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Taking a break from ElenaContinuation of the story of hTaking a break from Elena
Part IV

It had been almost two weeks since I had last seen or talked with Elena. Even though I missed her a lot, I needed a break, maybe permanently, because deep inside I didn’t think that she was really the one for me. At least for any kind of long term relationship.

I had just gotten a new promotion at work and instead of being an order taker and delivery driver for a wine distributor, I was now hosting and attending wine tasting events for upscale restaurants and bars all around the Sonoma wine country. I have always liked socializing with people and now I was able to deliver presentations and talk about the speciality wines that my company represented.

Quite regularly over the last couple of weeks, my phone would ring with an “unkown” caller ID shown on the display. I thought it was probably Elena, but each time I answered there was no one on the line. Many times I thought about calling her just to say hi but never got the guts to actually make the call.

It was a Saturday night and my roommate Clem and I went to one of our favorite local bars. Clem is a good looking and very confident guy and has never had a problem attracting or hitting on the pretty girls. He was chasing after this one girl named Pamela who was there with her a friend Jenna. Clem brought them both over to the bar to join us and we all did shots of Tequila together until the place closed down.

Jenna was a cute long-legged long-haired brunette who wore cowboy boots, a short tight blue jean skirt, and a blouse tied up tight below her breasts. She told me that she lived on small ranch about an hour north of here and loved riding horses. I thought she was a sexy little cowgirl. Clem invited the girls and a several of our other regular friends back to our house to continue the party after the bar closed down.

At the house, there was more drinking and somebody passed a joint around. I was already feeling drunk and now I was stoned from the pot. I’m not much of a pot smoker and it was strong so it hit me pretty hard. I decided to take a breather so I snuck away to go lay down on my bed for a short rest but I must have just passed out.

I thought I was dreaming later when I felt someone get into bed next to me. I leaned over in the darkness and rubbed my hand across a smooth naked female body. For a minute, I thought it was Elena. But as I continued to caress her tummy and then up to her breasts, I knew it wasn’t Elena. She just felt different.

She let out would could be best described as a purring, gentle kind of moan and I continued to explore her body with my fingertips. Our lips met in the darkness and we started to kiss passionately. I pulled off my shirt and shorts and she crawled on top of me as we continued to suck on each other’s lips and wrap our tongues together.
She worked her tongue down my chest until finally I felt her lips on my semi-hard cock. She slurped and sucked on me pretty hard, almost a little too rough for my liking but it still felt great and my cock swelled up immediately.

She slid up to straddle me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock while I sucked on her firm tits. I slid into her like a knife through warm butter and she rocked and bucked on top of me, slowly at first and then progressively faster. She bounced up and down and twisted her body around as she rode me. This must be Jenna the cowgirl, I smiled to myself in the darkness.

My eyes were adjusting to the light and I could make out her hair flying about as she spun her head wildly. She was loud, much louder than Elena and her moans almost seemed to echo in the room. She finally let out a loud high-pitched scream as she came hard, never stopping her rhythm.

With my cock still buried deep inside of her, I flipped her over sideways so that she was on her back now with me on top of her. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, pinned her down on the bed, and slapped against her hard and deep. She screamed again loudly as the bed banged against the wall.

I turned her onto her side and lifted her legs up just slightly, holding them by the ankles with one hand. Then I reached down and wrapped my other hand around her closest tit and seconds later I exploded. I pounded away until I was completely drained and then just stayed inside of her motionless for a minute to enjoy the warm moistness of her velvety pussy.

I fell back onto the the bed and just laid there listening to sounds of our heavy breathing and the feeling of my heart beating hard in my chest. Finally, she spoke.

“Did you like that?” She asked, completely out of breath.

“I loved it!” I answered, “You were fantastic.”

It wasn’t until just then when I heard her voice that I was finally able to confirm that it was actually Jenna. I smiled to myself in the dark at the possibility that I might have been with someone else, unknown. Stranger things had happened to me lately. I turned onto my side facing her, and put my arm around her waist. She turned away from me and we snuggled in a spoon position and both fell asleep.

When I woke up hours later, streaks of sunlight filled the room. I peeked over to Jenna who was still sleeping. I had a serious hangover and also had some serious morning wood and I got even stiffer when I saw her body. She had perfect sexy curves and I was relieved that she still looked good to me in the morning because for a moment I was afraid that after a night of heavy drinking that perhaps I was going to get a nasty surprise and wake up to some hideous looking girl.

I pressed and rubbed my hard cock against her ass cheeks and she stirred slightly. I ran my hand up and down the curves of her back and her smooth thigh and slowly worked my fingers down between her legs. Still half-asleep with her eyes closed, she squirmed very receptively to my touch. I licked the tips of my fingers and begin to gently rub them along her pussy lips while we stayed in the spoon position.

She began to wiggle her body gently against me and let out soft squeaky little moans. As the intensity of her moans increased, I began to slowly work my cock between her legs and then once again I was deep inside of her.

This time our sex was much gentler and we moved slowly against each other. I felt her smooth warm ass caress my belly. I grabbed her by the hip with my one hand and then pushed the top of her back with my other hand to create a little separation between us and to allow myself to slide even deeper into her. I didn’t last long before I let out a long deep moan and spilled my seed deep inside of her.

I felt a bit guilty about getting off on her body without giving her some satisfaction in return but she didn’t seem to be bothered by it then or later on. I stayed inside of her, enjoying the warmth of her soft pussy for the second time since she had joined me in bed earlier in the darkness. Finally I pulled out as I began to soften.

“That felt so good,” I whispered into her ear, “I’m so glad you snuck in here last night.”

“Ummm, I could stay here in bed with you all day,” she replied in a soft sexy scratchy morning voice.

Sometime around noon, we got out of bed the girls prepared some eggs and toast for us in the kitchen. I could tell that Clem and Pam really hitting it off from the way they looked at each other being so playful this morning. I hadn’t really decided yet about Jenna but it was very nice to have her with me in bed for the night.

Clem made some comment about how I had wandered off and disappeared into my room so early last night and then Jenna mentioned something about how my phone had been vibrating on the nightstand all night long, waking her up several times. I guess I slept through it all because I didn’t hear it once.

After breakfast I snuck off to my room to check out the missed calls that Jenna was referring to and this time I saw that it was Elena’s number on the caller ID. Twelve calls to be exact, starting from midnight until five in the morning. I decided that I would call her back later but certainly not with the girls still here.

Finally after lounging around a bit, the girls picked up to go home. Clem walked Pamela out to the car and I said goodbye to Jenna at the front door and told her I would call her again soon but I slipped up by not asking for her phone number.

“How exactly do you plan to call me?” She asked me, with her hands on her hips, insulted.

“Oh yeah sorry, I forgot. What’s your number?”

She rattled off the digits and I said, “Okay, I’ll call you soon.”

Then she challenged me to repeat the number back to her and I got it wrong so she stomped off down the driveway in her cowboy boots and slammed the car door. She didn’t even look at me as she gave me the finger while they drove way. Temperamental little cowgirl, I thought. But I guess I couldn’t blame her. My head was still a bit cloudy from being hung over and I looked up and noticed the sky was also filling up with thick clouds.

Clem came back up the driveway with a very pissed off look on his face and said, “If you blow this for me and Pamela, I’ll kick your ass.”

Fortunately, Clem was able to get Jenna’s number later from Pam through a text message. I typed Jenna’s contact details into my phone and I called and left Jenna a long voice message apologizing to her and blaming it on my hangover. I told her that I had a fantastic night and really wanted to see her again soon. I was sincere about the message but I distracted by thinking about the missed phone calls from Elena.

I had started to call Elena twice but stopped myself for some reason. It just felt weird to me to call her right after saying goodbye to another girl that I had banged twice over the last eight hours. I decided to a little longer.

Clem and I sat on the couch and laughed about our fun night and getting lucky with the hot girls. He told me he really liked Pamela and wanted to see her again soon. I told him that I hoped that Jenna would accept my apology so that I could get another chance to see if we were really compatible enough without all the drinking.

Football season was just getting started and we watched the 49ers opening game on TV. I noticed that outside the weather had turned nasty and the first big rain of the season had hit us. The wind blew hard against the windows and the yard was getting soaked.

The day went by very fast and both Clem and I slept off and on throughout both of the football games on TV that afternoon and into the evening. The rain was still coming down heavy even after it got dark outside. I finally went off to bed early since I still needed a good sleep before work the next morning. I decided that I would call Elena sometime the next day.

I was soundly asleep when I heard a loud pounding on the door. Our doorbell didn’t work. I looked at my clock. It was 11 p.m. I went to the door wearing nothing but boxer shorts.

When I opened the door I was shocked to see Elena all wet standing there on my front porch. Her hair and clothes were soaked from the rain. She was sobbing and her body was shaking.

My mouth dropped when I saw her, “Elena, What’s the matter. What happened?” I asked her.

She tried to talk but her teeth were chattering and she couldn’t get the words out. She was gasping and crying and when she tried to talk her words were completely broken up and undecipherable. I pulled her into the house and wrapped my arms around her shivering body to give her some comfort. She seemed so vulnerable and weak. It was a different side to her that I had never seen. I had no idea what was wrong but I knew she needed my help.

She wore a hooded sweatshirt and jeans that were soaked from the rain and her hair was dripping and matted against her face. I led her toward my room and pulled some towels out from the bathroom. I pulled off her wet sweatshirt and wrapped a towel around her upper body. She was shaking and heaving She continued to cry and made another attempted to talk to me.

“Shhhh, don’t say anything right now. Let’s get you dried up first,” I said.

I gently unbuckled the straps of her high heeled boots and pulled them off and then pulled off her tight wet jeans.

As she sat on the edge of the couch, I stood over her and rubbed her hair dry with the second towel. She had calmed down a little and seemed to be catching her breath. She looked up at me with her swollen sad eyes.

“I missed you so, so, so much,” She choked out the words. “I can’t be without you.”

I was actually a bit relieved at hearing this since I had at first thought that something terrible had happened to her, her mother, or someone else close to her.

And then she surprised me by reaching under my boxers to pull out and expose my cock. She took me in her hand, leaned over and pulled me into her mouth and then started moving her tongue all around my soft cock. As much as I loved the feeling, I felt too guilty at letting her give me a blow job when she was so upset and still shivering from the cold.

I couldn’t take advantage of her like that so I pulled out of her mouth and we both got under the covers. I wrapped myself around her cold naked body to warm her up and listened to her tell me how the last two weeks had been so miserable for her. She hadn’t slept, had been sick to her stomach, and missed the last days of her final semester of school. She told me she was in love with me and would do anything it took for us to get back together.

I listened to her whisper all these sweet things to me as I held her in my arms and caressed her to sleep. A switch turned on inside of me and I was instantly falling back in love with her more deeply than I had ever felt before.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to the feeling of her warm mouth on my cock. She licked, slurped, and sucked me so deliciously and I spread my legs wide. She massaged my balls gently with her fingertips and I moaned with appreciation. Of course I had really missed these incredible blow jobs but I knew that I what I really missed was getting them from her. I gently moved my body from side to side as she worked on me slowly. She changed the rhythm and motion occasionally for variety and stopped just briefly to say something with her head still under the sheets.

“I want to do this for you every night,” she said, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I answered, “Nobody can make me feel like this.”

She took my cock into back into her throat about as deep as it could ever go. I couldn’t believe her small petite little mouth and throat could take me this far in. She keep me there motionless in and used only her tongue to massage my shaft. I was building up for a massive eruption.

She then started to pull my cock back out of her throat incredibly slow with her lips tightly gripping my shaft until she got to the tip of my cock and then repeated that motion several times. Then she gripped onto the head of my cock with her lips so tight that it felt like a vacuum and that’s when I let go. My body shook and convulsed and I could hear her gulping down stream after stream of my seed. I could tell the way she was swallowing that it was a huge load. It didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop. It was probably the best blow job that I had ever received from her and certainly better than anyone before her.

I wanted to give her some pleasure in return to show her appreciation of her most incredible oral performance yet but she insisted on wanting to wait until later.

“I only want to please you tonight,” she said, “I don’t want anything in return right now. I just wanted to show you how much I love you.”

Once again, I felt a bit guilty but I also had this amazing feeling of satisfaction. I was so happy to have her there in bed with me.

I called in to work the next day and made a feeble excuse to take the day off so that Elena and I could stay in bed and make love all day.

But as they say, timing is everything, and two things happened that I thought might unravel the magical reunion with Elena. First, I made the mistake of answering my phone later that morning without looking at the caller ID and it was no other than Jenna. I sat there listening as Jenna told me that she accepted my apology, admitted that she had a great time with me on Saturday night, and wanted to get together again soon to get to know me better. She went to tell me that she had never snuck into a guy’s room like that before and wasn’t the type to do one-night stands so hopefully I wouldn’t think of her as “that kind of girl”.

Without really saying much in return, I provided a lot of vague responses like, “Me too. I agree. Sounds great. I’ll call you later.” I didn’t know what else to say and hung up as quickly as I could. When I looked over at Elena, her eyes were wide open.

“Who was that?” she asked.

I just looked at her but I couldn’t get the nerve to answer.

“So did you sleep with her?” she wanted to know.

All of a sudden, I got this incredible knot in my throat and I couldn’t swallow or get any words out.

She sat up, slipped her feet over the edge of the opposite side of the bed and then sat up with her back to me looking down. Neither of us spoke for a minute, but finally she did.

“Oh... my... god,” She said still looking down. Then she reached down and scooped something off of the floor. She slowly held it up to show me what it was. A bright orange ruffled thong. My heart practically stopped, it had to be Jenna’s.


* If you are interested in part four, please give me a positive rating and any comments and I’ll continue to write about my first year with Elena.

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