from the moment I opened the door that morning. Somehow, I regained my composure and said that we couldn't do anything right there and then as his colleagues were downstairs. He was still rock hard in his shorts and I was desperate to rip his shorts off there and then and fuck him on the landing. I resisted.

"Why don't you come back here this evening?" I suggested. "We can spend the whole evening together".

We quickly swapped phone numbers, and after another leg-trembling french-kiss he went back downstairs to help his colleagues finish the carpet.

After they had finished and gone, I had a long bath with aromatic bath salts to help me smell and taste sweet for my young stud. After my bath, I dressed in sheer black stockings with black lacey hold ups which gripped my upper thighs sexily. Black knickers and a black lacey bra finished off the look, and I put on my dressing gown. As I was drying my hair, my phone beeped with a text message. My young lover would be here in 40 minutes. I did my make up, and put on some sexy bright red lipstick, which I hoped he would be kissing off of me in about 45 minutes!

Sure enough the doorbell rang, and there he was. Dressed in tight blue jeans which showed off his slender athletic legs and waist, and a blue t-shirt and sneakers. He stepped into the hall, but seemed a little more shy this evening than the rampant, eager young boy he was that afternoon. We went into the lounge and I poured us both a big vodka and tonic, hoping that would take the edge off a bit. We spoke about nothing in particular, his football interests and the team he played for. And that he left school at 18 and fell into being a carpet fitter. I realised that I'd have to take the lead, so I sat next to him on the sofa and gently rubbed his firm thigh, up and down. Somewhere under the denim, his young cock stirred into life. He pulled my eager mouth onto his and french-kissed me, his tongue probing every corner of my mouth. We kissed slowly and deeply, our lips pressed together until I broke the kiss. I laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" he asked, laughing as well nervously.

"Your mouth!" I giggled. "It's covered in red lipstick that's rubbed off of me".

"That's what the taste was then!" he laughed, more confident now. "It tastes so sweet, I want to kiss you and kiss you some more so it goes all over my face," he said.

My wish was his command, and I pulled him close for another tongue-twisting kiss.

I broke our kiss, stood up and slowly undid my dressing gown and took it off, letting it fall onto the floor. Craig drank in the sight of my body for the first time clad in the stockings and bra. I sank to my knees and undid his belt and jeans, tugging them gently off of his legs as he sat so they fell to his feet. I realised with a pang that only the thin cotton of his boxer shorts were between me and his bulging cock. A couple of drops of pre-cum had made a small wet patch in his them. I looked up into his eyes, and pulled them gently down to join his jeans at his feet.

His cock sprang up to meet me, just an inch or two from my nose. He was un-cut and not huge, about 5 or 6 inches long in this semi-hard state. I gave him a sexy smile and placed some soft, gentle kisses onto his inner thighs. He moaned slightly, and with that I took his cock head into my mouth. I felt him growing and stiffening in my mouth and he let out a gasp as my tongue went to work on his cock head. His pre-cum tasted warm and slightly salty as I lapped it gently from his hardening rod. Craig placed both hands gently on the back of my head as I began bobbing up and down on him, occasionally coming up for air and kissing his cock end trying to coax more pre-cum from it. I wrapped my red lips back gently round his cock, sliding down the shaft leaving a red smear of lipstick in my wake all the way to the base so that the tip gently nudged my throat and my nose was nestled in his dark pubic hair. At this deep-throating action, I felt his thighs and waist beginning to twitch and pump more urgently and I guessed that my young adonis was about to reach his peak. I sucked slightly harder then. As he gave in to the waves of pleasure sweeping his body his hips and thighs bucked strongly up off of the sofa and he came in my mouth.

There were a few drops of pre-cum, but then his virile young cock flexed and pumped a thick glob of salty, warm sperm into my mouth. I swallowed it with delight, and as he bucked and arched again another bigger shot of his young sperm shot into my mouth. He pulsed about five or six times in all, each load of sperm seeming bigger and tasting sweeter than the last as I milked his still twitching balls. Due to the size of his ejaculation, some sperm slid down his cock, over my fingers and onto the top of his thighs. When I felt certain that I'd milked every last drop from him, I pulled away and began tenderly kissing and lapping at the still-warm sperm on his thighs as he looked down at me, still breathing hard from his huge orgasm. As his beautiful cock left my mouth, it was smeared in lipstick, saliva and the traces of his semen, but still in an almost defiant semi-hard state.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!" he shouted in glee. "That was out of this fucking world," and he laughed. "Thank you so much!"

"I'm not finished yet," I said to him. I stood up, and held out my hand. "You can return the favour to me upstairs now".

Craig rose from the sofa and was about to pull his boxer shorts and jeans back up from his ankles.

"Leave those here," I giggled. "You won't need them!"

My young lover led me up the stairs wearing just his t-shirt and socks, and I had the pleasure of watching those young athletic thighs and arse go up the stairs in front of me. Again I felt the need just to grab him and fuck him hard right there and then, but resisted.

We sat on the bed together and began kissing and caressing. I lifted his t-shirt up over his head and felt my breasts mash up against his sinewy chest through my bra as he laid on top of me, gently caressing and kising me. His soft hands began exploring between my thighs, and I climaxed as his fingers found and probed in between my quivering pussy lips. His keen, young fingers rubbed firmly against the front wall of my vagina, and once he found my g-spot a glorious wave of orgasm built up and tore through my body head to toe. His thumb found my clit, and after a few moments with the double stimulation I felt yet another heavenly wave of pleasure sweep right through me as I arched my back and came hard.

While all this was going on, I didn't notice his cock begin to stiffen and harden.

"Have you got any condoms?" he breathed.

I was delirious still from my last climax, and badly wanted to feel my young stud's meat in my belly.

"Don't worry about them, I want to feel you come inside me," I gasped. I pulled him close for another passionate kiss and he spread my thighs gently as his still lipstick smudged cock was pointed at my eager, tight pussy. I felt his cock head gently push between my pussy lips as my vagina stretched to welcome him.

He teased me for a couple of moments, until his hips thrust down on me and he pushed his cock home in one sharp thrust.

I sighed with pleasure, "Ah!". I felt Craig enter me, and I wrapped my smooth creamy thighs around his tight ass. He paused for a second, then began gently fucking me in a slow, gentle and loving rhythm. We kissed and caressed, my hands exploring his back and gently resting on the back of his own arms. After a few minutes, the virile young teenager in him awoke like a slumbering giant as he began to ride me faster and faster. Bucking and thrusting into my helpless pussy, pounding it mercilessly. His balls began slapping my arse as he drove his thick cock into me again, and again, and again. The bed creaked with every thrust of his hips as I wrapped my thighs tighter around his pumping legs and arse, not wanting this to end as he fucked me mercilessly harder and harder.

"Come on baby, fuck my pussy! Harder, harder. Fuck me. Do it." I urged Craig on - cheered him on almost as if my life depended on it. The onslaught continued as he battered and rammed my pussy with his young cock. I felt myself starting to come harder than I ever had from intercourse in my whole life, as my cunt started to pulse and tighten around his thrusting cock. "I'm coming," I moaned. "I'm coming now!" And another orgasm tore threw me. My back arched and I writhed hard against my young lover, my vagina throbbing with desire.

I felt his motion start to speed up and his breathing quicken. My young stud was getting ready to come too! I urged him on to his own bellowing orgasm as his thighs and hips bucked hard against me and a squadron of a million virile, hungry, young sperm flicked their tails one last time and swarmed into my helpless pussy. I felt Craig's glorious, young cock pulse hard about five or six times deep inside my belly as he pumped his potent, teeming sperm into their new home, to feast on my completely defenceless egg.

We kissed passionately as our orgasm subsided and our breathing slowed. His cock remained inside me as his hardness subsided, as we kissed and caressed some more. He gently pulled his beautiful cock out of my sperm-filled and battle weary snatch. And as he did a trickle of his sperm came out of me as well. It dripped onto the bed sheets to mingle with the sweat generated by our orgasm.

We slept for probably an hour or so, my head resting on his chest our arms and legs entangled. My hand rested on Craig's cock, his pubic hair matted with a mixture of his beautiful sperm and my pussy juice. When we awoke we shared a long shower together where I sucked his cock back to attention as the water trickled down over us. We fucked again in the shower, and twice again in the bed - each time harder and more urgently than the previous time. His virile young cock drubbing my poor pussy into submission and giving me three more helpings of his sweet semen.

We slept.

As he was leaving the house the next morning, I kissed my young buck goodbye at the door. Suddenly, an uncontrollable urge swept over the pair of us and he fucked me again on my new lounge carpet, the one he'd fitted only 24 hours before! I guess that weekend, the new lounge carpet and me both got properly laid!
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